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on October 4, 2014
I realize that most people aren't using a google cloud print with this, but I have a chromebox set up with this for my mother, and it is the only option. What sucks is, there is no option to print in black and white.. This means I will be buying a ton of color ink I don't need. Given this printer has a single cartridge for all colors makes this worse.. once you run out of yellow, you have to replace the cartridge no matter how much is left of other colors. I went into this knowing that a single color cartridge has this issue, but given I have no capability of printing B&W via cloud print, this makes it unacceptable for me.

Cloud print from google does support this option, me research leads me to the conclusion that Canon's drivers for cloud print do not.. which sucks for me.. but not for cannon selling the ink.

I'm going to look some more, although I have spent 90 minutes of web searching.. and I'm pretty convinced there is no solution without a change from cannon.
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Style: Printer|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Canon, HP, and Epson have all largely perfected ink jet printers and this one certainly represents the Canon brand well. It's inexpensive, easy to configure, and delivers adequate quality for those looking for a low-cost office printer with minimal print needs. It does text and graphics well but it's really not designed for photos and high volume output.

The scanner has both a flatbed and auto documnent feeder but it is rather slow compared to more expensive devices. It supposedly offers duplex scanning but that option wasn't available on the Mac driver when I attempted to scan a document. Copying a document is very easy and there are separate buttons for monochrome and color copies. It also worked seamlessly with Apple's AirPrint protocol for zero configuration printing from an iPad and iPhone.

The unit is rather bulky and gets bulkier when paper is loaded as it requires having a tray extended out from the printer at all times. That tray can fold up when not in use but it won't print in that state either. Ink cost should also be a consideration as one set of replacement ink cartridges is about half the cost of the printer. The color inks are all in a single cartridge so if one of the three dries up the entire cartridge will need to be replaced even if the other inks have some life to them.

As with other printers in this segment of the market they are subsidized by the consumable cost, so if you plan to do more high volume work a laser printer might be a better option. I found the cost of ink replacement for this printer to be about the same as its competitors in this segment of the market.

For occasional printing and other light scanning and copying tasks this is a decent printer. But higher volume users may want to look at other options.
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on June 24, 2014
I've been using Canon printers since the old BC02 back in the mid 90's. My lastest, the MP830, just died after approx. 9 years of faithful, trouble-free service. I just bought the MX472. This is for home use, 90% for scanning, 10% for printing/copying, rare use of faxing. I'm on an HP Pavilliondv7 and running Windows7.

The MX472 is considerably smaller and lighter than my old All-In-One but seems solidly built. The connection (USB to my computer) was easy, my HP recognized it, setup of drivers and software was easy. Print/copy quality is very good. I'd prefer separate color ink cartridges since with my past printers I seem to run out of some colors more quickly than other colors. However, a full set of inks for the MP830 was around $100 and a full set of inks for the MX472 is about $50 (a little less for Office Depot brand "remanufactured" cartridges). Also, for the MP830, once the warranty ran out, I refilled the cartridges myself to save a lot of money and only bought new cartridges every 3rd time. I noticed, however, that the nozzles are now on the machine instead of on the cartridges so it remains to be seen if there will be any clogging issues. I have not tried the fax function. Noise is not an issue. At startup, it makes clunkety, clicking sounds as it goes through the usual "cleaning" process but then it's quiet.

My issue is with the scanning function. The scan runs through reasonably quickly (much faster than my old machine) and gives a clean clear image, letter or legal size, document or picture. The machine itself works fine. The problem is with the software - it's HORRIBLE! They've replace a clean, streamlined MP Navigator with a Quick Menu coupled with a secondary software "Image Garden".

To scan a document, you place the original on the glass or in the feeder, press scan and the pdf file saves straight to your pre-determined file location with Canon's file name of IMG_date001, 002, etc. There is no opportunity to view the document before it saves, no way to straighten out a crooked image, no way to change orientation from portrait to landscape. You need to launch a document editor to view + fix as needed then you need to use Windows Explorer to give the document a sensible file name. I scan a lot of financial and legal documents. If you scan 30 pages and then need to add more pages to the same document, you have to add the additional pages into the feeder before the 1st 30 are scanned (ripe for creating feeder jams) or else the 1st batch is saved as one file and the remaining pages are saved as another file...and then back to the document editor to save the 2 files as one document. This is a pain in the neck. I don't have time for all this fussing about.

To scan a picture, same thing, only worse...you place the picture on the glass or in the feeder, press scan and the jpg file saves straight to your pre-determined file location with no opportunity to give it a file name - and each page is a separate file that you then have to use another software product for adjustments, orientation and then Windows Explorer to rename.

Image Garden: I didn't spend much time with this as it appears to be for organizing pics and creating greeting cards/calendars and such - useless for me, but others might like it.

I contacted Canon Customer Service to see if they have any other software that I can use with this. Answer was no. I also asked if I could use the old MP830 software, again no (in fact I tried but the 830 MP Navigator won't recognize the MX472). I've got about a week to decide whether to keep or return this printer. Once again, I emphasize, my issue is not with the printer itself, my gripe is about the software.


(Sorry, don't mean to shout, can't find a bold or underline for my question.)

ETA: If you have more than 1 Canon product, change the name of the file folder containing the files for the other product before installing the printer. The MX472 driver/software does not give you a choice to specify where the files are put on your hard drive. All the printer drivers/software etc. are now co-mingled with my camera drivers/software in a single folder called "Canon" under ProgramFiles(x86). That's an unnecessary nuisance in the event of an uninstall/reinstall situation.
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on March 31, 2014
Style: Printer|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As a standard inkjet printer with copy/fax functionality, this hits the mark. Pages are clear, relatively fast to print, and actually pretty quiet too. The scanner works well, and the copy function is really simple. (I couldn't test the fax function, since I don't have a land line phone).

Where the trouble starts is in the wireless functionality. First, while setting it up, I found that it simply would not find my router that was sitting right next to it. It found all of my neighbors' routers, but not mine. After numerous attempts at setting it up, I nearly gave up. In the end, I lifted my router about six inches and tilted it over the printer, and viola, I had connection! Unfortunately, I have to hold the router just like that in order to maintain the connection. As long as you set this printer up in a different place from your router (like your neighbor's house, perhaps?) you'll have no problems. Unfortunately, that isn't an option for me right now.

The next issue comes with iPhone/iPad printing. The box prominently shows printing from iPad and iPhone, but the printer is NOT airprint compatible. As usual, you need a special app (that doesn't work) in order to print from an iOS device. This isn't a special feature. Any printer can do this. In fact, if you download FingerPrint to your computer, then any printer becomes an airprint printer. In this case, it is just a printer.
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on August 6, 2014
 I plugged the printer in and pressed the "power" button. After a few seconds it began to beep at me. It was an aggressive sounding beep, but I didn't think anything of it. What happened next? Well, in a display of courage and might, the print carriage began to rapidly traverse the print-bed. It was traversing so rapidly, it began to tear its electronics apart - yet it continued to transverse! It was truly the most extreme display of aggression I've ever seen by a printer. After it was finished with its self-mutilation it began to beep at me - to show me it has no fear.
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on October 23, 2014
I've been very happy with this little guy. Set up was easy enough (have mine running wirelessly), and it does everything it's supposed to do (though I haven't tried faxing yet).

It get's four instead of five for a couple reasons: it's not mind achingly slow, but you might find yourself tapping your foot from time to time. Additionally, it wants to load a lot of junk onto your desktop, and I hate bloatware.

But buy confidently; it's a great value all in one printer.
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on April 20, 2015
I replaced my PIXMA 570 wireless printer because the 570 was only printing one half of a page. This printer was $80 less than the 570. I found out later, that the problem wasn't the printer, it was the signal from the modem.
So now I have a backup.
The 472 works good but it doesn't have the ability to load documents on top and push the start button and watch it print. You have to open the top and place your document on the glass and remove when done. The canon is known for the being economical on ink, so when the printer says your getting low, keep printing. Buy a set of color and black because you do not want to run dry.
The 472 also has a small screen without being lit so use it in a well lit room or use a flashlight.
If you can afford the 570, it looks the same but does a lot more.
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on June 27, 2017
Error code for the ink...it appeared to be fixed after a hard reset but just broke again...did not even get 2 years out of it.
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on February 8, 2015
Does it all for me. Print/Scan/Fax/Copy. Ink is about the average Price, Software that comes with it seems decent. Will update if anything crazy happens.
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on April 14, 2015
a quality printer at a great price. This is my second Canon and I love it
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