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on July 23, 2012
Okay, so normally the thought of feeding a form of insectide to my animals would send me straight to the funny farm. I am a chemical free junky. I make my own cleaners because I can't stand the chemicals from store bought ones, I won't even cook with Crisco because it is just synthetic junk. So I seriously could not believe that I agreed to feed one of these pills to my animals. However, there comes a time in ones life where a certain proverbial line must be drawn. And to tell you the truth, my little guys were miserable before using this product. I have two large dogs and two large cats, so I used two different types of Capstar pills, one for over 25 pounds and one for smaller animals. This product is amazing for getting rid of the itchy little beasts. After just 1 pill my black lab/bulldog (yes, he's a funny looking critter) ran around like a crazy hen whose had her head cut off, itched and scratched like mad for about two hours until he finally stopped, plopped right on his hind end, and stared at me with the ugliest/cutest grin I've ever seen, sloppy tongue and all. I love how quickly it worked and how quickly my "kids" became pest free.

A few things to note about this product:

1. It is not a preventative product. Meaning that it will kill the fleas already on the pets body, but it will not kill flea eggs or prevent them from hatching. It also won't prevent other fleas from hitching a ride on your critter's back.

2. After feeding the pill to your animal, keep the animal inside or at least in an area that you can keep an eye on him/her. The fleas bites REALLY hard when they are dying so your pet might become spooked and try to outrun the pain.

3. Because the fleas bite REALLY hard when they are dying, try to stay away from your pet during the dying process so that YOU don't end up getting the bejeebers bit out of you.

4. Make sure your pet has access to a lot of water. I believe that the product gave my animals cotton mouth as they couldn't seem to get enough water the day of taking the tablets.

I would definitely recommend this product to anybody that is currently dealing with a flea infestation. Even if you're an anti-chemical kind of person, this might be one of the exceptions as it helps to make your critters feel oh so much better.
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on January 5, 2016
I keep this on hand at all times! You never know when your fur babies may catch a stray flea when they're out to potty or at the park. It only kills adult fleas. You can give this to them as much as you need to... instead of waiting 30 days or more. You should only dose them once per day though. It's peak effectiveness is 4 - 6 hours so if you see your fur baby scratching hours after you've given this DON'T PANIC it's the flea die off. The flea will bite as its dying. We have 4 dogs. Our husky lives in the backyard most of the time. We have a mini Schnauzer, daschaund and Schnau-Tzu (puppy) who all live inside. When I treat one fur baby I treat EVERYONE. I quarter this size (over 25 lbs) up for the smaller dogs & give our husky a whole one. I've found the best way to give these is the find a treat that you can push the little pill inside of. When I don't have a soft treat I will use cheese. My boys don't even hesitate on taking it and neither does our husky girl. For the record it is cheaper to purchase Capstar here than it is at PetSmart! Highly recommended.
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on December 28, 2015
This stuff works. My local shelter uses this (when available, donated) to help dogs who come in with flea infestations. That is how I learned about this product. It is NOT a preventative, it only kills the fleas on the dog at the time.

The great thing about it, is it is for dogs over 25 lbs. So one package can serve many dogs of varying sizes (above 25 lbs). They do have one for dogs (and cats) under 25 lbs as well. You also only need one tablet, and it works within four hours. The package comes with six tablets, so you can use on other dogs or save for another infestation that may pop up. After the fleas are dead, simply bathe the dog to remove dead fleas. Also, it is a good idea to apply some itch cream to the dog to help ease itching of flea bites. Be careful around any sort of open wounds though.

Overall, great product and highly recommend for those with dogs suffering from flea infestations. I do also recommend starting a preventative after getting rid of the fleas. K9 Advantix works very well, and is reasonably priced.
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on April 6, 2016
Immediate relief from fleas! Following the recent failure of Advantage II to kill my cats' fleas (new formula? flea adaptation?), and with the new "Do Not Use on Cats" packaging on both Advantage II and Frontline making it too risky to split large-dog doses to cover multiple cats (I presume because their patents have expired, they need to make up the profit loss somewhere), I was looking for an economical way to treat for fleas. In the meantime, the cats were going nuts with the unaccustomed sensation of flea activity. I bought this to provide interim relief and forestall a future flea population explosion. Though all the official info claims there is no residual activity (kill what's on them today ONLY), my experience leads me to believe there IS at least 2.5-3 days of activity, so I am beyond pleased with how this product worked.
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on February 3, 2017
Does not affect fleas at all. They might even like it. My dog's skin turns red and he scratches like crazy for a couple of days after giving him the pill. I even tried giving him another dose 2 weeks later (I read somewhere it was okay to do this). If you are thinking of buying this, save your money.
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on November 14, 2015
I ordered this product via Prime shipping and received it in 2 days packaged in an easy to open padded envelope. This is my first time using this brand of flea & tick preventative on my dog and so far I am impressed with the size, it is small enough that I can split it into my dog's food without him noticing. My dog absolutely hates taking pills so the size for me is huge. I live in south Florida so flea & tick preventative is a must year round, I will report back if I find that this product does not work but so far so good. Thanks for making such a great product!
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on June 3, 2017
These pills have been very helpful during the period when we're trying to clear our home of fleas. My dog has developed an allergy to fleas, and gets dermatitis. It's hard to get rid of every flea in the house and outside, because a new batch of them will bloom and you have to keep spraying and vacuuming, etc., and if you take your dog socializing then you can bring home more fleas.(They are especially bad in our area this year - no freezes for the past couple years.) The dog also has an expensive Seresto flea collar but it's not perfect. With the Capstar we've got a multi-front approach. We can kill the ones that are on her, driving her crazy, and she calms down for a few days and stops chewing.
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on March 12, 2017
One of my active happy dogs was conscious but, in a frozen daze for approximately 8 hours. I thought she was dying! She eventually came back but, I wasn't sure if I should rush to Vet emergency room while I waited for her mental and physical return.😬
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on June 4, 2016
This works great for knocking out an outbreak of fleas. I love that I can give this to both my dogs and cats (in the appropriate dosage), and only have to buy 2 different packages. I give this when the fleas start coming out with warm weather, and then follow up with preventative after the capstar has done it's job. You have to use something to prevent a new infestation, as your pets will likely be exposed again once the capstar has when off. So don't expect this to be a once and for all fix. Used as intended, it is excellent for quickly getting rid of (by actually killing, rather than merely repelling) all the fleas on your pets.
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on September 10, 2016
didn't work. i would recommend nexgard instead. they even offer a free sample first so you know if it works or not. Capstar tablets are daily. So you are paying $33 for a weeks worth of flea treatment that doesn't even work. Nexgard covers for a month
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