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on December 6, 2016
I do animal rescue and often bring foster animals into my home who have been exposed to less than stellar living environments. Before I began doing this I had used capstar a few times on my personal animals and found it to be very helpful. Once I began rescue, I learned through the 'network' that I had been wasting my money!! There is a generic version available on Ebay (just search generic capstar, or "Nitenpyram")

Rather than paying 30$ for 6 tablets, you can get 100 pills for 40$ It works just as well. At this cost I am able to give to new fosters when I pick them up so by the time we get home they should be flea free. I also like that the generic versions are powder in capsules, so you can easily sprinkle it into wet food if needed for animals who are not so easy to administer pills to.

The generic version is available for different size groups of animals
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on May 5, 2017
Im just a mess today but dont want this to happen ever again, please do deep research before giving this to your sweet pets that you luv. Gave capstar to 3 of my cats on 5-4-2017 at 12:00 pm I had to put them in crates because they were acting so crazy around the house I mean it was scary to the point I thought they were going to hurt themselves. Everything I looked up at first said this is normal will last about 6hr's and your pet will be ok "so I trusted " gave them bowls of water and let them ride it out. well at 4:00 I noticed they were being calm so I let them out early,there was dead fleas about 10 all together between my 3 cats left in the crate. All seemed great till 9:40 one of my cats went limp and stopped breathing it all happened so fast! Im torn inside for giving this to my cats ,please this is no joke I cant get my baby boy back I had him for 9 years and now he's just gone 😢😭 wishing I could turn back time
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on November 12, 2015
First let me state that this is NOT a cure-all or a preventative treatment!! It simply kills ADULT fleas that are ON the cat for a few hours/up to a day. My cat was suddenly infested and I was desperate!! II just gave the pill to my cat, and 20 mins later she was howling and jumping all over the place, and I see that there are already fleas on top of her fur and just falling off! I found her in the bathtub less than an hour later, frantically grooming herself, surrounded by dead fleas (see photos!!). I couldn't believe it. People who say it doesn't work are crazy! Lol. It works, but if you have fleas OFF your pet (outside, or carpet, or other untreated pets)....they will jump back on the next day!! So this must be used as part of a regimen. I took one star off because it's so dang expensive, over $4/pill! P.S. She calmed down after about an hour and a half. :)
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on January 25, 2017
My 14 year old shihtzu has had perpetual flea issues since early summer 2016. Not infestation, but several found on her at a time. She has kidney and heart disease, so I'm extra cautious about what I give her topically and allow her to ingest. After consistently using one well-known topical product, diatomaceous earth sprinkled on all floor surfaces, washing/vacuuming ALL OF THE TIME, nothing was working. Finally I gave Capstart a try, and it really has been such a help for getting ahead of the adult fleas, while I continue to wash/vacuum and bathe my dog to get rid of any residual eggs. I initially used one every other day. The result is immediate - fleas do start falling off within a few hours. They don't die right away, but they are incapacitated. The frequency wasn't enough the first go round, and I probably wasn't consistent enough with the vacuuming to get rid of any eggs that had been laid. So, this final time I gave my dog a pill, waited a few hours, washed her, the bedding, vacuumed. I gave her one more each day for a total of three days. She never showed signs of having difficulty processing the product through her kidneys. And, I'm happy to report that I think we are FINALLY over our flea issues. It helped to have something to kill the egg layers, then take immediate steps to get rid of any eggs. I definitely recommend this product, with the usual caution I would give for any ingested product containing poison.
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on May 28, 2017
I have both dogs and cats and live in a neighborhood with a large wooded area behind my house down the entire street. Since both my cats and dogs go outdoors every summer I have a huge problem with fleas. When one of the gets fleas they tend to pass them around to each other and have spent whole summers constantly treating them as well as my house and yard. Not only is it a lot of work for me but it's stressful and uncomfortable for my pets.

I first found out about Capstar from my vet when I took one of my dogs for treatment because she was chewing and scratching her skin so much she had bald spots. I was given enough pills for both my cats and dogs and left with a bill of a couple hundred dollars which emptied my pockets. I gave them each a bath, a pill and prayed for a miracle. I made sure to constantly sweep and mop my floors daily, dust my furniture, as well as wash bedding, pillows, and anything fabric in my house to get rid of any fleas or eggs laying around. I did this constantly for a week and started noticing less scratching and no fleas. My dogs hair grew back and I could tell they were much happier and were now flea free. The next summer I once again had to deal with the fleas. Time instead of going to the vet I immediately got on Amazon searching for the Capstar pills and was pleasantly surprised at the price. I was able to treat them all at a fraction of the price and spent the remainder of the year flea free.

I have recommended Capstar to anyone who is dealing with fleas on their pets. It is the only thing I use! Usually one dose takes care of the problem as well as treating my yard but a few times I've had to treat them 2 months in a row but it's still heaps cheaper purchasing on Amazon than going to the vet. My pets are happier flea free and so are my pockets!
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on June 6, 2017
I have used this product on kittens and cats to kill adult fleas reliably. I have prioritized this product for kittens that come into the shelter from drug raids or abandoned houses. It kills almost all of the adult fleas in 30 minutes after which I apply a monthly preventative like Revolution. You can actually visualize the fleas jumping off and dying because it is just that effective. I had a kitten come in with hundreds of fleas one time and had to give the cat a dawn dish soap bath followed up with Capstar. The bath did help some but the Capstar killed all of the fleas that did not drown during the bath. I would not know what to do without this product. It is very safe and easy to dose in pill pockets for cats or with a pill gun if they do not take the pill pockets.
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on July 20, 2015
Great price ! Will buy again . This works .
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on August 17, 2015
I just received this product in the mail today and gave it to my cat as soon as I opened it. A few hours later, I gave him a bath and immediately dead fleas started flowing off of him. Afterwards, I brushed him for ten minutes and only two struggling-to-live fleas came off in the brush. This product only lasts 1-2 days so I'm using Program at the same time, which is a monthly liquid you give your pet that makes flea eggs infertile which completely breaks the life cycle of the flea.

This is a great product, but it's important to use other flea treatment measures with it which is where most people go wrong and claim that the product doesn't work. It's important to vacuum the house so that it will pick up any living fleas, dead fleas, and eggs that are in the carpets (using flea powder or a fogger before vacuuming is a great idea depending on how heavy the infestation is), or else they will continue living in the house and reinfest your pets. Using a good flea shampoo once a week as well is also a must, because it helps repel fleas that may still be hiding in the house.

I do recommend this product if it's used with other preventative measures such as those I mentioned above. It works, does what it says it will do, doesn't make your pets sick, and is a lot cheaper than what the vets will give you.
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on April 17, 2016
I've had a really bad flea infestation this year and the topical treatments don't seem to be helping (well, maybe a little, but when I check I still see 4-5 full grown live fleas still hanging out on my pet when I think there should be maybe 1). I've cleaned and vacuumed, washed my kitties, bought a flea light (which works to help cut down on the insects but it doesn't help with the biting) and put down D.E. to dry them out.

All that helped but my poor elderly kitty was still being harassed and refused to move from his cushion for days because of the fleas. A day after I gave him capstar he was up jumping around, asking for food, and wanted petting and snuggling. I checked and there was one live flea on him that was acting strangely (I picked it off and it just twitched in my fingers) and a couple dead ones that were all dried out. The other fleas I found around on my house seemed to having a seizure and just jumped randomly and twitched on the floor.

This is effective for 1 day on the pet, but once it gets in the fleas system its permanent for that flea. I checked into how it works and it's a form of synthetic nicotine that overwhelms the flea's nervous system and binds to their receptors causing death. From what i read its most effective for 24 hours but the effects last for 2 days in the pet, so I decided to stretch the pills out and give them every 36 hours, which helps cut down the cost some what, but I wish it was cheaper, even $20 for 6 would be great.

I'm also combining the with advantage, since it's already been applied.
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on April 12, 2015
Great medication for my dog. Took care of the problem as promised! When I first gave it to him, I watch him closely to make sure he didn't get sick. After about 2 hours I noticed he was sticking his tongue out and trying to breathe like he was hyperventilating. What happened was it did upset his tummy. I took him for a long walk and noticed he was eating the grass. He had acted like that before, when I had tried other products for fleas, so I was not that concerned . After that he was just perfect and the fleas dropped off completely. He had been infested with fleas all summer long and no matter what I tried (I tried many products) nothing worked for long. Not only that the prices for the other alternatives were very expensive. I gave him 3 pills (the next two did not upset his tummy) and that was it. The fleas were gone! I checked him ever day for two weeks and not one was on him. "Today he is still flea free! If he starts to scratch, I give him one pill and that takes care of it. I was really desperate as I had fleas in my house and I was bitten all the time. This product is AMAZING!!!!!
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