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Captain America [Blu-ray]
Format: Blu-ray|Change
Price:$11.88+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on June 26, 2013
A boy is kidnapped and a family slaughtered during the opening credits. Most of this carnage is done off screen. The rest of the film carefully follows this same formula: hint, never show. Seven years later, Captain America is introduced as a failed hero. For all his gosh-golly pluck and determination, the clod doesn't stand a chance against super villain Red Skull, a yappy red headed fop. Strapped to a rocket destined for the White House, Captain America manages to make a detour to Alaska instead. The years roll by.........I wish this movie did as well. Director Albert Pyun admits this wasn't the movie he set out to make, blaming the results on too much interference, a lousy budget, and a lot of rules from Marvel. What he wanted to make was a movie about Steve Rogers, who just happened to be Captain America in his spare time. This is as close as he could get to that vision. Either way, he was doomed to fail. Character studies do not make great action flicks. I could care less that Steve Rogers smoked, was faithful to his honey back home, or wanted to be a guinea pig for the government when he grew up. It's the suit, the shield, and the adventure that's important. Nefarious plots to thwart, villains to outwit, people to save, that's what it's all about. This movie doesn't quite manage to do any of that. The stunts are limited, the car chases lame, the mob of thugs just preppy dressing clones, and Red Skull has a botched face lift that despoils his moniker. "Holy mackerel!" At the end it even tosses in a commercial of sorts for ecology! It's not so much where they went wrong as the very beginning.

But it does look nice in Blu-ray.
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on July 16, 2012
I saw this several times when it first hit video tape way back ,and liked it well enough at the time, I thought it was on par with the Flash tv show. Now that we have a mega budget Captain America, I went back and got this to re watch. It comes on a made on demand disc, with no restoration , but doesn't look awful, except for a few scenes look washed out a bit. Matt Salinger who plays Steve Rogers in this, was kind of wimpy acting most of the time and even smacked a couple of women with a cafe table. (they were bad women). And he looks alot like a young Mel Gibson. The Red skull looked great at the beginning,but some one dropped the ball and made the decision to give him plastic surgery face the rest of the time. The script is simple and silly at times, but had some neat ideas with the president as a child etc...The worst part of the movie personally, was the Red Skull's henchmen were all young colledge kids dressed in preppy sweaters and deck shoes??? I suppose that was just the fashion at the time but seems painful to look at now. And I swear it had a different theme song at the end on other copies I saw. I'm glad I finally have a copy of this for my super hero DVD cllection. If you are a Super Hero, or Captain America fan, you'd probably like it as well. Now if we could get an official release of Roger Corman's Fantastic Four movie!
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on December 2, 2016
Chances are you have not seen this unreleased in theaters version of Captain America. In true 90's fashion it is a bit campy and wont compare to the great new versions by Marvel, but a must for a true Captain America fan. Although an Italian version of the Red Skull is a little weird.
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on January 8, 2016
I am reviewing the quality of the Blu-ray. For that it's so much better and perfected compared to anything else. The film is a great B-grade Drive-In flick, it has so many problems, but that is also the beauty of it. It plays out like a very cheesy Comic book. Fun cheesy film. Wonderful Blu-ray transfer.

Rating for the Blu-ray Transfer and Product: 4 out of 5
Film: 2.5 out 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Special Features: 2 out of 5
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I'm a huge fan of Captain America and had been wanting to see this low budget take on him for quite some time, so I was initially excited when this came to DVD, but unfortunately that DVD was massively underwhelming. The DVD was cropped to a 4:3 aspect ratio (which awkwardly cut people's faces in half during several moments), there was lots of digital compression visible, and the picture was so overly dark that certain parts of the film were incomprehensible.

Fortunately Shout Factory comes to the rescue with this very well done Blu-Ray edition of the film. This Blu-Ray presents the movie in its proper widescreen ratio and the lighting is much better. Overall, this is a nice looking transfer. Being that this is an older film that was shot on a shoestring budget, you wouldn't expect this film to look very good, but the level of detail is surprisingly nice. In particular, establishing shots such as those showing the mountains of Alaska, or the fortress in which the film's climax takes place look stunning, and the increased resolution puts all the scuffs and scratches on Cap's costume on full display. In one shot, you can even see hairs inside the good Captain's nose (such is the magic of Blu-Ray). There are some specks and splotches that pop up, mostly during the earlier parts of the film, but I don't really mind that much, as it lends to the feeling of watching a cheesy, low-budget film. If I had to level one complaint at this HD presentation, it would be that the darker scenes tend to have much more grain than the rest of the film. Still, these dark scenes fare much better than they did in the DVD version. For instance, there is a scene where Captain America fights against some enemies in a dark basement. On the DVD version, I had no idea what was going on during this scene because the picture was so dark, whereas on the Blu-ray, I can make out the action just fine, as the contrast level is much more appropriate. I would much rather have extra grain and be able to tell what's going on than have less grain, but no clue as to what's happening.

In terms of the movie itself, it's cheesy fun. The sets are very cheap looking (and now look even cheaper thanks to the added resolution of Blu-Ray) and some of the effects are goofy, plus Captain America's suit has fake ears, but this movie has lots of charm. What's surprising is that all of the actors involved actually give very good performances, something that you generally don't see in a "B-Movie". Matt Salinger does a great job of portraying the Boy-Scout-honest personality that you would expect from Captain America, and Scott Paulin puts on an enjoyable show hamming it up as the Red Skull. Ronnie Cox makes for a very likeable President, and Ned Beatty (who played Otis in the Superman films) does a good job as the President's best friend. It's interesting to compare this to the Chris Evans Captain America movie, and the sequence of Steve Rogers transforming into Cap plays out almost identically in both (of course, both films are adapting the same material, but still). There's lots of camp value to this film, such as the Red Skull's squad of assassins seemingly being comprised of early 90's fashion models, and Captain America faking sickness to hijack someone's car, but this is a rare B-Movie that actually succeeds at being a decent film underneath the all the cheese.

As for special features, this Blu-Ray only consists of one, but it's a treat. Albert Pyun, the director of the film, and Matt Salinger talk about making the film, and both men are surprisingly open about the movie's shortcomings. They talk about what went right and what went wrong, and their thoughts are well worth hearing for anyone interested in the movie. I really wish there would have been some kind of commentary track, but this behind the scenes feature was good.

Overall, this Blu-ray is a good version of a fun movie. Obviously this isn't on the same level as Captain America: The First Avenger, but if you want some cheesy superhero fun, I recommend this disc.
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on December 5, 2016
This is a great version of Captain America i saw in my youth. Despite the odd amount of padding it is a good movie and The Red Skull is designed very well.
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on January 12, 2016
As the 90's go... They tried. As a kid and the kid in me I love this movie. It made me believe in Captain America. The movie doesn't hold up too well as the most recent one does but this was the a great attempt at capturing what Captain America meant to us.
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on March 5, 2017
Great movie and more like the Captain America in many respects. Worth adding to any collection.
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on September 21, 2013
This version of Captain America is very different from the Comics. The Red Skull is an Italian instead of a German. Captain America is frozen and wakes up and thinks the Nazi’s won. He has to battle the Red Skull again. This movie never made it to the Big Screen in this country and showed up on TV a time or too. There is not much action and a lot of talking. Marvel had very little to do with this movie, It’s worth the watch but does not compare to the newest version.
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on August 23, 2014
This was pretty coOL for awhile. Roger Corman may be cheap, but he did a good job with props. I really liked the Red Skull and his origin. That actor did a good job playing the villain. Problem is the story kind of loses it's way after the Captain is brought into the 20th century. It's like, the writers ran out of ideas and it became a grudge match between the Red Skull and Capt.America.... I think if the story was kept in the War era it would've been perfect.
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