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I was really excited to get this new WiFi enabled Selphy CP900 printer. I already own the Selphy CP730 Canon Compact Photo Printer Selphy CP730 and what I love about that one is the battery pack that lets me print even when no AC power is available. But it does not have WiFi capability.

The CP900 is quite a compact printer. Setting it up is fairly straightforward but you would be advised to read through the user guide, particularly because WiFi setup was not that intuitive. I was able to connect to my network with WiFi however.

I was also able to create an Ad Hoc network between my iPhone4 and my iPad3 using IOS 6.0.1. Connecting via an Ad Hoc network is great particularly when you are in a location that does not have an accessible WiFi network. An Ad Hoc network creates a wireless connection directly between the device you are using such as an iPhone, computer, iPad or other capable device and the printer. I did have a few glitches establishing the connection but repeated tries finally got it working.

Once the printer is connected to your network, you'll also need to install the appropriate app on your smartphone. I've got an iPhone and the app is called "Canon Easy-PhotoPrint". Once the app is installed you allow it to access your photos and you're good to go. The app is barebones but allows you to select photos from your album and add them to the print queue. You are also able to select borderless or bordered prints. You are also able to remove photos from the queue if you change your mind prior to printing.

In my video I show the lid of the paper tray resting against the printer in an upright position. That's actually the paper tray and normally you would flip that down and as photos are printed, they end up in that paper tray when printing is finished.

Dye-sublimation printers are great because unlike ink-jet printed photos, you don't have to let them dry and you don't have to worry about water drops making them run. The colors are bright and sharp and the blacks are dark. The cost is higher than your Big Box photo processor, but you get instant satisfaction and the convenience of being able to print immediately after taking a photo with your smartphone. A Paper Pack such as the KP-36IP includes 36 photo sheets and 1 ink cartridge. 1 ink cartridge will print 36 photos. Canon KP 36IP Print Cartridge / Paper Kit - 36 Page 4" x 6". You can also by a set of 3 paper packs as the Canon KP-108IN Color Ink Paper Set 3115B001 and save money.

The WiFi printing is only available to iOS, Android and Computers. As far as I know, there are no WiFi enabled cameras that are able to print directly to the printer. So in those cases you print the old-fashioned way, by attaching the USB cable to your camera or by inserting the SD card directly into the card slot on the printer. It is unfortunate that Canon dropped support for compact flash cards in this printer. But you are still able to connect a camera directly via USB to print from the camera.

There is a CameraWindow app that enables you to transfer photos from your Canon PowerShot ELPH 320 HS or ELPH 530 HS to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and from there you can wirelessly print from the iOS device. But other cameras are not supported in that way as far as I know. I was not able to test that feature as I don't have the applicable Canon camera.

I did have some glitches with the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint app on the iPhone. Several times I've had two prints in the queue. Printing would start and after one photo was printed, I ran out of paper. When I installed new paper and ribbon cartridge, the printer printed the photo it had already printed again and then the second photo was printed. Other than that I love this printer.
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on March 10, 2013
The main advantage of this product over the CP800 is the WiFi support. If you want to print from a smartphone (I used Android) then you are in luck. The application is simple and intuitive and with Android you can send the image from any application using the Share feature. However, if you are using a recent model Mac (7.5 and higher) or Windows 8 than forget about the WiFi. You need to connect a cable just like the EP800. Canon's support of this printer is disappointing.

Other problems
1. Very bulky external power adapter.
2. Paper tray is large and is external to the printer.
3. The Selphy printers print great until the head gets damager. From that point you get a horizontal (landsacpe) line on each print.

1. Good print quality.
2. Ink does not dry (compare to Epson's ink jet technology)
3. Water proof and smudge free (try it, print a photo and place it in a glass of water. The print stays intact).

I would like to give it 5 stars but dropping one start from the non working WiFi and one start for the low reliability of Selphy printing heads.
review image
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on December 22, 2013
I absolutely love this printer. Very easy to use, and the pictures come out great. I was able to print off so many pictures to fill picture frames for my boyfriend and mom and am very pleased with how well this printer works. However, I do have one issue with it. The wi-fi capability for my iPhone does not work, which is the main reason I got it. I got it to work a couple times, but it has since completely stopped working. The app (that allows you to print through wi-fi) needs to be updated for iOS7. It wasn't a huge issue, though. I just emailed myself the pictures, loaded them on to a USB, and plugged the USB into the printer and was able to print that way.

I do think it's important for everyone to know that the printer comes with only 5 sheets of photo printer and ink that will only last you for 5 pictures. I would highly recommend buying the 108 picture bundle (which you can also purchase here on amazon for only $30. The bundle gives you enough ink and photo paper for 108 pictures. Good bargain.)

All in all, I would definitely recommend this printer. Very easy to use and set up, and the pictures come out awesome.
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on November 19, 2013
I purchased one of these Canon SELPHY CP900 color printers for use in a wedding photo book set up and it did a great job in this application. Our setup was a DSLR camera with flash firing into an umbrella reflector; the DSLR was connected via a long USB cable to a MacBook Pro running Adobe Lightroom 4 software; Lightroom was run in tethered shooting mode, which immediately transfers each image into the software for organization, adjustment and printing. We set up a print template which allowed us to quickly place four images onto a single sheet for printing and immediately fired it off to the Canon Selphy printer, which was connected via USB.

One technical difficulty we had with this setup was that Canon has not released an updated driver installer for this printer that supports the latest release of the Mac OS X operating system (OS X 10.9 Mavericks) as of the date of this writing (11/19/2013). So, since most of the people who had laptops available for this photobooth event had already updated to 10.9, we had to seek out somebody who had not yet upgraded and borrow their computer to used for the photobooth. The lame thing about this is that the driver itself likely will work on 10.9; it is only the installer program that checks the Mac operating system version and, since it doesn't know about 10.9 yet, it will not allow you to install the driver.

First off, the photo quality is very good without any special adjustments to the images or the printer settings, which was exactly what we were looking for in this situation, because with all of the photo booth pictures continuously being taken throughout the evening, we did not have any time to make any adjustments. Because of this printer uses a dye sublimation printing process, the color tones are very smooth and continuous without any banding or dithering visible in the print.

The printer was also a workhorse as we kept it printing throughout the entire evening for about 5 hours and it never gave any signs of problems. The only reason it stopped printing is when we had to change print cartridges or paper, which brings me to my next point.

The printing costs are borderline expensive at about $0.29 per print when you purchase the paper and cartridge in the large package of 108 prints for around $31. If you purchase the smaller print pack, you get 36 prints for $12.50, or around $0.35/print. The printing mechanism for this printer uses color coming from sheets of color dye that come on a scroll cartridge. As you print, the printer pulls the sheet through, one sheet for each color Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and then a coating sheet. So, regardless of what colors are contained in the images being printed, you will use one set of color sheets on the scroll for one printed image. This is different from ink jet printers, where, if the image being printed has no yellow in it, the printer will save on yellow ink. So the Canon Selphy print cartridge, when it says it contains supplies for 108 prints, it really means that you will get exactly 108 prints from it; there is no "stretching it out" or economy mode here.

However, this is both a good and a bad thing (a trade-off). While you won't be able to economize, you do get dead-simple reliability. There are no dried out ink cartridges or clogged print heads using this technology. You also don't have to wait for prints to dry; they come out of the printer ready to be handled, cut, scrapooked, etc.

I have had a number of Epson ink-jet photo printers had excellent printed image quality when they did work, but if you went a few months without printing, the heads would clog up and you would end up with a useless printer because their heads are not replaceable. This Canon is very appealing and a breath of fresh air because it is inherently reliable with no tiny ink nozzles to clog. This alone might be worth the purchase alone.
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on April 9, 2013
I love this little printer.

To start off, It's pretty small. Folded up, the printer unit is a little bigger than a 4x6 photo. Good for people on the go. I personally would have been okay with a larger printer if it meant better quality, but the quality is pretty good.

It prints images 4x6 and down.

It has some wifi mode which I can't get connected to my mac for some reason. So I hook it up to USB.

Now, to the print quality. It is very good. Very good. Looks as good as the photos that you'd get back from drugstores during the film days.

Now, one thing about photography as it has moved digital is that in the transition it became less impactful. Most screen resolutions are like 1360x768 which doesn't come close to doing justice to a 10-20 megapixel image. Even the retina ipad only has a 4 megapixel screen.

Most printers do not do a good job of printing photos. I've never been happy with the results from inkjet or laser printers. Oftentimes the paper itself is soggy. I can easily spot imperfections caused by the printer where there was none in the original.

Dye-sub does a very good job at rendering photographs.

When I look at the photo, it looks as good as it does on screen. There are no little pixelations from inkjet dots.

This is partially a function of the small size, but all the same, it looks pretty good. One slight flaw I noticed is that sometimes you will see a small blotch of imperfection on the print, like a red dot or a white dot. It doesn't distract but it is there if you look for it.

The process of printing is very neat to watch. You see the printer pick up the paper and then print the yellow layer. Then it brings the paper back through and it prints the red layer. Then again and it prints the blue layer. This by the way is why this process is better than inkjets. Because the layers overlap each other, which allows for very fine detail.

And there is something about being able to hold a photo in your hands that makes it more tangible and impactful, while just viewing on the screen is transitory. You end up appreciating small parts of the photo which you might not have while staring at a computer screen. Since I"m something of a creative person, I hope to use printed photos from this machine as a touchstone anchor and inspiration while I work on creative projects.

Every photographer should own this printer. Every photographer. Spend slightly less on your DSLR if that's what it takes to own this printer. It really makes enjoying the fruits of the hobby much better.
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on July 11, 2016
Great printer, until it was outdated.
I used the printer as the end result of my wedding photobooth. It worked flawlessly and fast. Great. No problems.
Cut to 3 years later, I try to use it again, and it doesn't work no drivers. So I wipe my hard drive clean and go back a version on Mac OS. Pain in the butt, but I have a computer just to run this photobooth. Doesn't work.
Contact Canon. They tell me "delete it then just add it back". Guess what, doesn't work.
So I revert back another version, hopeful. Same problem. Missing file -43.
Twice now I was going to donate my time and this printer at a photobooth, twice it has now not worked, because Canon won't support modern OS, just so you have to buy a new printer. I will never buy Canon products again. Ever.
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on December 27, 2013
The printer itself is a nice little unit. It ships with five prints and an ink roll that will only make five prints, so you'll have to order more. (Note that there is a difference between the 4x6 "postcards", which have a space for a stamp, and the 4x6 prints.)

But the real kicker is that for reasons unknown (I won't bother printing the reply I got from Canon) it will not support any Apple computer running the latest version of the Apple operating system (OSX 10.9). Well, actually, it will, but you have to Google "Canon CP900 won't work with OSX 10.9 Mavericks" to find a version of the drivers that has been hacked to work with this printer to make it work. It also doesn't work with Windows 8 (not a problem for me, but it might be for you!)

The manual is a study in why companies like Apple, which make products that work without requiring you to go through a 50-page manual to find out how to set them up, do so well. Canon clearly doesn't get it! The manual is not terrible, but it's way too long and there's no "quick start guide". Daddy will not be able to print your photos yet dear, he's trying to understand what "Infrastructure mode" means. (Note: It means "connected to your wifi network.")

Isn't it sad to see nice hardware let down by bad software design?

We worked out that it costs about 30 cents per page to print photos, so it's probably not the cheapest option. The prints quality is pretty good, although some photos with lots of color seem to come out saturated, with the dominant color seeping into other parts of the photo. We had a photo of our daughter in the Baltimore aquarium looking at a tube of water full of bubbles that was lighted blue, so that the scene had lots of blue, except for our daughter - on screen. When printed, the blue had taken over our daughter's face!

But the inability of Canon to make this printer work with the latest versions of the operating systems for Windows and Apple computers is the most damning mark against it!
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VINE VOICEon October 10, 2013
We bought this for an event where we need to print pictures out immediately for VIP customers.
This one works great. I see many professional photographers using the same unit.
I compared it with other Epson models and found this one to be faster and cheaper.
I like the fact that it's 4x6 and not many choices. I also bought two blank photo paper and ink kits.
The thermal ink runs out pretty quickly (less than 30 pictures for me). But it's a snap to swap.
I used the adjustments to make it whiter and brighter and the pictures turn out very good.
If I use the original picture setting, the pictures came out dull and dark.

Cost wise, it's about 50c each picture.

For an event, if you have lots of guests and you want to give them great looking pictures to take home.
Plan to have 2-3 SD cards and take about 10-15 pictures and swap the SD cards for printer/camera.
This way, you can have the pictures printed and still taking wonderful pictures.

It's very small and light weight. The only thing I hate is the huge power adapter.
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on March 28, 2017
This little printer does the job. I've had mine for about 3-4 years now, and it keeps on working. The pictures come out close to the quality you get at CVS or other instant digital printing places, and the refill paper/ink is affordable, about $0.33 per picture. It's worth the convenience of just popping in the SD card and having the print in your hand a minute later. Super easy to use and the screen even allows for cropping, skipping, and multiple prints of the same image. Great to have at hand at a kid's birthday party, the guests can leave with a picture as a party favor with decorated picture frames that they can do as a group activity during the party. Or holiday guests will have an instant memory in their hands, without having to run over to the printing shop.
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on December 8, 2013
I'm a bit confused! As I write this review, the Item is Under Review by Amazon because customers have told Amazon there may be something wrong with their inventory of the item, the way Amazon is shipping it, or the way it's described here.

Well I found the description to be 100% accurate. I received mine within 2 days of ordering it (December 2, 2013). It worked perfect right out of the box, just as advertised. I am extremely happy with it.

However, it only comes with enough paper and ink to print only 5 photos (the description here on Amazon does not specify the number of sheets, it only says "Trial Standard Paper Pack (Postcard Size)"), so make sure you order the Canon Ink / Paper Set (KP-108IN). The KP-108IN set comes with 3 ink cartridges and 6 packs of 4 x 6 paper with 18 sheets each for 108 sheets. Doing the math the cost of a single 4 x 6 print today is 30 cents (based on paper and ink cost only). If you factor in the projected life of the printer (based on other reviews on the net), the cost is about 37 to 42 cents per 4 x 6 print. It does take between 45 seconds and a minute to print a single image. It does allow you to print 2, 4 and 8 up images on a single 4 x 6 sheet. It even offers a shuffle mode where you can print up to 8 images randomly organized in various sizes on a single 4 x 6 sheet. When I used the shuffle, I noticed one of the images was so small I could barely make out the face of the person in the image, all the other images in the shuffle were crisp and clear. The print is dry to touch right out of the printer.

The battery and battery charger have to be purchased separately (after market: Wasabi Power Battery for Canon CP900 is $32.99 and the Kapaxen Rapid Battery Charger for Canon Selphy Photo Printers is $23.50), I have both. Canon's charger is $79.99 and their battery is $49.99. Based on the cost of the printer, the after market battery and charger are good enough for my use.

Overall, I think it is a great portable printer for using on location, especially at birthday parties, small events and just having fun! It is small enough, it fits right in my luggage and now I can print when I am traveling and at a friends wedding.
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