Customer Reviews: Cardiology
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on November 13, 2010
I wanted to love this album. When both Joel and Benji had made comments about getting back to their roots, and how Cardiology would not be dance-y like Good Morning Revival was, I allowed myself to hope.

In a way, the sound is more "Good Charlotte" than GMR was. I'll probably listen to this CD more than Good Morning Revival.

But something is missing. It doesn't seem to have the heart that Good Charlotte's earlier albums did. Several songs, such as "1979," "Silver Screen Romance," and "Counting The Days" have more of the old Good Charlotte type of sound and are fun enough to listen to. However, they feel almost forced, a little desperate. They don't seem to have the "natural" feel of classic Good Charlotte stuff. As simplistic as the music style on their self-titled CD was, it seemed very raw, true, and natural. Some of the music on Cardiology feels too much like they were trying to recapture a part of their past and it's just not there anymore. It tries a little too hard.

Added to that, a few of the songs seem like they belonged on GMR. "Like It's Her Birthday" and "Last Night" in particular stand out, and not in a good way. And then "Sex On The Radio" is just so silly and ridiculous (but not in an intentional, kitchy, tounge- in-cheek way), you feel embarrassed that anyone thought it was a quality enough song to put on the CD.

And then the intro and title track. The album opens with "Introduction to Cardiology." If nothing else, this should have been left out. Good Charlotte seems to think that because they did so on Young and the Hopeless, Chronicles, and GMR, they have to open a new CD with an intro, mostly instrumental track. But where it felt natural and suited the music on both Hopeless and Chronicles (and even though the music style is not my thing, the intro on GMR fit the tone of that CD as well) it felt forced and unnatural here. Like it was added simply because intros are what they do. The CD then closes with Cardiology, a full length version of the intro. It was hard enough to listen to as an intro, the full length song was way too much.

Why do I give this 3/5 overall? Well, in part because I can't do half-stars. I feel this is pretty much a 2 and 1/2 star album. My biggest complaint with this album is it just doesn't have the heart of the older stuff. But though I will pretty much always skip over a few songs, there are other songs that are catchy and fun to listen to.
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on November 9, 2010
I began listening to Good Charlotte during my senior year of highschool back in 2000. Absolutely loved the the first album "Self Entitled" and would still consider myself to be a fan to this day. Sure, there is a huge difference from the first album Good Charlotte gave us as opposed to their more recent stuff and of course my music taste has changed a lot in the last ten years. However, I think Good Charlotte still delivers in this album. Many of the songs still provide good hooks. The main reason I am giving this album 3 stars only as opposed to 4 is that I wasn't quite as impressed as I thought I would be. Good Charlotte made a lot of claims about heading back to their old roots on this album and built up a lot of anticipation on how long the album took and how they had scrapped what they were originally working on and started over. If they were trying to duplicate their self entitled album...they didn't achieve that goal. However, there are some good songs on here if you are looking for that original good charlotte sound such as "Counting The Days". It's not a 5 star album by any means however, it's worth the 10 bucks or so it costs.
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on November 11, 2010
This is the fifth major album by Good Charlotte. Overall a decent effort but not quite as good as Good Morning Revival. "Like It's Her Birthday" was the first single released off of the album and in my opinion is the best song. The Madden brothers have put out a good but in my opinion not great album. The following is my rating of each song:

1. Introduction to Cardiology--(4/5): A nice less than a minute intro track. Nothing special.

2. Let the Music Play--(3/5): Very happy song. Probably a bit too much repetition on the "let the music play" lyrics. The song itself doesn't say very much to me. Upbeat and nice but very regular.

3. Counting the Days--(3/5): Another upbeat song. "Three's company is not my style, it's just you and me." A guy pining for his girlfriend who he hasn't seen for a while. Nothing special but catchy.

4. Silver Screen Romance--(4/5): First very solid track of the album. Great harmony. Complex lyrics a bit tough to follow. "Living in a silver screen romance" and pointing to individual screen stars asking if you are Betty Davis or Carey Grant or others. "All dressed up and ready to go for a ride" is the lyric from this song which pretty much sums up this song.

5. Like It's Her Birthday-(5/5): First single released on this album. Very catchy. Definitely the single that people are talking about from this album. Great harmony around "like's it's her birthday" lyrics.

6. Last Night--(4/5): A funky, psychedelic sounding tune at the beginning rolling right into a fast, upbeat solo. " I knew when I met her I wouldn't take it slow." Very good beat throughout the song.

7. Sex on the Radio--(4/5): Another song with a very funny sounding start to it but quickly rolls into something ok but not great. Still not really sure after a few listens what "she sounds like sex on the radio" really means?

8. Alive-(3/5): After a bunch of very fast pace songs, this one slows down slightly but not dramatically. Slow enough to feel though as if you are taking a short break. OK but not great. Not memorable.

9. Standing Ovation--(4/5): A bit of a country sounding take on their music. I think this one could be a nice break in the action for them at a live show. In my opinion one of the stronger songs on the album. Something you would listen to in the car driving along on a summer day.

10. Harlow's Song --(3.5/5): The song starts promising as another slow love song. It holds pretty well throughout. The lyrics are nice and something you would give your partner to listen to.

11. Interlude: The Fifth Chamber--(2/5): A short break in the action towards the end of the album. A total throw-away track that adds nothing to the album.

12. 1979--(4/5): The album makes a nice comeback from the totally odd "Interlude" in the track right before with an upbeat song with nice guitar playing in the background. Great harmony. One of the best tracks.

13. There She Goes--(4/5): Another beautiful song by the Madden brothers. "There she goes so beautiful.." Very catchy and you will enjoy it.

14. Right Where I Belong-(3.5): I don't think this is necessarily the best song to end the album on. Another one in the ok but not great category.
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on August 7, 2015
A quick disclaimer, I'm writing this as the boys are occasionally doing gigs but not as Good Charlotte and yes I have listened to the album. I'd give it 3 maybe 3 1/2. Good Charlotte has always been either awesome, terrible or somewhere in between. I didn't discover them until I heard a few of the songs off of TYATH and saw the videos on TV. My general feeling/opinion of this band are similar to Linkin Park; They are still good, just different, and some people have a problem with that. I'm not saying this album deserves 5 stars but a quick skim of the comments shows a fair amount of people thought they were getting really old school Good Charlotte. Granted I didn't hear what they said when they were making this album but going back to your roots doesn't mean repeating them. People complain that Linkin Park is too different now why aren't they like they were (musically) on Hybrid Theory? One they are at least thirty now and married/have serious girlfriends. Two, some of them are newly clean and sober. Their life experiences are different and so is their music; same thing with Good Charlotte. They aren't angry teenagers anymore and I think that's a good thing. Sure they've had some missteps but now that they are just Benji and Joel w/touring band it's just not the same. I'm one of the weirdos that likes GMR sure it took a few listen throughs to fully appreciate it, but now it's one of my favorite albums. I cannot say the same for this album. It's decent but not great, it IS closer to their roots, but I feel the instrumentals are forced and some of the songs belong on a different album. Honestly I think that's it, this feels like two discs jammed together, a punk album and a pop album not a punk-pop album (which is what I've always thought of them as.) As far as the individual songs I'm still on the fence. Some of them are good, some are good just not punk music, and a few are just odd. Odd because they start out good and end up being totally forgettable. Overall I'd say it's worth some of your hard earned cash but not all of it. If you're just getting into Good Charlotte look elsewhere, they are much better than this album.
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on November 2, 2010
Well, I guess the question is, what place (if any) does Good Charlotte have in the music world in 2010? They have taken quite a serious turn since they first burst onto the scene as a Blink 182 pop/punk offspring with "The Young and the Hopeless". The Madden brothers have pretty much turned into the folks they were ridiculing in "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" (or at the very least married and dated them, respectively). Although they've kept a similar look over the years, they're music has hardly resembled the pop/punk image they sold themselves on. Sometimes it's been quite successful (Dance Floor Anthem, The River), but mostly their music has left non devoted fans saying "remember when Good Charlotte was good?" It's been nearly ten years since Good Charlotte blew up, and I have to say that if you would've asked me if these guys would still be making music ten years later, I would've put a solid bet down that they would not have been. Well, they still are, and all in all Cardiology is not such a bad little album. They still can't figure out who they are ("Right Where I Belong" bares striking similarities to Angels and Airwaves, and the cheesy party cliche "Like It's her Birthday" would've been better off on the cutting floor, let alone as the lead in single. But still, there is some good stuff on here. "Counting the Days" is classic Good Charlotte, and "1979" shows Good Charlotte doing their best Third Eye Blind... and it actually works. "Let The Music Play" is another pretty catchy tune (again, with a Third Eye Blind/Sugar Ray type of sound), so maybe this is the style they are going for these days. The rest is a mixed bag, but ultimately it's more than I'd expect from this band at this point.
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on September 2, 2012
Not since Pink Floyd's "Animals" has a band conveyed a cognitive dissonance more in tune with a culture's desire to inherently dominate another subset of human than Good Charlotte's "The Young and Hopeful". Coming right on the heels of their self-titled masterpiece "Good Charlotte", these young men show that they have something to prove. Benji Madden's screams of "Girls don't like boys, girls like cars and money" show his utter disdain for the opposite sex. While at first these lyrics may seem impenetrable, if you take a second (or third, or even 27th listen like I did J), you learn quickly what he and the quartet are attempting to convey - that the US government's agenda is completely against what we as Americana stands for. It elegantly portrays a country in turmoil and upheaval, but at the same time giving the listener a sense of hope. This is what Good Charlotte has always stood for - an intelligent, emotional and elegant blend of music that makes the listener second guess his or her notions that we are alone in this vacuum that we call space and gives us hope that we as a human race have the potential for something bigger than ourselves. Take for instance the track "Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous". While at first the listener may be scared to even begin to decipher what Bengi's twin cousin Joel (and legendary yet under appreciated lyricist) may be trying to express with his obtuse wordplay, we learn that if we are willing to drop our personal barriers, there is something amazing going on - reminiscent of the 1600's era Renaissance. In conclusion, I challenge anyone to listen to this album without become overwhelmed by emotion. They may be called `Good Charlotte', but in the annals of music history, they may become known as simply "Extraordinary Charlotte"
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on November 4, 2010
Good Charlotte was my first favourite band waaaay back when Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous was released and I was in the seventh grade. I was a total groupie punk-wannabe. :P Since then, their music has gone downhill (in my opinion), my tastes have changed and I've lost interest in the band's music. But their first two albums and the cute young men in pop-punk gear still have a special place in my heart. In an interview previous to the album's release, Joel Madden promised that Cardiology would be a return to GC's pop-punk roots, and I got excited. He has also been recently quoted as saying "...we're trying to fill the void. ... Like, I think there's a need for a new Blink-182 album, and they're not working on an album. I'm a huge Blink-182 fan, but I think in general there's a void there for music like that, and in this moment, we're making a record that kind of answers to that void." Old GC AND Blink-182 style music at the same time? I feel like a kid again.

...Unfortunately, Cardiology falls far short of the expectations I had built up. The only track I cared for was "Counting the Days," and the rest got three stars or less in my music player. The songs are all terribly overproduced. Occasionally, the music itself will be catchy, but the studio-shined-and-polished vocals kill it. "Harlow's Song (Can't Dream Without You)" is a nice song, but bored me. I actually find "Like It's Her Birthday" extremely annoying. I was very disappointed in the GC boys, would not recommend this album. Billy, Paul, Benji...boot Joel out or form your own side project!
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on November 21, 2011
I really like Cardiology. It seems to me that every album they release has me nodding my head saying, "Yeah, this one is better than the last one." Maybe that's just because I like new music, but I think this album just feels complete. There was something about Good Morning Revival that was dark and empty, although there were a handful of songs that really stood out.

There has been a lot of hype about the band returning to their roots, and almost as much disappointment that they didn't. But I think they did it right. I think they made the same kinds of songs that they made when they first started, but 1) they don't sound like a high school garage band the way they did on their debut album and 2) they don't sound as bitter as they did on The Young and the Hopeless. Overall I am quite satisfied with it, and I look forward to their next album.

As always, it's hard to classify these guys. They aren't completely alternative, but you can't put them all the way in pop either. And as for punk, that's all but disappeared by now as far as I can tell.

Will I still be listening to this album years from now? Probably not. Will I still be listening to "1979"? Absolutely! Good Charlotte always manages to include a few songs that just connect with me, and even if my music preferences change I will still cherish those songs. With any luck, they will keep at it and give us another album in a few years.
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on February 12, 2013
I think this is the best GC album! I love all the songs, awesome lyrics as usual and their music has nicely progressed from their first album. There are the fun songs at the beginning, like "Counting the Days," "Like it's Her Birthday," "Last Night," and "Sex on the Radio." Also there are several excellent deeper songs with lots of strong emotional feel, like: "Alive," "Harlow's Song," "Standing Ovation," and "Right Where I Belong." These 4 are probably my 4 faves because of the strong emotional feel to them. The more I listen to this album, the more it grows on me and I love it definitely grew on me at lot from the first time.
I hate how other reviewers gave it poor reviews because it's not exactly like their first couple albums...yes, it's better! I do like their earlier albums too, but they have gotten stronger over the years, like bands should with experience. I highly recommend this album, if you like GC!
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on August 3, 2011
Not a big GC fan. In fact, I've only heard a few of their singles over the air and some lesser known stuff on Pandora. This album was given to me as a gift and I popped it in and allowed the album to play as I was cleaning my apartment. I gotta say, not sure where all the hate is coming from but it might be that people are mentioning that it is not like their old stuff.

To be quite honest, I don't care that it's not like their old stuff (since I don't really know what their old stuff was), I find this album very uplifting and very solid. It has a New Found Glory/ Blink 182 / Relient K feel good album. It brings my spirits up whenever I listen to this album.
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