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on March 31, 2013
When I opened this up, the first card said 'a bigger blacker dick'. That's all you need to know. Best game ever
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on June 11, 2017
I wanted to give this set a 4.5 stars I rounded up to 5 stars.

Game number 2: 75 White cards, 25 black Cards, 8 blank White cards and 4 blank black cards. I did find a couple of duplicate cards between Pack 1 and 2 -- they just added the word "bigger" -- to me about the same words.

Economically it is best to buy the starter game of Cards Against Humanity because of that you get 550 cards for $25 but for these expanded ones are $10 apiece and with each you get 100 cards.

I have purchased five expansion sets, number 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6. I would have bought it 3 but I didn't see it at the time. You can see my review for the starter game at the end of this review

With all the expansion sets you get a total of 100 black and white (mostly White) cards. In addition to those you get eight blank white cards and four blank black cards. I wasn't quite sure how I would use the blank cards but what I decided to do is at the end of each game to ask my guests to write down on a piece of paper what they would put on the white and black cards. This way I won't be held responsible ;-) if someone finds a card offensive. I could always just say that one of my guests recommended that. In fact, if anyone reading this review wants to add a comment with some good questions or phrases for the blank cards, feel free to do so!

Black question card:
- My mom freaked out when she looked at my browser history and found ______.com_____/blank.

Interesting thing about the black question card is that two blanks mean that you have to give to White cards for that.

Interesting White cards:
- taking a man's eyes and balls out and putting his eyes where his balls go and then putting his balls in the eye holes.
- A squadron of moles wearing aviator glasses.
- Whining like a little bitch.

Two cards that might not be so funny:
- Daddy's belt.
- Grandpa's ashes.

Here is my original review of the starter game:
When I first heard about Cards Against Humanity, I thought: wow this could be a humorous and interesting game! You don’t have to be a horrible person to enjoy this game, but having an active imagination or perhaps an adventurous spirit certainly helps. Cards Against Humanity is much more than that. The first time I played this game was with a group of ladies that range in age from 50 to 75. I know these woman from my "Philosophy of Life" discussion group, so I thought this might be interesting. But I was a bit concerned because I did not know these women intimately. Well I certainly know them intimately now. I think this game can fit all ages from 18 to 100. This game is everything you think a game should be -- thought provoking, challenging, and it challenges your sensibilities. Its Taboo topics are humorous and honest, offensive yet fun, naughty and nasty, devious and diabolical, sinister and sexy. As you can see in my video, some of the cards can be quite racy. Also in my video I show some cards that we removed from our deck because some people felt they were much too sensitive of a topic to be in a card game. The one card was “Nazi.” Though we did not play this card in the game, we did have a very passionate debate on the line between obscenity and fun and taboo topics. My feelings are that with this game you can be as raw and exposed as you want to be. I experienced so many emotions, mostly humor, that as soon as my guests departed I ordered 5 more sets of the expanded versions.

As for how this game is played, it is just like “Apples to Apples” but an “adult” version. For those of you who never played that game I have included a video. The basic rules of the game are that each player gets 10 white cards. One person draws a black card and each person must choose from their white cards what they think the person reading the back cards would choose. It can be challenging when for instance (like in my video) the black card is "Why am I sticky?" My cards to choose from are: "Viking", "chucks of dead hitchhikers", "farting and walking away", "German dungeon porn", "drinking out of the toilet" and "eating garbage and passive –aggressive post-it notes". What would your choice be?
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on July 19, 2017

What can I say. It's Cards Against Humanity. One of the most offensive games to come out and commonly played by young adults. If you into games where your making fun of black people, Anne Frank, Nazis, Jews, and Asians, then you will absolutely love this game. If you get pissed or can't take a joke very well, then you will not like this game. Even if you hate vulgar and stuff, you will not like this game. If you do enjoy having a potty mouth, then you will find this game to be absolutely hilarious and want to play it every time your friends come over and invest in the expansion packs. Don't say though I din't warn you guys. (Owner of all expansions as well as Angsty Manatees and Crabs Adjust Humidity.)
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on December 4, 2015
Cards Against Humanity is a game best broken out at a party, preferably accompanied by alcoholic beverages. It's always a hit at parties, and I've never met anyone who didn't love it. This is one of many expansions available that adds more cards and more hilarity to the game. If you plan on playing this game a lot (you will), I highly recommend picking up at least one of the expansions. They're cheap, so go for it!

If you're the type who is easily offended by crude, raunchy, sexually graphic, etc. types of humor, then this game probably isn't for you.

It's very simple to play and can be picked up and understood by the dimmest and drunkest of your friends. It's very flexible as well. You can pretty much play it for as long or as short a time as you feel like, so no need to worry about having enough time to play. Rules can be created, added or altered to suit your play style or time restraints. We usually just play until most of us have passed out.

Keep in mind, if you're in a pinch for funds, the cards are always available to download for printing from the official site, free of charge.
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on March 12, 2017
*As I have ordered all of the expansion packs I will write one review for all of them seeing as THIS GAME IS SO FUN!!* If you are offended easily, please stay away from this game. If you and your friends/family enjoy "offensive" humor, this is your game! For adults only! I used to have game nights with my friends and family as I am a huge fan of card and board games and this is by far our favorite one. We have all expansions as well as the Bigger Blacker Box so there's no shortage to new pairings :). We started playing Apples to Apples before this came out and while it started out fun, it very quickly became boring. When Cards Against Humanity came out we knew it would become a favorite in no time and is now a get together MUST! Again, not for the faint of heart! Some of the cards are absolutely inappropriate... but that's where the fun is!
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on May 28, 2013
As my 28 y/o daughter said throughout her first time playing this game...."this is so not okay" and "I'm going straight to hell"
Definitely not a game for children or young teens or super religious people. But as has become our tradition to take a shot of Fire Ball Whiskey before we play the game. You know you've ventured into some things you have been thinking and some that you haven't ever thought of before! A great tension buster, a bonding game to say the least. We were introduced to this game during a family wedding weekend and although my 17 year old told me about the game a few days prior it's not a game you expect. Everyone asks "have you played Apples to Apples before", (for me NO), it's off the chart hysterical, vulgar and creative. Think MadLibs times infinity and so politically incorrect!! We opted for the first two expansions because we played the 3rd expansion at the family get together. I thought just the original game itself was hysterically funny. We've made some of our own rules up....having 7 cards instead of 10 is easier to manage, and our next game will somehow encompass being able to play the re-up card beings that card always seems to be the perfect card for the question card that was just presented. I am not a crude person nor am I a prude this card game is a "let your hair down and get comfy kinda game" Make sure you don't pee your pants.
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on September 24, 2017
If you're a terrible person, as I am, and your friends are terrible people (and let's face it, if you are, they probably are as well) Cards Against Humanity will provide hours of entertainment. Some reviewers have complained that the expansion packs are not as good as the original set, and admittedly their quality may be a bit inconsistent, but then not EVERY card in the original set is a winner either. Overall though both the original and the expansions are a win and the game definitely benefits from having the additional options provided by the expansion packs.
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on December 28, 2014
This game is hilarious, but very offensive! I do not recommend this game to be played with or around children, church clergy, nuns, your parents, your grandparents, people of any race or ethnicity, anyone with scruples, those you love, anyone you hate, senior citizens, the undead, the living, the not yet born...well, it's just not an appropriate game for many but it is freakin' hilarious. You will definitely want the expansion packs after playing a couple times because you get desensitized after a couple times. You will always be looking for crazier answers, so you might as well get one of the expansions when you buy this. Warning once you play this game, all other games get really boring!
review image
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on August 5, 2015
Great expansion, adds many funny cards and a few more blank cards. I've put the blank cards to good use. You should too. Don't underestimate what you can do with the blank cards. Now when ever me or my friends say something profane we will say something like "ah man that's got to be a cards against humanity card!"

For example, we were camping November 2014 and we're sitting around the camp fire at night and someone had brought glow sticks. One of my friends broke his stick and the glowy liquid got all over his fingers and hand. I looked over at him and said "Dude it looks like you've been finger banging the predator." Which resulted in laughs and "that needs to be a card on CAH"

So that's now a card in my deck. Fingerbanging the Predator.
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on November 9, 2014
Fun but way too many blank cards. I find people really dont laugh as hard at the blank cards because the situational nature of drawing random cards makes the game more exciting. The blank cards creak that facade of humor. While the actual cards in this pack are hilarious and well-worth it, the blanks really hinder the value of this pack. If your an avid fan, get this. It's worth it even with all the blanks.
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