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Style Name: 10x Magnification (LL-10)|Change
Price:$4.99+ Free shipping (Addon item)

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on April 2, 2013
We inherited a ton of slides, and wanted to sort out the ones we could use. I found that I could use this magnifier with an iPad as a backlight by using a flashlight app. I can lay out six slides and go over them pretty quickly.

The magnifier is plastic, but very sturdy. The optics are great; I can see the pixels of the iPad through the slides. For the price, I don't think I'll find a better option anywhere.
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on October 24, 2016
It is okay for the price. You place it on a flat surface and then the flat surface is in focus. You must place your eye right up close to it to get the full view, and then your head blocks ambient light, so you may need a flashlight or good ambient lighting to help illuminate whatever you are looking at. The focus is not adjustable and I have to keep my glasses on to use it (myopia), but then, it's always in focus too. The big lenses do give a wider view than most loupes do. ...Optics details: there is two identical acrylic (un-coated) double-convex lenses in it, 30mm diameter and about 2.5mm thick at the edges, both with a focal length of about 55mm and a plastic ring separating them by about 13mm. it may benefit from better lenses--glass w/antireflective coating, or (even better) coated achromats if you can find ones that will fit. The top unscrews a quarter-turn to allow removing the lenses, but they rest in the clear bottom piece so unscrewing it part-way does not alter the focus distance. ...My main issue with plastic lenses is that they tend to scuff from cleaning. Glass lenses don't have that issue.
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on August 18, 2016
I really like this Pre-Focused Stand Magnifier Loupes (LL-10, LL-20, LL-55, LL-77) from Carson LumiLoupe Series of loupes. I am getting less and less keen sighted and I need something like this to see detail on my coins and when doing electronics projects and looking at PCBs. I own a couple of the Carson LumiLoupe and will most likely get more in the future as now matter where in the house I go, there is something that requires a closer look. The price is reasonable and it isn't enough to keep from having them in drawers up and down stairs for convenience. Quality and priced right, what's not to like? This magnification can allow you to see items in enough detail to determine if scratches are present on collectible coins or Identification of ICs is legible. I own many loupes I have kept over the years, from Bausch & Lombe, ATCO and other lesser names and these Carson LumiLoupes are right there with any I own, only updated to be prefocused to the distance of the clear, plastic ring cone that lets extra light to be used when viewing.
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on April 28, 2017
I've always wanted one of these. You'll see something like it in use in movies like The Great Escape and Catch Me If You Can, where the users are trying to find flaws in forged documents.

Could be used for that, or for examining detail-rich maps such as those made by the British Ordinance Survey or The National Geographic Society closely, or for getting to grips with the small print hiding in those bedsheet inserts Big Pharma insists on putting into nasal sprays or rescue inhalers to "inform" the user. Stamp collectors would find the device invaluable I'd think, as would banknote collectors. Anything flat will be at the focus when the loupe is placed upon it.

The clear bezel is perfect for allowing in ambient light. The loupe does not have a light source of its own, but I tried mine out under not particularly strong artificial light and was easily able to see the subject detail.

Now if only I can think up enough reasons to justify to my wife why I bought it ...
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on January 1, 2015
If this were twice the price, I wouldn't give it five stars. Maybe 4. But for the price charged, it's s very good value and quality!

I noticed in the reviews that a couple of people said they used it in the field to identify insects, and that was what sold me. For the past 8-9 months my yard has been going through a plague, and how these critters are managing to get indoors is something I just haven't figured out. I have found what I think might be biting midges just everywhere! And they like to chow on me, which is getting old. I've managed to kill them pretty regularly with DE applications, but they are just too small. Even with my glasses on, I haven't been able to confirm what they are.

I finally wised up and got this product, and now I can see them so much better. I still don't know what they are, but I'm one step closer. Note that it works best on a flat surface under a bright light. My desk lamp is perfect. In a different spot with crappy lighting, I can't see them well at all.
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on August 9, 2016
Wow. what an unexpected value. it gets the job done for a very reasonable price. good field of view, crystal clear optics, very low distortion. the only negative is that - although the scale is printed on the underside of the flat piece - the flat is raised a little off the surface being observed. this allows a little parallax. that's not a problem for most users. To be fair, I'm comparing this against 100$ loupes. Which really isn't fair. That just tells you how good this is.
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on June 20, 2016
Our 7yo son uses the magnifier along with his coin collection, to get a closeup of each coin.

* Rugged construction stands up to use by kids (and adults)
* Magnifies as expected
* Perfect accessory for coin collecting

* No built-in lighting, so I have to shine a light at the object to be magnified (from the side) in order to get a good look
* Field of view is a bit limited. If the coin is not exactly in the middle, you might miss it.
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on September 20, 2012
This loupe performs perfectly well, and for the money it's a great deal. You can use this on flat items by placing the canopy directly on the surface and looking through the eyepiece. You can also look at 3-D items by turning it around backward and putting the open end of the canopy up to your eye socket, you control focus by the distance from the item to the eyepiece, like a magnifying glass. Works great!

I have these placed at various locations throughout our electrical engineering labs to aid in reading small part numbers on electronic parts, identifying color code stripes on resistors, and inspecting solder joints. It's a GREAT tool for the job!
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on May 10, 2017
I bought the loupe to magnify negatives that I scan and curate. It worked fine until I made the mistake of disassembling it and then tried to put it back. Struggled with the multiple lens assembly. Product is well made and sits nicely on the work to be magnified. The product was shipped on time and arrived in good condition.
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on February 22, 2017
Use it to identify questionable insects and spiders in my home. I don't like to kill spiders (since they keep other pests away), but like to ensure they are not venomous so that I don't have to evict them. This magnifier makes it easier and safer to identify them. :)
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