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on April 17, 2012
Coming from an ameture's POV rather than an expert, I really LOVE this camera. I had previously done a lot of research because I was looking for something a little better than the point-and-shoot digital camera's. Here are some things I noted:

- Being a DSLR, this camera is a bit heavy, especially if you're using a telephoto lens. This doesn't terribly bother me because it does not feel "cheap" in any way. To note, the T3 actually feels lighter than the T3i.
-I am REALLY a fan of the swivel screen which is newly introduced in this model. As others have said, I do fear accidentally bumping it and snapping it off but I really do like it. Plus, you can rotate it around so the screen is against the camera to protect it from scratches when not in use.
-Picture quality blew me away. Even before I knew the right settings, just using the auto, this camera handles color really wonderfully. I have taken several outdoor photos with my dogs in the grassy backyard and the grass is a beautiful bright and vibrant hue. No photoshop edits necessary! :)
-The camera itself actually has a few image filters you can apply to your photos after you take them. They're fairly simplistic but a neat addition.
-The battery life when taking photos (and not using live view) is really fantastic compared to typical point and shoot digital cameras. Since the camera does not take photos with live view (unless you turn on the setting) I've gotten many photos before having to recharge.
-The exception to the above: If recording video, especially in HD, that REALLY eats the battery life up. I probably only get a few hours out of the battery if recording straight video.
-I found that it was really easy to learn the functions of this camera, and although I don't know them all, it has great functions and modes both for professionals and beginners. Even just using the auto modes and letting the camera decide the settings, it works fantastic.
-I am not a huge fan of the built in flash. Though I've read that most built in flashes on cameras aren't great, I usually do not use it unless it's really needed. In good light, the camera really performs great without it. Images with the flash tend to be blown out or too dim (if you adjust the brightness)
-The display screen is really gorgeous (and large). Really the best way I can put that. It's a lot more crisp and clear than my other point and shoot digital cameras.
-This model, as opposed to the T3 which does not, has a built in sensor to use wireless remotes (which I also purchased) Just wanted to point that out.
-One thing I can't seem to figure out (and I'm not sure if it's a computer issue or not), when uploading pictures (by plugging in the camera into the computer with the cord provided), it takes FOREVER for my computer to recognize the camera. At first I thought it was because I hadn't installed the software that came with it, so I did that. It still takes at least a minute or two before the software will open up and allow me to download the images. That's truly my only beef which may NOT have anything to do with the camera itself. ***EDIT: This issue was solely to do with my computer. I recently upgraded it and now it instantly connects to my camera.**

Overall I would definitely recommend this to any beginners looking to get their first DSLR. It's a higher end beginners DSLR for a fairly affordable price and if you keep an eye out for those Amazon deals, you can snag a nice bundle. I've had mine for about 5 months now and I absolutely love it!

**EDIT: After a couple years of having it, I still have and LOVE this camera! Now that I've learned more about it's functions, I find it easy and versatile to use with great functions for both beginners and pros. This was worth every penny! **
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on July 25, 2014
After two plus years of use, I have put this camera through its paces. I have used most all of the photographic techniques I could think of and it has passed with flying colors. I'm not a professional, however, I've been a serious shutterbug for over 40 years. Although this camera is classified as an "Entry Level" DSLR, there is nothing "Entry Level" about it. You need to learn literally scores and scores of menu items and commands, not too dissimilar from complex computer software. Also like software, if you don't use it often, you will forget (showing my age) many of the settings and capabilities of the camera.

I can't say enough about the camera. Maybe it doesn't have a shutter that will function more than a million cycles, the focus sensors are fewer than "Pro" cameras and other things like that probably keep it from being "Pro Grade". But if you're a serious enthusiast, dollar for dollar, this will be a long term investment that won't disappoint. The vari-angle LCD on the camera back is an absolute necessity, particularly when shooting from weird angles and locations. Great for people who either can't or won't lie on the ground in order to get the shots that younger, more limber photographers could get. Not many of the Pro cameras offer that. I also have a Canon 5d Mark II which is a "Professional Level" camera along with a Canon 6D, another pro line body. They all have their plusses and minuses, but the T3i is a great buy, particularly now that the price has continued to drop. Don't forget the T4i and T5i each have a few more nice features, so don't shy away from them, either.

I've tried to hit on just a few major points, rather than being long winded and I hope this helps some of you enthusiasts.
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on December 1, 2013
Canon has always had great optics and equipment.

Excellent camera package for college photography, film and graphics arts student.

Easy to learn and use. Light weight.

I purchased the IS lenses and a tripod, and also using telephoto zoom for true HD quality shots.
Some package deals out there can be tricky, so please read what you are getting before you decide.

This was by far the best package offered for the price.

The camera lens mount also accepts other non Canon DSLR lenses, so you are not limited to sizes. Colored dots on mount as guide. Great features...and the price was right for both lenses and camera body.

This camera has what you need. All the other reivews are also helpful.

Take the extra time to read the user guide and get out and take pictures!
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on December 23, 2011
My 15 year old Sony MVC CD-1000 was swept out of an overhead bin by another passenger's coat on my return from vacation. I was unable to find a repair shop for such an "old" camera, so I needed a new one. My first 'serious' SLR was a Canon AE-1P, so I naturally gravitated to the Canon product line. I also research the Nikon cameras. After a quick trip to a local big-box store to compare the feel and weight of the Canon and Nikon offerings, I selected the T3i and couldn't be any happier. On a recent trip to Europe, the camera operated flawlessly in sun, rain and snow.

The auto-focus is superb and it takes only 3 or 4 shots to understand how to use the focus points in the viewfinder and get the image focus where you want it. The T3I uses the semi-depressed shutter button to preview the focus and also took only a few shots to be able to use it instinctively.

Since I only had the camera 10 days prior to my latest trip, I stuck mostly to the A+ (point and shoot) and flash disabled modes. Despite this, I came back with over 650 pictures, all of far better quality than my old trusty Sony.

- ease of adaptation, within an hour of starting to use it, the camera was instinctively just there';
- instruction manual was actually readable - the final editor and proofreaders appear to actually speak English (thank you Canon!);
- light weight body;
- very good ergonomics - even with my big hands, the buttons and dials do not interfere with each other;
- clear LCD display even without my bifocals (showing my age :).

- its taking a lit bit to become comfortable with swapping lenses quickly. I haven't had to swap lenses for 15 years, so practice will probably get me back to the old AE-1 days;
- my old AE-1 lenses don't fit, but they are almost 30 years old, so I'm probably not missing anything.

Again, its a new camera, so it will take 6 months or so of experimenting to get familiar with all the features. But at first glance, this camera is certainly a 5-star piece of equipment.
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on May 20, 2013
I have been a "serious hobbyist" photographer for a while but my old digital camera is realy slow at doing anything and it mostly likes to just take bright sunny pictures. A friend recommended I get a T3i to advance my "serious hobby". After careful consideration and reading twenty-seven thousand reviews I purchased the camera and it is everything I hoped for and more, at a reasonable price too! I use this camera mostly for nature photos and candid people shots.

The battery life is great (I can't even keep track of how many photos I take on a charge, ha), the camera takes pictures rapidly, the mechanical "shutter" sound is magical...

The package I purchased came with two lenses:
* EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens
* Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 IS Telephoto Zoom Lens
I can say the Image Sabilizer really does help. Together these lenses provide an appreciable range of magnification too.

If you want to take pictures of bats flying in the middle of the night half a mile (0.8 km) away, you will need a much more expensive camera. But for a serious hobbyist this is a great deal.

The video capture mode functions well enough. Noise is low and people's voices still sound like their own voices. I think the sound is a bit muffled, but nothing that'll hurt memories. Grin.

I suggest purchasing a secondary battery if you don't want to risk losing power in the middle of a long (or intense) photo session.
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on April 28, 2013
I have waited 16 months to write this review because I wanted to write from the perspective of a DSLR owner who was a neophyte when I purchased the camera. I have owned a very good SLR film camera and three very good lenses since 1969 and thoroughly enjoyed film photography as a hobby. After a decade of using point and shoot digital cameras I was frustrated by the limitations they imposed. The Canon T3i offered a reasonably priced alternative to my old film camera and I figured there would be a lot of positive transfer of training from film to digital. In retrospect there was considerable knowledge transfer but much of it was knowledge about how to take good pictures (exposure, focus and ISO). Learning the ins and outs of the camera itself has taken well over a year of reading, on-line lessons and trial and error. It's been worth it because I'm now to the point where I can take reasonable photographs most of the time and exceptional photographs occasionally. If you want more control over the process of taking pictures than can be had from a point and shoot you should definitely consider a DSLR. This Canon model takes very good photos (assuming you either know the stuff I had to learn or are willing to learn it). I am very pleased with the features and the price of this entry level DSLR and heartily recommend it..
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on January 7, 2012
Wife and kids allowed me to get this (from them) for XMAS with the two lens kit (18-55/55-250 and I added the nifty fifty - EF 50mm f1.8 II). I've been used to working with Olympus over the years and what they are asking for their lone dSLR body was too much. I love Zuiko glass, but Oly seems to be focusing on the mirrorless system (m4/3) and that is not for me... not comfortable on large hands and I a don't like EVIL viewfinder. A system change was in order and it was between the Nikon D5100 and the Canon EOS600D/T3i. Both systems were impressive when I toyed with them at a camera shop, but the Canon's menu system was better and the grip felt better in my hands. Getting it into the gym to snap photos of my kids travel ball team was a blast. Both times I used the 50mm and loved every minute of it. I had more good shots than I could have gotten with my older Oly that was never good at indoor shots in a big open gym. Next up, tried video. I really never thought I would have much use for it but WOW, was I ever impressed. While the focus ring on the 50mm f1.8 is small, the control I got with it was amazing. I see myself using this more than I imagined. Might have to add a 28mm f1.8 at some point.

Now I don't want to slam Oly and I do plan on holding on to one of my bodies and a handful of the incredible Zuiko ED glass, but for a system switch this was a great move for me. When the weather warms up, I'll try the 55-250 at some casual birding.

If I had a con, the 18-55... don't like the manual focus ring for my big hands and Olympus kit lenses were better overall when I had them. But I may pick-up the 18-135 as my typical walk around lens. I really can't complain much over the image quality with it though for a kit lens.
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on May 16, 2013
I went from the sony point and shoot to this. This is night and day. I purchased this so I could take some good action photos in a wide arrange of background settings from car shows to tkd, dance and vacation. After reading a lot of reviews and doing some leg work, it was definitely worth it. The camera is not cumbersome and has good ergonomics, easy to use selections for average hand size. Sausage fingers may or may not have button issues but could still work the selector dial. Easy to change lenses and a couple of hefty instruction books. I also got the transcend 32G memory card, no problem with storage of pictures. The only down side so far is that a good case is needed for it and would of been nice to come with one in the kit, but I may have overlooked that. But I'm still learning with this camera and will be for quite some time. For a first time purchase this is a quality camera. Excellent picture resolution. The box arrived with no damage and it had quit a bit of cushion inside for the product. No problems with the seller, it arrived on time and as described.
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on January 9, 2013
My wife and I were looking for our first DSLR camera since we are going to have our first child very shortly. We wanted a camera that would take very nice pictures but not cost an arm and a leg. My wife and I were pleased with the price of the camera and the extra lense. We felt like we got a good deal for our money. Both of us are amateurs at photography but we like the images this camera can produce. We are still learning what the camera can do but the settings are easy to, learn, navigate, and use. The camera is not very heavy, but it still feels like it is very well built. My wife was impressed with how light this camera felt to her as she did not want a big heavy camera. I have been impressed with the battery. It lasts a long time before I need to recharge it. We are very happy with our purchase and would recommend this camera to others.
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on January 25, 2014
This camera is great. My wife is an amateur photographer, but loves taking pictures. This has been the perfect camera. One thing that sets this camera apart from a lot of others is the adjustable viewing screen. We use it a lot for either very low shots or trying to hold the camera high above our heads (like over the top of a crowd). its's really nice to hold this thing above your head with the screen tilted down so you can adjust to get the perfect shot. Additionally, it's just a great deal. These two lenses were all that we used for the first two years. The telephoto zoom lens works great.
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