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on June 14, 2015
I brought this Camera in 2012 and used it for 3 years. I went Disney, Universal Studio, SeaWorld, Bush Garden, INDIA and many places. The camera works great. The most important feature this camera have, Aperture : F2.7 - F5.9 , 24-120mm Equivalent Lens. You need wider angle for family or group or landscape pictures. Aperture 2.7 means more light goes into camera and clearer image. All other features are OK and you can find better in other cameras. If you don't understand importance of Lens Aperture 2.7 then search for SLR camera lens whose Aperture start from 1.8 or 2.0 on wards and read their review. Cheapest among them is Canon EF 50mm f/1.8. Only 4 Starts because of poor Battery Life. In a compact camera battery must last long enough to cover a day of shooting ( Excluding video).
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on October 16, 2012
I left my compact digital camera in a taxi in Hanoi, Vietnam, and never saw it again. When I got back to the USA, I selected this Canon PowerShot ELPH 320 as a replacement because of the following:
1. Compact
2. Reasonable zoom
3. 16.1 BP CMOS sensor
4. 1080p Video
The camera of course meets these specifications. But I find it annoying in part because it has a touch sensitive screen. I'm constantly accidentally changing settings or changing the mode.
Also, at least in Auto mode, the delay between pushing the shutter button and taking a photo is so long that I miss many of the photos I'm trying to take.
Despite the high pixel resolution, the images are not better than the 14 MP camera I left in the taxi. I find I need to adjust almost every photo using PhotoShop to get a decent dynamic range.
As a pocket-sized camera, this is OK, but it doesn't live up the expected quality, given its specifications.
If you get it for a substantially discounted price, and if you are not a serious photographer, it will be a good deal.
The camera does what I need while I'm teaching in Vietnam - to capture photos of my students and their projects for Facebook. When I'm home, I use a single lens reflex that takes the photo the instant I press the shutter release, and I can't use this pocket camera except when I don't want to carry the larger camera.
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on January 17, 2014
The Canon Powershot Elph 320HS is a nice camera, there are some helpful tips for all users to be aware of...
When playing back the video's there is a hidden icon for adjusting the speaker sound (when playing back through the actual camera) however the speaker is poor quality. The Nikon S1200pj projection digital camera has the very BEST built in sound from its internal camera speaker.
Canon made this model to be lighter than other similar models which have the 3.2 inch touchscreen LCD panel. Tip for getting the screen to be wide angle (fills the entire screen) is when you are in the function mode and then touch the icon for menu, there is a setting for 16:9 rather than 4:3 sizing . When switching the default from 4:3 screen for playback, this narrows the viewing size. By changing it to the wide angle (16:9 setting) this enables the user to see the entire screen.
TIP for sound : When user has option to change sound for wind, this dulls sound when shooting videos. When shooting outdoors with wind (and front microphones facing the wind) its better to turn your subject (when possible) against the wind that may amplify the wind sounds. Or, simply change the setting for wind when you are outdoors, but do not keep the setting to wind at all times because this will dull your sound and stereo capabilities.
TIP for those who complain of difficult touch screen frustrations, first , know that this is not a capacitive screen and purposely Canon doesn't want accidental choices made by having too sensitive a screen.
TIP for those who complain that there is a significant or disappointment in the shutter delay (when trying to capture a moment and they notice a delay when shooting) this is caused when the top of the camera is set to "AUTO" rather than "Camera" . There is delay when shooting when the top switch is set to auto, rather than the icon of a camera. Simply keep the switch to the left , which will enable quick shots and capturing your subject. Also, its important to depress half way on the shoot button (on top of camera) to allow the camera to focus, sort proper lighting and your other settings in advance of the actual shot.
Over all, the Canon Elph 320 is a good compact digital camera which produces both good video's and stills.
Some of the cameras were manufactured in China, while others were made in Japan. But this shouldn't detract from the overall quality that Canon has had all along.
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on March 28, 2013
I absolutely love this camera. Takes smashing pictures. I have a Canon digital slr which is bulky to carry around. Love that the elph fits in my pocket. Feels like a deck of cards, barely noticeable. This camera does so well on auto you might be tempted to just let the camera do its thing but I love the manual settings and the options for doing cool and creative things. I have no problem with the menu or the responsiveness of the LCD screen that some reviewers have mentioned. I suspect that it may just be personal experience/preference. I'm an experience camera user and comfortable with tweaking settings and manual controls. This camera has packed so many features and incredible technology in a small package and the price? Well you would expect to pay a lot more for the feature set this camera offers. Bottom line: I am a happy camper!! :)
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on July 22, 2014
Found this named the top inexpensive point-and-shoot from The Wirecutter blog (sort of like a blog version of Consumer Reports, where they test and vet all kinds of electronics) and I've been pretty happy with it in my year of ownership. It's very programmable if you know specific settings, and has a lot of preset lighting conditions or situational conditions to choose from. In low light it can produce a fuzzy image, but that's pretty common for point-and-shoots. One nice thing is that it is wireless enabled, so I could pull photos off my camera onto my iPad and iPhone even without internet available using the Canon iPhone app. You can connect it to a regular wifi network as well, and transfer photos that way. The advanced settings are a little complex for someone who hasn't used more sophisticated cameras, but if you put it on the default setting you'll end up with fairly good photographs. Oh, and I've never had a single photo with red eye taken with this camera. A great casual-use camera.
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on September 18, 2012
I have two Canon digital SLRs (10D and 30D) and I'd stopped carrying them around because they were simply too big and bulky for most situations. I've probably missed out on hundreds of great shots as a result.

I was going to get the new mirrorless Canon EOS-M because it would allow me to use my existing lenses (my favorite lens is the $700 Canon 17-40mm wide angle), but after looking at the EOS-M online and reading the reviews, I wasn't convinced that it would be pocketable or worth the high price.

After a lot of research, I finally found this Elph 320HS with the wide angle lens and checked out a lot of sample photos online. I was floored that this little camera was producing the kinds of pictures I was seeing no matter if the subject was a person, landscape, architecture, flower, etc... The color, sharpness and features impressed me so much that I had to get one.

I'm happy to say that this little camera takes photos that rival my digital SLRs.

I'm most impressed by the manual features and the amount of customization I can do to get the perfect shot. I can even crank the ISO up to 3200 and still get good results. I can set shutter speeds of 1 to 15 seconds. I'm able to use the wi-fi without any trouble and view/download my pictures to my HTC Evo phone. The 5.2 shots per second high speed burst mode is great for action shots, not to mention the 1080p movie mode.

As others have noted here, the touch screen is not very responsive to finger touch like a smartphone touch screen. It is, however, 100% responsive when you touch it with an object like a stylus or your fingernail. There is actually a plastic stylus with a little pointy tip built into the wrist strap (as noted on page 14 in the owner's manual). When you use the wrist-strap stylus or your fingernail, the touch screen works like any other and responds immediately to your input.

To accompany the camera, I also purchased the SanDisk Extreme 32 GB SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 Flash Memory Card 45MB/s (SDSDX-032G-X46),Canon 5601B001 Deluxe Soft Camera Case PSC-2070, Black and Power2000 NB-11L Replacement Lithium-Ion Battery, 3.6 volt 900mAh, for Canon Powershot ELPH 110 HS Series Cameras

The one thing I don't like is that the battery has to be removed from the camera to charge it. It is very inconvenient to have to do this. I have to do this with my other Canon cameras as well, so I'm not surprised, but it would be nice if the battery could be charged while in the camera.

This camera has so many features and so much flexibility, it will definitely accompany me everywhere I go.
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on August 17, 2014
This camera rocks my socks! No really, it's a great little point-n-shoot. If you add the hacked up firmware to a SDcard and boot that up, it's pretty spectacular, too. The wireless features are not optimal, in my opinion, but they work well enough to get on a WPA2 protected network, and connect up to iPhones, computers, or Android devices. The touch screen is also a little weird on how it responds, but it's quite usable. Resolution is fantastic, and quality in low-light is excellent. HDR elements are strong on this unit, too. If you're looking for an economical, but very, very good little point-n-shoot, this is a strong candidate for you!
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on November 15, 2016
I bought this camera because I have nerve damage in my first finger from years and years of professional photography. I figured that I have taken around 800,000 photos in my life. That's a few. This camera allows me to use my right thumb to touch the screen and take the shot. The only drawback I have determined is that when using the touchscreen you cannot see the effect of the exposure compensation changes until you have taken the photo. You also cannot take the photo when the exposure compensation graph is displayed. Luckily I'm pretty good a determining what I think the correct exposure should be. One can always do some post production editing on a computer to fine tune the shots but the I'm sorta old school and remember the days of film when it had to be right the first time. The Wi fi is fun too.
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on July 22, 2013
I bought this product while in the US and brought it back to Europe. The wifi is way too complicated to set up and it has in fact been impossible for met to get going - and while I am not a geek I am not totally lost either. It has not been possible for me to make the necessary registration of the product through the Canon Image Gateway software since the product is not sold where I am in Europe. Amazing Canon would launch such a frankly s***ty wifi-enabled product. I have had good Canon products in the past but will never ever by another one unless they make these far easier to set up and provide understandable customer information and service. Stay away from this if you plan to by it for its stated wifi capabilities.
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on January 7, 2013
Why does everything have to be touch these days? With old canons you could just point/shoot and adjust even with gloves on or in the rain. With this camera, a little drizze on the screen and it goes nuts when you try to touch it (capacitive issues). Also, with a knob or button option you could make quick adjustments, now with touch you have to hope the option is on your screen or go through a bunch of menus meaning you either leave it in full auto or miss the shot. Finally, the battery is pretty small and with the screen running all the time it drains the battery quickly. Get an extra battery or recharge often.
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