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Capstar for Dogs over 25 lbs 6 tablets GREEN
Size: 6 Count|Style: Over 25 lbs|Change
Price:$21.29+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on December 6, 2016
I do animal rescue and often bring foster animals into my home who have been exposed to less than stellar living environments. Before I began doing this I had used capstar a few times on my personal animals and found it to be very helpful. Once I began rescue, I learned through the 'network' that I had been wasting my money!! There is a generic version available on Ebay (just search generic capstar, or "Nitenpyram")

Rather than paying 30$ for 6 tablets, you can get 100 pills for 40$ It works just as well. At this cost I am able to give to new fosters when I pick them up so by the time we get home they should be flea free. I also like that the generic versions are powder in capsules, so you can easily sprinkle it into wet food if needed for animals who are not so easy to administer pills to.

The generic version is available for different size groups of animals
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on May 5, 2017
Im just a mess today but dont want this to happen ever again, please do deep research before giving this to your sweet pets that you luv. Gave capstar to 3 of my cats on 5-4-2017 at 12:00 pm I had to put them in crates because they were acting so crazy around the house I mean it was scary to the point I thought they were going to hurt themselves. Everything I looked up at first said this is normal will last about 6hr's and your pet will be ok "so I trusted " gave them bowls of water and let them ride it out. well at 4:00 I noticed they were being calm so I let them out early,there was dead fleas about 10 all together between my 3 cats left in the crate. All seemed great till 9:40 one of my cats went limp and stopped breathing it all happened so fast! Im torn inside for giving this to my cats ,please this is no joke I cant get my baby boy back I had him for 9 years and now he's just gone 😢😭 wishing I could turn back time
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on November 12, 2015
First let me state that this is NOT a cure-all or a preventative treatment!! It simply kills ADULT fleas that are ON the cat for a few hours/up to a day. My cat was suddenly infested and I was desperate!! II just gave the pill to my cat, and 20 mins later she was howling and jumping all over the place, and I see that there are already fleas on top of her fur and just falling off! I found her in the bathtub less than an hour later, frantically grooming herself, surrounded by dead fleas (see photos!!). I couldn't believe it. People who say it doesn't work are crazy! Lol. It works, but if you have fleas OFF your pet (outside, or carpet, or other untreated pets)....they will jump back on the next day!! So this must be used as part of a regimen. I took one star off because it's so dang expensive, over $4/pill! P.S. She calmed down after about an hour and a half. :)
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on December 2, 2014
One star ratings for this product seem to go like this "Didn't work!" with no mention of their method used. Others state "only worked for one day!" Duh. It says plain as day WORKS FOR ONE DAY ONLY! Another ignorant twit wrote "It's not my home! I have hardwood floors!". So, you're dim enough to think fleas can't infest a home with hard flooring? Do you also sleep in a hardwood bed? Sit on a hardwood couch? Did you realize fleas can fit between hardwood planks and between tiles and in furniture? Here's a real review for the folks who are a little on the dim side or the inexperienced:

These work for a total of 24 hours maximum. The effectiveness ends after a day in which the medicine will then stop working. This gives you a window of time to clean. To deflea pets using this product, which kills ONLY ADULT FLEAS for only 24 HOURS, do the following:

1. Purchase and administer pill(s) to pet(s). One pill per pet per day. Just read the packaging directions.
2. Purchase flea shampoo. These pills will not kill eggs left on your pet, you will need to bathe your pet with a pet shampoo that states it will kill flea eggs.
3. Wash your pet, take your time. If you rush through bathing, the shampoo won't have time to work.
4. Purchase and use flea comb. Most of your fleas will be dead. If not, you're going to want to catch them in the comb and either pop em with your nails and/or flush them. It's gross, yes, but you gotta kill living fleas however you can. The pills should help here. Flush all fleas, dead or alive. Be safe, not sorry.
5. Buy flea spray. Raid makes flea spray in a purple can that is HIGHLY effective. Do not spray around pets, do not let pets near treated areas for at least one hour. Follow flea spray directions, be sure to spray your pets favourite rest spots. Do not spray directly on your animal(s)!!!
6. Do laundry. You'll want to wash pet bedding, clothes, your bedding, any fabric laying around like blankets where fleas can hide including towels you dried your pet off with after their bath.
7. Vacuum. If you have carpets or cat trees or other unwashable items where your pet spends time, vacuum those places thoroughly. Make sure to move things and be very thorough. One missed flea can make tons more in no time.
8. Repeat above steps as needed.

Why are these pills used if they only work for one day? I will tell you. When you flea bathe a pet, the fleas run to their face. It's dangerous to put flea shampoo on your pets face, like around the eyes, nose, and mouth and that's exactly where the fleas run to. On pets with dark fur, it's hard to even SEE the fleas. These pills, used in tandum with flea bathing and a thorough house cleaning, assure you missed none of the fleas crawling on your pet. It also assures ones that jump back on your pet during cleaning will also die. These pills are cheaper (and safer) than monthly pills of pet insecticides, and more effective than gross topical insectides you will get on your hands petting your cat or dog and that will also get licked off by mutually grooming cats that will get sick from ingesting the topical insecticide.

These pills mean you're more likely to achieve in 24 hours what it takes 1-2 weeks to achieve without them, IF YOU ARE SMART AND CLEAN WELL TO PREVENT REINFESTATION. If you are lazy and do not bathe your pet and clean your home, you will waste your money. If you decide to be lazy because you think your home cannot accommodate fleas, you are WRONG. That's where these one-star ratings appear to be coming from.

There is no truly lazy way out of flea infestation, but you can cut down your work time and effort by using these pills.

For truly insane flea infestations where you walk in and fleas are covering your legs, add a new step 5. Buy flea bombs, one per room, and follow the instructions. Leave the bombs do their work whilest taking all living creatures out of your home for an hour or two. (Even crating your pet and waiting somewhere safe outside for an hour or two will suffice, as long as weather permits.)

These pills WORK. But you have to do YOUR PART in making sure all fleas and eggs in your home die.

Trust me on this one. I've owned literally dozens of cats and have had to handle some severe infestations. (Leaving my cats to be watched by someone else for a month led to an infestation where standing on my counter couldn't keep them off of me.)

Furthur advice: keep cats indoors. Any pet that goes outside is highly likely to bring them in. And moreover, some yards and locations breed higher instances of fleas. They sell flea-killer that you can spray over your yard. It's a great investment for dog owners who have no choice but take their pet outside. Also, fleas can still exist in your home throughout winter without you seeing them and crop up when the weather warms up. Winter is the best time to kill them because they're less active in cold areas. Give 'em heck and keep cleaning.

These pills are not a cure-all and were not intended to be, but they do their job and will greatly assist your efforts. Thanks.
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on August 2, 2013
Capstars are made to only work 24 hours. A lot of the bad ratings seem to be in cases where people complain about the fleas coming back.

Fleas will live in your environment - yard, couch, carpet, teddy bears, dog beds, etc.

This ONLY kills the fleas for a day. The normal use for this product is when you have taken the dog out hiking, to the dog park, dog training, anywhere the dog normally doesn't go where it may encounter fleas and bring them into the home. It assures that any fleas will not make it into the home and start breeding and living in the environment.

I've worked at vet's offices for 5+ years and have never seen this product fail; however, at work we give it to animals as soon as they come in to stay the day/overnight. This ensures that a pet with fleas does not spread fleas to the other patients. It does not stop the pet from going back home and getting fleas again.It DOES mean that we have a flea-free environment because we don't allow in fleas in the first place.

If you have a flea problem in your house..you need to use a monthly flea treatment and you need to treat the environment (outside and inside.) As far as I know, there is not a reliable environment flea treatment. This means that you might have to treat the environment multiple times to see a difference. A monthly flea treatment for the dog will assure that any fleas on the dog will die/not be able to reproduce depending upon which product you use.

Capstar kills fleas that are ON the pet for a DAY. It should be used as support for other flea medications, not as a stand-alone, otherwise YES you will have fleas still. It is very effective product. After 7 years, I have not had a single problem with it. I will definitely give the product 5 stars.
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on July 23, 2012
Okay, so normally the thought of feeding a form of insectide to my animals would send me straight to the funny farm. I am a chemical free junky. I make my own cleaners because I can't stand the chemicals from store bought ones, I won't even cook with Crisco because it is just synthetic junk. So I seriously could not believe that I agreed to feed one of these pills to my animals. However, there comes a time in ones life where a certain proverbial line must be drawn. And to tell you the truth, my little guys were miserable before using this product. I have two large dogs and two large cats, so I used two different types of Capstar pills, one for over 25 pounds and one for smaller animals. This product is amazing for getting rid of the itchy little beasts. After just 1 pill my black lab/bulldog (yes, he's a funny looking critter) ran around like a crazy hen whose had her head cut off, itched and scratched like mad for about two hours until he finally stopped, plopped right on his hind end, and stared at me with the ugliest/cutest grin I've ever seen, sloppy tongue and all. I love how quickly it worked and how quickly my "kids" became pest free.

A few things to note about this product:

1. It is not a preventative product. Meaning that it will kill the fleas already on the pets body, but it will not kill flea eggs or prevent them from hatching. It also won't prevent other fleas from hitching a ride on your critter's back.

2. After feeding the pill to your animal, keep the animal inside or at least in an area that you can keep an eye on him/her. The fleas bites REALLY hard when they are dying so your pet might become spooked and try to outrun the pain.

3. Because the fleas bite REALLY hard when they are dying, try to stay away from your pet during the dying process so that YOU don't end up getting the bejeebers bit out of you.

4. Make sure your pet has access to a lot of water. I believe that the product gave my animals cotton mouth as they couldn't seem to get enough water the day of taking the tablets.

I would definitely recommend this product to anybody that is currently dealing with a flea infestation. Even if you're an anti-chemical kind of person, this might be one of the exceptions as it helps to make your critters feel oh so much better.
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on October 14, 2017
Capstar does exactly what it's supposed to do, kill all the adult fleas that bite your dog. That being said, you will still need to have a multi-pronged approach to kill the eggs, larvae and sub-adult fleas to win the battle. I also put my dog on Frontline, sprayed the house with a 210 day carpet and furniture spray and vacuumed twice a day with flea powder in the vacuum bag. I gave my dog a Capstar pill every two days for a month. My dog was exposed while someone else was watching them so the problem didn't start in my yard or else I would've needed to that the yard as well.
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on August 11, 2017
Either we adopted them, or they adopted us...not certain which! Three ferel kittens were left on our back porch by their wanderin' mama, and they came with fleas. It worked like magic, but reinfestation returned, as was expected, since I can't get to under the house to take care of ridding fleas there. These kittens are technically wild, so a flea collar or any thoughts of a bath are not in the equation. This is the best 2nd choice. Will be buying more, and will repeat until it appears that the fleas are gone for good.
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on October 4, 2016
My poor babes had fleas all over and would not stop biting and scratching herself till she started to open wounds, so I purchased this until I could get pill from her vet for a longer solution. These will kill anything on your dog for 24 Hours, but after 24 Hours, anything can jump back on and this does not affect eggs or larvae, only adults. So my babes, who lives next to flea infested woods, ate 1 pill and would be good for a day and a half, until the fleas found her again. If you need immediate relief and are not looking for a long term solution this is for you.
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on November 15, 2016
It worked just as it was supposed to. Prompted by finding 1 flea on my dog, I gave her a capsule and put her outside for a bit. Brought her in and put her in a bath, a couple of more fleas instantly floated off from her already dead.

I can use them for when we take her to someone else's house that I suspect might have fleas or if we have a visiting dog and I suspect we have fleas, I can give their dog a caplet, helps to prevent the spread of fleas.
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