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on September 2, 2014
It works OK but it isn't great. It would not work with my 16gig memory card. I bought a 4 gig memory card and it started working. The video quality actually isn't too bad with plenty of natural daylight. Since I want to use it with my model rockets it will probably be OK and if I lose it, I haven't lost a lot of money. The video quality was degraded when recording inside at night with normal room lighting but passable. The audio is barely adequate. It drops a lot video frames while recording or hesitates. I assume this is while it is writing to the memory card. Like other reviews I recommend taking a look at
The version I received didn't exactly match any of the versions shown but mine most closely matched the type 23 I hope to upgrade to an official full HD version at some point but don't mind using this one as a guinea pig for a few rocket flights.
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My second one, I may buy a third. Really works nice if there is enough light. Of course the Chinese directions are a F'ing joke but you can see demos on how to use this on U Tube. pretty simple. I agree with many of the positive reviews here. The clock is hard to set (I never did). Video quality is good if scene is well lit. Does not work in most rooms at night lit by electric lights, not enough light. This is not a 'wide angle' lens, it is the equivalent of perhaps a 50mm photo lens. You have to have it back a bit so it can get everything. Will record for about 80 minutes or more. Download and/or recharge by simply plugging cord into it and a USB port. When you do so Windows will see it as a separate drive and you can view and/or save videos immediately. While you are filming there is no light or beep, it is clandestine.
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on January 25, 2014
I am happy that I received this product before the expected delivery date (YEAH!!), but the instructions that came with the product are absolutely no help. Of course, this item has had a long trip to me (from China, to Supplier, then to me), so it's still charging... so I'll update this review after it completely charges and I have a chance to use it. My PC (OS=Vista) recognized the 'camera', and it looks like it has setup a default folder for downloading both pics & vids (separate folders) to my PC. The best resource(s) I have found, because of the lack of ENGLISH instructions, have been from other successful uses on YOUTUBE. Their advice, so far, has proved very valuable. Thanks Guys/Gals. I'll update this later with results as soon as I have some. But delivery was quick.... I also bot a pocket-pen with a camera, but limited (compared to this unit) recording time / options. At least I can later compare the two (I'll look at how long these have been available in the States, as well as their comparable performance).
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on July 12, 2014
When I first saw this video cam for $8, I thought this will never work, but it is worth a try for this low price. I received it yesterday and all I can say is, I am impressed. It is a nice little toy, it works as expected. The video is good quality. The user guide is written in poor English, but it seems the manufacturer realized that from prior reviews and included a small piece of paper with the instructions on how to use this video cam in a much better English, also included is a small card asking the user to contact the manufacturer if the see any problem with the unit, rather than leaving a bad review. This tells me that the manufacturer actually cares about his product.

Anyway, having said all the above, it like this video cam, it is useful and useable, I purchased a 2gb memory card, as I do not expect to save long videos. Bottom line this is a nice toy, that comes in handy.
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on October 16, 2013
This little car remote keychain camera is fantastic. It takes good quality video and photos. Its not an HD image or anything but its not super grainy or bad at all. I can clearly see every detail in the video. The sound works great as well. I have had no problems with it what so ever. I recorded unnoticed on several occasions. The target even seen it and looked right at it but dismissed it as a normal car remote. I mostly us it indoors and have no problems. I used it outdoors once just to see how it did in natural light and have no complaints there either. I give this thing an easy 5 stars because it does the job better than I expected for less than $10. I recorded non-stop for 45 minutes using a 2GB card. When I stopped it it still had battery left to go and at least 500 more Mb of space. It seems to use about 250 Mb per 10 minutes (thats a close estimate not exact). You will need to buy a Micro SD card to go with this as it does not come with one. I have not done a test to see just how long the battery lasts on a single charge but I know it will go AT LEAST 45 minutes. Another cool feature, it saves the video every 30 minutes. I'd estimate you can get an hour out of of easily.
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on April 10, 2014
Inexpensive. Small. Extremely light.

Video and photos, for the size of the unit, are excellent.

If you want professional video quality, go buy a $1500 unit.

But, if you want a covert video, audio, photo camera to carry
on a key chain in case you confront an out of control traffic
cop. This unit is great.

Or, you can just take it apart and install the super light, miniature
video camera in a radio control helicopter and make yourself
a drone!!! lol

The uses are endless.
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on May 23, 2016
It is great working and simple to use little gadget. The camera gives the surprisingly nice picture even in dimmed light, and the mic captures the crisp sound. The rubber cover is really practical when it is on same ring with the bunch of keys. I love it and am even using it instead of my large camera. Great value for little money.

Car Alarm Remote Keychain DVR Camera
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on February 18, 2015
I was going to strap this to a model rocket like a lot of people and the video quality and picture quality are absolutely terrible,, unusable, no to mention my battery last about 90 seconds each use, and while just testing it out I was only able to get about a 20 second video and 4 pictures before it died...dead, I mean it doesn't work at all anymore, won't charge, won't power on, nothing.
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on December 30, 2015
It works as in the button, lights, charging, everything comes on, but once I plug to the computer, pshh, idk I can't fight out how to setup to work, like I'm not sure if its actually recording or not, it acts like it, but I cant get from the device to the computer to work, maybe I got to install some more stuff idk but its NOT User Friendly when it comes to the computer part, if your a crazy computer nerd, and can understand 1010010 and squares and or programming maybe you can get it to work, but I just don't understand what to do to see what I have recorded, so based on that, ill have to give it a 1, if I figure out how to use, ill re-right this review and you wont be reading this.
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on January 30, 2014
At first I wanted to give this little DVR Camera a minus one star because of the terrible English instructions, no clear way to adjust the date and time (Yes I even watched the YouTube Videos, lol) BUT after playing with it for awhile I decided that it wasn't too bad for the fact that it is a nice novelty item and a pretty decent video camera to boot.
I agree with several other reviews about the low light problems when you take a picture and/or video. My expectations were not that high in the first place. I had something similar once before and it was basically the same as this Remote Keychain DVR camera. Its cheap but surprisingly took a fairly decent video with OK sound as long as you were within a few feet of your subject. The camera also takes a decent picture, low quality but fairly decent.
If you are looking for quality, then by pass this item, but if you are looking for a fun novelty item then try this little gem. Yes you get what you pay for but it is a fun item so just because of the fun factor alone, I give it 3 stars.
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