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on August 10, 2011
I have the 12.1" Samsung Series 5 Chromebook, and for those of you looking for a case for your Samsung Chromebook, this is it! It fits perfectly as if the case were made it. Initially I wanted something more simple, just a sleeve to slip over the chromebook so I could throw it in my bag without having to worry about it getting scratched or banged up. I didn't really want the carry handles or the pocket, but once I got it, I'm very glad it was a part of this sleeve! The carry handle makes it really easy and nifty to carry the chromebook around comfortably, especially if you're moving around a lot, say an airport, and don't have time to throw it back in your backpack when you pack up quickly. The included pocket is great for holding the charger, though it may add a bit of bulge to the case, but holds together well. I don't even throw it into my bag anymore, I just keep the chromebook and all my accessories in this sleeve and take it with me whenever I need it. The zipper is a good quality zipper and very easy to open and close and doesn't snag. Packing/unpacking the chromebook is effortless and takes mere seconds. The chromebook fits snug in the sleeve, and can still fit very nicely with a micro-usb receiver inside the computer (I have a logitech unifying receiver constantly in the USB port).

The only very small issue I have had with it is the strong smell that many other reviewers have talked about. It is quite strong when you first get it. I took it outside to the backyard and let it sit in the sun for a bit to air out for a few hours and that lessened the smell by a lot. Over time as you use it the smell goes away more and more. The smell is initially strong but it didn't bother me a whole lot and it now that it has gotten a lot weaker it doesn't bother me at all. I would definitely buy this again if I had to and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a sleeve for their netbook.

- The neoprene is thicker than most sleeves I've felt and seems to do a great job at protecting your computer from scratches and light bumping. But I definitely wouldn't drop it or bang it against things, this sleeve would most likely not save you from a cracked screen on a harsh drop.
- High quality zipper that is smooth and easy to use and won't snag when opening/closing. The build quality of the zipper is a very pleasant surprise.
- Side zipper pocket to hold charger/accessories.
- Carry handle makes it really easy to carry and transport around. It is comfortable to carry and won't dig into your hands. They fold flat easily so even if you don't want them you can still easily throw it into another bag.
- Stitching quality is excellent and top notch, the sleeve is built very well! Nothing about it feels cheap.
- If you travel a lot this sleeve is a must have.
- Simple conservative design, not flashy or loud. Sleek, black on the outside and red on the inside. If you need a professional looking sleeve that is simple and clean, it is perfect.

- There is definitely a strong factory smell to it, but it didn't bother me very much. Over time the smell will go away. But everyone is different and if you are sensitive to to strong smells (perfectly understandable) then a word of caution before you buy this sleeve.
- If you really don't want the handles, granted they do fold up flat but if you wanted something absolutely flush I suppose they do get in the way. You could always cut them off if that is the case.
- If you want something that is flashy, loud and draws attention then this is probably not for you.
- Putting things into the side pocket can add some bulge to the case, though this depends on how many things you stuff into it. The neoprene stretches well to accommodate whatever you put in there. But if you put really bulky hard objects it will press against your computer. If that is the case I wouldn't put it in a bag/suitcase that would put pressure on it or bump the sleeve against things as this could drive the objects in the pocket into the computer and potentially damage it.

Again if you have the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook this sleeve will fit it perfectly! I can't stress enough how well it fits! I would definitely buy this product again in a heartbeat if I ever needed another case.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 10, 2014
The case is the perfect size for the ASUS K200MA. I would not want it any bigger, and it can't be smaller. It is exactly right.

Before ordering a case.I checked all the cases on Amazon that might fit and read the reviews. If someone said the case was too small, I checked the dimensions and compared with the K200MA. I also contacted Case Logic and asked which cases they recommend. They sent me a list of 5, but based on the checking mentioned above, 4 were ruled out as being too small. With fingers crossed, I ordered this, and I could not be happier.

It is a well made soft case. The case has handles, but they are soft and lie down along sides when not in use so case can be used just as a sleeve if desired. There is a large, zippered compartment on the outside where you could carry a charger, etc.

But for me, the most important thing is that it fits the computer, and this one does perfectly.
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on January 7, 2013
Case Logic makes great products and there is nothing wrong with the case itself, but I would say it's more for a tablet than a netbook. It fits my 11.6 netbook from Acer perfectly, but the problem is that that's all it will fit. With the computer in there the pocket becomes useless. Sure, it's stretchy material so I could force the power cord and adaptor in there, but if I do that it seems like it's going to rip. So, the world "sleeve" is ideal in the description. This is indeed a sleeve and not a case. The pocket is good for a mini mouse and a USB stick, maybe a pencil or two, but you'll probably be carrying the power adapter separately. I use it still, but I'm looking for something similar to my large notebook case. That is pretty much a sleeve too, however, the pocket actually has extra material (gussets?) at the edges so the pocket will expand when full and collapse when not full. Problem is I can't find anything like that in this size.
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on January 8, 2010
I have a Samsung NP-N510, it's roughly 12" by 8.5" and it fits perfectly fine. The big and small pocket both have a zipper, the small pocket is enough to fit my charger and a small mouse which is all I wanted. If you need to carry around more things like an external HD and or mouse pad it's possible but it will be snug. I cannot comment on life span since I just got it, but it feels like a good quality product and the handles are a very nice bonus.
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on May 28, 2010
I have a 11.6" Lenovo x100e, with a 6-cell battery bump. Dimensions including the battery are 11.1" x 8.2" x 1.2".

This baby Thinkpad that Lenovo refuses to call a netbook, is too big for a 10.1" netbook sleeve, and too small for most regular notebook sleeves. It's in that nether-land between notebook and netbook sizes. The Lenovo branded sleeve is expensive, and too thin by some descriptions.

I checked out sleeves from Targus, Belkin, Built, Kroo, Fellowes, Body Glove, Kensington. I already own several Case Logic neoprene bags and I love the high-quality build of their products. The sleeve fits like it was made for the x100e, neither loose nor tight.

This case met all my criteria:

- Neoprene. I didn't want polyester.
- Slim form factor. It will sometimes be put inside a larger bag. I wanted just a sleeve, nothing bulky, and no foam padding.
- Conservative business-like color. I did not want a fashion statement. The black outside is unobtrusive. The red lining adds a little zing.
- Comfortable handles. Other styles have chintzy nylon handles, or none at all.
- Sturdy zippers and zipper pulls. I thought the front pocket had two side zippers, like a kangaroo pocket, but it's just the one zipper, which is fine.
- Room for a power cord and maybe a slim mouse. Like others have mentioned, after loading the pocket, it looks a tad bumpy. I prefer the outer pocket design over other cases with inner mesh pockets.

Some complained about the smell. Mine came in a cardboard sleeve inside a shipping box, and the case does smell. For me, the chemical smell of a new neoprene wetsuit is like the fragrance of a new car interior! I hope the smell never dissipates!

Similar products I considered:
Kroo Cube Case with Pocket for Netbooks up to 12 Inches (Black)
Kroo Retro Glove Sleeve for Netbook up to 12-Inch (Black)
Kroo Black Zipper GLOVE for up to 12' Notebooks
Caselogic PLS-13 Neoprene 13-Inch Neoprene Laptop Sleeve (Black)
Caselogic PAS-213 13.3-Inch Macbook Neoprene Sleeve (Black)
Laberna Neoprene Laptop Bag Notebook Sleeve 13"
HP TX2-1020US TouchSmart 12.1-Inch Laptop Neoprene Notebook Flip Top Skin Fit Sleeve (Black/Blue)
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I bought the case for a Lenovo 11" netbook and it is a good fit. Room in the outer pocket for the transformer and cord for power and the pocket as a zipper to keep everything inside. When traveling I leave the power cord and brick in my other cases and have only the netbook in the neoprene sleeve. Easy to pull out the sleever with the two handles and place it in a bin for TSA screening and no worries about dropping the netbook in the process.

The Lenovo netbook has battery charge life of 4 hours so I often use the case with only the netbook and no power cord to go somewhere to use the laptop for a few hours. Very convenient to be able to carry the netbook safely using the two handles of the sleeve.

This would be a good buy at twice the price.
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on August 19, 2011
This is for you if: you want a convenient 12.1" carrying case that will protect from scratches and bumps and will also hold some plugs and cables.
This is NOT for you if: you want heavy-duty protection from drops, water, or shocks, or if you want a shoulder strap.

I purchase two of these cases, one for an Asus 1215-N and one for an Asus 1215-B. Both are 12.1" netbooks and the cases fit well and are very convenient. The 12.1" size is a less-common size, falling between the common 10" netbook and the 13" laptop. If you don't mind a loose fit for your netbook, a 13" case will do. I preferred a snug fit and this 12.1 inch neoprene case was perfect.

The neoprene provides some protection, but mostly from bumps and scratches; don't expect it to protect from significant drops or falls. The zipper is smooth and doesn't snag at all. The handles are comfortable and I prefer them to a bulky shoulder strap (which I find looks silly on a tiny netbook case anyway). I also like that the case is low-profile, which makes it great for slipping into a briefcase if you're looking to carry additional items with you. I'd much rather have a computer case I can put in a briefcase as needed than a needlessly large computer case.

The front pocket is zippered and large enough to hold the power adapter, a small mouse, a USB memory stick, and a few other small items. I like the pocket and it held quite a lot, but I did find that it felt like a jumble of things in there. It is tough to remove just the power adapter without dragging out whatever else is in the pocket with it. I like the red interior. I read some reviews about the interior leaving some red residue on white items, but I have put several white cables in there and not experienced that.

Overall it's a great case for a 12.1" screen. I prefer the handles to a shoulder strap. The pocket holds everything I need and the whole case easily slips into a briefcase when I need to carry other things with me.
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on November 21, 2013
It's a perfect fit for the Samsung Chromebook. Nice compartment for accessories, although stretching is required to shove the charging brick in. Seems to be well made. Time will tell.

About AceDepot (seller): Sent the wrong product. Very similar (different mfr) except the zipped compartment on the outside (for accessories) had an opening on the top in which the handles could be stuffed into (to conceal when not used). Actually a nice feature except the opening was closed by a strip of velcro not quite as long as the handle opening which left a small opening on either side of the velcro for small things to leak out of the accessory compartment through the top, e.g. if a thumb drive was stored in the side compartment, it could slip out through the handle hole. I called Acedepot and after a short, though not very cordial, discussion, in which I explained to them the item's shortcomings, they solved the problem by very promptly sending me the right sleeve. I'm happy. My wife is happy. I don't think they are. I sensed that someone in shipping received a stiff reprimand.
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on September 15, 2011
I have an Acer Aspire One 11.6" netbook that I bought for school. My backpack has a pocket for a laptop, but it's not very padded, so I opted to get a sleeve for extra protection. This case is perfect. It's lightweight, not bulky and my computer fits snugly. Plus there's a small zippered pocket on the front that holds the charger, but I'm not sure it would hold much else without causing more bulkiness (I don't carry a mouse with me, so I don't have to worry about it). The handles are great, if I for some reason, do not want to put my computer in my backpack, I can carry it separately by the handles. Very convenient.

It's a very well made case, and I really like it, though straight out of the bag it has a very rubber-like smell to it. I'm hoping that fades away with time.

The red interior is aesthetically pleasing, too, I enjoy it.

Overall a great little case, for a good price!
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on August 18, 2011
I picked up this sleeve to hold my Acer Aspire One 722 netbook that I picked up during Target's recent sales. The case works perfectly, fitting the netbook snuggly without any issues and without being too tight or too loose. The zipper pocket in the front provides enough room for me to the stash the charger as well as my Anywhere Mouse MX, and a nice little handle makes it easy to carry around. Perfect case, I couldn't ask for anything simpler and cost effective to protect my netbook.
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