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on April 21, 2015
I've tried several different brands of washable nursing pads including: TL Care Organic Cotton Nursing Pads, NUK Reuseable Nursing Pads, Philips Avent Washable Nursing Pads, and Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads. The Bamboobies are my favorites by far and are well worth the extra money. The TL Care pads are just okay-they are nice and soft but small and not very absorbent.

-The bamboobies are the most absorbent followed by Philips, then TL Care, then NUK.

The NUK pads are really scratchy and uncomfortable. The Philips pads are soft and comfortable although not quite as soft as the TL Care pads. The Bamboobies are really nice and soft. The Philips and TL Care pads are smooth cotton while the Bamboobies have a velvet feel to them.

Leak Proof:
The Bamboobies do the best job at preventing leaks-they absorb more than the other pads and also have a backing that keeps the milk from going all the way through the pad. The rest of the pads are okay for small leaks but larger leaks will go right through the pads and start soaking your shirt.

The TL Care pads arrived with several loose threads and lots of other threads have come loose over time in the wash. The pads still work fine but it's annoying. The other pads have held up well.

The TL Care pads tend to bunch up when I'm wearing them and don't stay in place very well. The NUK pads also bunch up a lot and don't stay in place. The Philips pads have a lace backing which helps keep them in place. The Bamboobies don't bunch up and stay in place pretty well.
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on August 1, 2013
I don't leak much more than dripping. These can only handle about that and no more. A few drops is ok, but any more and they'll soak through. I throw them in my bra if I'm going to be home during the day or for short term. I bought this six pack to try them out and they're nice to have, but I won't stock up and buy more. Going out, I'll still rely on they stick in disposable kind with the better absorbency.
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on February 18, 2014
While these pads absorb an appropriate amount of liquid, there is no waterproof backing so you're basically just delaying the length of time it's going to take for your bra/shirt to become wet. They also got stuck to my nipples if I only leaked a little and there was enough time for it to dry. Not pleasant!
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on May 23, 2014
I ordered a pack of 12 pads and I received those in the mail yesterday. Initially I thought they were quite nice and soft.
I threw them in the washer to get them ready for first use and followed care instructions as I always do.
The problem I have already (and I haven't even used them yet) is the fact that only 4 out of all pads kept nicely in shape and size, 5 shrunk down to half their original size and are now oval shaped, 2 are completely deformed and can't even be pulled into shape as they turned into some sort of ball and well the last one turned out missing all together.
My fault for not counting them prior to washing I suppose....
Either way I did receive a partial refund from amazon for the missing pad but that doesn't change the fact that two third of the order are misshapen and in that sense a crappy investment.
I haven't used the pads yet so I can not make any statement about absorbancy and comfort but I will update this status as soon as I have thoroughly tested the 4 usable pads.
But based on the current experience it doesn't even matter how well they hold up - I WOULD NOT PURCHASE THIS ITEM AGAIN
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on June 16, 2016
I used these for my first baby, but not my second. When I bought them three years ago, I was in this new mom stage where I was buying and trying everything on the planet. These were useful back then. However, when I had my second baby, they didn't make the cut of "necessary" items. Here's why:

I leaked through these like crazy. I leaked a ton when I was nursing. Probably a tablespoon. I eventually had to buy these little cups to wear. These pads just didn't do the trick for me. The disposable plastic-lined pads worked better.

I could also see the outline of this pad through my shirt. When I first had my baby and stayed in the house a ton to get used to nursing, I didn't really notice or mind. Then I went out one day and looked in a bathroom mirror and was kind of horrified to see just how visible this pad was under my shirt.

So, I used them quite a bit with my first baby as I was figuring out the whole nursing thing. They were great then. Once I had the hang of it, I used other products--like plastic cups and disposable pads that really blocked moisture in.
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on May 2, 2015
this is my second time using them (2nd pregnancy), and i knew from my first baby that there was no way it would work for the first 2 months when leaking is heaviest. i am now almost 3 months post partem and have just started using them, b/c i have minimal leakage at this point. even still, it leaks right through and i have to constantly wash my bras AND multiple pairs of these pads in a day. you need a ton of these pads to last u a week. buying a bunch of sets plus all the additional times u need to do laundry really don't save u any money at all. u'r better off buying 3 months worth of the disposable pads. (unless u'r doing it for environmental reasons. i wish i could be that selfless!)
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on January 3, 2014
These work well and have no seams like another brand that I bought with my last baby, so they're easier to hide under clothing. They're very soft and comfortable. They don't wrinkle (even after sitting in the bottom of basket of clean laundry waiting to be folded for longer than I'd care to admit).
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on September 2, 2015
I was tired of having to shove paper towels or toilet paper in my bra when I ran out of disposable nursing pads. I was already cloth diapering my middle daughter when I got pregnant again. Reusable nursing pads were all over the cloth diaper chat pages on Facebook, so I gave it a shot. I washed them upon receiving them and hung them on the clothesline to dry. After I gave birth to our daughter - and started breastfeeding - I put these in my bra before reaching for the disposables. At first I used 2-3 layers depending on how much I was leaking. The pads were comfortable and fit me better than the disposable ones do (I'm smaller chested). But.....when they absorbed the milk, they were wet (obviously) and uncomfortable. It felt like I had a wet wash cloth in my shirt. It wasn't a big deal if I was around the house. When I left, I would put a disposable against my bra and two cotton nursing pads on top of that - against my skin. I never had an issue with leaks after that. When wearing the cotton pads alone, they did move quite a bit and I was always having to adjust them. My husband ran them through the dryer once on medium heat and they shrunk horribly.
Pros: I loved the softness against my skin instead of the bulky paper feeling of a disposable nursing pad. I didn't mind layering the pads. I loved that I found a pad that fit my small size. They were reusable and I didn't have to worry about stuffing random items in my bra to conceal leaking when I ran out of pads. Easy to conceal in a handbag or diaper bag.
Cons: I wanted to buy two or three sets of these reusable pads because I knew I would get behind on laundry. I could only buy one set because they were kinda pricey (just my opinion). Only 6 pads come in a set - When you're layering them because you've got heavy breastmilk leakage, you'll go through those 6 pads in an hour or two. They're thin- I was hoping for a thicker cotton pad. If you're savvy with a sewing machine, you could whip up a dozen nursing pads in 30-minutes. If you're small like me, the pads move and you're constantly having to reach down your shirt and adjust them - there's no sticker like on a disposable pad.

If I do have another baby in the future, I will continue to use disposable nursing pads. And these pads will be used for something completely unrelated to breastfeeding. Save your money, do your research, buy a different brand. And don't toss them in the dryer!
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on March 3, 2016
I purchased these nursing pads under our family Prime account. The package arrived in the mail neatly packaged and on time. The pads are very soft, and a nice size to cover more surface area and (I assume) to help prevent slipping / moving within the bra; however, unfortunately when I used the pads, milk leaked through to the nursing bra and my top.

I previously purchased Medela washable nursing pads from Babies R Us, and also received Johnson & Johnson disposable pads at a shower. Both types of pads prevented leaks better than these organic nursing pads.

These pads, although soft and slightly larger than the previous pads I have, are too thin which caused the leak.

Since these have been opened and used, I will keep them and try "doubling up" on the pads when in use (i.e. using two pads per bra cup each time). Hopefully this will help to alleviate leaks.
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on September 30, 2015
No one loves nursing pads, but they're necessary, and washable organic cotton ones are far better for your baby and your skin than the disposable nasties out there that contain who knows what.

You definitely want to air dry, hang dry, or machine dry on low to avoid shrinkage and/or misshaping - they are 100% cotton after all! Also, don't use any fabric softeners; you want to keep the absorbency high, and the chemicals low! :)
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