Customer Reviews: Canon iP3600 Inkjet Photo Printer (2868B002)
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on July 14, 2009
I have nothing but great things to say about this printer.

I have used a wide variety of printers, especially since I work in the IT field. I have personally owned Epson printers and HP printers prior to purchasing this printer.

I really liked the last Epson I had, but it sat dormant for so long I was afraid I would spend $50 in ink only to find out that the printhead was clogged and that I would need to buy a new printer.

Before I decided to buy a new printer, my parents offered me a brand new HP Deskjet they had lying around at their house. I took it and used it with glee as at the time I was unemployed and did not want to buy a new printer if I did not need to. That printer worked OK for the basics, but the ink usage was horrendous. Compared to the Epson I had prior to the HP I felt like I was being stolen from in regards to ink costs. I make a lot of full color prints and I felt like my HP was running dry after about 20 pages. I remember having no problem getting well over a hundred with my Epson. This experience did not make me very fond of HP Inkjet printers.

So why did I go for a Canon Pixma instead of another Epson. Research. I read a whole bunch of reviews on printers and tried to make the best choice I could. Most printers have a lot of negative reviews saying their ink runs out too quick, or is too expensive, or they felt robbed by expiring ink... or whatever else. The Canon IP 3600 had very few bad reviews. I noticed some reviews about how it was difficult to setup... I am baffled as to why.

This printer was very easy to setup with a nice quick and smooth software installer. HP has got to have the worst installers. I have seriously spent like a half hour waiting for a full HP installer to finish on more than one occasion. I don't know what it is wil HP software, but it is seriously overweight.

I have printed a bunch of pages with this new printer on both paper and cardstock. So far, the ink monitoring tool has not even dropped at all. Either it is broken or this printer is very efficient ink wise. I am sure it is the later as I have inspected the ink cartridges.

I love the rear tray and the cassette combo on this printer. It is nice to have cardstock and regular paper loaded at the same time. The software is simple to use, and has just the right amount of features and customization.

If I had to point out some weaknesses it would be tough. I would probably say refilling all of the ink cartridges at once is expensive, however the counter arguement to that is that the page yield is high. There is no scanning function, but I knew that when I bought the printer. (I just really don't scan anything.) It isn't the fastest printer around, but it certainly isn't slow. No USB cable... I don't know of any printers that do come with them. That is about it.

All in all... I really love this printer. This is by far the best inkjet printer I have ever owned, and my favorite inkjet printer by far. It is the perfect combination of price and performance. The ink cartridges that come with it are all full size cartidges (and actually truly full). That would be another complaint I have with HP. HP tends to ship with half size or "starter" cartridges. You get the real deal with this printer. Also the printhead can be replaced. I would argue the cost of the printhead would justify buying a new printer, but I suppose if you love it enough or do not want to be wasteful, you could repair it.
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on June 17, 2011
I bought this printer to print on edible icing images for cake decorating using edible food safe ink cartridges. I get the sheets and "ink" from Photo Images. The first print, a picture of a guy wakeboarding, was so perfect I almost cried. I had been using another printer and had always wasted so many icing sheets, trying to get the color adjusted that having the first sheet come out perfectly was amazing. I don't know how this works for normal printing, but for my application it is a great printer, I am really happy with how it is working so far.
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on March 7, 2009
I'm a young photographer/graphic artist and up to this point I was getting by without a printer. Just didn't want to do my own printing and deal with hidden cost of ink and paper. After a while the thought of the convenience made me cave in. After giving it some consideration I couldn't decide between the ip4600 and the ip3600. It turned out the biggest difference was printing speed, and that wan't worth and extra $40 because everything else about this printer is solid quality.

1.I love the separated color cartridges! No more need to swap out a whole cartridge just because I ran our of red.
2.Looks nice. (in my opinion) So I sit in no mood to try and stash the ugly thing out of sight. Oh yea, the prints.
3.FANTASTIC color reproduction and resolution after calibration (see the BAD) I'm in no time sensitive printing contest so I'm quite happy with the printing speed.
4.Set up on OS X Leopard was a breeze.
5.I installed a continuous ink system on it and printed 1200 full color, legal size pages until the nozzels failed.

So my veredict? Get one!! Hell get 5 and build a fort! They're SO cheap and the quality is superb. I got mine for $47 new and it makes me laugh at the $300 beast I had 5 years ago.
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on December 27, 2011
I've been looking for an edible printer that is both affordable and easy to use. The Canon iP3600 Photo Printer fits the bill! When I got an opportunity to use it when I made a boxing theme cake. I used it to print the logo on the ring floor and the ads on the sides. I received rave reviews for creativity. It's also easy to assemble so I was able to install it and use it right away. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to decorate cakes, cookies and cupcakes with edible prints. Awesome product for pros and beginner cakers. it's a good price and great investment if you plan to use it a lot, which I do. You'll save a bunch instead of ordering or buying customized edible print sheets for $10 each from baking supply stores.
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on February 27, 2009
I purchased this printer to accomodate all of our printing needs for the family. Regular reports and text print perfectly, but the picture quality is where this printer is worth every penny. I needed a printer that could print photo quality pictures for my projects at home. They come out looking as good as (or sometimes better than) pictures I have picked up from a lab. I especially like the dual trays for regular paper and photo paper and the fact that the regular paper is in a tray that is not exposed all of the time. That has kept my children from walking by and grabbing paper out of the printer. The size of this printer is just right for a home office and attractive. I did have to go on-line and download the driver for my computer from the Canon website, but this was fast and easy and I was printing in no time. I replaced an old Canon printer with this one, and I'm thrilled to find another Canon product that I can rely on for excellent quality.
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on August 13, 2011
I have been working with printers for 30 years and have used many different brands and types.
I have primarily been using HP Laserjets or Deskjets.
It is getting difficult to find good inkjet printer that are not all-in-one.
My father used to say "jack of all trades, master of none " and I believe this,
there are too many things that can go wrong with an all-in-one.
The few Canon printers I have used always seem to have a paper handling problem.
This Canon IP3600 does not have that issue and also has the choice of 2 paper sources.
It is very easy to use the rear tray and readjust for different sizes of photo paper.
Speaking about photos I am very pleased with the photo quality of this printer.
In the past to get this quality I had to spend a few hundred dollars on higher-end HP Deskjets.
I will still use my HP 6940 because it has a built duplex unit.
The Canon IP3600 is one of the best printers I have used, the print speed for color and black
is very good for home use. I would not consider this printer to be fast enough for network or office use
but it is more than adequate for home use.
The Canon ip3600 works very well with Windows XP Pro and Windows 7 Pro, there are some very nice
maintenance features to clean and align print heads, clean feed rollers,auto on/off.
One of my favorite features is the auto on/off control and the ability to set the auto off time.
The types of options dissappeared with my HP 6940 and Windows 7
All in all this is a great printer, excellent photos, reasonably priced ink consumables, small footprint.

I read some of the negative reviews and disagree with some, setup was a breeze, when you pay $75 or $80
for a printer don't expect a $500 printer with all the bells and whistles. If you get a new printer
and it does not work have it replaced, if the second one is bad then you have a lemon.
Stuff happens and bad products slip thru this is life.

Lastly before I buy any online item I always check Amazon first and most of the time they have the items
at better prices and delivery time.
I purchased the Amazon Prime membership and I save lots of money of free two day shipping.
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on January 23, 2012
This is my second Canon printer, the previous (S800) lasted for about 10 years until I wore out the print-head. The ip-3600's internal construction does not appear to be as good as the S800; however it is easy to set up and get to work and it provides well balanced color prints immediately.

The print quality of both documents and photographs is very good. The negatives (on this printer)are that printing from the cassette almost always results in paper jams or misfeeds (which is a big pain in the neck) if you are printing a reasonable sized document. This has caused me to use only the rear paper source for both document and photo printing. The iP-3600 is also pretty slow; there seems to be lots of internal set up taking place when you initiate a print, before the print scan action takes place.

Given the low price of the iP-3600, it performs pretty well as a proof-run desk printer. I wouldn't try to use it to run big jobs, like printing manuals. Another plus is it seems to be pretty frugal in terms of ink usage, which is always a major consideration for inkjet printer users. The paper cassette requires that you have unobstructed access to it, so you may want to position the printer at right angles to the end of a desk.
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on February 17, 2012
This printer is used strictly as an edible image printer. Perfect for decorating cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and other baked goods. For cakes, you can use the full-size edible icing sheets. The cupcake and cookie sheets have pre-cut circles so that you can just punch them out and apply to the cookies and cupcakes after printing. This printer, with the edible ink, makes excellent looking images.

How is this for printing on paper? I don't know, and I don't intend to find out. I don't recommend switching inks between edible ones and the regular (non-edible) ones. You don't want to be eating ink residue that could be toxic.
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on May 29, 2009
I bought this printer for my husband and ended up giving it to my daughter for Mother's Day and ordering another one for my husband. My daughter loves this printer. The photos it prints are just as good as the professional ones made at a store. Colors very vibrant and the printing program on the CD makes it very easy to make photos just the way you want.

The best part is the ink dispensing technology. My daughter is taking an internet college course and has found that this printer can print alot more pages than the printer she owned previously. It come with 4 cartridges for printing photos and one for just text. On her other printer, once one color was gone, she had to replace the whole cartridge, eventhough there was still ink left in it. On this one just replace the color you ran out of.

My husband is moving his computer into another room and has not hooked this printer up yet or used it. If he wants he can send in a review later but I'm sure he will be very happy with it.

I know it must be a good printer cause my daughter has thanked me several times for getting this printer for her. Can't beat the high quality for such a low price. I highly recommend it.
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on July 27, 2009
My new printer arrived and did not print correctly. We contacted Canon and they sent directions on how to test the printer. We followed the directions and the printer still did not work. Canon sent us new ink cartirages, then a new print head and none of the items corrected the problem. Finally they sent us a reconditioned printer which works fine but I purchased a new printer not a refirbished one and it arrived with just a 30 day warrantee rather than a one year warrantee as my printer I purchased was to have. I suppose my reconditioned printer should work for a long time but it was a disappointment.
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