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Case Logic DCB-302 Compact  Case for Camera - Black
Color: Black|Style: Compact Case|Change
Price:$6.99+ Free shipping (Addon item)

on February 9, 2016
If you are looking for a case that fits the Canon G7X, two spare batteries, and an SD card, then this case is for you. If you plan on carrying your camera everywhere you go like Casey Neistat, this case has a built in belt loop. I really like this case because of its minimal design. When wearing it on your belt, it doesn't look like you have a big fanny pack hanging on your side. Small, black, and discreet is what I was looking for in a case. This case is meant to hold the bare essentials. If you want more space to carry other things, then this case is not for you. Included with this case is a shoulder strap which i doubt I'll ever use. I had a hard time looking for a perfect fitting case for the G7X until I stumbled upon this case so I hope this review helps someone out there. I took a bunch of pics to show how everything fits inside.
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on July 13, 2015
I purchased this to hold a Canon SX710. It works fine for that purpose.

The case I really wanted was Case Logic's TBC-312 (long story short, that's the case I previously had, but it was stolen along with the SX260 that was in it...grrr), but that appears to be discontinued, and is available only used. Amazon lists this case as the "newer model" of that item.

This case does a very good job holding the SX710. It's just the right size for it, not too tight. The SX710 is on the big side for a compact point-and-shoot, so this case ought to work well for most if not any other compact point-and-shoot camera.

The outer pocket is actually quite large. I've got two extra camera batteries in the pocket, and could probably put two more if I wanted.

The case appears well-constructed. My main complaint is that the clips holding the shoulder strap to the case have no positive locking mechanism, so they are prone to slipping off if manipulated the wrong way. But they do have spring-loaded latches and under normal, careful use should stay attached just fine.

I am still looking for a case similar the TBC-312. This case fails on two important points that the other case did not:

- this case has a single zipper that closes around one short end, stopping at a mid-point along the long edge of the case, which means that it's not practical to leave the camera lanyard dangling outside the case (handy if you want to secure the camera to your wrist before removing it from the case or carry the camera in the case by holding the lanyard, with the shoulder strap removed). The TBC-312's single zipper closed along the long edge, stopping at a mid-point along the short edge of the case, right where the camera lanyard attaches to the camera.

- The case really has _too much_ room. The TBC-312 would fit in a large pocket (e.g. jacket pocket or cargo pants/shorts), which was very handy. This case is really too bulky to put in a pocket, especially one found on pants or a shirt, as opposed to outerwear (a parka pocket is probably large enough).

But until I find a case that is as good as the TBC-312 was, this one will do very nicely.
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Top Contributor: Petson March 1, 2014
UPDATE 04/01/2016

I've had this case for 2 years now and have taken it with me to my child's school events and on vacations. It's a perfect size for Canon A1400 Point and Shoot camera. I've had as many as 6 AA batteries in the front compartment or usually have 4 in their, a spare SD card and a place for my keys. It's easy to wear around the neck and easy to get to the camera. No complaints. It was because of my experience with this Case Logic product that I bought a Case Logic Sling for my DSLR. Very good quality products.


I purchased this case to go with a Canon A1400 Point and Shoot camera. The camera fits in nicely with a little room to spare & the additional zippered pouch with a small net inside is great for an extra memory card as well as a pair of spare AA batteries. On occasion I've put 4 spare AA batteries when I know I will probably be using the flash a lot or taking lots of pictures. Amazon considered this an Add -on and I was able to get a price reduction when I purchased it alongside a camera. It comes with a strap and can be worn around the wrist, neck or shoulder. A great way to protect your camera for very little money.
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on April 23, 2012
This case is very good. It does what is advertised and just a bit more. I thought I'd only have enough space for the camera and spare memory card, but it turns out I have space for camera, spare memory card, spare battery, USB cable and even still have space to fit some cash! The case however looks very deceivingly small.

The adjustable strap allows for different hanging positions. I first used to carry it around my neck, then decided to lengthen the strap and use it across my chest and under one arm (Much more comfortable)

I use this case for my Fujifilm FinePix F505 16 MP Camera (Black). The camera fits very comfortable in the first compartment. Probably has space to stuff another in, though I wouldn't recommend that due to fear of scratching either the lens or the screen. In the second compartment, there is another smaller compartment where you can hold a memory card, spare batteries, cash, credit cards and many other things. There is also a bigger general space where you can keep USB cables, more cash, a phone (maybe).

All in all this is an excellent product.

The ONE possible con to this product is the fact that the clips that connect the strap are plastic and may wear quickly over time and may even break. Maybe with version two they can release metal clips.

Aside from the minor detail, definitely will buy again (if need be).

5 stars is all I can give... deserves a lot more.
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on October 21, 2016
If you put an Olympus SZ-15 in this, you'll find that it's an extremely tight fit, and the power button can get pushed, which means the lens may attempt (unsuccessfully) to extend while still in the case. Once the camera's been shoved into the main compartment, the secondary pocket can fit one extra battery, which must always be taken out and put in after the camera. Not a practical solution for keeping an Olympus SZ-15 (or similar 'SLR" body styles featuring a "grip") in a handy case on your belt while still keeping it safe from unnecessary damage.
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on February 8, 2017
Case works fine with my Canon SX720 HS and Canon SX260 HS cameras. Love the red color and the smaller pocket from the memory card(s) and extra battery, but not for the battery charger of the Canon SX720 HS. The rear of the camera, specifically where the shoulder strap is secured to the case, is different than what is show in the pictures: There is no black ring; instead there are two small fabric loops to secure the strap onto, so not sure how strong those hoops will be. It would be nice if the strap would be a bit wider. It is 1/2" wide, so it is not as comfortable a a 3/4" wide strap.
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on April 24, 2016
As of 4/12/2016, the dark grey one with the yellow piping ('Anthracite') has the good belt loop- the older style- strong, wide, multi-layer. Worth paying extra for. Not the crappy thin piece of nylon webbing with a single line of stitching..

This version didn't entirely escape the 'value engineering' though- they replaced the two metal rings for attaching the shoulder strap (as it was on the old design), with small loops of nylon. These will be more difficult to quickly attach and detach from, if you like sometimes using the shoulder strap and sometimes not. Still, it's far better than the newest style on the black one, which has just a single metal ring in the middle- a terrible design, prone to spinning around.

I recently bought the black version for work, and it has the crappy belt loop. If the current photos are accurate (a big IF), then the red design is the same as the Anthracite, and the pink ('Magenta') is the same except for a pair of metal attachment points for the strap, so is the best of all, if you can stand the color. Just avoid the black one, unless you'll never use the belt loop.

It really is a shame that they changed the design to save costs, it would be better for everyone if they just increased the price.. I don't know if they've fully phased out the good belt loop design on new production, so I would buy this while you still can!
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on March 11, 2017
Not only does it look like an adorable, little backpack (that's the added bonus!), but it holds our digital camera tightly and safely. It's compact, so you could slip it into your pocket or bag very easily and it has a strap so that it could be carried. There is also a small zippered pocket on the front that could hold something. We use it for an extra battery. It's rugged also, which makes it convenient to take on trips.
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I bought this to use with Samsung WB35F - 16.2MP Smart WiFi & NFC Digital Camera with 12x Optical Zoom and 2.7" LCD - Red (Certified Refurbished)

It fits amazingly well. He can also use it with or without the strap. Made well - stitching is very well done. Highly recommended if you have the camera I stated above.
If you found my review helpful - please click helpful found below my review and if you have questions I did not answer feel free to leave a comment or go to my profile and email me. Thank you!!
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on December 24, 2015
This case worked really well with my Sony HX90V. It fits the camera perfectly and it's very compact. I initially purchased the GEM Anti-Shock Camera Case but had to return it due it's too bulky when worn on a belt (although that case is really good quality though). I like the separate pocket for a backup battery. I owned another camera case where the pocket is inside the main zipper compartment and it did not worked well since the memory card keeps falling out of the pocket due to no zipper.
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