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on June 10, 2009
I Just got this printer from Adorama today (via UPS) and this thing is incredible. Im a professional photographer and this printer prints lab qaulity prints super fast. I made sure I used Photoshop to print some test pictures )4x6 on Canon Photo Plus Semi Gloss and it matched exactly what was on my screen. As a matter of fact the prints look better than whats on my screen...I had to do a double take. I no longer will be using the lab to order prints for my clients (only wedding books), Im printing them all myself. The speed is also amazing. The only thing I dont like thus far is the noise of the print head when the printer starts up and before prints start printing. When the picture prints its pretty quiet though. I will update my review after about a week after i dump a few hundred more prints for my clients.

***** Update #1 ***** : Ok Now I've had this printer a few weeks and I've printed a few hundred pictures in a variety of sizes (4x6, 5x7 , 8.5x11 and 13x19) and this is a must have printer for those wanting to print their own professional lab (and better than lab quality) photos. This bad boy is very fast and the print quality is just absolutely superb (I use Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy , Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl, Ilford Galerie Smooth Gloss Paper and Ilfor Printasia 13x19 paper and Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II 13x19). I've shown my photographs to a variety of clients, potential clients, freinds and family and they are blown away by the quality of the prints. When I tell them I printed them myself they are like "What?, No way" and then they asume I must have spent a whole lot of money on the printer...which is wrong ([...] after rebate from amazon/adorama).

Pros :

Fast - This printer spits out a vibrant and full of color 13x19 glossy print in under 3 minutes 30 seconds.


Quiet - I can print at all hours of the night and not worry about waking anyone up. When Im in the next room with the door open the printer prints so quiet I cant even hear it and have to come check on the print job to make sure it didnt crash since I cant hear any noise in the next room..lol

Quality - Prints professional quality prints on a variety of papers in many different sizes.

Paper - You ARE NOT limited to Canon papers as you can use a bunch of other manufacturers papers. My Favorite thus far is Ilford (cheap from amazon and is basically identical to expensive Canon paper).

Ink Usuage - Good on ink, Not really an ink guzzler. I printed dozens and dozens of 4x6's and even a bunch of 8x11's and 13x19s and the ink kept going and going, until I finaly started running low (after many prints had been printed). Also I now use The Continuous Ink System , so ink is now dirt cheap. Costs something link [...] per cartridge (estimated - all I know is I pay [...] for and 8 pack of about 880 ml's of ink which is over 80 cartridges (no joke, visit fleabay and youll see tons of them)...Save money and Dont buy Canon Ink Carts and you will save at least 50% right off the bat).

Cons :

B&W printing - Prints mediocre black and white prints. This is no secret and I knew this before I bought it. I dont care about black and white prints just color so its all good for me.

Size - This is a big mamma-jamma. You will have to dedicate a space to this thing because of its width.

CD Printing - The US version of this printer does not print to CD's at all and there are no hacks that enable the CD printing feature (Like with the Pixma Pro 9000). If you need CD printing, just print to photo quality CD labels.

Overal: This is a fantastic buy. If you need professional quality color prints done in house you will surely love this printer. Canon outdid itself with this model... The price is steadily falling too. Especially after the [...] rebate.

***** Update #2 ******


I bought the continuous ink system from superjetUSA off ebay and it worked fine for a short while and then it leaked ink all inside my printer. All 800+ml's. It was a huge mess and it caused me to use many hours of my valuable time and waste dozens and dozens and dozens of pieces of plain paper/photo paper to clean out the leaking mess. Then SuperjetUSA refused to give me my money back and kept telling me to do this and that and email them pictures of the mess. It took me weeks to clean it up and there is a still an ink mess in my printer. ONLY USE INK CARTRIDGES (stay away from the Continuous ink system) FROM A GOOD SOURCE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

I've had this printer for months and it continues to be an awesome printer. No complaints. I made almost the entire printer purchase price of the printer back within only a few weeks of having the printer..thats how good the prints are.. THE CANON PIXMA 9000 MKII is an awesome investment.
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on December 8, 2015
I got this to print ten years of photos that I'd finally scanned. Wanted to get some nice new shots up on the walls. I had had Epson before and they always streaked, so I decided to try this Canon, for quality and larger format. Well, this thing works and the quality is fantastic! Rich colors, and black and white shots look as good as chemical prints. I've printed everything I had and no problems. The only thing that happened is twice I found a pinpoint sized dot of black in sky areas, that were not on the digital original. Re-printed these with no problems. Inks are expensive but if you are comparing to having these done professionally they are almost free. Plus I have not bought a full set of ink, I replace colors as they go out and it's not so bad. The software tells you when you are low on ink, well, I keep printing until it says I'm really out, and I usually get 5-6 more 12x12 prints before I have to change a cartridge. But the main thing is the photos are breathtaking.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 20, 2011
I spent the last 6 years using an Epson Stylus Photo R1800 Ink Jet Printer (C11C589011) pigment-based printer. I needed it about once per month to print a few pictures. The rest of the time it remained powered off. After six years of clogged nozzles almost every time I turned it on, I wasn't too upset when it died. I had resolved one thing- I wasn't going to just buy another Epson and spend tons of money unclogging the nozzles every 3-4 weeks.

I looked at the alternatives and the obvious closest match was the Canon Pixma PRO9500MkII Inkjet Photo Printer (3298B002). Still, I wasn't convinced that pigment-based inks mattered as much these days as they did 6 years ago and after much research and anguish, I pulled the trigger on the Canon Pro9000 MKII.

My first printout was on Epson glossy photo paper. The results were not encouraging- color's looked "off". Fortunately, I had expected this and already had Canon glossy paper on order. Using Canon Photo Paper Pro Platinum, 4 x 6 Inches, 100 Sheets (2768B015), the results were much improved, in fact, they were stunning. Color's are vibrant and beautiful. The printed photos grab your attention and do full justice to the source material.

While it's still early in my ownership, I have yet to experience any clogged nozzles. I am hoping this continues for the life of the product. I still only use it about once every 3-4 weeks.

I've used the printer from both my Macintosh running OS 10.6 and from my Windows 7 x64 system. The drivers installed easily on both and are working fine for me.

I took the time to print two copies of a particular photo and stored a copy in a dark drawer and another copy on a bookshelf in a bright, sunlit room. I plan on comparing the photos on a monthly basis to see how well the dye-based inks hold up. I'll post back the results in several months.

**** April 2011 Update ****
After several months of usage of this product, I've yet to experience a single clogged ink nozzle, even when I only use it once per month. This is a major improvement over my old Epson. Also, I received my rebate card from Canon within the promised timeframe. I'll write back if anything bad happens but so far I'm very happy with this purchase.
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Received it yesterday and so far so good. Tested the printer with several types of paper. I was particularly impressed with the 13x19 matte results. I printed a page that was a collage of many colorful birds and everything seemed true to color. I also printed a 13x19 with a shirt with sharply defined yellow, red and blue stripes and they came out perfect. I also tested color management with PS and with the printer. The printer color management on HP premium glossy 8 1/2 x 111 produced slightly sharper images of people indoors. My only regret is not getting built in wifi with this printer. The Canon choice was a compromise but so far I am getting pro quality. If anything changes after a month or two, I will update this review.
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on November 12, 2012
I absolutely LOVE this printer. I love the way it prints photos. What you see on your screen is what you get! I love the large format...13x19 prints that are clear, sharp, and no streaks or lines like other printers I've used. The printing speed is unbelievable. It spits out a "best quality" 13x19 print faster than my old HP photo printer could do an 8x10. Very impressive!

I've always been a big HP fan but my last HP photo printer was such a disappointment that I decided to replace it after only 2 years. I looked around and it seemed like every review I read on this printer was 4-5 stars. All of my SLR digital cameras are Canons and I've been very happy with them, but I recently had a bad experience with a Canon digital (not inkjet) printer. So bad, in fact, that I had to return the machine. So I was a little leery trusting Canon in the printing department. However, I couldn't find a bad review on this printer, so I decided to take a chance on it. Lucky, lucky day! I am very pleased...I can't think of anything that would cause me to give it less than 5 stars.

As some other reviewers have mentioned, the size is BIG. I'm used to big printers (I have one digital that is 16 feet long) but even I was surprised by the size of this inkjet. To use it, you'll definitely need some space, both in front and in back of the printer. And if you use large format photo paper, you're also going to need space at the top of the machine, so putting it on a middle shelf won't work. That being said, the design of the machine is very clever. The trays fold back into the machine, reducing the footprint to a manageable size when not in use.

As with any other photo printer, ink is a consideration, being the most expensive part of photo printing. Someone on another review said this machine sips ink. True, true, true! I have printed quite a few photos since getting the machine 6 weeks ago and so far the ink level has barely dropped. Since this machine takes 8 ink cartridges, replacing them could get pretty expensive. However, it seems as if Canon has created a high quality printer that doesn't drink ink. Will wonders never cease! To buy a complete set of 8 cartridges, my local office supply store sells them for $89...not a bad price if the ink lasts a decent amount of time. Generic ink for this printer is cheaper but I've read other reviews that recommend you do NOT use generic ink as it does not print as well. I wouldn't know insofar as the Canon is concerned as I now never use generic ink, especially when printing photos. It's just not worth the money "saved" as you may end up having to print the photo again (and again!) because the cheap ink streaked. (Can you hear the voice of experience here? LOL!)

I ordered this printer through Amazon, and as usual it was delivered way before the estimated delivery date. It arrived in excellent condition (you think the printer is big?...wait until you see the box!). I highly recommend this printer to anyone that wants frameable, high quality prints. Awesome machine!

UPDATE: I've now had the inkjet for 5 months and I'm still thrilled with it! I finally had to replace ONE ink cartridge (the photo magenta) two weeks ago. The cyan is finally getting low too. But all the other cartridges are still around the halfway mark. Unbelievable! I've printed out quite a few 13 x 19 prints, so I'm still thrilled and surprised how little ink this inkjet uses. I've matted and framed quite a few prints as gifts and everyone is very surprised when they've learned I've printed them myself on an inkjet. Again, I highly recommend this printer. Canon rocks!
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on July 9, 2011
I have been printing my photos (maximum size 8.5" x 11") on a nice multipurpose HP printer that has been working well for me. With photo paper the prints were quite good considering the price of the printer - they pretty much look like photo lab prints.

What I really missed was the ability to print larger sized photos. I used to work in a photo lab and I would spend my lunch hour printing at 20" x 30" or even larger. Those prints really make an impact when you hang them on the wall!

My son had been saving for a LONG time to purchase a camera and finally pulled the trigger on a Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera and DIGIC 4 Imaging with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens. It's a great camera and he's been very happy with it. When I helped him place the order, I noticed that there was a deal from Canon to purchase a printer together with the camera and get all but $49 back in rebate. Why would I pass up an opportunity to get a $499 printer for $49? So I purchased the printer and have sent in the rebate materials.

Finally this weekend I had some time to set it up. I cleared off a LARGE spot on a work table, and followed the instructions - un-pack the printer, install the printhead and ink cartridges, plug it in, install the software, align the heads (all automatic), and connect a USB cable (not provided for some strange reason) to my computer, and start printing photos! It was that easy. You will need to get yourself a USB cable like this if you order the printer...Black 10 ft Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Printer Scanner Cable Type A Male to Type B Male For HP Canon, Lexmark, Epson,

I guess you could say I was already set to use the printer - my monitors are calibrated for proper brightness, contrast and color. Prints made on the previous printer always matched what I saw on my screen. So when I printed the first image, it was very satisfying to have it come out looking just like what I saw on my screen - correct brightness, contrast, and color. I may play around with some of the settings to really fine tune it, but it was pretty much correct, right out of the box!

So all you really need is a big space for the printer, a properly set up monitor, a USB cable, and you're ready to go. The printer even comes with Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 included in case you don't have image editing software - that's worth more than the total cost I laid out for this package!

Now I can make 13" x 19" borderless prints - plenty large for my purposes. There are lots of good paper options:

Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II, 13 x 19 Inches, 20 Sheets (2311B026)
Canon Photo Paper Pro Platinum, 13 x 19 Inches, 10 Sheets (2768B018)

And more!
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on November 15, 2009
Canon's Pro9000MKII is absolutely terrific! The best printer I have ever used. After years of experience in darkroom printing, this is the first printer I have found that truly gives you darkroom quality, if not better than darkroom! I was in 35mm photography for years (printing with a Phillips Tricolor) before finally switching over to digital. I finally made the switch about 5 years ago and although my photography looked great on the computer, until now I had never found a printer that I was really happy with. The Pro9000MKII gives the most realistic color reproduction that I have seen, as well as wonderful B&W production. It is easy to use although a little slow on the warm-up and and the noise level level is a little too much, but once it is ready to print, I defy anyone to able to tell the difference between the 9000's prints and those printed in darkroom from a film camera. Unbelievable quality and true color reproduction.

I'm sure there is probably something out there that may make a better print, but if there is I sure can't afford it! For the money, this is THE ONE!

Mike Barnes, Alamogordo, New Mexico
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on April 23, 2010
(Written by Janine's husband, but we have one family account)

I purchased this printer to replace my beloved Canon i900D which had finally given up the ghost after (I'm guessing) seven years or so of faithful service and I don't know how many thousand photos printed. Because Canon doesn't have a good six-ink printer in the i900D price range any more (all the inexpensive printers are four-ink only), I actually tried an Epson R280 first, but as was the case years before, was seriously disappointed by the mottled flesh tones in the Epson output, so I decided to cough up the $$$ and go for the Canon I wanted (well, I'd love the 9500 but I have some price constraints!).

This printer is a beauty! The print quality is at least as good as I had hoped: brilliant, life-like colors, razor-sharp resolution, no discernible dithering or spottiness in my prints, and just an all-round beauty to the finished output. And with a printhead that's nearly 3/4" wide, my prints just fly out. I haven't timed them yet, but I'd estimate 4 x 6 borderless prints come out in under 10 seconds, and my first 13 x 19 print yesterday zipped out in about a minute (possibly less)! Oh, and a 13 x 19 from a good 8MP image off my Canon 20d is a joy to behold! Fine resolution, rich color, and plenty of basic WOW! factor.

That printhead, by the way, is removable and replaceable. I don't imagine I'll need to do so any time soon, but the fact of a replaceable head should significantly extend the lifetime of the printer, I would guess.
Setup was easy and instructions were clear. The printhead alignment is fully automatic thanks to an in-printer sensor that "reads" the test patterns and adjusts accordingly, so there's no guesswork to it--just start the alignment and let it do its thing.

Separate ink cartridges--8 now instead of 6--mean you only change what you need. I haven't had it long enough to check, but if past experience is any indication, prints are very durable as long as protected from UV light (such as fluorescent or sunlight) by being displayed behind glass. My one wish is that Canon would have bundled (or made available at lower cost) a sample pack of some of their hotshot premium/fine-art papers as I'm not sure what some of them even are and would hate to spend the $$$ for a sample pack and decide they just weren't worth it.
I also miss the closed tray for 4x6 paper in the i900D. With the Pro9000 you really want to keep your paper stored out of the printer so you can close the lid, to keep dust out of both printer and paper. I wish I could keep paper in an enclosed bin. But that's a nit on an otherwise excellent product. Be warned, though, this printer is BIG. At 26.0" (W) x 13.9" (D) x 7.6" (H), be sure you have the real estate for this behemoth!
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on August 14, 2012
My last Canon printer gave me 5 years of excellent text and pictures. The Pro Mark II is going to be just as good. I checked out a lot of printers and read a lot of comparisons, many by Amazon Reviewers. Printers ranged from very simple to very complex. I am a photographer (working toward becoming a professional) and have sold many prints of 5X7s and 8X10s. The thought of being able to make even larger prints was very enticing and Amazon had two. I spent a lot of time comparing them and chose the Mark II because it looked a lot easier to set up and easier to use. (I'm not a real "techie".) It was both. I haven't printed any large prints yet, because my local store doesn't carry the Canon photo paper in the larger size (though some of the Amazon reviewers suggested other brands to try). I am delighted to see that Amazon carries all the Canon papers, so I will always be able have a supply. The pictures I have printed are clear and better than the ones from my "old" printer. (Though those were good.) I am sure there are many more good features of this printer that I will discover as I continue to use it. The ability of the Mark II to handle many sizes of paper in a very easy manner was an unexpected, but additional, pro.

Right now I'd say it would be a good choice for someone who is looking for a printer that could handle a variety of paper sizes, especially larger photo paper, but isn't so complicated that a technical degree is required.
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I'm an amateur photog, and this is my first large-format printer, so I'm aiming this at people in a similar spot. Other reviews delve into the more esoteric topics such pigment vs dye ink, but for people trying to decide if a printer like this is worth it? Yes definitely! This is the first time I've been able to generate prints that actually do justice to what my dSLR produces. This is the first time that the prints look as good or better on paper as they do on my PVA LCDs.

Gorgeous color reproduction, fast printing, no visible flaws even in 13x19 prints. Just make sure you use quality paper (and images w/ enough detail), and that you have space to set up this huge machine.

Fully extended, the printer covers nearly half of an IKEA desktop, about 33" at its maximum size (plus extra clearance) with the back feed opened up, or 27" normally. Fortunately, most paper can be fed from the top feed at the smaller 27" configuration (no added clearance needed), and the trays all fold into the unit for storage-- useful since the trays would probably break if one of my household felines sat on them.

Prints will only be as good as the paper you use. I've tried and been very pleased with 3rd-party Kodak Glossy Premium Photo Paper (use the paper setting Kodak specifies on the package) and also Canon Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss, 13 x 19 Inches. Vendors claim the best print longevity is when you use their papers and inks (for the latter paper, that's 25 years under glass, 100 years in storage). Regardless, definitely use quality paper to get results worthy of this printer's abilities.

Software installs and runs without issue on Windows XP. The straight-forward bundled Easy-PhotoPrint EX is very similar to the Easy-PhotoPrint that ships with smaller Canon printers.

My only real hesitation is the price and longevity of the supplies (eg, ink). There's a large number of smallish ink tanks (8), but they can be individually replaced. My primary complaint here is that the software only specifies that the ink level is "adequate". So after doing a 13x19 print, and 4 8.5x11's, I don't know how many more I have until I have to buy more ink. It seems a percentage-remaining wouldn't be that hard to do.

Highly recommended.
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