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on July 10, 2015
Like many, my tires arrived compressed. I have seen several complaints with regard to this. Having worked as a mechanic I am here to tell you that while automotive tires are not compressed this way for shipping, most large lawn tractor tires are. This is not the shipping people, this is the manufacturer who does this. The trick is to remove the shipping straps/materials and place the tires in a warm place to "decompress." They will eventually "pop" into their original shape as manufactured. If you try to mount them too soon, and you put them at the proscribed pressure, you'll end up with your tire rolling off the rim repeatedly. In fact I've seen cases where people did this and the tires ended up with a permanent saddle shape. If you don't have a nice warm sunny climate or a good heated spot (like right below a heat duct) in a shop, you can use a heat gun on low to warm them. I have done this in winter time when replacing tires on winter equipped snow rig tractors. Just warm them gradually. In one case I ended up heating and reheating the tires on and off over the course of a couple of days until they finally took shape.

The tires themselves perform well. They arrived in excellent shape. Other than a little "flash" rubber at the bead of one (which was easily trimmed to make a better seal) I have no complaints with the quality.

EDIT: I did forget to mention one problem with the tires. Actually only with one tire. In spite of them being, as you can see from my included photographs, Carlisle Turf-Savers, Made in U.S.A. and 4 ply, one tire had a nasty defect.

The side wall height is imperfect, in fact off by about a centimeter. This caused the tire to be very difficult to mount to some degree, and causes it to lose air due to imperfect bead seating on the rim. I solved the problem by installing an inner-tube.

The problem with "Made in U.S.A." these days is that US standards are nowhere near like they used to be. Once upon a time American laborers did a great job because they took pride in their work. Now most of our labor force is made up of entitled folks who'd rather take a day off whenever possible.
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on July 9, 2014
You need a couple of tools to install this tire. Since it is so small it's a little different than a car tire. I am an amputee ( Leg above the knee) and I am in a wheelchair so if I can do it anyone can if you apply your mechanical knowledge. You will need a couple long handled regular screwdriver ( About 12" long, blade type) . Put new tires in really hot water to soften to make installation easy. Now remove tires/wheels from tractor. Remove inside of Valve stem ( Where you put the air in) and let all the air out.If stem isn't good, reuse it, if not replace it. I stick one screw driver in under the lip of the rim and grab the edge of the tire and pop it up then insert other screwdriver and work it to the other side. Use a little bit of soapy water, it helps. keep working the tire off on one side then keep it on the same side and do the same thing with the other edge of the tire repeating the same thing on the other tire. Now you take one of the new tires out of the hot water and put a little soapy water around it's bead ( inner edge of tire where it meets the rim). Use screwdrivers to get some of the bead on the rim. Then take a pair of Vise grips and attach one to the edge of the rim where you have stopped with your screwdrivers to hold the tire in place. Now work your screwdrivers in and start working the bead of the rest of the tire on and use a little bit more soapy water if needed. Once that bead is installed, keep wheel and tire as is and work on the other bead installing the same as previous bead. Install new inner valve at the valve stem and using a small ratcheting strap, tighten around circumference of tire. Now put air to tire valve stem and be sure that tire bead seats on both sides all the way around. Do not overfill with the ratcheting strap still on tire. Remove strap and fill tire to appropriate PSI. Mount and do next tire. Not a bad job just takes some time and saves you some BUCK$!!!!
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on May 29, 2014
Received first set of tires and they were banded almost flat. One looked like a triangle it was so badly mangled. I couldn't mount them and neither could a tire shop using a cheater. I returned them for a replacement set. The replacement set showed up not as badly flattened. One tire mounted after using straps to compress and spread out the tire. The other tire I had to use straps and starter fluid and a propane torch to warm it up enough to become flexible and eventually got the seal tight enough to where the starting fluid exploded and set the tire on the rim. Beware if you order large size tires and more than one at a time they will be banded together so tight the tires will collapse to where you are going to have to work to get them to mount.
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on July 2, 2017
"Holy H***, what happened to this" said the Wal-Mart technician as he looked at the tire I had received from Amazon.

I decided, like other reviewers, that with the help of YouTube and others I would DIY my tire replacement. I got the tire and immediately followed the advice of others and put it in hot water. And still it didn't take shape. So I left it in the sun all the day the next day and you know what? It still didn't take shape. Finally, I turned our hot water up as high as it would go and put the tire in scalding hot water - and still nothing happened.

I managed to get it on the rim and took it to Pep Boys and they wouldn't touch it. They all made really funny faces looking at it in fact. Then onto Wal-Mart, where my plan was to just buy a new tire completely. The technician figured out the situation though and decided to give it a shot - needless to say - it wasn't easy for them. The ended up blasting it not once, but twice, with air before it would take shape on the rim.

So, does it work? Yup, it does, if you can get it installed.
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on June 19, 2017
Sometimes, you think 'I can do it myself', especially with YouTube videos showing that it can be done. As MANY reviewers have noted, these tires may arrive in not-so-good shape, being warped/compressed/squished condition on delivery. Mine were such.

I tried nearly EVERYTHING mentioned in reviewers notes and YouTube, including:
warming up in the sun
warming up in front of heater
hot water bath
the strap-squish technique
even the 'brake-cleaner explosion' technique.
NOTHING would get these malformed tires to mount
In exasperation, instead of just returning these, I took them to John Deere Tractor supply locally. They said 'take them to Les Schwab'. So I did.

Even Les Schwab could not mount these - they ended up putting inner-tubes in to get them to seat. So, $50+ later (cost of mounting and two innertubes), I have my tires. Oh yeah, Les Schwab sells the tires too, and I woulda saved money just going there in the first place, not to mention the several hours lost struggling on my own.
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on June 9, 2015
Mine were shipped without a box, strapped together, but they arrived safely and quickly. They were a little flattened but not as much as I expected from the other reviews. Taking the old tires off and reinstalling certainly will try your patience if you choose to do it with typical household garage tools. I used a couple large flat bladed screwdrivers and a flat pry bar. Took about an hour to do the two tires for the front of my riding mower and a fair amount of colorful language. Of course you can go into a tire shop (our small town has a great one) and they can probably do each tire in about 90 seconds, but cheapness and stubbornness prevailed on my part. One of the difficulties in removing the old tires was breaking the bead seal along the rim loose. On one tire I resorted to putting the tire and rim, flattened of air, into a large vise and squeezing the two rubber sides together (not the steel rim) and that worked like a charm. For other tires I've needed to use the ratchet-strap-squeezed-around-the-outside trick to help seat the bead when inflating, but neither of these new tires required that, they both sealed fairly quickly. The tread and overall quality seem to be about like the original tires I was replacing.
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on March 23, 2014
I recently purchased these from Amazon at a fine price. They were received on time. The tires were well rounded and not in the least out of shape. I attribute this to the fact that the wrapping straps were just snug and not overly tightened. At a little local tire shop I found two guys who changed four tires for me for $5.00 each. After watching how hard they had to work to replace my tires, I counted my blessings for having found them.

The rear tires (the ones I'm reviewing here) are mounted and running fine. I did notice that they are marked as having a max PSI of 12--not 10 and that is what I put in them.

I rated these a 4 and not 5 because I really am not convinced they are better than other 16x6.50-8's you might find elsewhere. I bought 2-ply because the softer sides of 2-ply probably contribute to a slightly softer ride. In my case, these 2-ply tires' rated load limit well exceed the load my little 15 year old John Deere sx-85 places on them. If you have a large mower you will want to check the tire load. It is probably close enough to divide your mower's total weight with you on it by 4 to determine the load of each. If that number exceeds that for which the tires are rated, you might want to consider 4-ply tires.

I recommend these highly--particularly when the price is right.
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on December 29, 2016
The tires showed up not as described in the add. Tread pattern not the same as advertised. Tread was aggressive like a four wheeler tire. I bought these as a present for my father for Christmas. He didn't want to return in fear of hurting my feelings. Had them mounted an tried them out. More like turf killer tires, not turf savers. If he didn't have them mounted up I would have sent them back.
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on September 24, 2014
Great price and product. The issue is with the way that Amazon banded and compressed 2 of the them for shipping. The tires are so out of shape that they look like compressed triangles even after unbanding them. Old school methods of using a ratchet strap or rope around the diameter of the tire to get it to take bead won't work because of the distorted shape. Probably worth spending $10 more per tire and buy them local so that they are round when mounting.
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on July 17, 2017
Good Product, glad I went to the Carlisle. Were not too hard to get on. Hardest part was popping the beads on the old tires.
Used a small crowbar and a few screw drivers. 2 tires took my about 20 minutes from start to finish. I let tires sit in the Carolina sun for a few hours and soaped the bead/inner lip of the rims. I will make sure I put tire dressing on these so they sidewalls don't dry out and lead like my old ones.
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