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on January 9, 2011
The product boils water extremely fast, easy to use, and is very pleasing to the eye. I have enjoyed not waiting around for the tea kettle on the stove. This takes about 60-90 seconds to boil depending how much water is in the water kettle.

I have seen the reviews of the foul odor. I recommend reading the one star reviews. I can confirm the odor does exist. Also my water has a lot of minerals, so it coats on the attractive chrome and coats the glass becoming very cheap looking. So, I bought the Brita42412 Atlantis Water Pitcher. This has stopped the calcification of the heating device and the need to scrub out the pot. The more I am using the system the odor is dissipating if not non-existent.

I purchased my first Glass Kettle from a store and spent $120 for my first kettle for home. I then purchased one for work and our fishing camp for half the price on Amazon. I bought another one for my friend and she has also tossed out her stove top tea kettle. It has been a fine simple luxury I have completely enjoyed.
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on March 13, 2017
We had an older version of this kettle at work and I really liked it, so bought one for home when my stainless steel kettle crapped out. It worked great and heats up the water FAST, but after 8 months the latch on the top broke. Unlike the rest of the unit it's a pretty flimsy part. I could have used it anyway but without the lid in proper working order the kettle doesn't shut off when it's boiling.

I contacted Jura (the seller) and they replaced the kettle for me but I had to spend the money to send the broken one to them. It's not that big a deal but I know the new one will just do the same, although I'm trying to be extra careful. Sometime when I'm in a hurry I'l forget though and then...
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on August 11, 2015
People are right, this smells foul the first fifty times you use it - you need to keep pouring boiling water out the spout, until the smell clears; but when you're making tea or anything, using the boiling water for any kind of food, you need to raise the lid before you pour, so you're not drinking the plastic residue.
The first one I had, five years or so ago, which finally conked, didn't smell bad for so long.
Kind of outrageous.
The thing is, it does eventually sort itself out, and ... it's so pleasing to look at.
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on January 22, 2015
This kettle does the job well and looks good doing it. However, any minerals and/or impurities in the water leave residue inside the kettle. This happens in every kettle, it just usually not visible. I cleaned it and began using filtered water and it it looks like it did when it came out of the box. There was no odor, ever, as mentioned in some other reviews. Note to purchasers - the kettle does not automatically turn off when removed from the base. I've owned several kettles through the years and I am quite pleased with this one. I've been using it now for several months.
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on September 23, 2016
Functions of auto-shut off on boil, see through carafe, and a unit that is not too tall all are appreciated. The Capresso looks good on the counter, has a small enough footprint to not add cluttered look, and water boils quickly. Only negative is that fill-line markings are on one side only to the left of the handle which is compatible with filling canister from the faucet or from a water-filter container if one is left handed. Other sets of fill-line markings on the front and/or opposite side would be helpful.
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on September 26, 2013
I just ordered my 2nd Capresso. The first one lasted 5+ years and I use it multiple times every day, and probably 10 times on weekends because I boil water to clean my bathroom and kitchen drains.

Reading other reviews, I was surprised. I have never experienced any type of malfunction or odor. It boils water quickly and efficiently. The auto-turn off is my favorite feature because I can start the water and go get the laundry knowing that it will automatically turn off.

I love it and if this one lasts 5+ years I hope they are still being made because I will happily purchase a 3rd one. This is heavy use in my opinion, and wearing out after 6,000+ boils is a job well done.
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on January 15, 2015
Love how it looks, but more importantly how it works. Quiet, visual indicator of completion with the start button light, which also provides a subtle 'click' when done. I fill the kettle just above the heating element to prepare water for my morning tea... very fast with a pleasant growing bubble sound as the water heats to a boil. Instructions to clean the glass are in the pamphlet... don't put in the dishwasher! Tiny footprint for the base and power cord... just seat the kettle on the base and move the start button... hot water in a surprisingly quick amount of time. NOTE: I love it so much I PURCHASED TWO MORE as Christmas gifts to my mom and to my son and his dad. They love it, too.
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on August 26, 2016
It was okay while we had it; it boiled fairly quickly, and I liked that it was made of glass so I could see when it boiled. However, it just stopped working after only seven months! We do use it every day, but we were using it well. We cleaned it monthly with vinegar and water. I thought that it was really hard to see the little light when it was on, and guests could never figure out how to turn it on. We were satisfied with it except that we hoped it would last at least a couple of years. We are frustrated.
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on May 26, 2012
Like so many others, I was attracted first to the design, which is lovely. I also appreciated the heating element not being one of the usual aluminum thingummies that corrodes in short order (who hasn't been concerned about the link between Alzheimer's disease and aluminum?). What I didn't appreciate, also like so many others, is the chemical stench that is imparted to the water. I tried every method I know to eliminate it. The closest I came was OxyClean, which banished it for a week or so. Still, the only use I had for the kettle was boiling water to pour on weeds (we live near a wetland and I don't want to foul the goundwater). I certainly couldn't use it for anything I was going to consume. Anyway, after a couple of years the lid broke off. I'm almost sorry now that I didn't call Capresso, after hearing of their terrible customer service. I do so love a good phone argument. Ah, well.
Anyway, I don't actually hate it, as the one star review states. In fact, I have no feeling about it whatever. In the end, caveat emptor is all I have to say about it.
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on July 27, 2017
This is a fantastic item for anyone who tends to put the kettle on and go to a different part of the house where they cannot hear the whistle. It relieves the risk of 'burning the house down. It also brings the water to a rolling boil quicker that a gas or electric infrared stove. You press the button and in minutes you can have a full pot of boiling water. When it boils it just shuts itself off. My wife is a constant tea drinker and this kettle will sure get lots of use in my house.
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