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VINE VOICEon April 29, 2015
We've used this sun block for 6 years, and it's still a great product. It works well without all the added crap or commercial brands.

It goes on a bit heavily, and no matter what you do leaves a white residue. That's the case with any natural sun block, however. This one is the best we've tried, and it smells nice. Also, if it gets in your eyes, it doesn't sting like chemical sun blocks do.

One thing I wish the company would attend, though, is the protective seal. We have received bottles for which the protective seal had come completely separated from the bottle, and was jammed up inside the lid. Anyone could open the bottle and contaminate the contents. I'm not thrilled about that. This seems to be a production oversight, which I have reported to the company.

I highly recommend.
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on June 11, 2015
For years my family has used Caribbean Solutions regular sunscreen and loved it, but since the price had gone up, I decided to try this one.
The odor from this lotion is awful and we used it on our last trip to Mexico and got burned. That never happened with the other lotion. I would not buy this product again.
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on August 27, 2010
Many of the "natural" sunscreens still have the chemical sunscreens in them that are carcinogenic. This one does not and is rated quite well at the environmental working group website for safety. I've tried 4 or 5 truly natural sunscreens that use titanium or zinc oxide. Some were horrific, this one is the favorite of the whole family. Just a warning the Burt's Bees Sunscreen was the worse if you're looking around at options, it went on so dry you couldn't spread it, it clumped, sweated off almost immediately, and it didn't work, I burned terribly. So, finding one that works for you is important.

Back when I bought this I was looking for the non kid version of this but the kid one was a better deal at the time. I haven't tried the "adult" version but this kid version is great for the entire family and we all love it. The smell is absolutely wonderful, very fruity.

Any natural sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium oxide will go on white. But, this one rubs on nicely and eventually as the sunscreen heats up it will become less white and eventually barely noticeable. The price and quality is very reasonable on this product.

The truly natural sunscreens like this are not overly water proof but once again this one was the best of the other's I tried. It at least could handle some sweat, swimming and wadding around in the water. If you are full on swimming you will need to reapply every half hour or so. Since its natural it will not hold up forever to the water.

Over all, it worked well... I did not burn, the entire family loves it and it is everyone's favorite, it goes on reasonably well for a truly natural sunscreen, it's mildly water resistant unlike some that can't even handle sweat, and I did not burn while using it. I will definitely buy this again when we run out.
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on July 14, 2009
Takes a lot of rubbing and leaves skin with a thin white layer (which is how it does it's job so well), but does an excellent job of blocking the sun and does not cause an allergic reaction like chemical sunscreens do. My skin has not had any sun damage this summer and I live in Texas. We've had 16 days of temperatures over 100 so far, and LOTS of days of blazing sunshine and heat just below 100. In the past my dermatologist had me using Falene SPF 65, which is VERY expensive, and my skin was reacting severely. He said it wasn't an actual allergy but that the sunscreen was too strong. (It itched like an allergy to me!) This works just as well for a fraction of the price. It would seem much better suited as a sunscreen for children than the chemical ones.
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on February 11, 2018
A friend recomend me to buy it, well, it is just ok. Use it for a couple weeks. I can't say it is the best thing I ever had, but, fine! Maybe better for other people.
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VINE VOICEon October 26, 2010
I bought this sunscreen, even though I had other sunscreen, specifically as a biodegradable sunscreen while I visited Mexico in order to comply with the requirements in some places like Cozumel to protect the environment and reefs. This product came recommended to me and I found the best price on Amazon (even over eBay).

I used the sunscreen on land only and it has a thick consistency that requires alot of rubbing in, much like a physical sunblock ex. zinc oxide. I have very sun sensitive skin and spent 3-4 hours in the sun walking in a t-shirt and shorts with no trouble.
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on July 6, 2014
I ordered this product as it received a good rating on the EWG 2014 sunscreen review guide. I was pleasantly surprised when we used the Caribbean Solutions Sol Kid Kare SPF 25 in FL this past week on vacation. It worked well on my children who have very fair skin. It does require reapplication but it goes on pretty smooth and my kids did not mind it too much. I will definitely order it again!
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on June 22, 2015
I spent a couple summers looking for an affordable sunscreen that's OK with me. I don't want to use any chemicals or bad ingredients on my small kids, but there are 6 of us and we sim a LOT all summer, so those tiny, expensive tubes of natural brands just don't do it for us! This was our answer. It even smells wonderful, as my kids always point out. It's the best waterproof one we've tried, and lasts longer than others in general. They better not ever discontinue it, because I don't want to use anything else!
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on January 7, 2018
kind of thick and hard to spread, but works well as a sunblock.
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on May 25, 2014
This sunscreen is rated a 1 on the EWG Skin Deep 2014 list of best sunscreens, and at $1.49 an ounce, I could not pass up the opportunity to try it. This goes on more smoothly and easily than Alba Botanica and Badger, but it smells awful. My kids act like I'm rubbing poison on them, which is ironic, because I bought it specifically to *not* rub poison on them.

Will buy again at this price because the smell does fade after about five minutes. At a higher price, I'd likely choose something a little more nose-friendly.
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