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on September 30, 2009
My last digital camera was a 3.1 MP Kodak EasyShare DX6340 -- a nice little point and shoot in its day, but that was seven years ago! Though it still works like a champ, I decided it was time to upgrade to something a little more compact that also offered better picture quality *and* HD video. I spent over a month shopping around, looking at Canon, Panasonic, and Sony models, and toyed with the idea of sacrificing small size (and HD video) to go with the new Canon G11. Finally, I settled on the new SD940 IS as a reasonable compromise between size, features, and picture quality. I'm very happy I bought this thing -- so far it has really impressed me!

This thing is TINY -- it's about the same size and weight as my old Motorola RAZR cell phone (when folded closed). Still, it feels quite solid. Despite the compact size, it delivers amazing performance. It boots up quickly, menus are snappy, and shot-to-shot delay is minimal. Picture quality is very good -- nothing extraordinary, but nothing to sneeze at either. I shot a number of test photos over the past couple days and I'm quite pleased. Macro mode shots are amazingly crisp and detailed. Outdoors in medium sun, I did notice some tell-tale "purple fringing" around high contrast areas (the dark green leaves of a tree against a white cloud had a discernible purple halo around them when I zoomed in on the image). I don't know that other P&S cameras of this size will necessarily do any better with the purple fringing, but I didn't find it to be too bothersome. On my monitor colors looked quite natural, not overly-saturated nor washed out. I tried some of the manual ISO settings and below 400 I didn't notice any grain or problematic fuzziness. Obviously, you can't expect SLR quality with a P&S, but I'm very happy with the pictures this thing turns out.

The aspect that really sold me on this camera is the HD video. Of course, I mostly wanted this to take stills, but I wanted the flexibility to switch to video when the moment calls for it. For such a tiny camera, the HD video quality is stunning! Very fluid motion, sharp picture, and remarkably clear audio! The video is best in brightly-lit situations of course, but it does quite well in low light too if you don't mind a little grain in the image. You can choose between several memory-saving standard-def settings and high-def (which switches to widescreen format automatically). While the optical zoom cannot be used in video mode, you CAN use the digital zoom up to 4x while recording -- a nice little bonus. The video files produced are .MOV files which I was able to import into iMovie on my Mac with complete ease (and very quickly too!).

The control buttons are indeed small and flat, but I have had no trouble managing them (it helps if your fingernails are not trimmed too short). People with larger hands or very short fingernails might have a little more difficulty. I'm still getting used to menu navigation on this, but it seems fairly intuitive. I spent ten minutes reading through the "getting started" guide that comes with it, and that was helpful in outlining the basic features, but there are a lot more that the guide doesn't cover. This *does* use a proprietary battery, but the charger is fortunately very compact and charges the battery to capacity in 90 minutes. It doesn't bother me that the battery has to be taken out of the camera for charging. So far, after two days, I have not depleted the battery, so I can't comment yet on how long battery life is, but mine has already lasted through several hours of use and is still going strong.

This may not be the most versatile camera on the market -- full manual controls are limited -- but for a simple-to-use, high-quality P&S camera with crisp pictures and HD video, I think it would be hard to beat the SD940 IS. It is extremely small and lightweight and does all that most casual users could want. It may be a bit pricey compared to some others, but it's worth every penny. By the way, if you plan to use the HD video feature, be sure to get a Class 6 or higher SD memory card for best results. (Lower-rated cards may not be fast enough to capture the stream of information being written to the card). Don't skimp on the card -- cheap off-brands are not always reliable and may soon die, taking your irreplaceable photos and videos with them. I got a few SanDisk Extreme III 8GB Class 6 cards to go with this and they work great!

Highly recommended!
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on February 24, 2010
funny to read reviews on amazon; same item, some people love it, others hate it.

am surprised about the negative reviews for this camera; i've had three other canon's, this is my fave. great pictures, good options. i use it more for "art" shots, (see? i put that it quotes to NOT be obnoxious), so am using Vivid color, center-focusing (instead of face), and iContrast. i NEVER use the flash.

am really pleased with the pictures i am taking, and the video is great too (when i use it, which is rare).
great ergonomics, great size. the black version is unobtrusive. am carrying this everywhere.
will enjoy this for as long as it lasts (or until a newer camera insists on being bought...)
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on January 9, 2014
which is not actually saying much since I have only owned 3 of them since they were invented. BUT, compared to the Sony Monstrosity I have used for the last 7 years it rocks everything I want to do with it.
I am an online reseller and I needed something energy efficient and the rechargeable battery has more than paid for the phone. With the Sony SLR (which only accepted high density/lithium AA batteries) the camera would chew through them at an awful rate maybe 200 pictures per battery. I realize if I shot pics at a lower resolution/pixel rating, I could have conserved juice but going under 3M is awful when photographing Electronics/computer components.
The Canon is awesome and the battery last longer.
The camera has everything the Sony SLR had in a smaller package. The most important feature for me is the image stabilizer (I have a tremor) - this is the 1 reason I stayed with the battery monster Sony this long.
Now me and my Canon are going to be partners for a long time!
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on January 27, 2010
I just received my Canon SD940IS several hours ago. I ordered it with 2-Day Service, and it came early on the second day per Amazon's usual excellent service. I have the big Nikon outfit, many lenses/bags/tripods, etc., but wanted something little, but power-packed, to take with us on a few upcoming trips. The Nikon is excellent, but would like to keep the travels simple. The SD940 is an absolute little jewel! It will replace the Canon PowerShot SD400 that I've had for years, but it was time to boost the performance (12 mp vs. 5 mp ... also 28 mm wide angle with the 940). I also love the SMALL size of this marvel. You've been reading it fits in shirt or pants pockets, better believe it! It is great in low light situations (yup, tested it), and the LCD worked perfectly in the bright sun. I took a bunch of test pics, they are perfect. I also love the WIDE format Canon offers in the picture menu selections. An added benefit for me is that is uses the same batteries and case that the SD400 used, so now I have three spares. As someone mentioned in a prior review: the "big" cameras have their role and place, but having a small, highly portable, dynamo in your pocket means you will be ready to take all sorts of shots you very well might have missed. I would absolutely recommend the reader check this camera out!
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on September 13, 2010
I have been using a Sony that was too big fancy and heavy, then switched to a Panasonic I was less than satisfied with. My wife has always been pleased with the Canon I bought her from Amazon a couple of years ago and her picture quality has been superior to mine despite her not reading the manuals and totally familiarizing herself with it. I decided I'd give a Canon a shot and after weighing features, performance, pricing and reviews...I decided on the SD940IS. I bought a refurbished one and began questioning my choice while waiting for its arrival. After it arrived, I was extremely pleased with its condition...like brand new! I looked at the little user manual that came with it, but was less than satisfied with it. I also noted some user's reviews of the camera on other websites, and that made me further doubt my choice. I finally installed the included Canon software on my laptop and it had a more intensive owners manual in the software. After taking the time to read through THAT manual, I began further familiarizing myself with the camera and taking a variety of pictures, both fully automated AND with me choosing the settings. The results I got were awesome to me! Not every picture was perfect, but with little changes here and there, I was able to get great pictures that would more than satisfy most Point-And-Shoot enthusiasts. The automated pics were good, but using the P setting and making changes to suit myself got great pictures in my opinion....its just a matter of familiarizing yourself with the available features and their capabilities. With the included software, I have been very happy now with my purchase and have no regrets. I think these have been some of the best pictures I have taken with any of my previous manufactured cameras, and would recommend Canon but suggest you fully familiarize yourself with the camera before you pass judgement or review it.
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on November 25, 2009
I'd had my SD750 for about two and a half years before upgrading to the SD940 IS. The features of the two cameras are similar aside from the following:
The SD940 has image stablization; HD video; battery indicator; smaller size.

One thing that the SD750 had over the SD940 is the larger LCD, 3" vs. 2.7". But given that the SD940 is smaller overall compared to the SD 750, this really isn't a significant issue. Another thing about the SD750 was that it had buttons that were easier to use, they were raised and bigger but again, bigger camera, bigger buttons.

As for picture quality, the SD940 is wonderful, easy to use no matter what setting you use. I've played with the auto as well as the manual settings and both turn out great pics. It's a no-brainer camera, just point and click. Just printed out some 8x10 pictures that look awesome. The battery life is very good too.

One thing, this camera is really tiny, smaller than my cell phone though it's nice and weighty for its size, but it might be better suited for smaller-handed users. I can see it being difficult to manipulate for larger hands.
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on December 29, 2011
I bought this Camera in may of 2010, it is now Dec 2011 an I am still loving this camera! It doesn't have the fastest shutter speed, so some of the action photo's will be blurry, but it is small and will be there when you need it. It does excellent video, however the time limit is capped at 10 minutes. Even if you have a 32GB card in it. I have yet to find a way to change this setting and I have looked.
The view screen is nice and big the auto setting is my go to setting. Macro takes nice photo's for Ebay. The auto timer is easy to use as are most settings. I do have trouble figuring out how to change the color setting of the Black and white plus. This is where the whole photo will be black and white except for a single color of your choice. Mine is currently stuck on green until I look up how to change it again.
I have defiantly put this camera through a lot of physical abuse and it is still going strong. The original battery still has plenty of power, but I always carry spares. The paint around the lens is all chipped away but that is just cosmetic. The lens still functions like day one. Right out of the box I put a screen protector on the back and have never taken it off. The screen protector is very worn, I need to replace it but the screen underneath is pristine. I always recommend a protector go on out of the box.
I am sure the price has come down on these since I bought it and that would make it an even better buy today!
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on June 28, 2010
1. This is really a credit card size camera...very very small. very easy to fit into any pocket. Sometime I feel it is too small to hold it. very easy to get the flash light blocked by finger.
2. Picture quality just all right. Again it depends what you are comparing too. For point and short, I think it does decent job especially out door. Focus does take some time (this is not a SLR, so do not expect that type of speed). Also I realized some picture around the edge/corner of the picture, objects looks weird (not straight)
3. Great video quality, I put it on the HDTV, results are better than I expected. It is not really HD show, but very clear. both out door and indoor.
4. I need to use some kind of software to convert the video to the format that a Windows PC or a DVD player can read. that is a down side. So if you do not own a MAC or you are not very good at computer, this might be some issue for you
5. Video takes lots of disk space on the memory card.

Overall I like it, most because it is so small to carry (i am little sick carrying the SLR and my 2 years old daughter). Also great HD movie function, it is better quality than my hard driver Panasonic camcorder.
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on July 8, 2011
Bought this camera for my wife, who was tired of hauling around my large DLSR camera with our 6 month old baby. I was sceptical in buying an ultra compact camera, and of the Canon brand after investing $1,500 into my Nikon camera. This little camera has been awesome, takes great pictures, and very easy for my wife to use as a basic point and shoot. Perfect size for carrying in a pocket, although it is almost too small, in that holding in your hand and using the shutter button can be a little difficult if you have large hands or fingers. I'd buy this camera again and would recomend to others!
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on January 4, 2011
Excellent camera, I fell in love with this little powershot, though of course its not a D/SLR for you hardcore photographers,but it does more than what its worth,not to mention size of carry anywhere. The shots all come out crisp sharp and clean, figured it would take a while for me to get used to from the posts I read on blurry shots but it fell in place with me, as well as the flush buttons..and yes I do have wide thumbs. I prefer using the manual mode and synchro/flash myself due to the flash time is a bit delayed giving a more natural lighting effect to the shots IMO. It takes great shots in low light environments with no flash as well. I have an 8gb card on mine and so far have been able to record past 10 min of 720p nonstop video, make sure you dont zoom-in while recording,..def beats having a camcorder and camera or using a smartphone as viral video. And no you cannot charge the battery unless you have the battery charger with this item...as I suppose with other cameras and such..so yea, dont lose or forget the charger! Do your research and youll see things like the flip or kodak sport and those end up paying more and doing less..
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