Customer Reviews: Aviditi SIZER Carton Sizer/Reducer
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on November 16, 2011
Dear Folks,
I have only had this thing for less than a month now.
And I'd say that I've used it probably less than ten times so far.
But it is a great little tool.
Exactly what I needed to save time and effort and to really do a better job of making the folds.
I scored my cartons before by drawing pencil-lines and making "dotted lines", "puncture lines" with a utility knife.
That worked okay but it was a pretty slow job, and not a particularly fun job.
My new carton-sizer is just perfect for me.
It's very quick and easy and accurate too.
I also bought the Skil 2352 Rotary Cutter.
Oh yes, it's worth every nickel I paid for it too.
I just use it to cut cardboard fast and easy.
If I never use that rotary cutter thing for anything else, it'll still have been well worth buying.
You might as well make the job quick and easy and actually fun.
Why suffer it out just because you think you're going to save a nickel?
The money you spent buying the right tools will come back to you you know.
The easier something is to do, the more likely we are to do it in good time.
And that notion applies to saving on packing materials and freight charges.
Fold 'em down, trim 'em down, step back and smile.
Charles Smith
Western Maryland

UPDATE 18 AUG 2013 -
According to my records -
And according to Amazon's records -
I bought this tool on 01 Nov 2011.
That's something less than 2 yrs that I've been using it.
So I don't know if you'll count me as an experienced carton-cutter-downer or not.
But -
Man I wouldn't want to be without this little low-cost tool.
I had read where some folks out there said they used a pizza cutter to score their fold-lines.
Well that's fine.
But you can use this tool that I'm reviewing here in the same manner.
If that's what suits the fold-line-creating job at hand.
1) Lay the cardboard down on your work-table.
2) Draw your pencil-line with a ruler of some sort and a pencil or marker of some sort (I like the crayon-type marking pencil).
3) Run the wheel of this tool right down the pencil-line.
What I'm talking about here is forgetting about the adjustable guide on the tool arm.
Like when you just want to neatly fold a smaller piece of cardboard to fit into the end of a box or something.
Good little tool.
Didn't cost a whole lot of money.
Handy little tool.
Glad I bought it.
Charles Smith
Western Maryland
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on December 8, 2012
This is a good product. However, based on the photo showing something extending over the back edge of the box top, and the limited description, I was hoping that it would press a crease into the cardboard from both sides, creating a fold line without damaging the material surface.

Instead, it is simply a perforation wheel with a guide. I don't generally get a straight fold from it, probably because I don't press hard enough. It does not get all the way into the corners unless you cut further down than you want to fold and then perforate above it (so the tool can go past the adjacent edge of the box). If you want to resize your box by only a small amount, there is a limit to how close the wheel can get to the guide. I have had to freehand a few where I only wanted to take off an inch.

I ship books, which makes for heavy boxes even when they are small. Therefore, damaging the box material seems like a bad plan. That's why I put away my utility knife and bought this.

Anyway, still four stars because there is nothing else and it's a huge improvement on a utility knife and a ruler. I'm glad I bought it, it just wasn't everything I hoped.
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on September 6, 2012
This box resizer is well made and simple to use. It is very easy to quickly score the inside of a box using the resizer so that I can fold the sides down to reduce the inside volume of the box. This saves money when shipping if you are paying by volume. It also reduces the need for excess filler materials like peanuts, bubbles or paper, all of which cost money and add to the weight.
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on November 25, 2013
after you mastering how to use it, is very friendly, I make shipments every day and sometimes I have to modify boxes to make them larger or smaller and this is the perfect tool glad I found it
review image review image
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on November 7, 2013
I was able to get this to work for my recent move, but it required "fixing" between every use and sometimes within the same use. The black part with the handle is glued to the silver ruler part, but was not glued securely. If it starts to slip, you end up creating a diagonal line. The screw that holds the wheel/blade in place comes loose as you roll the blade. Once it comes loose you'll notice a the straight line becomes a wavy sine wave. it is easy to tighten back, but you have to do it frequently.

The blade itself worked well. It made good perforations that made the cardboard easy to bend. I do wish the guide on the slide-able part on the ruler were a little closer to the thickness of the cardboard that it is intended to perforate though. The guide allows the cardboard to move around a bit, and its depth got in the way a bit.
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on March 27, 2011
This carton sizer has already paid for itself in terms of savings on freight for us. Having a nice, folded edge on your catrons is great because you can now make use of those boxes that are a little too big without sacrificing crush strength the way you do when you freehand it with a boxcutter or pocket knife.
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on February 29, 2016
Paid for itself the first time I used it. I needed a box to send an item that was about 16" x 10" x 6" to a customer. The only box I had was about 12" too tall. This tool made it easy to cut the box down to get out of dimensional weight size, and cutting extra material off the flaps shaved off enough actual weight to get the box under the next pound increment. I didn't have to waste money on dunnage.

Very easy to use, and a must for anyone who does a lot of shipping. Set the sliding adjustment, score the inside of the box and use a utility knife to slit up the inside of the corners. Fold the flaps over, trim off any excess and you're done!
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on May 30, 2012
My warehouse guys love this item, it is solid construction, easy to use, and let's them create clean packages which does impact customer experience. I purchased 5 in total once the first one was sent out.
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on March 20, 2015
This rating is as much for Amazon's inventory management as for the product itself. Judging from the reviews, most purchasers received workable products. But I am getting ready to return this product (purchased from Amazon) for the second time. This device has a "slider" piece with an adjustable screw that fits over the ruler part and slides up and down. You are supposed to position the slider where you want it and then tighten the knob until the screw tightens against the ruler and locks it into position. Both the original and the replacement devices I received were defective. Even when the knob is tightened as far as it will go, the screw is too short to reach the ruler, so the slider moves up and down and can't be secured in any position. I called Aviditi and its rep verified that the screw needs to tighten against the ruler. I am going to order this product once more, this time from a different Amazon seller. If that fails, I'm going to buy a sizer from U-Line or some other maker. Amazon needs to inspect its inventory of this device for functionality before shipping any more out.
Update: March 25, 2015
I received my third Aviditi Carton Sizer and this one works! I ordered this one from PlexSupply, another Amazon seller. This tool has a screw that is long enough to tighten down on the ruler. I'm not sure what all of this means, but at the very least someone, either Aviditi or Amazon, isn't checking the quality of their products.
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on January 28, 2013
This item works exactly as advertised. It helps you to cut down large boxes and helps to reduce your shipping charges by reducing the box size, and the amount of packing material used to fill voids. Highly recommended.
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