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on December 6, 2016
I do animal rescue and often bring foster animals into my home who have been exposed to less than stellar living environments. Before I began doing this I had used capstar a few times on my personal animals and found it to be very helpful. Once I began rescue, I learned through the 'network' that I had been wasting my money!! There is a generic version available on Ebay (just search generic capstar, or "Nitenpyram")

Rather than paying 30$ for 6 tablets, you can get 100 pills for 40$ It works just as well. At this cost I am able to give to new fosters when I pick them up so by the time we get home they should be flea free. I also like that the generic versions are powder in capsules, so you can easily sprinkle it into wet food if needed for animals who are not so easy to administer pills to.

The generic version is available for different size groups of animals
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on November 12, 2015
First let me state that this is NOT a cure-all or a preventative treatment!! It simply kills ADULT fleas that are ON the cat for a few hours/up to a day. My cat was suddenly infested and I was desperate!! II just gave the pill to my cat, and 20 mins later she was howling and jumping all over the place, and I see that there are already fleas on top of her fur and just falling off! I found her in the bathtub less than an hour later, frantically grooming herself, surrounded by dead fleas (see photos!!). I couldn't believe it. People who say it doesn't work are crazy! Lol. It works, but if you have fleas OFF your pet (outside, or carpet, or other untreated pets)....they will jump back on the next day!! So this must be used as part of a regimen. I took one star off because it's so dang expensive, over $4/pill! P.S. She calmed down after about an hour and a half. :)
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on July 23, 2012
Okay, so normally the thought of feeding a form of insectide to my animals would send me straight to the funny farm. I am a chemical free junky. I make my own cleaners because I can't stand the chemicals from store bought ones, I won't even cook with Crisco because it is just synthetic junk. So I seriously could not believe that I agreed to feed one of these pills to my animals. However, there comes a time in ones life where a certain proverbial line must be drawn. And to tell you the truth, my little guys were miserable before using this product. I have two large dogs and two large cats, so I used two different types of Capstar pills, one for over 25 pounds and one for smaller animals. This product is amazing for getting rid of the itchy little beasts. After just 1 pill my black lab/bulldog (yes, he's a funny looking critter) ran around like a crazy hen whose had her head cut off, itched and scratched like mad for about two hours until he finally stopped, plopped right on his hind end, and stared at me with the ugliest/cutest grin I've ever seen, sloppy tongue and all. I love how quickly it worked and how quickly my "kids" became pest free.

A few things to note about this product:

1. It is not a preventative product. Meaning that it will kill the fleas already on the pets body, but it will not kill flea eggs or prevent them from hatching. It also won't prevent other fleas from hitching a ride on your critter's back.

2. After feeding the pill to your animal, keep the animal inside or at least in an area that you can keep an eye on him/her. The fleas bites REALLY hard when they are dying so your pet might become spooked and try to outrun the pain.

3. Because the fleas bite REALLY hard when they are dying, try to stay away from your pet during the dying process so that YOU don't end up getting the bejeebers bit out of you.

4. Make sure your pet has access to a lot of water. I believe that the product gave my animals cotton mouth as they couldn't seem to get enough water the day of taking the tablets.

I would definitely recommend this product to anybody that is currently dealing with a flea infestation. Even if you're an anti-chemical kind of person, this might be one of the exceptions as it helps to make your critters feel oh so much better.
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on April 6, 2016
Immediate relief from fleas! Following the recent failure of Advantage II to kill my cats' fleas (new formula? flea adaptation?), and with the new "Do Not Use on Cats" packaging on both Advantage II and Frontline making it too risky to split large-dog doses to cover multiple cats (I presume because their patents have expired, they need to make up the profit loss somewhere), I was looking for an economical way to treat for fleas. In the meantime, the cats were going nuts with the unaccustomed sensation of flea activity. I bought this to provide interim relief and forestall a future flea population explosion. Though all the official info claims there is no residual activity (kill what's on them today ONLY), my experience leads me to believe there IS at least 2.5-3 days of activity, so I am beyond pleased with how this product worked.
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on July 20, 2015
Great price ! Will buy again . This works .
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on December 10, 2015
How did I not ever hear of these before?? I've had cats all my life and always used topical drops - advantage and revolution. Which also work. But so does this, no fleas! In the summer, when fleas can get crazy for us if we are not diligent, we use this in conjunction with a topical medication. I just stagger them. Do one on the first and one mid month. Works great. Really happy we discovered this!

No side effects on the cats, I have given it to them directly down their throat, but also crush them and add them to wet cat food. They gobble it all right up. No issues - great product.
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on January 25, 2017
My 14 year old shihtzu has had perpetual flea issues since early summer 2016. Not infestation, but several found on her at a time. She has kidney and heart disease, so I'm extra cautious about what I give her topically and allow her to ingest. After consistently using one well-known topical product, diatomaceous earth sprinkled on all floor surfaces, washing/vacuuming ALL OF THE TIME, nothing was working. Finally I gave Capstart a try, and it really has been such a help for getting ahead of the adult fleas, while I continue to wash/vacuum and bathe my dog to get rid of any residual eggs. I initially used one every other day. The result is immediate - fleas do start falling off within a few hours. They don't die right away, but they are incapacitated. The frequency wasn't enough the first go round, and I probably wasn't consistent enough with the vacuuming to get rid of any eggs that had been laid. So, this final time I gave my dog a pill, waited a few hours, washed her, the bedding, vacuumed. I gave her one more each day for a total of three days. She never showed signs of having difficulty processing the product through her kidneys. And, I'm happy to report that I think we are FINALLY over our flea issues. It helped to have something to kill the egg layers, then take immediate steps to get rid of any eggs. I definitely recommend this product, with the usual caution I would give for any ingested product containing poison.
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on September 5, 2016
Only stuff I've found so far this year that seems to be working -- sorry to say, both Advantage and Frontline seem to have lost their "oomph" against the current strains of fleas in my (Pacific Northwest) area. Wish this had residual effect, but then, it has never claimed to, so I certainly can't ding it for not doing what it very clearly states it can't do!
Updated 11/7/2016: Still SO glad that at least this one product still works! With a house full of indoor-only cats, it seems pretty strange that fleas managed to get such a foothold, but somehow they had. Using Capstar every day for a couple of weeks, then every other day, was the ONLY thing that has finally gotten us flea-free. (Having read a technical article -- on the FDA web site -- years ago that showed nitenpyram is effective even at far, far, FAR lower doses than what is marketed -- and having read the package inserts and verified that ON THIS PRODUCT (please DON'T assume this applies to other products!!!) the only difference between the large dog and small dog/cat products is the dosage -- I buy the large dog doses and chop each tablet up into approximately 25-30 small pieces. Then for each cat I form a chicken flavor Whisker Lickin's soft treat around one of those tiny pieces, and most of the cats will happily eat the treat. (Some of them I have to give the tiny piece as a pill, but if they expect a Whisker Lickins or Friskies Party Mix treat right away afterward, almost all of them are cooperative.) Not only does chopping up each large dog tablet into about 25 cat-sized doses bring the cost down phenomenally, but it also makes me a LOT calmer about how much chemical I'm inflicting on the cats on a daily or every-other-day basis. (Although I'm now down to a "maintenance" program of only using it a couple of times a week, having gotten rid of the original infestation.)
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on May 10, 2016
MADE MY KITTENS HAPPIER!!! At first my kittens reacted like they just took a speed pill or something, because they were flying off the curtains, running up and down the hallway, scratching and doing doughnuts on the kitchen floor...turns out that the fleas actually bite the the animal (makes sense) to absorb the stuff, then quickly kills the little bastards without harming your pet. I called my vet just to make sure and she assured me that my cats would be fine and it was normal. Of course she asked all the proper questions concerning weight, cat's health, too infested, etc. I told her my cats are healthy, just scratching from some damn fleas. She told me to give it an hour, so I did. My cat was the happiest, coziest, cutest little fur-ball afterwards then rested like a newborn. Not for newborn cats or dogs though. READ THE BOX. She even wanted more of my attention by rubbing her nose against me! AWESOME! Only lasts a day though, then treat your cat or dog with PROGRAM. NOT Frontline: doesn't work. DON'T TRUST THOSE DROPS: CATS LICK IT OFF ANYWAYS AND IT'S HARMFUL.Trust me. Use PROGRAM for prevention of further eggs/larvae and make sure to bath your pet with flea shampoo at least once a week if you can. Vacuum your house daily with flea powder too! Don't lag, just do it! FLEA SEASON SUCKS! I spray around my cats bedding with safe for pets flea spray. Remember, if your getting bit yourself...fleas hate DEET! 40% kills them. That's for you though, not your pet. I suggest "OFF".
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on April 30, 2016
These are near instant relief for flea problems. I have 8 cats that are indoor/outdoor (not all by choice but not complaining because we love them,) and the pills are small so it's easy to drop them in the back of their throat for a quick swallow with no struggle. They go crazy for about twenty or so minutes as the fleas die and fall off and, in turn, that makes your cat go nuts with scratching. But when it's done there are dead fleas everywhere! Usually seems to last about a day or two. I just learned to pair this up with program that makes the flea eggs invalid so I'll be asking my vet about it next time I head in.

Quick relief, generally easy to pill- two of them even swallow it with meatballs of wet food, doesn't seem to upset tummies and seems OK to pair with cats on medications. (I have one that just had a procedure for being blocked tom and this was safe to use when needed around his other medications. Still something that should be checked with vet. first.)

I've bought at least 12 packs from Novartis Capstar Flea Tablets for Dogs and Cats, 6 Count, 2-25 lbs, Blue which I wish I got the 60 count instead but what's done is done- still, the price from this store on Amazon is a lot cheaper than the vet. and it's the legitimate product! Thank you for that.
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