Customer Reviews: Asurion 3-Year Laptop Computer Accidental Protection Plan ($1250-$1500)
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Service plan term: 3 Years|Service plan covered value: $1250-$1500|Change
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on October 16, 2015
I'm having a hard time on this review because it really is a mixed bag.

The Good: Customer service.The CSR that took my claim handled it a fast professional manor. I mean it was late in the evening and I was done registering and submitting the claim in about 6 minutes. The box arrived 2 days later complete with tracking information and enough padding to protect it from even UPS' shenanigans. Also the delay from being told we'd be receiving a refund and actually getting it was about 24 hours.

The Bad: It took almost a month after receiving the item before it was decided that the laptop could not be repaired. A month with your computer is a far cry from the 3 day listed, but if you read the terms... they are within their agreement to do so. I repair computers as part of my job, and I'm not sure why it took so long for their technicians to decide they couldn't fix it.

The Ugly: The refund was for the laptop, but there was no apparent refund for the unused portion (33 months or so) of the protection plan and there doesn't appear to be a way to transfer it to the replacement laptop.

Conclusion: I'm glad I paid for the protection plan, but I'm not entirely satisfied in the execution of the plan. It took far longer than it should have to diagnose, and my opinion is that since the new laptop would be a direct 1:1 replacement (same model etc) that the remaining months of coverage should apply to this one just as if it had been repaired.
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on July 2, 2013
Sent my laptop in for keyboard replacement and they replaced the hard drive and monitor also. When they replaced the hard drive they deleted the original factory restore and loaded a generic windows OS. This OS didn't have all the functionality that the factory one had and going to the factory website wouldn't allow me to download the drivers I needed. Reply was that the software could only be installed on an Asus computer. The software they installed obviously wasn't set for an Asus. Now I have to reinstall the Product key for Windows every time I update the computer and will need to spend extra money to get the factory install disks from Asus. Other people may have better experiences with this product but I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
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on November 19, 2012
I purchased the protection plan for my daughters new macbook pro laptop. When ordering her laptop on-line it did not state the accidental protection plan would not apply to her new laptop. The allowed us to order it, which it should not have. We have spoken with the company it was purchased from as my daughter was having issues with her laptop, they stated they would try to work with us, as best as possible. It was just very disapointing to find out this should have never happened from the beginning. It is now too late to purchased the correct protection plan.
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on March 1, 2014
I purchased this warranty with spills and drop protection to cover a $1100 laptop. I know some folks will tell you that these are foolish add-on buys that you rarely need, and the may be right for many consumers. In my case, though, I know the usage I'll give a laptop like this. I'm a professor that teaches both online and on campus. My laptop is a MUST HAVE item, so if it breaks I really can't afford to buy another one so soon after initial purchase. Having the warranty/extra coverage is well worth the price. In the last two years alone IVE used one of these warranties for three items out of the 8 - 9 new products I have purchased. Total savings was the value of the insurance ($275) vs the value of new items if I had to replaced the dropped or defective ones ($3650).

So you can easily see that in my case, I came out well ahead because of the insurance. Of Course, I think you have to use good business sense when considering this type of purchase, here's my short list of considerations:

1. What is the item cost as a ratio to the insurance cost. I generally don't buy anything at less than a 5:1 ratio of value to insurance cost, As an example, a $9 personal labeller with a $4.50 insurance coverage simply isn't worth it. On the other hand, a $1250 laptop with a $75 replacement warranty is worth it, usually.

2. What type of use will the product get (i.e., how tough will you be on it.) In my case, I would be using the laptop in the field a lot when I teach our class on forensic taphonomy -- digging up dead bodies for criminal or civil litigation purposes. A year ago I replaced a nice DLSR by buying a Nikon D90 with extra long telephoto (600mm ) lens that we use in our criminal surveillance and intelligence class. Both of these items get heavy use often under less than ideal conditions. So you can see the use and cost question will help make the decision.

3. Finally, consider your budget for replacement along with the question of what will you do if it breaks and you can't afford to replace the item. Sometimes insurance is really just purchased piece of mind.

Hope this helps.
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on April 6, 2014
Saddened is an understatement, so is disappointed. Probably because of the low quality of the laptop but also th lack of vigilance and excellence of their repair service. Purchased the laptop, dropped it, sound not coming out of speakers but only out of earphones. They fixed it. The sound is coming out of the speakers but not out of the headphones. Sent it again, they fixed (replaced broken parts) it and now the battery is not charging - the battery was returned at 28%.Now it is dead.

If you are CONTEMPLATING on getting this insurance, stop thinking and get the manufacturer's accidental protection plan or bestbuy's. They rip you off but you get it back when you mess up your device. I deeply regret purchasing this product. They are legit but they are not one of the best.
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on January 8, 2015
My laptop was returned from repair, but the installed Windows8 was not installed as it originally was installed. Canopy installed it on the 24GB SSD drive, not on the 500 GB HDD.
The laptop has a RAID system that uses the SSD for HDD caching. That Feature was disabled.

Also Canopy didn't install the recovery partition that reinstalls windows by the press of just one button.

When the laptop came back there were round markings from some really tough glue, propably epoxy on the outside and the keyboard backlight doesn't work anymore.

Not a very promising first experience with this service.
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on July 10, 2015
They promise that they will fix your laptop within 10 days. They had my laptop for 41 days now and every time I call for status they tell me that they had to order new parts. They have ordered parts 4 times so far and what is crazy is the laptop only had cosmetic damage and all they had to replace is some covers and trims....

The people that answer the phone do not have any update information from the service center that they work with and they cant call them. Updates has to be done via email and it takes 48 hours and most of the time they dont call back.

Dont get it. It is not worth the frustration and phone calls. I really hope amazon will dump them and find someone better
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on December 8, 2015
If you buy a protection plan, go with Square Trade. We've had quite a few repairs completed by Square Trade. When I finally needed one from Canopy they won't cover it. Yes, it was willful destruction. The keys were removed from the laptop by my 3 year old. The kids are the REASON we have the accidental damage protection. Maybe it's stretching the terms of the agreement, but it sure was not my intention for the 3 year old to do this. Never Canopy/Asurion again for me.
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on April 3, 2014
Purchased Canopy with a laptop two years ago. A couple weeks ago, the laptop was dropped, screen was non-functional. Called Canopy, expecting complications to arise (as happens so often in this day and age). The service was excellent. They sent the packaging materials, I sent them the computer, and only a few days later, it was returned. Was stunned at the efficiency. If you buy a laptop from Amazon, this service is highly recommended. I wish all customer service was this exceptional!
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on November 2, 2015
Purchased as insurance for an Acer laptop on Amazon for my college bound son. 12 months in, hard drive crashes, laptop no longer working. Contact Canopy, get box sent return the laptop and away we go. Unfortunately, the "service" is now three weeks into the repair and when I call to get clarification on the status of the repair I don't get any update. When I ask to escalate the issue, I'm told that I'll receive a f/u call from a supervisor within 2 business days. The review takes 2-3 business days, the repair 3-5 business days, the ordering of parts who knows, cue the Jeopardy theme music as time marches by.
Bottom line, the $100 insurance plan isn't worth it if it takes a freaking month to replace a hard drive. That's like waiting 4 hours for a slice of pizza, call me very unsatisfied and an unhappy client.
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