Customer Reviews: Caprica: Season 1.0
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on November 9, 2010
OK, yes, it was a bit cerebral and philosophical. But the depth of the cultures was being fleshed out. The Taurans and Capricans etc. Not to mention the origins of the Monotheism that was so strangely unexplained in BSG. I wanted to know! They have 5 episodes that they are not going to air any time soon. Well, they should at least put them up for sale, I bought the season---I should get it.

Part of the problem was the constant breaks in between episodes. I mean seriously, this was not BSG and it wasn't as technically demanding of a production. Why did they break it up and doom any chance of an audience following? I am so disappointed.

Like Defying Gravity, the powers that be took away yet another thinking fans show. I am sick to death of giant shark of the month movies and blood and gore and screaming characters whose only purpose is to flash cleavage.

sigh, I'll miss you Caprica. I have to admit it makes me reluctant to watch the new BSG spin off that is in the works that centers around the Cylon Wars, Blood and Chrome. I tolerated the breaks in BSG because it was that good. But I still just tolerated them. If this new spin off is not as good as BSG I won't keep watching if there are 6-12 month breaks in the same season. Too much risk that the show will be cancelled because fans just won't keep up. I hate getting into a show only to see it disappear. Firefly was astonishing tv and poof, thanks to blunders involving the episodes releases and the lack of attention by it's network it died a sudden and untimely death.

No wonder sci fi fans are so reluctant these days. Writers and producers and the money behind it all? You guys need to take more time getting it right before airing it so we are not left with half stories and stupid reruns of Creature of the Week.

Personally, I would love to see the Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars series made into a decent series. John Carter!

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VINE VOICEon January 5, 2014
**Spoilers Ahead: This review applies to both the 1.0 and 1.5 sets.**

I find myself a fan of many shows that spawned short-lived, failed spin-offs. Bablyon 5 had Crusade. The Star Trek franchise had the miserable Enterprise series. Stargate sadly came to a halt with Stargate Universe. And Battlestar Galactica had Caprica.

Caprica could have been great. Instead, it's one of the best shows that never truly was. The question then becomes, is it worth watching? As a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica, my answer is: I think so.

For the first time, rewatching a show did not change my opinion in any way from my original opinion of the show when it was airing. The only difference of note was how I recognized more actors from other shows I've caught up on, especially all the ones who had been on one of the Stargates and other Syfy shows. My feeling, then and now, is that this show had a ton of potential but failed to capitalize on it. Caprica should have run for a good four seasons, and, given the closing sequence, I have little doubt that the show would have found its stride in the second season, but instead we only got the one.

It's appropriate that the single season is broken into two halves, as the second half marks a definite shift in tone. The action picks up in season 1.5 after the relentless moroseness of season 1.0.

Caprica had one of the best pilot episodes I can recall. For some, this pilot movie could be the only "required viewing" for fans of BSG. The acting ranges from good to outstanding, and the special effects are mostly done very well and unobtrusively, especially the cylons.

There are weakness, though.

For me, V-World never quite worked, with "New Cap City" a bore. Taamra Adams never quite worked. Too much time was spent with the police investigation and the various terrorists (though Polly Walker is wonderful as Clarice and Magda Apanowicz was very good as Lacy Rand), which hurt the momentum building up for the really interesting characters, particularly Daniel and Zoe Greystone.

Joseph Adams/Adama was handled inconsistently between the two halves: at first, he seems a bit spineless, but later episodes revealed him to have killed in his youth and to have had an affair while his wife was still alive. Not knowing what to do with him, Sam quickly became the more compelling of the brothers to watch.

Amanda Greystone was another character that lacked focus and who, quite frankly, I found rather irritating. The plotline involving her history of insanity was poorly done. Such a central role in the series, I think her characterization was mishandled.

On the good side, Eric Stolz and Alessandra Torresani were tremendous. They command the screen whenever they're in a scene, and the scenes they share are positively electric. If Caprica had narrowed its focus to stay with them more (and on the killer robots!) we would have had a better series, one that may have found more of an audience. They should have been put together more and sooner, rather than dragging out the chase for the whole season.

The picture and audio on the set is top quality, but one thing I don't like is how every episode begins with a recap. I'd prefer if those recaps were optional. If watching a number of episodes in a row, as I'll tend to do with DVD sets, the recap is unnecessary and just gets in the way of the viewing experience.

Overall, I'm glad I added this series to my collection. I do think it supports rather than diminishes the legacy of Battlestar Galactica. I leave with a sense of what could have been and feel some disappointment, but I find it worth seeing.
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on March 28, 2015
...and you'll be really intrigued by this prequel to Moore's masterpiece of a reboot.

The premise is really interesting, the acting is superb, but the problem is that the SyFy channel cut off the show just as it was becoming addictive.

Would love to see Mr. Moore be given a chance to finish this.
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on April 20, 2016
Excellent prequel to Battlestar Galactica. While I hated Amanda Graystone, I loved the other characters. The last episode had some great plot twists, so seeing "Next season on Caprica" KILLED me in the finale. Definitely worth buying.
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on June 6, 2013
The show was billed as a "stand alone" prequel to the reimagined BSG series, but in my opinion, having seen BSG first makes a huge difference in how one comes to appreciate this neat little show. Its sad that it was only given one season.

Subtle plot lines, dialog, and BSG tidbits are prominent throughout. The show is well conceived, well written, well acted, and worthy of any fan of BSG's attention.

Its a shame that there is no blu-ray edition available for the U.S. That said, because of the filmmakers' initial recordings in HD, the DVD quality is about as high as it can get, so with this set, one still gets a decent image that far surpasses the grainy and limited shows of yesteryear.
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on January 8, 2014
Excellent prequel to the reimagined saga that reminds us of how the mankind we were, wasn't much different from us in the very near history has had a tendency, and will continue to repeat itself if lessons aren't learned. There's definitely more of a focus on the daily life of humans in Caprica, in a more "real-world" setting (granted space travel is common place in their time), as opposed to the space battles vs. Cylons we've come accustomed to in the classic and reimagined BSG. We see problems and issues many of us can identify with here. Divorce, wayward teens, religious zealots, left and right wing wackos, extremism, PR & corporate scandles, gang violence, the concept and interpretation of family, moral and ethical depates, etc.

Eric Stoltz is great in Caprica, as is Esai Morales. The cast as a whole was convincing for their parts. A couple of female leads did come off whiney to me, but not enough to turn me off from the story or finishing the series. I won't mention who, out of not wanting to taint anyone's predisposition should they not feel the same way upon watching Caprica for the first time. For what it was, I liked it, and the series didn't drag on too long and wasn't cut too short. Just ling enough to tell it's story and transition into the days of Blood & Chrome and the dawn of the first Cylon War. I also didn't notice too many inconsistencies between the reimagined BSG series and Caprica, which is always good, but then again I may be
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on January 11, 2015
The remake of the `classic' Battlestar Galactica was a creditable effort and despite having lost its way towards the end of the series, it was mostly enjoyable but left a lot of unanswered questions. In `Caprica', the early history of the Cylons is explored and it is done in the best BSG tradition with enough recognisable names and technology to make it feel part of the BSG universe. The story is well crafted and thankfully there are no conversations with invisible skinny blondes or any flashbacks - a good thing. The narrative rocks along at an engrossing pace and, as every pilot should do, it leaves you wanting more.

Needless to say, we shall think seriously about getting season one when it is released, but one has to hope that the evident writing quality of the pilot is maintained and that BSG-style sloppy inconsistencies and religious mumbo-jumbo are avoided (please, no Dylan/Hendrix this time - that was just plain silly!). However, the news that season two has been axed is more than a little disconcerting as, after buying the two season one DVD's, we're very likely to be left with even more unanswered questions than we started with and a nasty feeling of having been cheated.
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on March 27, 2013
Caprica is a spinoff-series of (new) Battlestar Galactica. Because it was a success, an American TV channel chose to make a prequel telling the story leading to Battlestar. Accordingly, Caprica takes place 58 years before Battlestar and has little direct relation to the characters of the previous series (the Adama family plays a role). The series is set in a confederation consisting of 12 planets that have evolved very differently. The main setting is the planet Caprica, which is technologically very advanced and quite wealthy. The main pastime of many people, especially teenagers, is a virtual reality world where sex, murder, crime etc. are possible without consequences. Some of the main characters of the series, especially Zoe Graystone and her friends, are repelled by this. Zoe as a rebellious teenager hates everything created by her father, a successful computer- and technology company boss and inventor, anyway. She therefore joins a fanatical cult that worships the 'one true God' and wants to force their faith on the rest of this polytheistic society with terrorist attacks. As a result, Zoe and hundreds of other people die in a bomb attack at the beginning of the series. But Zoe has left a perfect copy of herself in the virtual world. Her father tries to exploit this, firstly to get back his daughter, and secondly, to continue his - so far unsuccessful - development of an intelligent combat robot with the program Zoe wrote. Help comes from the father of another victim of the terrorist attack, which draws Dr. Graystone into the world of organized crime that's connected to immigrants of the poor and oppressed planet Tauron. And the religious fanatics also have an intense interest in the computer program and the fighting robots ...
The idea behind the series is very interesting, the effects are excellent, and the actors are very well chosen. Relatively well known names are Eric Stoltz, Polly Walker and James Marsters, but many of the less well-known actors also enrich the series immensely. Nevertheless, it was cancelled after just one season with 18 episodes. There were probably two reasons: Firstly, it was broadcast extremely fragmentedly, so that between the beginning and the ending of only 18 episodes years elapsed. That was plain stupid. In addition, the series starts out very slowly and initially the (for many viewers rather annoying) character of Zoe was a little too much in the center. Only in the second half did the series get really exciting and the different plot lines finally came together. So it is not surprising, but very sad, that the series was canceled. What remains are 18 episodes, and the last fortunately gives a little insight into what would have happened in later seasons. Along with Battlestar Galactica you have a pretty good idea of ​​what would have happened next, which makes the ending after just one series a little less frustrating. Of course it is still annoying that the show was not completed. Towards the end it was in fact very interesting. So for the series itself I'll give just under 4 stars.

the Blu Ray-set from France:
For reasons unknown, in most countries the series has been released on DVD only, usually split into two box sets. Especially with the effects and gorgeous settings ​​offered by this science fiction series, one would like to see a better quality than DVDs can provide. At the time of my review, the only Blu-Ray version has been released in France. It is definitely worth buying (e. g. here or the French amazon site, where it's often cheaper). The picture and sound quality are very good. The Blu Ray is playable without any problems - as far as I know it is region free. On my device (a European, non-French player) it worked just fine, and I know of American buyers who have had no difficulties either. The menu is in French, but it can still be navigated easily. A French language version and the English original version are available with or without French or English subtitles. For the very generous bonus materials (documentaries, deleted scenes, lots of music - to my knowledge the complete soundtrack) the English version is available, with French subtitles that are - annoyingly - automatically switched on, but can be switched off with the remote control. All in all, you get the English original of the series and the bonus materials in excellent quality. It would be even better if the French subtitles weren't automatically switched on or if, as can be found on some European publications, you could choose between an English and a French menu. Nevertheless, I am very happy to have bought the Blu Ray and not the DVDs. So here, I will give a (good) 4 stars.
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on August 4, 2013
Received the set way before the expected date and in good condition. Despite being a French import set, it was easy to select the English audio and subtitle, albeit with a little effort.

As for the series, really enjoyed it. Being a BSG fan, it was interesting to see how the story developed pre-BSG. While it had none of the space battle action scenes of BSG, other themes like terrorism, mafia and cults were intriguing enough to hold one's attention.
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on February 22, 2013
I liked it. Watching it I was wondering why not alot of emphasis was into the forming or producing the robots. They barely touched on it. I thought that was strange. I was disappointed in this movie and also with 1.5. Im glad I bought them cuz I have the whole story of BSG. How it all got started and formed and where it went from there. I really liked the story of zoey and everything that she went through. That story in itself was alot better than this movie in it's entirety. LOL!!! In fact the spinoff of zoey would probably get really great ratings in her alternate reality.....just saying!!!! If you arent serious about keeping the whole series I would go with renting at netflix.
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