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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon April 2, 2016
Obviously if you look at the reviews here this is a movie that divides audiences. Still, 58% give it a four or five star rating, so those who do like it seem to like it quite a bit . I;m one of those. I think whether or not you like this film is largely dependent upon expectations and what you look for in this genre. You would have to call this a post-apocalyptic film, but don't look for anything like The Road and its scenes of bleak destruction. The budget is not big here, so this film takes place during the end of an epidemic that has killed almost everyone, and killed them so fast that most everything looks pretty much like it usually does. There are no zombies in this apocalypse, so no massive traffic jams, either. The infected are purely human, just sick, dying people and they do not come running at top speed to eat you. There are no post apocalyptic camps with tricked out vehicles or people ready for a Sid Vicious concert. So if you're looking for any of those things you are going to be disappointed.

Although I can enjoy any of those other takes on the post apocalyptic scene, I tend to like best the ones that don't glamorize it or overload it with action, but which portray it pretty much as it would really be. That's what this film does. Brian (Chris Pine) and Danny(Lou Taylor-Pucci) are brothers; Brian is a jerk and knows it ; Danny, younger, was a student at Yale. They are uninfected and decide to go to Turtle Beach, where they spent many happy childhoods. It seems to be several states away (and the beach was shot on Texas' Gulf Coast). Brian brings his girlfriend Bobby (piper Perabo) and Danny his friend Kate (Emily Van Camp), both of whom are also uninfected. There are strict rules to follow if they are to remain safe.

The film builds on the normal tension and fears that would occur on such a journey. Things do happen and they have consequences. The threats are real but they are normal sized and don't depend on outsized frights. After all a single angry dog or a pair of muggers would be a serious threat in real life. You don't always need supernatural creatures or hordes of cannibals. These people are really trying to survive in a world where an invisible virus is fatal. Some people find this all too slow paced, but it allows for tension to build up among the very credible actors. Some people don't like the characters, especially obnoxious Brian and find the others a bit air-headed or not survivalist enough to survive. But these are the kind of people who might accidentally survive; there's no requirement of heroism or bravery.

I find the movie unsettling and unrelenting in its way. If you can take this movie on its own terms, it's really good.
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on August 10, 2016
A very different type of "zombie" movie, in the age of zombie movies. You rarely actually see the infected (presented as some sort of virus/rash that slowly takes over your sanity and makes you incredibly ill). There are no scores of undead - it actually seems people aren't reanimated upon death. This is simply as story about survival in a world where that has become a difficulty.

It's hard to describe the movie in detail without giving too much away. Just like Zombieland (actually released after the film was created, but Paramount chose not to give Carriers a release until after), there are rules to survival in this world. Avoid the infected at all costs (even their breath can be incredibly contagious). Disinfect, disinfect, disinfect. The sick are already dead. You may survive if you stick to these rules, but as the characters discover throughout their journey, sticking to them is a completely different story.

Their goal is Turtle Beach - where the two brothers Danny (Lou Taylor Pucci) and Brian (Chris Pine) went as children, and they are joined by their friends/girlfriends Bobby (Piper Perabo) and Kate (Emily VanCamp). Turtle Beach may be one of the last places the virus hasn't reached, and somewhere they four hope to find a resthaven. Along the way they encounter situations that put their "rules" to the test (Stranded old ladies, just wanting to bum a ride to safety, a father and his little girl who is already sick, hoping to be taken to the only place where a "cure" might be available ... and what happens when one of their own is infected.) It's a thought provoking movie, and one of the more realistic scenarios of any in this particular genre.

I urge anyone who is a fan of these type of movies to give it a shot. It's a very underrated film and one I believe would have been more popular had it been given a national release. For now, it simply rides on the coattails of the zombie genre and Chris Pine's sudden rise to fame.
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on June 26, 2017
As a huge fan of the apocalypse/survival genre, I pretty much watch anything put out. This one had some great parts, some really, really emotional and thought-provoking scenes. Those scenes remind me of The Road at times - but DO NOT expect this to be The Road.

This is not a zombie flick or even action-packed. It's a tale of this group making their way across America ravaged by some sort of flu virus. Very realistic premise and portrayed well. The main character is a total douche and annoying to even watch, and sometimes the characters making incredibly stupid decisions - but sadly those sort of people actually exist, so I overlooked it.
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on February 11, 2012
I've only seen it on dvd but I really can't imagine this would've been a satisfying theater-going experience for me. It's right up my alley, viruses or zombies or post-apoclyptic nightmare, etc. But it's also really another genre I love, emotional dramas. I didn't know much about it when I bought it but I'm glad I wasn't expecting a zombie horor film, it's a more personal drama about the four main characters.

No plague set-up or explanation, we're dropped right into the middle of the aftermath in the beginning of the film. There's a lot of cliched behavior from other post-apoc movies. The reckless driving, the drinking and who gives a s*** attitude towards life, the gas rationing and (my least favorite part), the golf course montage.

Would I behave that way? I never can decide. I might be like a kid in a candy store, or paranoid hyper-vigilant beyond my wits. The characters seem to let their guard down too often, another cliche. The diving board scene for instance.

But the actors and the characters rise above the cliches, a great performance by Chris Meloni as well. I still had questions throughout about the disease and especially the spreadability of it, but oh well. Re: my title, it does work well as a small screen drama. It's more low-key than a Resident Evil, or The Crazies or 28 Days Later. As long as you're ready for that, and maybe like my sister you can't stand the "Dawn of the Dead" guts-eating(!) then this may be for you too.
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on December 16, 2016
Slow moving movie with a staggering plot that seemed to meander to nowhere. I had such a hard time paying attention to this movie because it kept waining on the boring side. I managed to watch it all the way through but it was definitely like torture and not enjoyment that movie goers seek.
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on July 15, 2016
Carriers was not a terrible movie, but I can’t say it was really a good movie at all, either. The general post-apocalyptic schema this movie is built around starts out interestingly enough – a world infected with a deadly plague with no cure; teens and young twenty-somethings riding around from town to town trying to find supplies, water, etc. in engaging enough, as well.
The problem with the movie is seems to use a lot of the same pieces many other apocalyptic movies have – the mix is simply kind of boring. You have the good kid who wants to help, the self-absorbed girls, one not a bad or good girl, the other a kind of semi-bad girl who of course is dating/romantically involved with the Alpha male who wants to survive at all costs. Enter the family who needs help, a man and little girl and of course the little girl is sick. Then we meet the scientists who are all dying as well. And – dunh dunh dunh – one of the members gets sick and then another and there’s a power-play about what should be done.
In the end, it’s a good enough watch for a lazy Sunday afternoon, but if you’re looking to actually pay for the movie front a rental standpoint, I would say wait until you can find it on a subscription channel – or better yet, wait until it comes on cable. If you don’t have cable, simply read the synopsis online and you’ll have about as much understanding as you really need.
If given the option for half stars, I would give it a 2.5. But, because there isn't that option, I will be VERY generous and go ahead and give it three stars.
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on May 30, 2015
I love the last man or men on earth type movies. Makes you wonder what you would do if in that circumstance. I would go raid-gun shops or military installations for weapons, rifles, grenades and anything else. They were doomed by Melonie or whatever his real name is. I would have gotten out and made him move it by threatening his daughter even though they would have been empty threats. When they got him in the car with them-his daughter doomed the 2, Chris Pine and his girl. They, most likely, would have made it to the beach if they wouldn't have stopped at the Golf place. The first mistake was the big one and the second probably wouldn't have happened if they wouldn't have gotten held up by Melonie-guy played in Law and Order,
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on December 20, 2013
If you like post-disaster movies, this may be one of the best movies that you have never heard of due to an extremely limited release in the US. The story is simply a group of friends trying to reach a safe destination after a virus outbreak has decimated the population. The acting is top-notch and the special effects are realistic. Granted, this movie does not bring anything new to the genre, but it is executed very well. Carriers is filled with a lot of "what would I do?" situations and cleverly explores different outcomes. The movie is filmed entirely from the perspective of the main characters, so there are a lot of loose threads (what started the outbreak? what happened to that character? what just happened in the background?). You know only what the main characters know. Personally, I don't think that movies should have to explain every detail, because real life just does not work that way. Carriers is reminiscent of many other movies, but stands well on it's own. It it definitely worth tracking down.
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on May 19, 2017
The story and events are great but at the end, it got ruined. No matter what, it was not nice to depict the killing of his brother.
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on April 20, 2017
Very good movie. This is not about flesh-eating zombies, it is a very realistic depiction of how things would play out in a post-apocalyptic society.
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