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on March 2, 2015
We used these at an art station for the kids at my daughter's 4th birthday party. They were the perfect size for kids, very good quality and a great price! We used with the Gibson Holders 6AC 3-Wire Display Stand with Deep Edge, Black, 12-Pack.
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on August 29, 2015
I love these canvases. I've painted all 12, using both acrylics and oils. Oils take about 2 days to dry, acrylics should be left overnight to totally dry. The canvases have a very nice finish, with the back looking as professional and complete as the front. It fits inside a 8x10 frame well. I used these: MCS Format Frame, 8 by 10-Inch, Black, 12-Pack and they fit wonderfully. For display, these canvases have a great texture and look better without glass. I really love that these are individually wrapped, it comes in handy for storage and ensures none of the nicely finished canvases get damaged during transportation or before use.

The price of this is pretty amazing for the quality, it's less than $1.50 per canvas! These are really fantastic for practice. After painting all 12, I realized the size was a little small for a proper art piece and to display on most walls, so I ended up doing a set of three or four pieces on a wall. These are perfect for children and for trying new things, mistakes can be thrown away without hurting your wallet, and if you like it, it can be easily framed and shown to all!

The back is perfect for labelling and organization (you can write down artist's name, medium, date and title). I only wish they had larger sizes in such wonderfully affordable 12-packs (this company has larger sizes including a 4 pack of 12x16 canvases for $26.07, but it's not quite as affordable as the 12 pack of 12x16 by US Art Supply for $30). I had to purchased a different brand for a larger canvas (12x16), I hope they expand out because the texture and finish of these is impeccable. Also, I'd suggest buying the 11x14 to start, just for a nicer size of canvas. I am a bit for a newbie to painting, but these make my work feel professional and fun! I'll definitely be ordering these again.
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on May 14, 2013
I have painted watercolors on some 50 of these boards over several orders from Amazon. None have been defective. They will hold a lot of moisture without warping. I have pretty much saturated the boards with watercolors and water-based glues and paste.
I will definitely order again.
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Great alternative to the more expensive stretched canvases. I've only been painting for about a year, and only recently have gotten good enough to hang my paintings at home. They frame up easy and look just like canvas. Kind of nice that they don't stick out in the back like the wood frames do. I'm guessing, that if you're selling paintings for a pretty penny, then the framed stretch canvas might look more professional, but for me, until that ship sails in, I'll use these boards. Also, I have actually sold 3 paintings on these panels to friends, one large one on the stretched canvas. I didn't charge much, just wanting to recoup spent money. But, hey, they loved the paintings, and wanted them for their homes. Added the painting. 12-22-2015 I've sold paintings since, and no one cares, that they aren't on a stretched canvas, just that they love the painting. Much easier to frame too.
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on December 21, 2014
Did some wonderful painting in the desert..just the right size canvas
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on November 20, 2014
I purchased these for my daughter who paints with acrylics mainly for pleasure. They are not professional canvases, but they are good quality for someone who just loves to paint, or a student. It is canvas board, which is not as high quality as pre-stretched canvas but it does provided positives. It is inexpensive and provides a more sturdier surface for painting.

These canvases are inexpensive and good quality for anyone starting out in painting. You have the ability to purchase more for your money so you can practice all you need to or desire. I am sure I will be purchasing more for my daughter in the future.
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on September 5, 2013
These canvases were exactly what, if not better than, I expected; great quality, and surprisingly sturdy for the price. I was pleasantly surprised, additionally, to find them individually wrapped; negating potential issues with storage or portability.

They were packed and shipped well; arrived undamaged and on-time.
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on April 20, 2016
I did not have the highest of expectations since these are about $1.00 each, but these REALLY are great. Perfect size for paint dates with your gal and some wine, or painting parties for the whole crew. All the coats dried in about a minute, a little slower than higher quality canvases, but seriously, for $1.00? I will definitely be buying more packs of these. Really wish the larger sizes were available. Looking to make a gallery of some sort on one wall in my house. Disclaimer: I'm no Picasso.
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on August 12, 2015
These canvases are of high quality, yet are inexpensive enough for casual painting. My favorite thing about this pack is the economical price. I have been ordering these canvases (as well as the larger, 8x10) to have around for painting parties, or just for when my daughter feels like she wants to paint. The canvas is very sturdy/stiff, and there is a large sticker on the back for you to write your name and other details. I have never tried to frame one of these, so I don't know how easy or hard that might be. Because the price is so low, I can easily let kids paint freely without worrying about rationing them too much. And when they're done, they have a nice piece of artwork to take home!

There are no hooks or any way to hang these up. Suggestions: get a small display stand and put it on there, or simply use a glue gun and stick a string or wire (or a soda can tab) on the back side, then hang it on a nail on the wall. We have simply just put it on a shelf and leaned it against the wall.
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on January 24, 2013
You always want a big bang for your buck right? Well pick these ones! Trust me they are awesome! Not only that when you have children and are anything like me, there is always a place for something in your house and everything has to be in a place! Well not only are these a great quality item! Very durable as well as great for painting, but very easy to store as well! I started out with the 12 X 12 as I felt my daughter paints alot and is always asking for big paper so why not get her real panels but bigger instead of the small paper I have been getting for her in the past! Well these are also awesome for hanging up! If you have a glue gun you can clue instead of tack a picture hanging hook on the back. The only problem is if you feel it will be too heavy as anything bigger then 12 x12 I dont think glue will cut it for you so in that case we have found you CAN tack a hook on the back, but it will (because they are much thinner then traditional canvas panels) go through to the other side if you are not careful. My husband came up with a solution for that tho! If you happen to take pieces of metal and affix them to the canvas on just the corners and tie a string along the back and make sure it is long enough you can hang them beautifully on your wall and it will not ruin the art, paint, or canvas at all! One thing My mom came up with tho is those M3 hooks that dont leave marks on your wall happen to work wonderfully on these but not if they are past a certain weight! so anything bigger then probably 18" wont work! We found out the hard way so I figured I would let you guys know!
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