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on September 11, 2012
November 25, 2012 follow-up: I wrote the following in September after first getting this camera. After having more time to use it, I'm raising my rating to five stars because I like it so much. I still wish it came with easier software and instructions, but that has become less important to me.

This is the first digital camera I've used, I've only been using it for a couple of weeks, and I didn't know what to expect from a $90 camera (I later noticed Amazon also offers it in black for $75). It seems a very good camera, but the non-intuitive software and often-confusing user guides make me give three stars instead of five. I write this for other beginners out there:

Pros: It's very easy to use on "Auto" setting, and pictures look surprisingly clear and good even under different light conditions.

I like having other options besides "Auto". So far "portrait" and "foliage" have worked as they should. I haven't tried others enough yet to tell.

I like that it has a "P" (Program) mode that allows you to make a few changes to the aperture value (exposure compensation), shutter speed, pixel setting and compression ratio, etc.--in case I get more ambitious.

I like being able to take black and white or sepia photos by simply selecting to.

The video feature works very well, and I like being able to use the software to select individual frames to make into photos.

The batteries that came with the camera yielded about 60 photos (including lots of flashes) and lots of turning the camera on and off and experimenting with settings.

I like the size--not too small to handle easily, big enough to feel solid in my hands. I think the buttons might be hard for bigger hands, though.

I've had no problem at all with blurred photos (on Auto setting), even though my hands aren't always that steady when I'm taking a picture in a hurry.

Customer service techs are easy to reach, courteous and smart.

Cons: The software seems too complicated (and I'm good at figuring things out). Even the customer service techs had trouble navigating it, though they were very knowledgeable about camera and printer matters.

The online user guides for both the camera and the software could explain things more clearly and thoroughly. They're short on words, and many pages refer you to other pages. Also, I think I'd rather have less options and less ways to do the same thing. And I still haven't figured out how to sort my photos into folders and retrieve them easily.

The soft plastic cover over the terminal where you connect the camera to your computer doesn't feel securely connected. Maybe it's OK, but I have a feeling it's going to fall out long before the camera dies.

I didn't realize I'd need to buy a memory card separately. This may be standard practice, but I think some digital cameras do come with a 2G memory card to get you started.

I haven't tried the video function yet.

In case other beginner's run into this problem (not unique to this camera): my photos printed out very faded until I figured out that I needed to select "print without borders". Or, when printing through Windows Vista with a Canon iP2600 I had to uncheck "borderless". (The sequence is Print, Properties, Page Setup, then look for the box next to "borderless" and make sure it's not checked.) I don't know yet how this will affect text printing.

I'm glad I bought this camera, and maybe I'll raise my rating after I've used it for awhile.
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on January 13, 2012
I hate to putz around with camera settings. While this has them, I've left mine set to 'auto' across the board, popped in a 2GB card, dropped it down to 6MP and can take over 1200 fine quality photos.
Great zoom, Nice big screen for my old, tired, eyes. Runs AA batteries. What's not to like?
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on June 12, 2013
Living in Alaska and traveling to remote sites without power requires a camera I can tuck into the life jacket with several sets of extra batteries. The only thing not intuitive for me is the "fill flash" option. I like to use flash when the auto detector does not require it, I have had a tough time finding it.
All else is easy, nice Canon quality, and so far has survived a few drops to the ground from waist height. I assume I will have to duct tape the bottom latch when the plastic battery cover gives way, but I have had to do that with my old Nikon, my Kodak and my Olympus. They all seem to favor plastic latches and releases.
I am pleased with the quality of the images, and THRILLED that the zoom does not allow my husband to try to do too much with the zoom feature (more optical zoom is NOT better - any camera that claims so is falsely advertising). In the past the 20X, etc optical zoom claims of other cameras has led my non-photographer savvy husband to be disappointed with the fuzzy images he got when using those "features". Keep it simple. This is a great travel camera for shots you do not plan to enlarge over 8x10. Love it.
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on July 25, 2011
This Canon replaced a powershot 490 that got left out in the rain one day. The A800 is decent and takes good pictures, but is a little slow on the flash recharge. What it does have are AA batteries which can be changed out in a heartbeat and not tied to a lithium power charger that takes forever, unless you want to spend another 30-35 dollars for a second battery. If I had the money I would of course buy a Canon EOS system but the A800 will do for now. I would not hesitate to recommend this camera as a standby for a professional photog. The 1200 series release was complicated by a lack of product delivery and most stores only got 1-2 in stock during late March and they sold out quickly. If you want, you can compare the A800 & 1200 for yourself. Remember, do you want to stop taking photos during that special occasion because your battery is drained???
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on April 11, 2012
Got this unit for my mother who is absolutely horrid when it comes to computerized technology. In less than 2 days and 2 not so frustrating phone calls, she's able to take quality pictures and get them into her computer for sharing, saving or posting. Also of great benefit, is that this unit uses typical and easily acquired AA batteries!! Incredible photo quality at this price point is going to get me to upgrade my camera with one of these (or the next model up) as well. Love the Canon simplicity!!
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on January 11, 2012
My granddaughter was about to take an adventure vacation and she wanted her own camera.
I thought it best to get her one that was a one button easy to use model.
She went to Costa Rica and her pictures of waterfalls, monkeys, and birds were
as nice as those from more complex expensive cameras.
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on August 20, 2011
This is my first digital camera and I found it very easy to use and it takes nice sharp pictures whether indoors or out.
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on January 6, 2013
I doubt I would pick this camera for my personal use, but I'm currently using it at work (a veterinary hospital) to capture ID photos of pets for their medical charts. As you can imagine, the less shutter delay, the better...Fido and Fluffy are not fans of holding still. I like that it runs on simple AA batteries, because then I don't have to crab at the staff for leaving it off the charger. The only downside is that the batteries will run down completely overnight if the camera is left plugged into a computer. (I guess this prevents it from sleeping).
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on May 26, 2013
I ordered this camera because I'm not good with things like gadgets and cameras. I had trouble with my last camera because it offered too many choices and options and I needed more of a point and shoot that was easy to operate. I was happy to discover that this camera is indeed very simple and easy to operate, but my surprise was that when compared to photos taken by other folks at the same time....folks with more expensive and sophisticated cameras, that my photos are actually better. I could not be happier with my photos and this camera.
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on April 18, 2013
This is not the first Canon Powershot digital camera I have owned. They are simple to use and versatile enough to handle most of my photographic needs. But then I am not a professional photographer either. If you are a Professional photographer, this is not the camera for you, for your grandchildren, perhaps. The settings are very easy to deal with and the photos seem to almost always come out with great color and detail. Also it is small enough to pop into a pocket and take with you anywhere.
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