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on September 13, 2007
I've owned the G7 for about 1 month now and I've really learned to appreciate all its advanced features - but recently I received my G9 and I will be returning the G7. What I like about the G9 over the G7:

1. Bigger screen (3.0" vs 2.5") - with no apparent decrease in battery life.
2. Picture quality is better. I have done many parallel tests using the exact settings on both cameras (with the exception of the 12 vs 10 MP of course) and the results have been clearly more favorable towards the G9 in terms of light metering and sharpness. The G9 has a new metering system as well as a more advanced focusing system too.
3. RAW option is great. Even though most pics will be taken using JPEG (to conserve memory space), you know it when you've got a great landscape with just the perfect lighting conditions that you know may result in a printable pic, in which case you will want to have a raw copy for processing it to the highest potential.
4. Timelapse photo functionality is a very nice to have option which the g7 lacks
5. The physical handling of the camera is better, the front has more grip.
6. Some other design aesthetics have also gone into the g9 which I prefer.
7. Noise levels are exactly the same as in the G7. I tested both up to 400 ISO (I would not use anything higher that that) many times and the speculations found on the internet forums that the higher number of pixels would result in more noise is simply incorrect - at least in my ability to see it in my tests.

* the only thing I dislike in the g9 over the g7 is that new usb connection door mechanism. It feels like it may one day break even with proper use. The "slide out" door (like the battery door) mechanism was so much better in terms of use and possible durability.

If I were a G7 owner (and you could not return it because you've had it longer than 30 days) I would not upgrade as the g7 is a superb camera - but if you were looking to buy a new camera the g9 is a better choice over the g7. The g9 is the perfect camera alternative to a bulky SLR - without the loss of total photographic control or quality. Highly recommended.
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on June 8, 2017
This Canon PowerShot G9 12.1MP Digital Camera with 6x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom, is a great camera compact and of great picture quality and perfect for all occasion photography
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on March 30, 2010
AFter spending a lot of time reviewing cameras I had decided this was the best point and shoot available. I have tried the new g11 and was very impressed with the picture quality but the g9 blows it away; the g9 is simply easier to use. This camera features RAW photo capability, aperture and shutter speed priority, and a dedicated dial for ISO speed. The only faults I find with this camera are distortion at ISO speeds above 800 (normal) and slight vignette effect on super closeups without the macro (also another normal effect). This is a great camera for someone who doesn't want to cross over into dSLR or just wants a great point and shoot. My only suggestion to improve this camera is a better software bundle.
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VINE VOICEon February 12, 2008
I've had the opportunity to put this camera through some heavy use and perhaps my experience will be of use to others.

The Powershot G9 has been with me through India, East Africa, Dubai, and New York City. It has logged about 25,000 air miles and taken photographs as varied as babies playing inside museums (no flash photography allowed), to slum dwellers playing soccer in Mumbai. Generally, I found that the camera works well. The "usage modes" do less than you might suppose; I ended up going with aperture-priority much of the time. The ability to shoot videos was nice, but only at slow velocity (an attempt to film the ground speeding by underneath a flying helicopter resulted in a long, green blur). Audio annotations worked well.

The camera is easy to use, at least if you've dealt with Canon's digital cameras before. I've not had to read the manual yet. The range of the zoom lens has been adequate and, at the wide end, f2.8 is a usefully quick lens.

What's not to like? Images become unacceptably grainy above iso400. The built-in flash gives lousy results most of the time; subjects close to the camera get overexposed unless you partially obstruct the flash with a finger. Manual focus is hopeless and it is essentially impossible to dictate where the camera should focus, especially in low light. Despite the option of full manual control and producing RAW files, this is still a point-and-shoot camera at heart.
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on July 2, 2016
I've had this camera for a while, and its really a good camera. I do wish for $500 the camera came with Canon's DPP (Digital Photo Professional) software. I guess they couldn't bundle it at this price point, but if you do take pictures using RAW format, the tools that come with the camera are limited. Other than that, its a cool camera. It even has some interesting high end features that I didn't know about, like the remote shutter operation and the neutral density filter (a software adaptation).
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on May 30, 2008
I'll preface this by saying that my photographer friend and I, who both own Canon's excellent 5D DSLR, both purchased a G9 from Amazon to be our "grab-and-go" compact cameras so we would not have to always lug around the 5D and its lenses. We are both members of the local camera club.
Amazon came through with their as-promised delivery time, as usual.
I'll admit that I am totally spoiled by Canon's 5D, and, as such, my G9 expectations were probably bound to remain unrealized. Nonetheless, there are many "good" G9 reviews.
The first thing that I noticed was that there is noise that simply cannot be ignored: shoot at ISO 200 and there it is.
So, what I take for granted: using most any ISO that I want to capture a low noise image, just cannot be taken for granted with the G9. To be fair, just about ALL compacts suffer from this shortcoming, more or less. For the price I expected "a cut above" in performance. My friend noticed the same thing. Even though Canon software has adaptive noise reduction to minimize this annoyance, it's "just one more thing to worry about," and, in fact, was the deal-breaker for my friend who reluctantly took advantage of Amazon's outstanding returns policy. My G9 had one more surprise in store for me: it almost unerringly "back-focused" so that the subject in the "focus square" on the LCD came out "soft" while the background immediately behind the subject was in sharper (but not tack-sharp) focus. My friend's G9 produced sharper pictures than mine did with no back-focusing problem.
My wife owns a Canon Elph ( SD700 IS ) camera that she keeps in her pocket. It takes great pictures for what it is, and she loves it. My Canon 5D DSLR is simply great, and I have won many blue ribbons in juried competitions with it. I had hoped (perhaps unrealistically) to get another Canon with at least some of the ease of picture-taking that the 5D offers. Although a properly working G9 is probably somewhat superior to the usual compact cameras offered today, if you are seeking a "photographic tool" that won't get in the way of deliberate artistic picture taking, try out the G9, but don't throw away the packaging material that you may need for a return. If you are seeking a grab-and-go compact camera that has a LOT of DSLR-type features in a slick "retro" package, you could do a lot worse than the G9.
I also own an old clunky 7MP Canon G6 which still takes OK pictures. I'll use it until something better than the "OK" G9 comes out. For ME, the G9 is just too much of a compromise for $440,
although, if it was a GREAT compact, I'd be willing to pay more.
As you can see, it all depends on what YOUR requirements and expectations are. I feel almost guilty giving the G9 3 stars since I really like the other fine Canon cameras that I own. But, for the G9, it is what it is, for me.
And YES, when the new Canon 5D comes out, I'll be trading up.
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on January 11, 2008
This is the 4th point and shoot I have owned and it is so far the one with the best image quality. The photos in JPEG right out of the camera are crisp, well exposed and have rich colors ( a testament to DIGIC III ).

The camera is pretty quick and responsive for a P and S, but of course not as fast as an SLR. This is not a camera for sports or fast moving action ( no P ansd S will really do that well ) Pictures are very sharp.

The camera is well built and full of the features an advanced amateur like myself demands. The LCD viewfinder is very good. The optical viewfinder is not very representative of the actual image captured.

Things I did not like:

1) No grip. There is an aftermarket grip that can be attached and works well.

2) Optical viewfinder.

3) Dynamic range is limited ( ability to capture well images with very different areas of light and contrast ). To be fair this is the case with all P and S and is a virtue of the tiny sensors.

Things I liked

1) Image quality in my opinion is better than the S5 IS that I owned before. The G9 does not show purple fringing...the S5 did.

2) Solid build.

3) Nice set of features.

4) Ability to use Canon compatible external flashes.

Overall a very nice little camera.
review image review image
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on June 14, 2008
If you're looking for a Point and Shoot with SLR-like qualities, this is it, but you'll have to know the camera and you'll have to know what you're doing in order to get a great shot. I only bought this camera for times where I could not lug around the larger DSLR.
I don't recommend this for people who just want to take family/friend pictures: (1) It's too expensive for just that (2) You'll be disappointed when you just put it on Program or Auto and the shot comes out crappy and (3) You'll be missing out on the other manual features.
The camera has a solid, hefty build so it feels like it can take on the normal wear and tear of regular use.
The LCD screen is large and you can pretty much gauge how the shot will look prior to pressing the shutter button---I would recommend putting a screen protector to prevent scratches and cracks.
I mainly put the camera on Manual, Aperture or Shutter priority. For the most part, I get the shot I need based on my surroundings---I hardly use the other automated settings.
Try not to put ISO higher than 200---Anything above that and the noise is just unbearable.
This is a good P&S camera with creative features, but it can't stand up to the high and mighty DSLRs. Buy it as a complement to your photography arsenal or buy it if you want to have more creative control from a P&S, but DON'T buy it if you're just going to take random shots of family, friends, or events. There are other cheaper P&S that will do the job at a fraction of the cost.
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on November 17, 2007
I started long time ago with several film manual 35 mm SLRs and point-and-shoots. Then came a digital era, and I purchased several generations of Minolta DiMAGE pocket cameras. For my downhill skiing trips I wanted a rugged, dependable miniature and intelligent cameras with viewfinder, minimum of controls and ability to shoot movie clips. Back then DiMAGE cameras met my all expectations. I used them at home, daily at work and during vacations. Unfortunately Minolta folded before producing a compact camera with image stabilization. IS is very important for low light shooting from hands. During my September trip to the picturesque Greek Santorini island my DiMAGE X50 had to struggle on it's own with both strong and low lighting of day and night. There thoughts of a better camera with manual controls came to my mind, views were so precious! I carefully studied reviews of DSLRs, looked at them - O boy, they are bulky, and they do not shoot movies! Super-zooms with fixed lenses were not smaller either. Thoughts of falling again during skiing on such camera didn't make me happy - I had few of them. Suddenly I stumbled upon Canon G9 review - it was what I wanted: relatively compact, flat, almost no protruding parts, small Lithium battery, compact but effective optical image stabilization, F2.8 35 mm 6x zoom lens , amazing 3" LCD + viewfinder, ergonomic manual controls, black, takes movies and have newest 12 MP image sensor. I immediately ordered it on Amazon because of better price and assortment of options available; I wanted a decent camera case with it as well. UPS ground parcel came shortly; camera was safely packed and started to work right away. I used camera only for a month so far at home and outside. Quality of the pictures with stunning details exceeded my expectations. Skin tones in portrait shooting came out so good! DiGIC III processor was able to adjust even to strong back light conditions. During night shooting I saw IS kicked in: pictures came out sharp and colorful. I took Halloween pictures in a dimmed light using built in camera flash and got praises from my friends on the web photo album; velvety fabrics came out beautifully. I shot several short movies at standard resolution at 30 fps - they came out crisp and well balanced with good sound from the built-in microphone. I'm wondering: does G9 sensor provides pixel binning for a movie resolution, or is a better sensor? My Minoltas with rise of sensor pixel count would capture exceedingly darker and blockier movies. G9's black paint makes it to look larger and heavier, but it feels just right in hands and don't strain my shoulder on a strap. Lens on power up/down telescopes in and out fast, and hides behind the lens protector - no lens cap needed. Shooting lags for portraits was imperceivable. LCD image is so good, even with sun beaming behind - I didn't glance into viewfinder yet. Shutter release is a feather like comparing to Minolta's; at first I was struggling to find "half way" for the focus check. So far, I charged battery only twice during a month. Soon I will take G9 for a first skiing trip, details to follow.
Overall impression about the G9 camera is excellent, it even exceeded my expectations!
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on June 14, 2014
Very happy with the camera, condition, and shipping. I still can't quite figure out how to work it, but only because it is such a great camera with lots of professional features that I am not familiar with. I am learning though. The only thing I am not real happy with is the auto setting, which is what I've had to use until I learn to work the apature etc, because it doesn't really seem to adapt to the lighting well and the photos don't come out as well as I'd hoped in this cure all setting. Guess I better get to work learning. It didn't come with a manual, but the seller advised me of that before I ordered. So other than my ignorance, this is exactly what I was ordering and I would highly recommend this seller.
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