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on January 14, 2014
When I was doing research on SLR Digitals, I read a lot of good things about this particular camera. It was easy to use, it had fully auto settings, and also has an array of auto settings which allow creative shooting, along with a fully manual mode to use as you please. I ordered the camera in December of 2012 and used it through the year, relatively sporadically. It takes great photos and it is a very good quality camera. I would recommend the T3i (as this one is) over the T3, as the T3 is only 12 MP, and the T3i is 18 MP, which is much better in terms of digital performance. So all good up till now...
I took the camera with me to my Florida home for Christmas this year, and noticed that the lens would not auto focus. It then would not shoot. I took it off, cleaned it, tried to get it to work, and no luck.
I then took it to a camera store and the clerk told me the lens (which comes with the camera) was shot. It was under a year old, and I take very good care of my equipment. So it mystified me as to why this would have happened. Then, I reread the warranty and saw that the whole thing is warranted for one year. By the time I had done this, I was already a few days over and I had no choice but to order another lens for $200 so I could shoot pictures at Christmas. My daughter has the same camera and has had no trouble, but I have to say this was a black mark for me on this Canon camera. Other than the lens issue, the camera takes great photos, and is a great camera for those uninitiated in photography, as it has fully auto functions which allow good pictures anytime. I am just sorry that this lens issue popped up for me, because I was thoroughly impressed with the camera until this happened.
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on June 11, 2014
This is my dad's account but I pay the payments & the camera is for me so I wanted to write the review. :) I am so much more impressed with this camera than I expected. I researched so many different options from brand to price and everything in between but I always came back to the Canon. I just started getting into to photography and my previous camera was more of a point and shoot type deal. I knew in order to really help my skills that I needed a quality DSLR camera (and a photography class). Any who, enough blabber, onto the camera.
The shortest summary I can give is simply the title of this review: Wow. A friend of mine has this camera and I remember being extremely envious of the amazing pictures she was taking. I know the price is a little steep especially if you are a beginner but if you know that this isn't just going to be passing hobby the camera is more than worth it.
It has an easy auto mode so literally as soon as you get the camera and get the initial setup over you can start taking pictures. The auto mode is great if you are just snapping pictures on a trail or something and don't have the time to stop and mess with ISO, shutter speed etc. Not to mention the camera has several other modes and the 18-55mm lens has a stabilizer so taking shots while walking is not entirely impossible. By far my favorite mode is the Creative Auto feature. It gives you freedom to turn off the flash or make the picture more vivid but still takes care of the more complicated settings that take practice to get a quality picture. The close up feature is another favorite. The pictures come out so clear and amazing. The flip out screen is yet another feature of this camera that I love. I was able to take some awesome pictures at a concert recently by holding up the camera and just tilting the screen down so I could see.
The only complaint I have about this camera isn't even a complaint really it's just getting the neck strap on was kind of a pain and it isn't padded so if you have it on for a long period of time it does get kind of irritating (though that is a simple fix of just buying a separate strap). That is the only negative thing I have to say.
In summary this camera is incredible from a beginner's point of view. I can't speak for how fit it would be for a professional. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to get into photography or just to start taking better pictures of family,vacations, or other life events. I look forward to buying other products for the camera from Canon. Truly amazing.
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on November 7, 2013
I really like this camera - mostly because it's my first DSLR and I really like what it can do. I did take a basic photography course to teach me how to use it which was highly useful. If you've had a Canon before, the basic menu and layout are similar to your previous cameras. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to stick with Canon since I was already familiar with it. In general it works great and the pictures are good. Of course a camera is only as good as the photographer and since I am an amateur I can't really comment on all the details like I'm sure others can.

I knocked it down one star b/c I've owned it less than a year and I've had to send it back for a repair that I hope is covered by warranty. The flash isn't working at all in auto mode. It pops up and fire but the pictures all come out underexposed. If I manually lower the flash after it pops up, the pictures come out fine. There's something wrong...just don't know what exactly so they're looking into it for me. I will come back and update on their customer service once I find out what they're able to do to fix it.

ETA: Got my camera back from Canon in perfect working order. Since I was still within the one year warranty, I mailed it to them (on my dime but it was only around $12) to be repaired. The repair was covered under warranty and I now have my camera back! Yay! I'm so excited.
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on July 17, 2012
I love this camera and Canon products in general, however it has some issues. The issues did not happen straight away. On the second day of shooting is when the trouble started. I make no claim to be a professional photographer, this review is an opinion of a photo hobbyist. So after shooting around a 180 pictures mostly with the view finder the camera went dead no power to the unit. I also had an error code display, I can't say for sure that I could see the entire code, but the camera stopped working. When this happened I removed the battery, and placed it back in the camera, and then the camera powered on. It performed flawlessly for about 20 or more shots. The shots I took looked amazing but I also had some bad shots. I will take credit for the bad shots it was not the fault of the camera. When I was finished shooting, I removed the camera battery and placed it in the charger. The very next day I went for a photo shoot. I shoot mostly view finder,I shot about 200 photos this time. When I was finished shooting I turned the camera off. Sometime later I went to use the camera again, I turned the camera on, and no responded. I removed the battery, and charged it, when it was fully charged I placed the battery in the camera and it worked just fine. I have not used the camera since. I'm concerned with the camera , I bought the camera to use on a family vacation. I don't want to have my camera fail on my vacation, so the following morning I called Amazon Customer Service. I explain my situation with the camera. Amazon is sending me a new camera, expedited shipping it will be here on Wednesday. I will rate this camera with 4 stars. I will subtract one star for being unreliable, I really love this camera , and hope the next one will be problem free. I could have just received a lemon I understand that. Would I recommend this camera to someone else despite its shortcomings. The answer is yes, however my tune my change if I receive another unit with the same issues. Well if that happens I will cut my loses and get a refund sad to say. I owned many Canon cameras both film, and digital and all of those examples performed flawlessly. Until then I will wait with anticipation for the new unit to arrive. I rate 5 stars to Amazons customer service they always shine in my eyes. More to follow and, hopefully the next review will be great.
Sincerely Robert
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on November 27, 2013
The camera is a gift for Christmas. I can not review it for that reason but would like to make sure you are all aware of the freebies and discounts that come with the purchase of this item. Scroll down just below the description of the camera and you will find this verbiage........"Purchase This Camera and Take Advantage of Any or All of the Following Promotions. Free camera bag, 16 GB memory card, monopod, and up to $300 off select Canon lenses."

These items are all free (EXCEPT THE LENSES) but the discounts on the lenses are HUGE. Don't miss out on the freebies if your spending the money on the camera. It is easy to miss and is not offered again in your shopping cart. Look the camera page over good. You'll find the offer.
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on November 11, 2011
I upgraded from the T2i, and i am so happy that i did! The swivel lcd screen is so cool. Im already experimenting with different angle shots, i just could not get with a non swivel lcd. I didnt know how much i would love just that one feature, but i really do. The audio controls is also really awes! The zoom feature while in movie mode is nice too. Because im only shooting with a 50mm prime right now, being able to zoom in makes it really nice. Sure its only a digital zoom, but with good lenses, not zoomed to full capacity, it should work well. Even at 3x, that turns my lens into a 150mm, sort of. haha. Overall i love this cam, and if someone is thinking about upgrading from the t2i, do it! you wont regret it. FYI. Become an Amazon Prime member, or do the free trial. I got this shipped over night for only $4 bucks! haha. I hate waiting a week for stuff like this to arrive.
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on May 12, 2014
The Canon Rebel T3i was purchased as a primary camera, the major reason was price and articulating monitor was the secondary reason. As an older amateur photographer those ground level shots presented somewhat of a challenge, hopefully the monitor will mitigate that issue. Preliminary use in bright sun was not encouraging though as the monitor was hard to see when it was folded out. There are still several vantage points to be pursued. This camera has all of the considerations one might look for in a good DSLR starter! One might ask why after having owned the T2i would one not go on to a 7D kit package and that would be a good question. Most, if not all of the Canon references (along with Nikon) suggest putting money into the best lens available rather then a camera for the time being. The original camera came as a kit with two lens, a 18-70mm and a 70-300mm. Both lens will work with any of the upper grade crop cameras as well as any additions to the "tool box" along the way. I suspect the T3i will meet all current expectations and will update this review sometime after summer 2014. If you are a beginning photographer you will want to consider this camera. Stay Tuned there is more to come on the T3i.
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on January 30, 2014
I went through the point and shoot disappointment over the last several years and decided to step up to the DSLR family. I wanted upgrade-able lenses, viewfinder for shots in bright sunshine, image stabilization and a built-in flash.

What a simple out of the box experience with auto-modes + auto-focus + image stabilization = great photos that I needed right away.

I started to get better by watching T3i tutorials and videos on the web (I hate reading manuals but use them for reference) and learned how and why to set ISO, shutter speed and aperture for specific shots - (Hint: first define the shot you want like 'fireworks' and Google "Canon T3i fireworks photography", write down the setup and camera settings - THEN go try the shot)

After a week of experimenting with different manual settings, I have now taken spectacular photos of the moon, drops of water as they bounce, sharp soccer photos at night, professional looking portraits, sunsets, national geographic insect close-ups, etc...
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on August 7, 2011
Since I have switched from Nikon to Canon, a lot of my review is based on comparison to Nikon.
Canon service is apparently better than nikon. Will edit this if this does not turn out to be true. My switch was mostly due to pathetic nikon warranty service.
The IS works really well and I think better than nikon's which I had tried for a week with a borrowed D5000.
Digital 3x zoom in video mode.
The 430EX II external flash can be supported by the camera wirelessly. On nikon's this is only true for the more expensive SB800s flashes.

Auto focus in "live view" mode (seeing through the lcd instead of the viewfinder) is extremely slow. Makes me not ever wanting to use it.
Most canon lenses have loud autofocus motors. The lenses with the nicer USM AF motors are too expensive.
No mode in canon to set Av mode and set min shutter speed while letting the camera pick the ISO. Standard in Nikons. Canon seems to pick the shutter speed based on the zoom (focal length selected).
White balance in Full auto mode sometimes messes up. Some pictures came out blue-ish.
No good priced "normal" 50mm/35mm lens available. There is only one 50mm el-cheapo which apparently looks extremely cheap but I will buy it anyway.

I upgraded from nikon D50 to this. So of course the pictures are much much better.

In hindsight, The nikon D5100 has a better (larger DX sensor vs canon APS sized sensor) sensor. So less noise on the Nikon.

Also, I think that video modes in SLR cameras are fairly useless unless you are good with manual focussing and use the tripod. BTW, the lens IS does work in video mode.

I will edit this review as I play with this camera more. The 18-135 lens is nice but a bit large. Maybe its large thats why the image quality is very good.
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on February 6, 2015
Disappointed; while functional, the camera was decent... but the manufacture quality is apparently far less than the t1i I had before (and still use beside/after) it. First something about the shutter/iris failed after just a couple months of use, and required it be sent off for repair... now, just 14 months after purchase (and relatively lightly used) it's busted again, citing err 30 (which supposedly is a battery/connection issue.) Just in time for it to fall out of warrantee. Given the heroics that my t1i has endured and continues to endure (currently, it's in its 10th straight month of an almost unceasing timelapse project taking a photo every 15 minutes, without complaint, and this after having been dropped off a couple mountains in its earlier years) I'm particularly unhappy that its successor is also its inferior.
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