Customer Reviews: 7 Inch Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Capacitive Multi-Touchscreen Widescreen 8GB Internet Tablet Dual Core 5 Point Touchscreen & Mali-400 MP GPU Tablet PC with RK3066 1.6GHz CPU 1GB DDR3 RAM WIFI HDMI With OTG Cable
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on November 10, 2012
I'm not an expert and I'm not going to split hairs.I don't think the geeks like any of the hundred buck tablets from what I read.But this Pipo Smart S1 has a bright sharp display,all the google play apps I've tried work fine.Internet browsing is good.There are 2 browsers.Ebay is great.Kindle app works great offline.All the games are pretty fast,and the touch response is quick and sensitive.Battery life is about as expected,I use it for about 4 hours.It feels like it is well made.I haven't upgraded to a 32gig sd yet,it still has lots of space available.It came out of the box fully charged,ready to use.
Really it is a top of the line gadget for its price range.On to the negs.
I have an AT&T 3G dongle that I use on my netbook.I can't get it to work with this tablet,I don't know what kind of dongle works,so its pretty much a wifi tablet,but thats ok,it hits wifi like it means business.It works in any language.There are some chinese symbols on the home screen that never translate,but they are few and don't confuse anything to this American.It is a widescreen,so it might be harder to get a cover to fit it.You really need a USB wall charger capable of 2 amp out,one is not included.I bought a Case Logic brand,and its good but there are lots of them out there that are only .5 amp,so pay attention to that detail.
I doubt if you'll find a tablet in this range that outperforms this one.
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on December 1, 2012
PIPO "7" Tablet

Processor 1.6Ghz dual core
Battery 3200mAh
Screen Plastic (along with the case)MVA(multidomain vertical alignment)
Rom 8GB Flash

3G external
Resolution 800 x480

This is a sub one hundred USD tablet that is rather surprising. The screen is 7 inches wide and seems a bit smaller than other 7 inch tablets, however it is TRUE to the its size. It comes preloaded with Jelly bean 4.1.1 and Google Play (USA) version which I have had no issue when it comes to syncing to my Google account and downloading apps, free and paid. As for the apps they all seem to download and work, except need for speed shift, however that could be something I've done when it tells me to update the game, but all other games and apps so far have downloaded and work. It comes with Google voice however I prefer Alice (AVIC) which works seamlessly on this tablet. Standard feel is good well built not very heavy compared to the Nexus 7. The screen resolution is not as crisp and pixel free as the Nexus 7 however it's pretty close and again over 100 dollars cheaper and the HDMI works well when connected to my TV's to watch Netflix's. The Wi-Fi seems to have good range as I can connect outside my house compared to my Galaxy S3 phone it has a little weaker signal but not much. I do not have a 3G dongle so I cannot comment on that but I assume like all of those it's carrier based that will make a difference.

There are NO standard USB ports on this only 1 Micro USB which is not an issue as this tablet comes with a Micro to USB cable, so you can use flash drives and USB hard drives as well to load apps and watch movies. I have only hooked a 128GB drive to the machine so I could not tell you the full read capacity for the little tablet. When playing movies off USB there is no noticeable lag time. The Players that come preloaded are junk I recommended the free app MX player as it works in HW.SW and Fast SW mode to convert movies from AC3-Divix formats (Mp4 as well). When watching a movie if the screen brightness is all the way up expect to get through 1 full movie and a little of another movie. With the settings low to half way two movies should be within the spec of this tablet.

Alright for web browsing, it comes preloaded with Google Chrome, which I've had no issue using. All my pages allow me to sync perfectly to them, along with all my book marks. The push to laptop function works well and no complaints. I've not used the YOU TUBE app yet as I just use YouTube in desktop mode on the Chrome browser with no complaints.
I've not use nor do I have a need for the GPS function so I will skip that however Google maps worked well for me and it found my location at home just as fast as my Acer A500 and my Galaxy S3 did; when using share location or Find my Device it picks my location up within 500Ft of the device which is good for a FREE app. Again works well but never used the Driving part of the GPS.
Amazon Kindle reading app works well although some of the text is hard to read without zooming it. Again it's not unreadable however if you wear glasses like me it could be a bit of a challenge for you. But as this is a true 5 point Multi touch all zooming gestures work well.
Playing Angry birds or other games this tablet works well and does not kill your arms to hold it up. The 5 point Multitouch works excellent and the screen which seems to be MVA(multidomain vertical alignment) allowing you to see pretty good detail in the game. Not as good as an IPS but again price is a factor here. When playing with your friends everyone can see the screen as the off viewing angles are decent, they compare to most mid 2000's laptop's.
Now the only bad I could find about this thing, is the Lack of space on the 8GB version, 8-16 GB of internal memory (storage) is really too little these days. But it does have an expansion slot that offers another 32GB of space per card you use, and remember you can save movies to USB as well as an external drive or Google Cloud.

So to wrap up this review if you need a cheap Sub $100.00 tablet for use with work, entertainment or just to have to get into the world of tablets this is an excellent buy, as it supports most games and the movie quality is good (Worst being cheap Micro Cruz tablets, Better being Mid pad tablet, Good being Pipo-S1, Best being A500 and Outstanding being Asus /Galaxy S) Google Chrome is excellent and reading/watching daily news is not as great as a 10 inch but better than using most smart phones. I would give this product 9 out of 10 only due to small battery and low internal storage (they do offer a 16GB version as well). I will try to post an English speaking video (USA so I should say American version) soon to go along with my review. Again I try to keep this simple and semi short, but if you want something that works well and is not over priced buy one of these you will be surprised at this little 7 inches power.

Side note: All 3-D games I've tried work well and the G-accelerator seems to be very responsive no lag. (Games played Need for Seed Most wanted, Mine Craft, Air Plane Sim (free version).
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on November 20, 2012
I have to admit I love the Ipad it works great and it's a high quality product. However I don't like the price and not having the easy to add sd cards. That said I read a lot of reviews before purchasing this one. I have other smaller android devices so i'm familiar with them. They are average. This little guy stays head to head with the Ipad. And runs virtually every app I typically use. And at 1/5 the price. Bottom line skip the $80 tablets (junk) and the $200 tablets (pricey) and get this. This unit has about double the power and memory of any other tablet in it's class. 1gb of ram and 8gb of storage with space for a 32gb sd card. The dual core 1.6 processor and quad core gpu scream. And if you would rather have a 10" screen they make the S2 which is the same as this but bigger.
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on March 19, 2013
First of all it stopped working in couple of weeks after we received it, I just turned it on and nothing happened, the screen just remained black, plus from the very first day something was wrong with the sound, it would come and go by itself. so we wrote to the supplier about the problem and they offered us to send it back to them and they payed the shipping cost. We did so, but they have neither refund anything nor exchange until today, now they ask for the additional money and claim that we need to pay more for some reasons... we tried to cooperate with them but nothing work, for now they even stopped replying our emails...
we have wasted our time, money and energy!!!

So, I would definitely not recommend this product to any of my friends and even to my enemies!!!!
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on December 20, 2012
This is my first tablet that I have bought, but I have numerous friends that I work with who own tablets. Having played with their tablets (I am in IT so we are all computer and electronic geeks), I finally decided to make the plunge and buy my own. However, many of them bought the more expensive tablets, where I only wanted to spend around $100. Anything more than that I could not justify because I would just use my laptop. Additionally, I wanted a 7" screen so that it was easy to carry around. Most of the tablets that I found in this price range were not duel core and had small storage and memory specs. Hence, I have been looking for a very long time. I happened across this tablet and it had everything that I wanted. For the price, you will have a hard time finding another tablet with these specs. I decided to take a chance and order it.

The tablet arrived quickly from the seller. The unit was in the original packaging and was in excellent shape. I would recommend the seller. I also liked the letter that they included stating that they put an emphasis on customer service and to contact them if there were any issues.

The tablet itself is perfect for me. It matches the performance that I have seen on my friends iPads and more expensive Android tablets. I was able to easily figure out how to use the tablet, though a user manual is included (what is the fun in that?!?) In a short time I have everything customized to my liking, hooked up to my home network, downloaded a number of apps from the Google Android App store, and was having a blast. The tablet is very responsive. I have streamed Netflix with no issues and have not had any issues streaming music either. All of the applications that I have run have worked without a hitch including my Fantasy Football League. The battery life has been very good for me. The original charge that I did a week ago just now ran out.

Overall, I think this is a excellent product which seems to have bery good quality. The seller shipped quickly and kept me informed during the transaction so I would rate them as a good seller.
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on December 11, 2012
When I received the item we were pleased with it at first. Within in 1 day of use it got stuck in a constant boot up loop. My husband who is very technically gifted researched the problem and their are entire forums regarding this issue with this brand. BAD IDEA! When I tried to return it I had to go through Amazon directly rather than work with the seller. They tried to charge me shipping to return it after they tried to replace it with the same thing! When I replied to them and told them no thank you, I even explained that the product has an issue that is discussed in several forums. They did not reply at all, only sent a shipping label for me to pay s/h costs on.
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on December 10, 2012
***Update 10-2013: Didn't last a year! Crashed twice, lost all data and video-pics..recently for good maybe. Meanwhile our Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7inch that I paid $169 for is going strong...perfectly...good as new. I thought I should get on here and let people know before the holiday season is upon us...if I could go back in time, I would have paid the extra $70 for another Samsung. At least my son would still have a tablet. Its stuck in some weird loop again and this time I can't seem to remedy it at all.

***UPDATE***7/5/2013 Just want to pass on that our tablet is still running great. It doesn't have all the features or slick resolution of a Samsung, but for the price, it still amazes me of what it does for under $100.00.

***update*** 12/13/2012: my Tablet is now working fabulously. I will leave the details regarding my charging and temporarily dead tablet drama in case it helps others. In a word, this tablet is lightning fast, responsive,thin, lightweight and fun to use. The speaker is rather quiet - a little too quiet for movie rentals - I will be plugging in extra speakers (or one person can use headphones) when we use it to watch a movie. Its up and running out of the box in minutes, BUT be sure to start charging it right away and use the manufactur's usb charger to acheive a full charge. Keep working at keeping it plugged in until you pass 99% charged and hit the actual 100%. The screen is grainy and the lettering for reading is considerably fuzzier than my Galaxy Tab2 which I paid under 200 for. I bought this as a 2nd tablet for my family. I would get a headache reading Kindle with it's low resolution, but for apps, web browsing, e-mail, netflix, streaming Pandora etc. its a great bargain. Android Tablets DO drain quickly. Even when fully charged - it seems my kids can only have continuous use for 3-4 hours on my Galaxy Tab2.
As far as buying a case- its precisely the same shape-size as the Galaxy Tab2 but the ports, speakers etc are in different places. Also- I'm unclear if this is gorilla glass on this tablet - my other Galaxy's surface feels like really sturdy, hard glass - no clue what the Pippo has or the scratching risk, but it does feel different-my fingernail tapping on it sounds like its plastic,just fyi.

***update*** late 12-11-2012:
For those who need help with Pipo tablet bugs: I 'may' have discovered some issues and fixes--my dead tablet is ON again and working!!! I believe after much reading online,fiddling and consideration -that I simply received a faulty wall charger. It was just placed outside the box--separate from the manufacturer's packaging--perhaps the seller was feeling generous and thre it in--the charger does not say Pipo.

If you are having troubles try the fixes I have listed. Keep in mind also, that I have discovered a extremely tiny "reset" button on the back of the Pipo tablet. I fiddled around with the following fixes- sometimes pressing the reset button for 10 seconds. I dug around and found an old 5 volt charger that I just happened to have with the correct plug -and low and behold, the bugging screen stopped and within 20 minutes began to stabilize. So then it occured to me to try the usb charger that was supplied and ONLY when I used the usb charger provided did the charging light stop the strange bugging and the screen finally, finally came back on. So those of you with strange battery issues--consider the possibility that a simple switching out of chargers- might work. Wall chargers have always charged faster than usb in my opinion and it seemed to be charging well that first night-so i never tried the usb until tonight. I hope this helps someone and I hope to add an update tomorrow that this tablet indeed works as well on day three as on day one! Also, you might consider using a good quality usb adapter to plug your provided usb cord into to convert it to a wall charger as I seemed to find a trail of owners who have had issues trying to use the wall instead of a computer which really limits the portability-the whole point! I have experimented with THAT tonight too and my Pipo says "charging" apparently succesfully.

Earlier today, 12-11-2012
I spent some time online searching around through android tablet forums. I tried this and it "seems" like my tablet is at least charging again (but still has a buggy flashing screen) - I am going to let it "charge" overnight (If that is what its in fact doing right now) and post my observations- if it miraculously performs normallly after this "trick" reset, I will be sure and give an honest review: Plugged the Pipo into my laptop using a regular usb cord (mine came with a wall charger-interesting that others' did not) then held BOTH the volume and power buttons down, then after 40 seconds let go only of the volume buttons, continued to hold down the power button for another 40 seconds. It seemed there was no response, BUT when I then immediately plugged it into the wall with the wall charger and held down the power button it went into charging mode with no buggy, flashing images. Then the flashing stuff started again. I don't want to mess with it until tomorrow, when I know its fully charged.

I tried this process the day it worked great and then died however, (and this is important) the android forum posters explained that one must often just *wait,* it seems, until the battery completely looses all charge before this reset trick will work. Perhaps that is what happened to my tablet between last night and tonight, I don't know.

I'm really happy for those who have had no troubles with their Pipo tablet- I have to admit I was excited to see how well it was competing those first few minutes with my Galaxy Tab2 (bought in the fall at Costco $189.) (except for screen resolution-the Galaxy is incomparably more crisp and clear-the Pipo is noticably fuzzier). The Samsung Galaxy S2 only gets a few hours of gaming or movie time before it needs to be recharged if that helps anyone out there.

Original review 12-10-2011:
I waited and waited for this to arrive. I was about to give it a glowing review (except for the grainy resolution) because it DOES stream Netflix, play angry birds and its FAAAAST, til it DIES. I got to use this for a hot ten minutes, was called away for an hour and upon return: no dice. Won't turn on. (And yes, I did charge it for several hours in advance). Screen and charger light gets all buggy with the wall charger plugged in. I've tried the trick I use on my Galaxy Tab: hold your finger down on the screen while turning it on and: NOTHING. Once I had the key phrase "wont turn on" to couple with "Pipo" in a search engine, the trail of problems with this device became apparent. Numerous others have had the same catastrophe and describe the same odd behavior after using 1 to a few times. I am contacting the seller for a refund. Darn. If I have a positive experience with the seller I will update this.
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on February 12, 2013
It was a great Christmas present for about two weeks and then it died. I would not recommend this product to anyone.
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on April 2, 2013
I purchased two tablets for my children for Christmas. After using the tablets for 2 weeks, both of them stopped working. I fought with the seller for two weeks and finally got them to allow me to return the tablets for two new ones. Of course, I had to pay for shipping. After receiving the new tablets, one of the replacement tablets stopped working after only 2 weeks. I contacted the seller asking them to swap it out for another one, only to be told that I am now out of their "Return Policy" time frame. Since this time, the second "replacement" tablet has stopped working as well. Of course the seller still won't budge. Absolutely outraged! BUYER BEWARE!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT OR ANY OTHER ITEM FROM THIS SELLER!!!!
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on December 31, 2012
Bought four of these for my kids for Christmas because the price was right, and unlike a lot of low-end Android tablets they included support for the Google Play store AND support USB to Go (i.e., the ability to read flash "thumb" drives, and include the cable for them).

The Good:

They arrived within a week (fun watching the shipping info get updated from China through Hong Kong and Alaska).
They work.
They support the Google Play store, Google Chrome, etc.
Battery life is decent.
The kids like them.

The Not-So-Good:

Even though the language was set up as English I had to remove some Chinese-only apps (not a real big deal).
The power switch on one is "quirky." So far it has worked enough to keep from sending it back, and we're keeping our fingers crossed.

The Must-Know:

These come with charger cables but without a charger. You MUST use a 2 amp charger to charge these. If you don't, they will charge, but at some point if the power gets too low they will go into a "boot loop" when you try and charge them (where it knows it has enough power to boot while plugged into the low power adapter, but reboots before it can get to the main screen, over and over and over, and doesn't get a good charge). Using a 2 amp charger fixes the issue completely (Belkin makes a good one). Most chargers for "tablets" support 2 amps or above, just make sure that's what you have.
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