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on October 16, 2015
I'm having a hard time on this review because it really is a mixed bag.

The Good: Customer service.The CSR that took my claim handled it a fast professional manor. I mean it was late in the evening and I was done registering and submitting the claim in about 6 minutes. The box arrived 2 days later complete with tracking information and enough padding to protect it from even UPS' shenanigans. Also the delay from being told we'd be receiving a refund and actually getting it was about 24 hours.

The Bad: It took almost a month after receiving the item before it was decided that the laptop could not be repaired. A month with your computer is a far cry from the 3 day listed, but if you read the terms... they are within their agreement to do so. I repair computers as part of my job, and I'm not sure why it took so long for their technicians to decide they couldn't fix it.

The Ugly: The refund was for the laptop, but there was no apparent refund for the unused portion (33 months or so) of the protection plan and there doesn't appear to be a way to transfer it to the replacement laptop.

Conclusion: I'm glad I paid for the protection plan, but I'm not entirely satisfied in the execution of the plan. It took far longer than it should have to diagnose, and my opinion is that since the new laptop would be a direct 1:1 replacement (same model etc) that the remaining months of coverage should apply to this one just as if it had been repaired.
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on May 23, 2015
I just had a completed claim with this company. They do what they say, but it was kind of stressful, and they seem to like customers who are wishy-washy. If you need to file a claim don’t wait on them. Call them after 3 days (use tracking, they say they need 3 days to determine what the issue is). Once you call after 3 days then follow up according to what they tell you. If you hold this company to their promises and claims then you’ll be happy. If you sit back and give them a lot of freedom they seem like they’ll take it and delay and possible repairs…
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on January 8, 2015
My laptop was returned from repair, but the installed Windows8 was not installed as it originally was installed. Canopy installed it on the 24GB SSD drive, not on the 500 GB HDD.
The laptop has a RAID system that uses the SSD for HDD caching. That Feature was disabled.

Also Canopy didn't install the recovery partition that reinstalls windows by the press of just one button.

When the laptop came back there were round markings from some really tough glue, propably epoxy on the outside and the keyboard backlight doesn't work anymore.

Not a very promising first experience with this service.
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on June 21, 2016
After having and excellent experience with SquareTrade on my previous laptop, I figured that continuing to purchase protection plans was a good course of action with any new and valuable electronics. However, Asurion/Canopy does not live up to standards of my previous SquareTrade Protection plan. SquareTrade allowed me to work with a local technician, with whom I could communicate regularly and not have to wait on shipping.

On February 23rd I filed my first claim with them for a hard drive issue I was having with my Lenovo laptop, and waited for the shipping box. I sent it to their service center (with an extensive write up of the diagnostics I had done suggesting a boot sector issue), where they turned it around in 1 day. Fantastic! However, a couple days after receiving my laptop on March 5th I learned that they had simply reinstalled windows and the exact problems I had previously were unfixed. I contacted them on March 7th, but they failed to send me a new mailing label for a week and a half until I contacted them again on March 17th. I finally was able to get it back to their service center on March 24th, but due to needing parts they kept it for 2 weeks, and I did not receive it until April 11th. During that time I asked them to email me what work they were doing on the laptop for my own records but they did not comply (although they left me a vague voicemail regarding some of what they were doing). Since then I have had new issues with my video cards running hot and crashes with running demanding programs like games and benchmarks (crashes I had never encountered before they 'fixed' it), but not enough of an annoyance to deal with sending my laptop back in.

That is 48 days in which I was able to use my computer for 2 of them, and now my computer is having additional issues. They have not done anything to compensate me for the inconvenience they have caused and they made no efforts to speed the processing. Now, a bezel covering a heatsink broke and I am sending it to them to fix. I asked for overnight or 2-day shipping to help with the inconvenience of being without a computer, but they were unable to give me anything to speed things along. I just called to add an additional issue onto the online record of the service claim (the graphics card failures) but they were unable to add that on since the claim has already been made and the box shipped out. I asked to for a way to contact the actual service center, rather than just the customer service claim, but apparently that is "not their policy" and that I can add it to the paperwork I send in with the laptop.

If they read it and fix my issue, they have the opportunity to have me update this review to a more positive one. However, I will let you know if they let me down once again.

TL,DR: Poor communication, slow repair times and questionable workmanship
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on August 7, 2016
This company will no longer recognize your account if you bought the warranty while it was still under the name Canopy. I purchased this warranty for my daughter's laptop on June 1st, 2015 when it was still operating under the name Canopy. A little over a year later, her laptop's USB ports suddenly stopped working, so I tried to log back into their website, now under the name Asurion, only to discover that they no longer recognize my account. This is pretty infuriating to me since I spent $262.61 on warranty that has proven to be useless.
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on October 22, 2015
Send my laptop in because the screen needed to be fixed and it took 3 and a half weeks for them to get back to me and say my laptop in un-repairable...very disappointed...I have had squaretrade warranty as well and their service is MUCH faster.
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on September 28, 2017
Pretty poor reliability from a Dell. For reference, I have 2 Dells in my office, and 1 Lenovo. Both the Dell desktops and the Lenovo desktop are ultra reliable, and have given be no errors, with simple updates and maintenance, in the last 4 years. This laptop, however, incurred the interminable hard drive boot error within 8 weeks.

Didn't have the time nor the patience to deal with the Asurion warranty, initially. Finally got around to sending it in. Asurion sent it back, many, many, many weeks later. Plug it in, and the hard drive boot error appears.

I have given up at this point. I admit defeat. Amazon has sold a defective product, from Dell who sourced the cheapest laptop hard drive on the market when building this bottom of the barrel pile of filth.

Time goes by, and I try again. Asurion tells me because it has been 60 days since I received the laptop that they would not warranty their work. So, I had a laptop that worked for weeks...........

More interesting, I just saw them state repairs are good for 3 months, in response to another customer. Are the response teams that mentally deficient?
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on January 13, 2016
I spill things.ALL THE TIME.
So after ruining my last laptop, I made sure to get insurance on my replacement, since I do programming for school and need a nicer computer. Of course, within 4 months I spilled a drink on my gorgeous ASUS and was immediately glad that I bought Canopy.
It took about a month for them to realize my laptop was ruined beyond repair, but I got the money for the laptop AND the money I spent on insurance back. Getting the extra $150 back was a relief, since I am a human being and really don't like spending more money than I have to. I ended up getting an even nicer computer and bought Canopy Insurance again. I am very, very happy with my experience.
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on October 30, 2014
Read the fine print, it only covers drops and spills. Bought this plan for my daughters new laptop for her first year in college and just a couple of weeks in the screen goes out. First thing I noticed was I never got an email from them, no foul here since I found the contact info in my amazon purchase and after a phone call they emailed me the info I needed. Passed this on to my daughter to call it in (she was in another state). Found out later that they told her since it wasn't dropped that she would have to call it into manufacturer (Lenovo) and have it repaired under their waranty. Lenovo made her mail it to them at her expense and has now taken over a month to repair it. If I actually get to use the plan I may change my rating, but my first dealing with them has been disatisfactory. So just a word of advice, if they ask you if you dropped it...
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on November 9, 2017
Terrible service!! Do not purchase this! If I could give this less than one star I would have. I sent my daughter's school laptop in for repairs or a replacement 3 weeks ago and I have still not received the laptop. The laptop needs repairs for the hinges and the plastic frame around the monitor. The electronics of the computer worked fine. This really should not take very long to repair. I sent multiple e-mails asking about the status of my laptop and have not received a response. I am on the phone with them as I type this. The customer service rep told me they are still waiting to hear from the repairs department. She then tried to tell me a supervisor would call me back within 48 hours. I insisted on speaking with a supervisor. I am talking with a supervisor he said he will get back to me on Monday. Today is Thursday. Save your money and the aggravation.
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