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on January 27, 2017
We "rented" this movie mostly for my son who has become obsessed with Mater, the tow truck, for unclear reasons. Although the movie was really for him, I really enjoyed it. We watched it twice in our 3-day rental period, and I thought it was a great story. Similar to most other Pixar movies, the story line was enjoyable for both children and adults. I thought the "message" was cute as well.

The movie was definitely a G-rated movie, and I felt appropriate for my almost 3 year old. There was some action but there weren't any "scary" scenes. I will happily watch this movie again.

And I agree with my son, Mater the tow truck is awesome.
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on June 20, 2017
Spoiler Alert: This is one of the best movies ever made....period! Every time I watch it, you can see the level of perfection they put into this movie. For instance, when McQueen stops just before the finish line, you can see his eyelids twitch when Chick passes by because of the high winds. WOW! I mean they could have just left his eyes open and not twitch, but these guys who worked on the movie knew how to deliver perfection. The story itself is amazing, and an inspiration of Cars Land in Disneyland that relives the moments of Route 66 and Lightning McQueen's and Mater's new found friendship. What can I say, I am hitting 40 and Pixar is helping me keep the child in me alive and thriving. I am so glad to be born and living in the era of Pixar and their wonderful work in delivering quality movies to the world. Thank you Disney Pixar!
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on December 13, 2016
Pride is a topic that really needs to be the center of focus in a lot more children's films. As a pastor I am glad to see films like this that attempt to underscore how dangerous pride can be, and how rewarding it can be to see others as equally valuable as yourself. You don't have to put yourself on a pedestal to get the best performance out of yourself. All achievement is a collaboration.
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on May 19, 2011
When it premiered in 2006, Cars was met with some lukewarm response from critics. It was positive but not as positive as previous Pixar films have been met. Still, Cars is a really good movie with great animation, voice cast, characters and a good story. I've never been interested in the world of racing but when I saw Cars in theaters, I realize it was not only for racing fans. It has a wide appeal and I really enjoyed it. Lightning McQueen is a very well-rounded character and you can see his transformation from selfish moron to a caring and loyal friend. The story has really good messages and as with every Pixar film, the animation and the level of detail is simply breathtaking.

Cars may not be your cup of tea but is a worthwile picture and I think it deserved the Best Animated Feature Oscar instead of Happy Feet which may be good but not as good at this one. Cars may be seen like the worst Pixar production but even worst Pixar means amazing and much much better than all the competition has to offer. Cars is an excellent film.

Video & Audio:

Cars arrived on Blu-ray on 2007 in a single-disc package. Now Disney has repackaged it alongside a DVD in order to promote the sequel that will premiere this summer in theaters. Cars BD is magnificent. You can watch every detail, every nuance, every texture in the screen. No compression artifacts are found in the print. Cars BD is amazing.

Likewise, the 5.1 uncompressed Audio is the equivalent of the picture in the sound department. You can hear everything with absolute clarity.

Bonus Features:

In comparison with other Pixar BD sets, Cars is somewhat light in the bonus features department but still has a lot of insight bonus material.

First you have the Cine-explore feature which allows you to see the picture in an interactive way where you can choose between two audiocomentaries (one with John Lasseter and the other with the animators), also this feature enables you to pick some featurettes that will appear from time to time. This mini documentaries include design of characters, settings, graphics, animation and more. If you prefer you can also watch this documentaries separately. You also have deleted scenes, a game, the shorts One Man's Band and Mater and the Ghostlight, the inspiration for the movie and more.

A DVD copy is also offered.

Sneak Peeks:
Some trailers include:

Cars 2 (in theaters June 24)
The Lion King: Diamond Edition (on BD and DVD this fall)
The Incredibles on BD (already released)
Dumbo: 70th Anniversary (on BD and DVD Sep. 20)
The Fox and the Hound: 30th Anniversary (on BD and DVD Aug. 9)

Closing Thoughts:

Cars is an excellent film that is worth watching. With stunning video and excellent audio and many insightful bonus material this BD/DVD combo is a must-own release. Completely recommended!!!
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on August 16, 2017
If you haven't seen cars, its a really good movie, and it teaches the value of community and friendship over self interest. Lots of movies made these days have no message or the message isn't really what it should be, this one still carries, and my kid loves it.
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on January 4, 2018
Super movie for both kids & adults - we rented this series when we were sitting kids from our bible study group & everybody had a rocking good time ... oh come on ... it's PIXAR ... fan-freaking-tastic ...
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on August 1, 2008
I feel forced to write about seeing "Cars" for the first time in Blu-ray.

I have a five-year old named Benicio. "Cars" was his first experience in a real movie theater. On DVD, he used to watch it several times a day; it was basically background to his daily activities running around playing at home.
He knows the movie intimately, and since he knows how to use the remotes, actually maneuvers around the film at will.

Well, I was recuperating from surgery, and I plopped this disc into my new Blu-ray player the afternoon after my hernia repair. Ben plopped down right next to me, seeing the disc case, asking, "Are you going to watch "Cars"? Can I watch it with you?"

The movie loaded and unspooled, and you would have thought he had never seen it before.
Was it the three-dimensional, hypnotizing, hyper-real images? Was it the completely enveloping audio mix?
Who knows? But let me tell you WHATEVER it was, it worked magic on my little guy. He got back into the movie as if it was a totally new experience.

Now as a father who probably could lip-synch the movie if pressed, I have to tell you the same exact thing happened to me. I was lost in this "Cars" world. The picture was crystalline; the audio pure.

What an extraordinary experience for a film buff! I felt a true sense of rediscovery. Details, in-jokes, audio subtleties..."Freebird" indeed.

Anyone who owns a Blu-ray player should have a copy of this already on their shelf.
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on June 11, 2017
Such a cute movie! I haven't met a Pixar film I haven't loved. My kids love cars, and this movie was just right for them. No scary monsters or scenes a toddler can't watch. Just enough jokes to keep the adults entertained as well. Cars 2 is just as cute, and I can't wait for Cars 3 to come out.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 10, 2006
Rookie race car Lightning McQueen might "float like a Cadillac, sting like a Beamer," but, at 116 minutes, CARS still took a leap of faith that it'd be able to hold the attention of its targeted rugrat audience. But, because this animated film is helmed by the Pixar folks (who apparently can do no wrong), CARS is diverting enough, oooh-inducing enough, and plot-worthy enough that the two hours mostly fly by in attentive bliss.

The story and its message itself are nothing new - about how one should take the time to slow down, smell the flowers, and just aw-shucks appreciate life's awesomeness, and also how it's about the journey, not the destination...Trite, you say? Yes. But, you know what? Contrived and derivative though CARS's storyline may be, that time-worn message is still given brand new luster by the very credible and honest voice performances of the all-star cast and by the very outstanding and glossy animation provided by the Pixar Animation Studios. Owen Wilson (the cocky but inevitably likable Lightning McQueen), Paul Newman (the gruff Doc Hudson), and Larry the Cable Guy (that nutjob Tow Mater) are particularly wonderful in their roles; but every actor involved is nicely cast, including NASCAR legend Richard Petty as veteran race car champ The King.

I appreciated and was moved by the movie's touching portrayal of the sparsely used Route 66 and its discarded mini-town Radiator Springs, which became forgotten when, to save an extra 10 minutes of driving, an interstate highway was built which bypassed it. This movie's world may be wholly populated by cars but one could certainly feel for the forlorn folks of Radiator Springs and their plight. The extra feature segment "Inspiration for CARS" delves more into Route 66 and its pit-stop towns that were left behind, which proved to be the basis for Radiator Springs.

Special Features include 2 animated shorts: "Mater and the Ghost Light" (where everyone gets their revenge on the prank-pulling Mater) & the great "One Man Band," CAR's full 4-minute-long epilogue shown without the end credits (where you can fully relish the automobile film versions of TOY STORY and MONSTER, INC.), the "Inspiration for CARS" segment with director John Lasseter, and over 10 minutes of deleted scenes.

So, is CARS as good as Pixar's past monster hits? Heck, no. But CARS, on its own merit, is definitely worth watching. While it doesn't make you consistently laugh out loud, you'll get a chuckle here and there, and you'll end up having a good time. You might even feel a twinge of nostalgia or a pang of regret at the passing of a Route 66 that was at its heyday. Certainly, James Taylor's music helps to evoke those feelings. The voice cast plays their A-game, and, as usual with these Pixar cats, the animation is really something to behold. I had no idea automobiles could be so expressive and could garner such empathy. I went into this film when it first came out, thinking, "Huh, cars that talk. Okay..." But the movie did such a good job that when I walked out, I thought of these cars as real folks, though housed in steel, rubber, and a coat of paint. Doc, Mater, Sally, Guido, Luigi, Lightning McQueen...they're all good folks. So, yeah, man, by all means, let's go tractor-tipping. But, shhhh, don't let Frank catch you...
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on August 12, 2011
This movie could possibly be the best one Pixar has put out there. The characters are all so cute, and cleverly thought out. For instance, Mr. The King is a reference to Richard Petty, and Pixar does just about everything but come out and call him Mr. Petty. Owen Wilson does a fantastic job as Lightning McQueen because even though he's a famous actor, his lines aren't tired and bored. It's almost like he enjoyed the filming.

Could they have picked a better person for the redneck tow truck than Larry the Cableguy? I don't believe so. My favorite scene in the whole movie is the tractor tipping, which I can see Larry doing. Same with George Carlin as the hippy van (it's probably the only role I've ever liked him in).

Not only is the cast great, but the story is fantastic. Lightning McQueen is that spoiled superstar, who happens to find himself in the middle of nowhere. He does some bad things to the town, and now, at his disgust, is made to spend time there and repair the damage he has caused. Because of this, he actually learns that the the "little" people of the world can actually be pretty cool, and that just because he is a celebrity, he is not the center of the universe.
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