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on December 5, 2015
My laptop screen broke when accidentally dropped down the stairs. The screen was seriously broken and the laptop had scratch marks from the fall. Before the break however, the laptop back cover had a tip that was sort of melted (Did not effect laptop performance at all, was just aesthetically broken). Also, the laptop was having issues running simple games like CS:GO and had screen tearing and slow fps (14 fps). I called customer service and was happy with the fast connection to an agent rather than an automatized system. The agent asked a few questions and informed me that a shipping box will be on its way. I was pleased with the claim filing process. I shipped the laptop to Canopy, and yes it comes with a pre-paid shipping label. About a week after I called to check the status on the laptop and the agent informed me that it is on the way and should be arriving the next day. I was surprised at the speed it took for them to fix my computer. After receiving the laptop, I noticed that nothing was done about the plastic back cover, which I made sure to tell the agent about. I started the laptop and I instantly realized the color of the screen was wonky (The black startup screen was more like dark grey). I continued to use it not thinking of it. But then I checked the screen resolution and it was 1600x900. The original screen of my laptop is 1920x1080. I was and am really disappointed with the Canopy protection plan and hope it will be resolved after speaking with them again.
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on May 19, 2015
So far worthless. They haven't managed to send me a return box after two weeks and three calls. I have no idea how long it will be once my pc goes there for repair.
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on July 6, 2016
Everything I would expect in a 1st tier repair service. I didn't take any action until I managed to break my Chromebook LCD. I was able to register the service contract after making the mistake of trying to use the purchase order number for the laptop. Once I changed the purchase order information to the service program, everything went through (hiccup one)
When filing my claim, I kept getting an error, so I ended up having to call the company direct. It turns out that they can't use a P.O Box as a shipping address (hiccup two). Once I used my physical address the process went through without a problem. After making the claim, 2 days later the box arrived. I sent the unit back over the 4th of July weekend, it was finished within a week and I'm now writing this review on it.
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on March 14, 2016
I purchased a Chromebook in April of 2015 at Amazon and included with my purchase the Canopy 2-year Laptop Accidental Protection Plan. This plan was to cover drops, spills, anything and everything you could think of. This Chromebook was a touch screen and I had a stylus inside it when I closed and moved it out of my way. I had placed it on the couch for a few minutes where my dog jumped up and laid down on top of it. Had the stylus not been closed inside it would have been fine. I ended up with a cracked screen which, after a short time, ended up useless. I couldn't decipher anything. I called Canopy and after telling the associate exactly what happened he said I would get a full refund in the form of an Amazon gift card. I had them send me a shipping label because my printer wasn't working. I was asked to package everything I had recieved with the item (I still had the original box), attach the label and drop it off at the nearest UPS store, which I did on a Tuesday. The following day I recieved an email with a number to add to my Amazon account. No problem. I highly recommend this product. No hassle, courteous service and almost immediate refund. Amazing. Keep in mind, though, that you need to provide your policy number, the serial number of the covered product and the purchase date.
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on February 10, 2016
It's hard to write about a service that you purchase. On the one hand, I'm extremely glad I purchased the extended warranty on a HP laptop as I've had to send the computer in 2X. The first year, I assumed HP fixed the laptop although it was sent to the same location as I would have sent it using the extended warranty service. So, presumably the same people work on it. They forewarn you to back up important files &/or programs as they might be lost during repair. Little did I know they'd remove the entire OS when they repaired it an returned it to me. It was hours on the phone trying to figure out what happened and then they had to send recovery discs ultimately get it working again. Files, pictures, and many programs installed had been removed and needed re-installation which took considerable time. I just sent the laptop in again and it was promptly repaired and returned. As in the first case, they recommend 'backing up important files' before sending it in. Once again, I did this. Only this time, before sending it in, I/we specifically asked that they not remove the OS and leave any files, etc on the computer. They didn't remove the OS but when the computer was returned (with the keyboard fixed) they sent it with a Windows 7 OS that hadn't been updated. It took over 2 hours for Windows to download all the 'updates' necessary to make it current. They removed my Norton Antivirus software which I had a subscription to. It took 1 1/2 hours on the phone with Norton to get this software re-installed back on the computer. All of the other programs that were installed with shortcuts placed on the desktop were removed and needed 're-installation'. I'm glad we had the protection agreement as I'm sure in both repair cases it has paid for itself. However, in using this service, there were numerous frustrations and it required an inordinate amount of MY time to return the laptop to our personalized version.
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on July 1, 2017
So, it's been awhile since I've sent this company my laptop. The first time I sent it in was just for my webcam, and it came back with the mouse and the webcam not working. I sent it back in, and the mouse half worked, the webcam worked for about a week and then went out again. I sent it in a third time, and it came back with the mouse only working in the top left corner, and the keyboard messing up. I believe I sent it in one more time, and when I got it back it was working for the most part but after about a month it went kaput. Now, I am an artist. I don't destroy my items, and I treat them fairly well. I didn't throw my laptop around, and I kept it in a fairly padded area when it was not in use.

My point on this is, for the most part, is that I sent it in to this company to get fixed and it came back worse each time. You're better off going to Best Buy and getting The Geek Squad on your things, because at least then they have to look you in the eye to lie to you. I don't know if this company used to be better, but this was about a year-and-a-half to a year ago. It was a long bumpy road that ended up with my laptop committing suicide.

Apparently all of the issues that they caused were not enough to replace my laptop, even though they were the ones causing the dang issues. Again, I started with a camera that was not working... And then I ended up with no mouse, keyboard, no camera. Not worth your money, not even a little bit.
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on April 29, 2014
Bad omen: I get an email thanking me for purchasing their product, but it then tells me, "Please note: This is your Canopy contract. You will not receive anything in the mail." This, then, is followed by NO CONTRACT, but rather only a link to another site with FIVE columns, side by side on the same page, with an IMPOSSIBLY small font to read. In fact, you CAN'T read it! One would have to copy it, paste it into a Word document, enlarge the text from what looks like .5 pt to 12 pt, and then try to reformat it before being able to read it, let alone to save it. YUK! If you're going to charge me this much, but not really give me the terms and conditions in a separate email, or snail-mail, then I don't really feel like you care about me or my purchase all that much! Who dreamed up this initial presentation to a new customer?!!

Terrible hint of bad Customer Service correspondence to follow. Talk about feeling only bad news is to follow "in the small print," as they say. !! All I can say is, YUK!
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on March 29, 2017
I bought this protection plan for my almost $800 Dell computer. My daughter accidentally dropped her computer. I did all the process, I called them and apply to get my computer fixed, first I received a special box from Asurion to ship it to them, them I got notifications that my computer was being fixed and then I got it. The computer had a new screen and all broken parts were fixed. I even gave them a good review. When I got the computer back it worked because they had charged it before shipping it to me, but after that I was never able to charge it again. I thought it was the charger so I bought a new one and sometimes it would charge, sometimes it would not and all this time the screen kept falling. I send them two emails but never heard anything back from them.
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on February 18, 2016
I was going to skip adding this to my laptop purchase because I have never broken a computer. A friend told me it was a good idea if I could afford to add it. I had the computer for three weeks and a series of ridiculous events including a soap dish and a dog caused a full mug of coffee to land smack dab in the middle of the keyboard. Lake Java. I did my best to flip it quickly, but it needed repair if I ever wanted to use any of the keys on the left side of the keyboard again. They were shot. I called and talked to a friendly person who had a box shipped to me. Once it arrived, the computer went into it and it was dropped at UPS -- shipping was covered. I had email updates on the status of the repair. It was back to me in a decent amount of time. The only things I would have liked better would be to have the ability to repair locally (although this did work fine), and for the company to tell me exactly what was replaced or repaired. It took two calls and a wait for an email to learn what was replaced and tested. The person who answered the phone the second time I called told me it was an unusual request. Really? If I have a new hard drive it might mean there is a lot of work ahead on my end. She said people just get their things fixed and don't care what was fixed. Hmm! Not me. It was worth the purchase, definitely.
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on April 13, 2017
So after months we had an accident. Dogs ran by caught the power cord at high speed ( 2 labs). The laptop crashed to the ground and not only sustained physical damage but was drowned in a Big Bubba cup of Ice Tea. Bang dead.

Called Asurion and they were super nice. Unit went in and came back fairly quickly. They had repaired the physical damage but the unit had a constant pixilation that was noticeable on a black screen. The unit would also occasionally shock me when held on the lap. This was fairly low voltage like a bad static shock. Called again repeated word and a nice person apologized and arranged for them to repair it again. Off it went and in a few weeks it was back. This time it went out and was gone a couple of weeks and came back. This time the pixilation was gone but after a hour or two playing video games it would have a line that would form in a random part of the screen and move. The unit would also still occasionally shock me when held on the lap. Called and they set it up for repair again. This time it wasn't nearly as smooth and I had to call 5 times and it took some time to get the shipping box in so I could send it in. The unit went off and after a couple of weeks it came back with a new charger. On this charger the unit experienced none of these problems. The problem was that when running a game (not a challenging one: MechWarrior Online) the game would be very choppy to the point of being unplayable. If I go back to the original charger I still have the same issues as before. With the new charger I cant use my gaming laptop. So the choice is either a laptop that doesn't run or a laptop that malfunctions. For the last time I called and they apologized. The customer service rep looked at the record of how many times the unit had been in and she said to send it in and they would look into sending me a replacement. It went off and a couple of weeks later and it says "sorry we cant duplicate your issue".

So after many months of back and forth and almost half of the year with a non working laptop. I would not buy any plan by Asurian.

Update 5/27: Unit just came back again and they said it tested fine and there is no problems. Guess what...still has a video issue on games and runs much worse on the game I play than before. Will play this week and see if the same issue keeps popping up like it did again this morning. I am very frustrated.
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