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on October 16, 2013
Had a Canon 4600 5 cartridge photo printer that printed beautiful photos exactly matching what I saw on my monitor. Also had a separate scanner that set on edge and was difficult to use. Decided to see if canon had an all-in-one that would take up less space on my desk and be able to scan easier. Checked Amazon as usual and found this wireless printer had just been released by Canon and was being carried by Amazon at a $35 promotion discount under their Prime free priority shipping program. Ordered one, put it on my desk in our bedroom, printed beautiful pictures and crisp email messages from my cell phone in the living room. Has one tray for 5x7 and 4x6 photo papers and another for letter, legal & envelopes. Tried everything. Everything works as well or better than advertised. Quality of photos and text exceptional. This may be due to the additional grey cartridge. Duplex printing quicker than my old printer. Also the printer has a quiet mode that I use. In fact, everything about this printer is better than any printer I have ever used. The installation instructions are precise, clear, easy to understand, and should be followed exactly. Do not try to wing it.
I liked this all-in-one printer so well I ordered and had one shipped free directly to each of 4 grandchildren as early Christmas presents. They love them too.
Just used printer for making a Hallmark birthday card for my wife. you only have to configure the printer once and it retains the configuration for future cards. Used Hallmark Program and Avery Card stock. Card printed beautifully. Colors accurate in colors and shading.
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on February 8, 2014
My wife is yelling at me because this printer will not print Avery Labels. I figured out issue. The Avery identifier at the top of the sheet is tricking the printer sensor. I get a message that the paper is not aligned. Pealing off the top right of the label sheet allows it to print.

Also, Ink on this thing doesn't last long at all. If you buy this thing, you should invest in some refill kits. When ink gets low, it can sit in some self diagnostic mode for minutes.

The google cloud print works, but does require a few (3) extra clicks each time you print a page. Not sure it's worth it, but is a good backup if home network is having issues.

Does look nice though.And rear feed is a plus.
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on October 17, 2015
Worst printer I have ever owned.
1. The printer comes with about enough ink to print 20 pages. The ink cartridges are smaller than normal and in solid plastic so you can't see the remaining ink.

2. It takes hours to turn it off. I once tried turning off the power and waited till the morning and found it still in shut-down process

3. The wifi is really flakey. Most of the time it needs to be restarted

4. Any time the ink needs to be changed it takes another 20 minutes for it to go through it's self cleaning process

5. Printing a page after the printer has been unused will also take several minutes for a clean up process

6. If you send a project to the printer and it didn't like the paper tray you used, you can't switch it to the other. Have to cancel the job and start again.

7. Prints very very slow

8. It is also one of the larges desktop printers taking up half the desk space.

In short it is terrible, horrible, slow and makes you want to go Office Space on it.
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on April 19, 2017
I've been very happy with this printer and it's still going strong after 3 years. I'm not sure why people are giving it low ratings, but many of the reviews don't list specific issues with the printer but more user error than anything. I've had a lot of experience with printers from all the manufacturers and this Canon is no worse, and often better than most. One reviewer complained about the number of cartridges in this printer - there is a very good reason for this, and if you don't understand that reason then it's not the printer you should choose.

Pro: Excellent quality photo prints, both Ethernet and wifi, auto power on, auto output tray opening, double sided printing, CD/DVD printing, two paper trays.

Con: A little noisy during warm up, no straight paper path option, printing photos will use a lot of ink (no different than most printers).

I've been using this printer for both documents and photos, with genuine OEM inks, and haven't had any problems with it. I've never even had to run a nozzle cleaning. One tip (good for ALL inkjet printers) is turn it on every couple of weeks if you haven't used it. This will keep fresh ink in the nozzles and reduce the chance of them clogging. This will unfortunately use a little ink every time, but it's easier and cheaper to buy new ink than it is to replace the print head.
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on March 21, 2015
This is my third Pixma printer. I really like the quality of the output of these printers, but the reliability and longevity are another story entirely.

I chose this specific printer (as well as the two previous models) for its ability to print on DVDs. I have been making compilations of family films & slides for the last several years, and I need to ability to print custom artwork on the discs. This printer works PERFECTLY for this. The included software works well, but it looks like something created in the early 2000s and only updated to work with newer operating systems. I.e., it looks VERY dated. But, as I noted, it does work. Hint - if you want to save your files, be sure you run the program as an administrator. I went round and round trying to figure out why it "failed to save file" every time until I happened to be using the program while I was in an admin user profile. So now I just right-click and run as administrator and it works!

Now, as to reliability. This particular printer has one immediate annoying aspect, and that is the touch screen. I find that I touch it and nothing happens. I try pushing harder, tapping, pounding, and poking until it finally accepts my input. Licking my finger usually helps - but not always. Since I don't do that much from the printer's control panel, this isn't a major problem, but it is annoying.

My second, most important, reliability concern stems from my previous Pixma printer, an MG5300 series. I was very happy with that printer, until it suddenly stopped working in the middle of printing my holiday cards. It displayed an error code, and though I went online and tried at least a dozen different methods to clear the error, it just refused to print again. Sending it in for repair would have cost more than the price of a new printer. So that's my fear - that these printers are truly engineered to stop working after a couple of years. Given the low initial cost of the unit, that makes it a reasonable investment. BUT - don't be like me and order several sets of replacement ink cartridges! Keep maybe one set on hand, because if the printers quits, you can be pretty sure that the next one will use different cartridges!

Overall, I love these printers. Great color, precise printing, and easy to use. Just know in advance that it won't last forever!

Oh - one more thing: Watch where you put this printer. When it prints, it pops open a door on the front, along with a paper guide that sticks out about six inches. This action is accompanied by a loud snap, which can startle people if they aren't expecting it, Leave some room in front for the output!
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on January 22, 2015
I seriously love this printer. I debated between this one and the pricer Pixma models, and in the end, I chose this one because of the price, the 6-color system and the versatility for my needs. I print my own photos on various paper and card stock types, such as the Red River matte canvas greeting cards that are 60# stock and textured. I have printed on photo paper and it does that well. It does a beautiful job printing on textured paper/card stock and handles surprisingly heavy card stock.There is no rear feed on this model, but I had no issue with the feed from the tray on the heavier paper. I have a variety of papers that I do not know the exact weight of, but I would estimate them to range from 80# - 100# and this Pixma handles them well. I have used the scanner feature and it's a nice added option to have. I don't use the other software that it came with but you might. The only other thing to mention is the setup and operation over WiFi - it's easy peasy and I love having my printer where I want it in the room because it's wireless!
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on January 23, 2014
I have now been using the MG7120 for a little over two weeks. I have checked all modes: printing on both standard paper and photo paper, scanning and copying. All functions have performed to my satisfaction. (I've provided more detail below.)

After reading multiple reviews for Epson, HP and Canon printers (both on Amazon and other sources, including Consumer Reports), I had serious doubts about the current generation of inkjet printers, particularly wireless devices. Then I read Neil Isenberg's detailed review (posted to Amazon on 12/13/13). That convinced me that the Canon PIXMA MG7120 might meet my need for a light-duty printer.

Presently, my computer system consists of an Acer tower (Windows XP SP3), HP DeskJet 952C inkjet printer (parallel port interface to the Acer), Canon 8600F flatbed scanner (USB interface) and a Linksys WRT110 wireless router. Though the Deskjet is now almost 14-years old, it is still a reliable workhorse. I had a Brother multi-function monchrome laser printer, but it died a few years ago, and I decided to not replace it.

My reason for purchasing a wireless printer, such as the PIXMA, is two-fold: [1] I wanted a printer that would support wireless connectivity so visiting family members could print from their various laptops; and [2] I wanted a printer that supports Apple's AirPrint. (I use an iPad and am in the process of procuring a Mac system.)

Since plug-and-play appears to be a thing of the past, my approach to the installation was slow-and-careful. I even downloaded the setup instructions from the Canon website and read them before opening the box. That turned out to be unnecessary; the printed instructions in the carton are quite sufficient.

All steps in the setup process are accomplished through the Touch Screen on the printer. The last step is to connect the printer to the wireless LAN. The printer will automatically find available LANs. (My printer *saw* the several LANs that are in use by my neighbors.) Having selected my LAN, I was then prompted to select the authentication protocol for the connection. I use WPA2-PSK. (I suggest you avoid the older WEP and WPA technology.) I was also prompted to select between AES and TKIP encryption; I opted for AES because it's a stronger encryption technology; the fallback is TKIP encryption if your wireless LAN doesn't support AES.
*NOTE* I had not yet installed the drivers on my PC at this point.

Having established the LAN connection, I was able to open a document on my iPad and print to the MG7120. (I tried to print before making the LAN connection, thinking that perhaps the 7120 might act as a WiFi hotspot. Didn't work.)

I was monitoring the Touch Screen and noticed that there was a prompt to update the firmware. I initiated that process, and after several minutes, the displayed message announced that the update was complete. I again printed from my iPad to make sure that all was still well.

I now installed the software and drivers on my PC. However, since software supplied on a CD is frequently downrev, I decided to download from the Canon website. Having completed this operation, the MG7120 now showed up in the printer dialog box (File/Print/Name) as the default printer. You can go into printer properties, as I did, and set another printer as the default if you choose.

Following Neil Isenberg's suggestions, I have tested all the functions of the MG7120, and all have performed in a satisfactory manner, with a few caveats:

[a] Printed on standard letter-size 22# paper with both Standard and Draft quality, in both full color and Grayscale (i.e., black & white) mode
-- all output had acceptable quality, though draft mode was lighter than I have been accustomed to with the HP DeskJet.

[b] Printed a 4x6 borderless photo on three different papers: Canon *Photo Paper Plus Glossy II* (sample provided with the printer); HP *Premium Photo Paper*; and Strathmore glossy digital photo paper
-- I saw no difference in color rendition between the three papers. However, there was a clear difference in finish. The Canon paper produced a pleasing (to my eyes) high gloss; the Strathmore paper produced a matte (almost dull) finish; the HP paper fell between the two, though more towards the matte finish. (I should note that the HP paper in the DeskJet does produce a high gloss finish.) I should also note that I initiated this print job through Picasa3 rather than through Canon's *My Image Garden* (more about this app below).

[c] Printed a full-color PDF file on standard paper in Duplex mode (Draft quality)
-- A happy surprise at the ease of this operation. (With my old DeskJet, I had to print one side at a time, re-collate the output, then print the other sides.)

[d] Scanned a document
-- This is the one function that (in my opinion) compares unfavorably with my old Canon scanner. The default, whether initiated from the Touch Screen or the PC's Canon Scan Utility, assigns a file name with the format IMG_[date][sequence nbr.]. The default location for the saved file is *My Documents*. Through set up in the scan utility, I can specify a different location in which to save the file, but there is no provision to customize the file name. (I can subsequently locate the file and rename it manually.) With my old scanner, I can name the file and specify where it is to be saved on the fly. From my perspective, the scan function of the MG7120 is not as user friendly.

[e] Copied a document
-- No problem here. The output faithfully reproduced the original.

[1] Under the *Energy Savings Setting* (Touch Screen / Eco Settings), I set Auto Power Off to *Never* and Auto Power On to *ON*
-- I disabled Auto Power Off to minimize the heavy duty cleaning cycle and, hopefully, reduce ink consumption; I set Auto Power On to speed up the ready state when I initiate a print job (at least, I hope that is the result).

[2] I purchased the XL versions of the ink cartridges to avoid downtime when the initial cartridges are exhausted. The XL cartridges are available on Amazon as individual packages (not yet available as complete sets). The Canon part numbers are posted on the side of the carton in which the printer was packed. I opted to spend the money and buy the Canon cartridges rather than generic equivalents. At this stage in my experience with this printer, I don't want to take any chances.

[3] When I initiate a print job, the MG1720 goes through a very noisy cycle before printing actually starts, and it seems to take a long time before the printed sheet drops onto the Paper Output Tray. I found that selecting *Print Preview* in the printer properties menu spools the document before sending it to the printer. This seems to have eliminated the noise cycle and speed up the printing process. As a further step, I selected *Use Quite Mode* (Touch Screen / Quiet Setting) to tone down the noise level.

[4] There are two paper cassettes. The lower one is for standard-sized sheets of paper; the upper is for 4x6 and 5x7 sheets (and printable CDs). Visually, the two cassettes appear to be one with a single hand hold. To pull out the upper cassette, the hand should be curled up; to pull out the lower, curl the hand down. (This is illustrated in the installation instruction but is easy to miss.)

[5] One of the annoying pieces of software (in my opinion) that is installed is called *My Image Garden*. It is an app for the purpose of organizing and printing photos. I prefer to use Adobe's Photoshop Elements and Picasa3 to edit, manage and print my photos. What annoys me about My Image Garden is the fact that it automatically launches when I boot my PC, and so consumes resources. I have used a memory management utility to defeat the automatic launch. An alternate approach to defeating this bloatware is to locate CNQMMAIN.EXE in your Program Files and rename the extension to something that won't be recognized during boot.

A final thought. I expect the MG1720 to play nicely with my Mac when I finally receive and install it in the next month. If something untoward occurs, I will update this review.

UPDATE: 15-April-2014

I have now had my MG1720 connected to my Mac Mini for about two months. It is a wireless connection that has played flawlessly thus far. For some odd reason, Canon does not provide the same interface between the Mac and the MG1720 as it does for my PC. There are fewer variables that can be adjusted when using the Mac. However, I do not regard this as a show-stopper. As with my PC, I went directly to the Canon website to download the necessary software and driver plus the user manual. I've also now begun to replace the original ink cartridges with the XL cartridges that I purchased through Amazon. To my surprise, the original cartridges have lasted longer than I expected (with the caveat that my printing & copying load is light). So my original assessment stands: the MG1720 has proven to be a 5-star purchase.
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on November 2, 2014
I realized my old Canon was more than 10 years old and still kicking just fine but I wanted an all in one and decided on this one. I haven't done any image printing with it, but I've used the copy/scan function quite a bit as well as general printing and have been pleased with the results. Very happy with this.

ETA 10/16/16

I went with Canon when I needed a new printer because the last one had lasted so long. Apparently this was a mistake as this one has now crapped out and won't even power on. I suddenly got a 202 error for no apparent reason. I cleared it. It started acting like it was going to print. Then it shut off and flat will NOT come back on.

Thanks Canon. I have a paper due TOMORROW and now have to scramble to print the stupid thing.

Now I have to hunt for a new printer and I really don't think I'll be buying Canon again.
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on April 20, 2015
Bought this printer to replace our Pixma MG5220 which suffered the now infamous 'print head alignment' issue. Very easy set-up, colors look good, improvement in black & white/grey-scale printing is slight, but appreciated . Wish I'd researched the spec/features a bit more, as having the SD-card ports are nice, but we really miss not having a USB for thumb-drives. Contrary to the initial response from my family of "You got a RED one? Really?" it turns out they all really like it. sometimes ya just gotta trust Dad, k? ;)
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on April 1, 2015
The worst. This printer is soooo slow. By the time it actually prints, I have forgotten that I was printing something. It takes about 10 minutes to actually start. The quality is mediocre and the ink maybe lasts 50 sheets. It has the nerve to sporadically connect via wifi. This will be in the garbage very soon.
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