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on March 25, 2013
This is a really nice little camera ruined by a very bad power/charging feature set. This camera has a really nice large screen... that's powered by a pathetic 680mAh battery. I fully charged it after unboxing, and about 2 hours after fiddling around with the settings and taking only 2 pictures with it, the low battery icon started flashing, already down to 1/3 power.

Here's the deal breaker: it won't charge over USB. Seriously? Call me demanding but it's simply unacceptable for a new product like this in 2013 to not charge over USB. After 5 hours plugged into a USB wall charger it hadn't charged at all.

To have a really low power battery that discharges so fast just exacerbates this issue. Canon seriously expects me to lug around the charger that's literally the same size as the camera? It's about 1/3 thicker than the camera itself and almost 90% as long. There's not much point in having a nice compact camera if we have to lug around this massive battery charger along with it.

I could live with the short battery life if it would charge over USB, but its failure to do this makes this item useless to me.

Canon: put a higher capacity battery in your next camera and put a micro USB connector on it that I can charge with my cell phone chargers and I will buy it. But this one is going back.
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on May 17, 2013
I just received this camera today. I had done extensive research and comparison with other Canon Elph models before choosing this one.

A few factors led to my decision:
1. I wanted high resolution and high optical zoom capability. Optical zoom is so important because that governs how much raw info you can capture. Digital zoom is just software and ultimately will result in pixellation.
2. The Wifi capability was intriguing, but not a deal breaker.
3. The price point was well under $200 ($169) and this was far below the MSRP. A note on this - I would have opted for a higher priced camera but this is a second camera to be used on an upcoming trip where I did not want to lug my Canon Rebel EOS and all of its lenses. I would not have chosen an Elph as a primary camera - but for travel, it seemed to be ideal.
4. In keeping with the above, I also wanted something I could drop in my fanny pack or shirt pocket (although I am not likely to do that - shirt pocket that is.)
5. I chose Canon because of familiarity with the brand and generally good experience with an older Elph I bought for my wife, and of course the EOS and lenses.
6. I definitely did not want the touch screen that was offered on some new models simply because - although convenient - they are a royal pain and I often mis-touch the screen requiring go backs, or cancellations and do overs. For a device this size, buttons seemed to be a better choice. I do use the touch screen on my Motorola Razr Droid Maxx and have learned to live with its idiosynchracies. I also read some really negative reviews on the touch screens and didn't want to be a guinea pig.

So, now that you understand what my decision factors were, here is what I have learned experimenting for the past few hours:

- It is intuitively easy to use, and if you know the menu system on one Canon, you will know it here as well.
- It is so small and compact, yet the controls are easy to use and they are responsive.
- The installation process (software & User's Guide) was relatively easy, and I was able to copy the PDF file to my Google Drive so I will have it while travelling (sans computer).
- The images are incredibly crisp and clear with good to excellent color rendition at the M1 (medium) resolution setting. I usually opt for the highest resolution, but I'll explain why I didn't in the CONS. I would suggest you always opt for the highest resolution you can since you can always reduce an image without losing clarity, but if you choose too low a resolution, you will experience pixellation on digital enlargement.

- The WiFi capability seems like a really nice feature, but you better not be using Windows XP if you want to WiFi the pics to your computer. You can use a USB connection however. There is a disclaimer in the documentation that the WiFi will only work with Windows 7 or 8. You can however WiFi to your smartphone (Droid or iPhone with the appropriate app from Google Playstore or Apple) and then share pics from there, or upload them to your computer via the cloud.
- The write speed to the SDHC card is uncomfortably slow if you are shooting rapidly, and using very high resolution. The difference between L and M1 is incredible. With the L resolution, you wait what appears to be an interminable time before you can shoot the next picture. It's not really that bad, but it is in the "seconds" range. If it is perceptible enough to be annoying, when testing, it will also be so when out in the field, particularly with action shots.
- It would have been nice if Canon included a memory card in the package, but I understand they are trying to keep the price competitive. I'm sure I paid less for a 16GB card than they would have charged.
- It also would have been nice if Canon had included a case. My wife's older Canon Elph came with a quality leather case. I purchased an after market CaseLogic case for much less than Canon would have charged.
- Battery life - I haven't had an opportunity to really test this yet, but I am a little worried since the User Guide states that I will only get about 200 pics per fully charged battery. Of course there are many variables that contribute to this (i.e., resolution, read/write time to card, ECO mode or not, flash usage or not.) It's almost impossible to predict exactly how well I will do here, so we'll just have to wait and see. My concern is that I am going to Scandinavia and Russia, and while I shouldn't have any difficulty charging the battery with the appropriate voltage adaptors, I will probably buy a second battery so I always have a spare charged.
(CORRECTION: You will not need a voltage adaptor. The charger clearly states 110-240 volts input. You may need physical plug adapters, although most European hotels have "American" outlets for electric shavers, etc.)
- Also note that it took almost two hours to charge the "cold" battery completely. This will probably be shorter when starting with a partially charged battery.

I have not had an opportunity yet to test the myriad of other features, such as the various shooting scenarios, lighting conditions, portrait vs scenic, close up vs panorama. I will test these and report back when I have information with meaningful metrics. If necessary, I will adjust the 5 stars at that time, but for now, I will give Canon the benefit of the doubt based upon my previous experience with the brand.

BOTTOM LINE - I would buy it again, and I am completely comfortable with my decision to not opt for a higher end model with a touch screen.

Hope this has been helpful.

****Update 1 - 5/18/2013

Well, the learning saga continues. It's sort of an adventure. I actually successfully set up a WiFi connection between the camera and my home network with the target device being my Motorola Razr Droid smartphone.

The basic steps are to download and install the Canon app for your smartphone and configure it with some very simple settings. Then configure the camera with the name of the target device (which you assigned in the previous step.) You then need to scan for WiFi nets from the camera and select the appropriate net, enter the key, and you are pretty much in business. You are then ready to share the pics from the phone via email, Facebook or whatever mechanism or website you choose. Play with it; it won't bite.

After a little juggling with the settings, I actually sent the pictures to the phone. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most difficult, I would give this about a 4. Time expended: about 40 minutes. Not bad. And the next time will be even easier.

My next task will be to try to set this up on an open WiFi network somewhere else. I imagine I will have to identify the phone again, and let the camera search the available networks.

I also noticed that it gave me an option to connect to another network which is probably the Canon cloud. The name of the network seemed to identify Canon, the camera model and a sequence number. I haven't tried that yet, but I probably will later.

In addition, I can use the phone as a wireless access point, so I may be able to send pics to the phone without being on a network ... essentially a point-to-point net of two devices, the phone and the camera.

I'm trying to get as much of this exploration done before my trip next month so I don't get frustrated when under pressure. So far, so good. Still five stars!

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on December 24, 2013
Purchased as a Birthday gift. Not yet given or used. Undetermined rating at this point the rating request is premature.
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on November 14, 2014
One star because the actual image was not effected, one star because I really did like it when it worked ...
I bought one of these a little over a year ago. It was not "heavily" used, mostly to take pictures of white boards in meetings and the occasional use on vacations. It was stored in it's own protective case, in my back pack. It was never dropped, wet, sat on, or mistreated in any way, it looked new. For a year or so it worked great and I would have given it 5 starts. A few months ago vertical lines started showing up in the display, it got worse over time (See photo) and last week I finally contacted Canon tech support, after a few emails and sending them a picture of what the display looked like they said I would have to send it in for repair. Since Canon does not do RMAs I had to pay for shipping (if it fits it ships for $5). They received the unit yesterday and today I got an email that said for $50 they would send me a refurbished one. I paid about $150 for it when I got it! I called tech support and tried to talk to them and the best they would do was 20% off ... after all of that they asked me to take a survey ... they wanted to use it for marketing, I really hope they do. Here is what I had to say to Canon ....

The issue was not resolved. I had to send the unit in for repair. They do not repair these units but instead, replace them. The Canon service center wanted to charge me $50 to replace something that I paid about $150 for a little more than a year ago. I then called the customer service organization and the best they would do is offer me a 20% discount. I am very disappointed in the quality of this item and your response to the failure of it. My wife and I have had many Canon products in the past including half dozen point and shoot type, an SLR film camera, and 2 DSLRs and early EOS a recent D6 but I think that run is over. I will not pay an additional $50 for something that I have already paid for. I am having the unit returned and I will purchase a competitive product with better capabilities for $90. I will also provide online reviews as to the quality and life expectancy of this Canon unit, as well as the quality of service that one can expect from Canon these days. I'm very disappointed in how this turned out.

I really hope Canon's quality and support get better, and maybe I just got a lemon but this is not the way business should be done.
review image
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on December 2, 2013
If, after an exhaustive search, this camera is your choice, then you should buy it. After all, I have had friends marry individuals who I thought were wrong, in myriad ways, yet the marriage went well. In like manner, I simply didn't like the looks of this thing, the cut of its jib, so I sent it back without even removing it from the box. Perhaps I should be reviled for such shallow behavior, but I was caught in an emotional "blink" - a tipping point, a behavioral quick of nature, which might be traced back to one of my ancestor's reaction to a dinosaur. For one thing, I didn't want to hold this queer little thing at a 90-degree angle in order to use it. It made me feel awkward and off balance.

Since it is called a "canon," wouldn't a canon be placed squarely on the ground in order to be useful? Who would fire off a canon with it lying on its side? The lens, too, was positioned to one side, like some monstrous fetus, whose aberrational growth had produced a single, gargantuan eye, the unviable mass forever preserved in a jar of formaldehyde. I couldn't bear to touch it. I wanted symmetry, normalcy, and proportionality. However, if such a curious thing is to your delight, then please do not be influenced by my derogative comments.
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on June 26, 2014
(UPDATE 7/29/14): Because I was having issues with this camera after just a couple of uses in the month that I owned it, I decided to contact Canon to see what they could do for me under warranty. They said I had to pay to ship the camera back to them so they could take a look at it. What? Canon manufactured a defective product that was sold to me, its still well within its warranty, and I have to pay for shipping?! I questioned the Canon rep on why it was my responsibility to pay for shipping on their defective product and they just kept referring to "Its their policy." Terrible customer service. On the bright side, I called Amazon to see if they could help and they happily accepted a return and full refund (and paid for shipping too...Canon take note). I am so glad Amazon has such great customer service, but its too bad that Amazon has to pick up the slack for Canon. This really should have been resolved by Canon since it was their defective product. Boo Canon!!! Yay Amazon!! I will now use my refund to purchase a new camera (not a Canon) from Amazon.

(UPDATE 7/25/14): This camera has been well cared for and it is already having problems. Boo!!!! While trying to take pictures the camera will show an error code #32, whatever that means, and automatically shuts down. Extremely annoying and have lost plenty of cute moments cuz of this problem. Definitely regret purchasing this camera. Guess I'll have to eat the cost of this one and buy something else. Boo again!!

Purchased this camera for my 8 year old daughter so I wasn't looking for anything fancy. Just wanted a name brand camera with a decent LCD screen. At the $80 to $110 price point, you aren't going to get much. Cameras in this price range have mediocre image quality and such, and understandably so (good cameras are mostly above $300). Anyway, if this is the price range you're looking at, then pick a camera based on the bells and whistles that are important to you. If you're into image quality, then look for some extra change around the house and save up for something better. For the price, it's ok. The important thing is that my daughter doesn't care much about image quality. She seems to be more into image quantity.
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on April 12, 2014
These little PowerShot cameras are phenomenal when it comes to picture quality. I've personally owned 4 of them in my lifetime, apparently they aren't very useful if you leave them in your hotel room in mexico...

IMO these are the pinnacle of Compact Point-And-Shoot cameras, great for selfies, small and light weight, works well in dark and outdoors. Perfect size for capturing family moments, whether video or photos. I won't list features of this camera cause I'm sure someone else probably already has, but I will say that you won't be disappointed with this camera.

I've owned Nikon DSLRs for over a decade now and this camera is my pocket cam. Yes I understand that I could just use my smartphone to do the same thing, however there is no comparison in photo quality, and you won't hog up your phones storage space.
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on May 14, 2014
I am not and I repeat NOT a photographer but am planning a vacation this summer overseas where it won't be feasible to take my iPhone. After much investigating, reading and actually going to stores to hold this in my hands I settled for the Canon PowerShot which is exactly like they say...."point and shoot" It's very easy to set up and takes great pictures. Hopefully by the time I leave I'll be a master at digital picture taking. I did purchase a spare battery just in case.
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on February 18, 2014
This camera was gifted to a person who was visiting the U.S. and who had not concept of photography. The cameral was delivered within the next day, which surprised the tourist, and me too. I am a professional myself and would not carry this camera. Nevertheless, the person who I gifted it to was able to understand and find all the major features without a problem. The price is right for the features and picture resolution. If you need a camera to put in your back pocket or back pack, this is an affordable and good quality camera.
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on June 3, 2016
I actually purchased two of these. The first one stopped working after about 6 months. Since I had all of the accessories for this camera, (batteries chargers case) I purchased this one as a replacement. I thought that the camera that I purchased was simply defective. The photos are fantastic, so if you want a still camera, it is great. But the video quality starts to deteriorate very rapidly. Within about a month the focus is very poor. I called Cannon, and the fix is to go into the menu and reset the camera, which works, but only for about 15 minutes. After which you have to go through the whole process all over again. This camera that I am rating followed the same pattern. Now I have two cameras that take great pics, but have to be reset every 15 minutes, in order to take video.

I have a very popular YouTube Channel and could not live without a video camera, so...... The permanent fix to the video problem was to go to eBay, and buy a ten year old Flip Ultra Camcorder for ten dollars. I now have 9 perfectly functioning ten dollar Flip Ultras, so video will probably never be an issue for me again, in this lifetime.

I gave this camera 2 stars only because it takes good still photos. If they advertised it as a still only camera, I would probably give it 4 stars. If this thing didn't take photos, it would be a ZERO star.
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