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on January 18, 2016
My husband has a really hard time finding a style of pants that he likes. When he was younger he preferred a certain style of Levi jeans. However, as he's grown older, gained weight and is now doing work that requires more leg movements he's found that particular style doesn't suit his needs any longer. We found a pair of Carhartt Jeans like this in one of our local Western Wear Stores and he absolutely LOVED them problem was they were drastically over price by the retailer and when we went back later we couldn't find the exact style that he was so pleased with in their stock and they kept trying to sell us something they had in stock rather than order the jeans we wanted.

I recently found the same style he had previously purchased but completely worn out (I took about 4 years to do this) here on Amazon. I made the purchase and crossed my fingers that they would be the same fit. I did order them too long because he use to order 34" jeans but over time and 2 back surgeries we've found he must have shrank. lol Because now he wears a 32 inseam. Since he like the fit int the waist and straddle I didn't even bother returning them for the right length because he wears them with work boots and that allows them to bunch up and take up the extra space. I did have to send them back originally because the warehouse picker picked the wrong size pants which is another reason I didn't return them for the right length I had already returned the product once. The second issue was totally my fault so no harm no foul. He likes his pants.

These are a thick denim material and made for casual wear or working. They last a long time and are worth every penny of the asking price. Carhartt is a trusted brand and we are very pleased with the quality they offer. There are now only two brands of pants/jeans he will wear this one by Carhartt and Duluth Tranding Cargo Pants. The photos below are after several uses and being washed several times.

*I paid full price for these jeans and my husband is the member of our household that wears them for everyday use.
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on May 22, 2017
Well made jeans BUT they do run on the small side for the given, labeled size. If you're in between sizes by more than a half inch Id suggest you get one size larger.
Edit to add;
My return went smoothly, received a credit to my Amazon account the day my return was picked up. I got the next size up (44 waist) and the fit is much better. What I really like is the placement of the belt loops. I suffer from "Bat Belt" syndrome as I usually carry a bunch of different things off my belt and if belt loops aren't closely spaced my pants sag. Not any more ! I'd buy these again in a heartbeat !

I'll edit my review accordingly.
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on September 6, 2016
I purchased these exact jeans from Amazon.com 2 years ago. I clicked the 'reorder' button expecting to receive the same pants, but I was sure wrong! The 'new' version of these pants do not fit anywhere close to the pants I purchased 2 years ago. I purchased 4 pairs and each one fit differently. One pair only came half-way up my hip while the next 3 I was able to button but there were so tight it was like wearing "YMCA" pants...get my drift? :-). In addition, 2 of the pairs of pants were long, very long....in comparison to both my old pants from 2 years ago and 2 of the pants that were ordered. You can tell that quality control is non-existent at the Mexican plant where these were made.

I am very disappointed and will now need to search for pants that are reliably sized.
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I've purchased other Carhartt gear over the years, including khaki pants for work and a winter coat. All of those have been fantastic, so I decided to try out their jeans after being disappointed in the quality of the past couple of Levis 560 jeans that I'd bought. Overall, I'm very happy with the feel and quality of the denim used in these jeans, but there are some odd aspects. First, the front belt loops are so close together that it's difficult for me to get my belt tightened and in place - and I don't wear big cowboy buckles or anything. Next, they feel really tight when I sit down on the floor (they are fine in a chair), which I'm not used to with my jeans. I sit on the floor a lot, and these are relaxed fit and the same waist size that I buy in all of my pants, so I wasn't expecting that at all.

I almost gave these three stars, but they are very comfortable while walking around and feel fine when sitting in a chair. I don't like how close the front belt loops are, but overall I do like them. I did decide to buy some Wranglers after buying these, though, as these won't be my next go-to style for pants.
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on October 31, 2014
I recently tore out the entire crotch of a pair of jeans while getting into a car. Yes, getting into a car. I bought those jeans at a store known for aged nautical armed forces. Yes, that one. I was fed up, so I decided to try paying another 10 dollars for jeans (for the first time ever) and took the plunge for Carhartt jeans. They finally started making their jeans in styles other than "high-fastening old man." This style? Definitely not mom-jeans. I wear them below the waist and don't have much of the saggy-butt look going. They do run a little longer than I expected, but I haven't washed/dried them yet, so they might still shrink up a bit.

You want to talk about rugged jeans, though? The denim is nice and thick, without feeling stiff or uncomfortable. The pockets are big, the construction is simple but durable, and the fit is modern without being a skinny-jean. I don't work outside or do any manly things, so i can't speak to the general durability of them. That said, I replicated the movements that ripped my old pair of non-Carhartt jeans, and I have not yet torn through the crotch of these jeans. I say that is a success.

Also -- the lighter wash? Give it a shot. Jeans these days all seem to be running really dark, and maybe that's the fashion, but I really like the look of this medium wash. It's a little more classic and goes well with lots of different colors. I wear a lot of black t-shirts, and the dark-wash jeans look kind of weird with a black t-shirt. These jeans just look timeless and normal. Oh, and I should add: I'm kind of a fat guy, and I like the way the legs of these jeans look. They're not tapered much (if at all), so I don't look like a cartoon character walking around in them.
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on May 4, 2015
These jeans look great, they are well made and the price is reasonable but, two problems.

I ordered “relaxed fit jeans” and what Carhartt calls “relaxed fit” is far from a comfortable relaxed fit. There is no ball room. Sitting is tight and squatting is very tight. I thought a relaxed fit would be more like chinos. I thought comfort considerations would override looks and stylishness -- particularly from Carhartt.

I have been wearing 34x34 pants for over 60 years. The waist is fine and the inseam length is exactly 34, but the waist is just a bit low and the crotch is skin-tight.

Lest you think I am just fat, most people would consider me slender at 6' 3” and 183 pounds. I would like to weigh ten pounds less, but if I did, these jeans would still fit exactly the same. The belt line on these jeans is below one's real waist line.

The second issue is the depth of the front pockets. It is difficult to sit down in these jeans with a cell phone in your pocket or much of anything else for that matter. It is possible, but I must reach down and twist my phone to just sit down. I intend to have two inches added to the left pocket but, one inch would probably eliminate the problem. I have a Nexus 6 phone which is larger than most, but it fits in chinos or suit pants with no problem.

If you are looking for stylish, skin-tight-in-the-butt jeans and don't carry a cell phone you will love these jeans. If you want comfort you won't.
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on November 6, 2015
There are good things about these jeans, but I am going to write it with two stars and elaborate. Also, I am going to compare these jeans to Levi's 550's. OK. I wear a size 38/30 in Levi's. My wife complained that the Levi's 560's were too baggy for me. So, I ordered a pair of 550's and these Carhartt's to compare. The 550's do seem less baggy, but not much less, than the 560's. I wanted to try the Carhartt's to see hwo they were, as I can't find them locally.

Carhartt has a plus. The fabric is sturdier(read that as thicker) than the Levi's. Levi's have gotten cheap over the years. Carhartt's look like they will hold up better than the Levi's. HOWEVER, the problem I found with the Carhartt's is that the rise is way to short. I need a longer/higher rise in jeans. The Levi's 550's had as good a rise as the 560's. When I tried on he Carhartt's, it felt as if I had just put on a pair of hip huggers.
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on October 7, 2017
I have a habit of ordering 2 or 3 jeans at a time and there is always some small size differences. This last time I ordered 3 pairs of 33" and all are labeled 33" but 1 fits tight in all parts (like a 31 slim leg), the 3rd pair fits like a 34" extra baggy and the last pair (i'll call the Goldilocks pair) fits exactly like they should and like most of my other B460 Carhartts. I have noticed a trend with my Carrhartts, the quality control in sizing has gone out the window
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on November 3, 2015
I've been wearing similar Carhartt jeans for a while. I bought these here on Amazon. These have the same quality and toughness. In my opinion these are an excellent value in that you get a good pair of jeans for the money.
I have moved from "Loose Fit" to "Relaxed Fit". The relaxed fit are not as roomy in the seat and thigh as the loose fit, so if you are used to the loose fit you need to understand these will fit tighter - not tight but tighter than loose fit. These are by no means slim fit "skinny" jeans. As for waist size, they are sized just like other Carhartt jeans I've purchased. Jeans are sized about an inch bigger than listed compared to their pants. I have no idea why that is, but it is consistently that way. So, the waist size will be the same as what you're used to if you've been wearing Carhartt jeans. If you are used to Carhartt pants then order one inch less than your current size. That's what works for me anyway.
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on August 11, 2014
I usually buy LL Bean jeans, but decided to try these Carhartts. I won't be back, but my reasons may not make sense for you, in which case these could be very good value.

The good:
Apparently high quality, tough material
Fit is generally as expected
Nice large belt loops
Hip pockets a good size
Front pocket material apparently very good
Price quite reasonable

The bad (for me):
The "rise" (distance from crotch to belt) is a little shorter than I like
The watch pocket is tiny: Both short and narrow. Won't hold what I usually store there.

The odd:
The cloth that has the zipper embedded, and the pocket material are "Carhartt brown". That's perfectly acceptable: It doesn't show; but it looks odd as you put on your pants. I might grow to like the effect, I suppose, if the pants fit just a little nicer on my body.

The color as illustrated online is accurate. Don't know how these will be after many washings (I'm sure it will fade at least some), but for now the color is as expected.

Bottom line: I believe the quality is excellent, but they skimped a little bit on the watch pocket which matters to me; and they skimped a little bit on the rise. If your body is a little tighter than mine, and if you don't use the watch pocket, then you might find these to be excellent value.
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