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on December 13, 2016
Pride is a topic that really needs to be the center of focus in a lot more children's films. As a pastor I am glad to see films like this that attempt to underscore how dangerous pride can be, and how rewarding it can be to see others as equally valuable as yourself. You don't have to put yourself on a pedestal to get the best performance out of yourself. All achievement is a collaboration.
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on May 19, 2011
When it premiered in 2006, Cars was met with some lukewarm response from critics. It was positive but not as positive as previous Pixar films have been met. Still, Cars is a really good movie with great animation, voice cast, characters and a good story. I've never been interested in the world of racing but when I saw Cars in theaters, I realize it was not only for racing fans. It has a wide appeal and I really enjoyed it. Lightning McQueen is a very well-rounded character and you can see his transformation from selfish moron to a caring and loyal friend. The story has really good messages and as with every Pixar film, the animation and the level of detail is simply breathtaking.

Cars may not be your cup of tea but is a worthwile picture and I think it deserved the Best Animated Feature Oscar instead of Happy Feet which may be good but not as good at this one. Cars may be seen like the worst Pixar production but even worst Pixar means amazing and much much better than all the competition has to offer. Cars is an excellent film.

Video & Audio:

Cars arrived on Blu-ray on 2007 in a single-disc package. Now Disney has repackaged it alongside a DVD in order to promote the sequel that will premiere this summer in theaters. Cars BD is magnificent. You can watch every detail, every nuance, every texture in the screen. No compression artifacts are found in the print. Cars BD is amazing.

Likewise, the 5.1 uncompressed Audio is the equivalent of the picture in the sound department. You can hear everything with absolute clarity.

Bonus Features:

In comparison with other Pixar BD sets, Cars is somewhat light in the bonus features department but still has a lot of insight bonus material.

First you have the Cine-explore feature which allows you to see the picture in an interactive way where you can choose between two audiocomentaries (one with John Lasseter and the other with the animators), also this feature enables you to pick some featurettes that will appear from time to time. This mini documentaries include design of characters, settings, graphics, animation and more. If you prefer you can also watch this documentaries separately. You also have deleted scenes, a game, the shorts One Man's Band and Mater and the Ghostlight, the inspiration for the movie and more.

A DVD copy is also offered.

Sneak Peeks:
Some trailers include:

Cars 2 (in theaters June 24)
The Lion King: Diamond Edition (on BD and DVD this fall)
The Incredibles on BD (already released)
Dumbo: 70th Anniversary (on BD and DVD Sep. 20)
The Fox and the Hound: 30th Anniversary (on BD and DVD Aug. 9)

Closing Thoughts:

Cars is an excellent film that is worth watching. With stunning video and excellent audio and many insightful bonus material this BD/DVD combo is a must-own release. Completely recommended!!!
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on February 20, 2010
Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) is a hot shot rookie race car on the Piston Cup circuit! On his way to winning it all, he ignores the advice of his pit crew and blows his tires near the finish line. A photo-finish shows a 3-way tie and sets the stage for the big race. A wrong turn on his way to California lands him in hot water at Radiator Springs. Sentenced to fix the road he destroyed in this old and dilapidated town something happens. The self-centered racing stud starts to care about something more than himself.

This a great movie for kids and adults. The story is wonderful as are the lessons to be learned. I am extremely partial to this film because it was my little boy's 1st favorite movie! Disney/Pixar do it again!

NOW FOR MY BLU RAY THOUGHTS: DAZZLING! The details on Blu-Ray are outageous. The picture is tremendous, the reflections and details on the cars are amazing! The sound wasn't what I expected but was fine. All the special features are carried over to HD and their are additional Blu-Ray features added! FINAL VERDICT: DON'T LOSE THIS RACE! UPGRADE, ABSOLUTELY! BUY IT!
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on April 24, 2008
Had not Lexus thought of it first, Pixar could've adopted the motto "the relentless quest for perfection" -- especially on this movie. From the story line to the voiceovers to the exquisitely fine details (including the in-jokes) of the animation, CARS is a flat-out winner, and only NASCAR fanatics (of which I am not one) could possibly care that some racing rules are conveniently ignored here and there.

I am SO glad that the animators didn't stop at the stiffer, more photo-realistic level of animation we saw in an early trailer; "humanizing" the cars by giving them the facial and body expressions required comprise just the touch that was needed. Most stunning to me was the near-photo-realistic animation of the mountains, trees and waterfalls in a high pass (which actually made Pixar's rendering farm crash at first) -- it's so breathtaking that it really needs widescreen formatting to do it justice.

After I saw it in the theater, I exclaimed, "I may never look at a car in the same way again!" I'm betting that your whole family will feel the same way.
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on June 11, 2017
Such a cute movie! I haven't met a Pixar film I haven't loved. My kids love cars, and this movie was just right for them. No scary monsters or scenes a toddler can't watch. Just enough jokes to keep the adults entertained as well. Cars 2 is just as cute, and I can't wait for Cars 3 to come out.
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on December 30, 2013
This movie is fun for little boys and parents aren't likely to be too annoyed by having to listen to it over and over again. With that being said, there are a few remarks and things that are shown that allude to other things. Nothing horrible, but if you are guarding your child's eyes or ears you may not wish to watch. "Hillbilly Hell" and "I'd give my left lug-nut" are terms that come to mind that I remember hearing. Not exactly what I'd want my kid repeating, but nothing that I'd get upset over either.
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on August 24, 2013
Purchased for my 2.5yo son who loves almost anything with wheels. He pretty much watches this movie once every 1-2 days (he would watch it everyday or several times daily if I let him); he also loves Finding Nemo. Story seems a bit advanced for his age, but he is able to sit through most of it w/o complaining. It is generally ok to watch with some parental guidance - some violence (exploding/ crashing cars), some cuss words/inappropriate phrases (I believe one of the cars said "oh lord" once; also "moron", "idiot", etc), no sexualized images (although a few times mentioned celebrating win with "the girls".) Decent purchase overall.
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on July 5, 2013
Was New/English as stated and shipped quickly.

I have seen this so many times I can probably recite the script word for word by now. Each time I watch it, I notice things I didn't notice before. It's amazing how many details are in every scene.

There are alot of extras as well, so you can see how much work they put into this movie and how precise they wanted everything to be, including recording the real "doc" car starting its engine for the race scene.

Both my nephews love this and watch it frequently; they are 3 and 2. The 2 year old is fascinated with real cars, so it's doubly amazing for him. But I've never been too into real cars, and I loved this movie.
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on January 28, 2014
I love this movie! I am a huge Nascar fan and love how they added little subtle things like the rubber on the track that collects on the upper track. They really made this movie realistic for Nascar fans. I also loved how they included some stars of Nascar as well. What a cleaver show! All things even bugs were cars. The story is well written, and makes you have an adventure not only with your emotions but beautiful scenery and adorable characters. This is one movie I get out alot and watch and never get tired of it.
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on February 10, 2018
Haven't seen it in forever and now that I have again thinking about buying it! Great animation and I love Owen Wilson and Larry the cable guy! I'm an adult and laughed through this movie!
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