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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars

on August 28, 2017
Great service. Really good book.
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on May 2, 2013
If you like fantasy stories, you'll love this one. Very enjoyable with lots of adventure. Good for all ages. Highly recommended
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on March 17, 2013
I stumbled across this book while it was free and was delighted at what I discovered. The novel is a delicious mix of science fiction/fantasy and religion. Although it is a YA book, there certain is a draw to an older more studied audience. As I have a feel for the biblical underpinnings of this story, there were many hints to explain how the time periods relate to biblical information. This author did a fantastic job and I will look for more writings in this series.
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on February 28, 2013
Captured in Atlantis is a fascinating read. The battle between good and evil is vividly portrayed in this sequel to The Boy out of Time. The relationship and "mental joining" between Seth and Ben (also known as the Time Twins) continues to grow and evolve. Uncle T's conversation with the boys adds depth to the understanding of a world gone by. The many facets of beauty of the other realm and its encroaching evil show much thought and imagination on the part of the author.
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on January 29, 2013
A Review of Captured in Atlantis: Bound Together
A Time Twins Adventure by D. B Macks

Available from Amazon via [...], Kindle edition $2.99, 290 pages

Imagine two teens time-travelling between Ben's 21st century and Seth's pre-flood world, with the help of a physics genius uncle of Ben and several relatives of Seth. The antediluvian human beings all come from a time when everybody has powers that we might now label "super" and a society which is both highly advanced and very different from our own, making more use of the natural. The common thread is the struggle between good and evil and the need for intervention by those who trust the Creator and follow His leading, accepting assignments that bring adventure, danger and personal growth.

Imagine a book with elements of Narnia, Screwtape Letters, Middle Earth, Pilgrims Progress, Star Wars and Gulliver's Travels. By the use of Biblically grounded imagination, some elements of New Age thinking, such as auras and crystals, are portrayed in an original unspoiled form as part of the original creation. Also present are levitation, transfer of memories, communication with animals, existence of dragons as talking beings (some good and some evil) as well as the possibility of travel to Mars because of periodic close passes with merging of the atmospheres. There is a glow that comes from living plants and sounds that come from the stars. Using the powerful magnetic field of the earth with crystals as tools, antediluvian humans can shape matter and create images, sometimes even making them solid.

In Seth's world, everyone's thoughts are open to viewing by others. So people grow up intuitively understanding the danger in nurturing wrong thoughts. They also learn how to control and hide some of their thoughts although their emotions remain difficult to hide. Nephilim are real and unimaginably evil, both physically and spiritually powerful. They are able to even distort animals into monstrous parodies of the original creation, but more important, to plant thoughts in human beings who are twisted into either victims or perpetrators of evil.

As a result of certain circumstances, the two 14 year-old boys, who had been friends from their first meeting for what was supposed to be a summer vacation visit, become tightly mentally linked as mental twins, something rare even in the pre-flood world. It is a source of growing annoyance and conflict. They enter each other's dreams, criticize each other's weaknesses but also see the possibility of supporting each other in difficulties. When on a mission to the endangered chief city of the pre-flood world, they pass through an area controlled by Nephilim specializing in lust. Of the entire party, they are the most vulnerable because of their age. But they receive, from the wise elders, a powerful concept that is worthy of widespread promotion in our own degenerate world. Love overcomes lust. Lust is selfish, looking only at how I feel with no regard for the person who is the object of that lust. Love wants the best for the other. When lust crowds in, it should be flooded out by love, which, of course, comes originally from the Creator who values all His beings and is reflected by all who truly follow Him.

Video gamers and serious creationists, teens and adventure-loving adults will all enjoy this book, whether they end up agreeing or not with the speculation. It opens up many possibilities from which each individual can proceed to continue thinking about the pre-flood world "outside the box.".

Reviewed by Ross S. Olson MD
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on January 18, 2013
If the title wasn't enough this book is awesome. I'm ibcredibly surprised no one has posted a review besides me. I'm going to stop before I ruin anything. Enjoy
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