Customer Reviews: Street Fighter IV [Download]
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on July 26, 2009
I'm a big fan of Street Fighter II. I grew up playing the arcade in the grocery store, spending quarter after quarter beating up Chun Li and then being pummeled by the terrifying Blanka. But that was nearly 2 decades ago, and here we are in 2009 with Street Fighter IV for the PC.
Thumbs-up go to...
*Traditional 2-D fighting, with 3-D models and environments
*Classic characters plus a few new ones
*Great button-mashing fun for the causal player
*Focus & combo attacks for the advanced player to master
*Online multiplayer

Thumbs-down go to...
*Windows live account needed to save data
*Poor English voice-acting (you can choose Japanese or English voices)
*CPU controlled characters are annoying, using repetitive moves
*Imbalanced A.I. I was beaten by the easiest difficulty and then immediately won a match against the hardest. Very Odd.

The majority of the game is solid. Fans of Street Fighter will like the feel of this one. The in-game graphics are sharp and colorful, and the character models are well fleshed out. Sure they have huge cartoon muscles but who wants to battle it out with a skinny, malnourished Ryu. The animation runs smooth and looks great for all the moves too. The game does includes some anime cut-scenes to tell part of the narrative. The anime doesn't bug me too much, but I would have preferred a more congruent style for the cut-scenes such as the wonderful in-game graphics. Still it's a good game, lots of unlockables, a training mode, and overall satisfying. 4/5 stars.
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on July 22, 2009
SF4 is a great game, for all the reasons noted by other reviewers. But watch out! You CANNOT SAVE unless you sign up for Microsoft Live. Game progress does not save to your computer. If you uninstall MS Live, then the game DOES NOT work. It's a ridiculous setup that leaves no choice; very Microsoft.
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on August 4, 2011
First of all I am not a Street Fighter fan and I do not have a history of playing Street Fighter. I play the King of Fighters and Soul Caliber as well as other fighting games for years before I pick up this game. This review is not designed for Street Fighter fans but rather for common fighting game players. I will not address the installation question as well seeing many people have already addressed that. Also, this review address the off-line portion of the game.

Mode: Without counting the on-line mode, there are about four modes for off-line players. There is the story mode where you get to fight eight characters using any character to beat the game; the versus mode where you can either fight another human player, fight the CPU (7 difficulty levels in total), or watch the CPU fight themselves; challenging mode which contains the time attack (where you need to beat a certain amount of foes in a given time), survival (where you need to beat a certain amount of foes with a limited life bar), character challenge mode (his is not the real name of this mode, but in it you need to perform certain moves successfully); and at last the practice mode where you fight a dummy opponent. The survival and time attack mode have some very creative scenerios, in one of the survival difficulties, you need to fight your opponent as an invisible man (meaning you don't know where you character is but the CPU attacks you normally). These different modes can keep most people entertained for several days or even weeks. If you ever need to remind yourself what moves can you perform, you can always call out the move list in the middle of the game. The character challenging mode also teaches you useful combos that can increase your skills.

Graphics and Stage Design: The graphics in this game is very good. The background and the stages are all done in 3D and at certain times when you execute a certain moves, the background will rotate or do close ups on your character which gives it a very unique look. When this happens, players get to view the stage at a different angle and the experience is really amazing. On certain stages you will also see audiences cheering you up and these 3D background characters will react differently depends on what happens on the field (they might fall down if a character performs some kind of slaming moves on the ground or cheer when the match is over). It is without doubt that the game designers put a lot of work into the designing of the environment.
Each character has an opening and ending movie. The quality of these animations aren't that good compare to the graphics of the game however and they do look a bit out of place in the game. These animations however, look pretty close to the style of the earlier Street Fighter cartoons, so they can bring back some good memories.
Some of the stage designs leave much more to be desired however. For example, the game designers take four of the stages (South American Jungle stage, boat stage, temple stage, and Chinese restaurant stage), change the time of the day from day to night or do some minor modifications, and call these modified stages completely different stage. This feels rather cheap, as in other fighting games such changes do not result from a separate stage but merely changes that happens during different rounds of the match. In short, if you take out the "four stages" that came out of minor modifications, there isn't a lot of different stages to fight on and the game can get a bit boring after a couple of days of playing.

Characters: There are a total of 25 characters and you get to play 16 of them from the start. The other characters have to be unlocked by beating the game with different characters. While there are a lot of characters to play with and there is no shortage of unique characters, Street fighter is known for it's simplistic character design, and Street Fighter 4 is more or less the same (this can be good or bad depends on how you look at it). Ryu, Ken, Akuma, and Dan are basically the same karate uniform wearer with different poses and heads. Compare to some of the other fighting games where the characters have a more elaborate design and more differences in characters, the Street Fighter characters can look very plain in comparison (even the more unique characters are a bit lacking in detail). This is not to say there are no interesting character designs though as the game contains all kinds of characters with different abilities that can satisfy players with different styles.

Moves: This game brings back all of the signature moves of each characters, so traditional Street Fighter fan should be satisfied. The move list for each individual characters leaves more to be desired from an outsider's point of view however. Ryu, Ken, Sagat, and Akuma (Dan, Sakura, and Gouken to a certain extend) basically have the same move list with a few modification. In short a lot of characters (about 7 to 8) have the same moves: a fireball attack, an anti-air and either a spinning kick or some dash attack. The fire ball move is the only relatively safe technique as well, as the other two moves leaves a lot of open space for the opponent to attack, and indeed, compare to the other fighting games with more moves for each chatacter, Street Fighter 4's move list can be a bit too short and simple. In short, each character only has about three to four special attacks (and many characters share the same ability) if you are not counting the Super Combo and Ultra Combo (which can only be executed by filling up guage bars). This makes the game to feel very repetitive after you play it long enough.

Ai: The Ai of this game is child's play compare to the other fighting games. I'm not a Street Fighter player as stated on the top of the review and yet I make short work of even the toughtest Ai after only three days of playing. You really need to go online to play the game otherwise the game becomes so easy it's not playable.

This game has it's flaws, but it is still very unique and is indeed revolutionary in design compared to the other fighting games. The lack of stages and moves for each characters can prove to be frustrating if you came from a background of playing fighting games with around eight to nine moves for each individual characters. I'd say at least give this game a try even if you aren't a Street Fighter fan because this game is definitely worth your money. At a price of around $13, it's a real treat.
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on January 6, 2016
The switch to the quasi 3d is a bit off putting at first, but the play mechanics are still there. The new elements of gameplay and new characters help keep the game fresh and show there is still plenty of fight left in the franchise. Pardon the pun, but it is a solid hit for me! I will note, the end end boss made me contemplate throwing the controlling in frustration.
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on March 6, 2011
Street Fighter 4 was a new discovering world for me. I missed so much fighting games. With this new redesign project of this edition I was instantly shocked by the graphics detail using my 1080P resolution with my EVGA GeForce GTX 570 1280MB GDDR5 PCI-Express 2.0 Graphics Card with Lifetime Warranty 012-P3-1570-AR it means FULL FUN. Personal recommend to have this Street Fighter inside your game library. Extreme combos super difficult to make bring you more challenge. Character skins, movies and personal fighting style gives this game a unique touch. The only problem for me is with network games because a lot of people are using pretty bad connections which stop all the fun you can have online.
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on May 2, 2012
I realized that my graphics card barfs if anti-aliasing is enabled. I disabled it and the game has not crashed since last 1 hour. I will keep testing and update my review. As of now, I think I am highly satisfied!

I am a huge fan of Street Fighter games having played them in coin operated arcade machines as a kid. When I recently bought an Xbox controller for Windows, I decided to buy this game for my PC to have some fun. However, the game is highly unstable. It is extremely difficult to get it to run without crashing with the error - Street Fighter IV has stopped working - atleast 3-4 times. I have searched several forums on the internet and have tried various suggested solutions but nothing changes. Though, when it does run continuously for some time, it is a lot of fun. I am extremely disappointed with this purchase. I hope the next Street Figher game, the Street Fighter x Tekken, which is scheduled to release this month for PC, does not behave in this manner.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
AMD A8 3870
NVidia GEForce GT520
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on February 21, 2013
It was fun getting this street fighter game (as I hadn't played one of these games since the sega one was out)! It was really fun to see the old characters and even their old moves! Even the controls are very similar. I also like how it's not hard at all to do special moves. I love the atmosphere too! Very fun game and brings back old memories!
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on December 28, 2009
This is the third copy of Street Fighter IV I've purchased. And this version is definitely the best version.

I own a desktop with an Intel Q6600 quad-core processor, 6GB of DDR2 RAM and an ATI 4890 graphics card. The game is able to run with max settings on my 24" Dell LCD.

Now why is this version the best?

A) Capcom included new graphic filters (heavy ink, etc).

B) The game can run at higher resolutions than the console versions with more effects. I currently have the game with 4XAnti-aliasing (the reduction of sharp edges on the polygons).

C) You can use either PS3 or Xbox 360 USB peripherals (Mad Catz Fightstick, Hori EX2, Hori Real Arcade Pro, Mad Catz Fightpad, Sega Saturn USB pad or the other myriad of joysticks available on the market).

D) There is a customization segment that have created new costumes for the characters like M. Bison having a Sub Zero costume or Ken looking like Dante from Devil May Cry.

Now, it's not all paradise. The game doesn't play very well with some ATI Drivers. Also, the game installs the Game For Windows platform onto your PC. My last issue is despite purchasing the title legally, the game can't be installed onto the PC and played without the disc (obviously this is for DRM and to prevent pirating).

As far as the actual game, SFIV is one of the best fighting games ever released. It sold more than 2 million copies in the console market and has definitely reinvigorated the fighting-game scene. The last Evolution Fighting Game Tournament in Las Vegas had more than 1,000 entrants in the SFIV tournament.
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on May 9, 2012
I must say first that.... After downloading the game from twice, it wouldn't run in my computer (Windows 7 home premium)it kept sending me an error message. Now I wanted to give it a last chance and downloaded it for the last time and I couldn't believe it!!!!! It finally installed everything and started running the game. The game has better graphics and sound than I expected, overall I am 100% satisfied with the game. The description says that it works in windows XP and Vista, but fortunately it works in 7 home premium.
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on December 29, 2010
I got this game rather late this year. Being an old fan of the series I was excited to play it.
But overall it looks great and plays like crap. Capcom makes games for arcades designed to be cheap and take your money therefore it plays cheap. By plays cheap I mean that it doesnt have the smooth balanced chars or generally to easy ai of most console fighters. Certain characters are overpowered while others dont stand a chance.
I have the pc version and apparently it didnt do well enough to release SSF4 for pc. Or apparently Capcom claims it was pirated to much to release SSF4 on pc. So thanks capcom u spared me waisting more money.
The animation is awesome the art department did a great job. The sound department sucks though..And personally i think the endboss Seths background area looks way to colorful kinda lacks that dark evil ima kill u vibe.
But it doesnt have to be ominous the end boss Seths possibly the cheapest character in recent fighting game history, hes beatable but cheap as hell. So be prepared to get the crap kicked outta you in the gayest laboratory on earth.
Its like they said lets make the endboss kick your ass in Elton Johns underground lab and lets make him spam teleport to an uppercut spinning piledriver repeatedly.
And dont get me started on the number of cheap players online who almost always pick Ryu, Ken or Sagat. Be prepared to fight these characters almost every match. What capcom should have done is hidden the character select screen from the other player. Seeing as everytime u get to the match screen at the last second they always jump to Ken or Ryu seems they could have just put those characters on the select screen alone.
Overall id say there are way better fighting games with much smoother game play. (Tekken, or Soul Calibur comes to mind although there 3d fighters)
Seems SF4 is all about who can be the cheapest the quickest, who can spam the same special over and over until they can pull a super out of there ass.
And before u go well learn to play ive played streetfighter since the original arcade sf2 came out. And I was well aware of the style of gameplay. But I guess my expectations were to high its a shame really. Somehow I thought maybe theyd make a good fighter something someone new or old could play and enjoy. If your new be prepared to practice a ton and be as cheap as possible learn to turtle and spam hadoken and online play should be as much fun as slamming your head into a keyboard repeatedly. Atleast in my current experience....on a side note im using the Madcatz fightpad ...witch matches the game in that it looks great and plays like crap...I cant say id recomend the fightpad its better than a 360 controller but not by much the dpad is horrible imo. I recently ordered a fightstick so maybe itll change my opinion some but i kinda doubt it.
But anyway my opinion is simply this the game is true to its arcade roots, Its visualy very good and it plays much like all the other Streetfighters. But thats where the good ends...IMO the fightpad isnt that great for input accuracy so after i get my fightstick maybe it'll be better. But so far the game doesnt seem to register inputs worth a damn trying to do a simple hadoken and having your character jab is really annoying so my review might be a bit biased based on the controller factor. But if your getting the pc version for a casual fun pc fighter your going to be dissapointed. If your a seasoned Streetfighter player its a rehash of the old with New graphics kinda fun but overall not the best they could have done alot better.
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