Customer Reviews: Case Logic DCB-302 Compact Case for Camera - Black
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Color: Gray|Style: Compact Case|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
When I first received this case I was disappointed, thinking my larger point-and-shoot cameras would never fit inside, as the length looked too short. After trying and succeeding in fitting every piece of handheld electronicery in my arsenal, I'm thrilled with it!

Internal dimensions of the large main compartment are: 4 ¾" tall x 3 1/8" wide x 1 ½" deep (low estimate, probably will fit cameras slightly larger). My Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 fits easily without a struggle, with room for the strap, and enough space to easily remove the camera quickly (this camera measures 4 1/8" long x 2 ½" wide x 1 3/8" deep).

Front compartment has a main pocket that's nearly 4" deep and over 2" wide - suitable for extra batteries and whatnot - I tested with two Panasonic and two Canon batteries, both sets fit perfectly without overtaxing the compartment, and there was still room for some cash or small items. A smaller sleeve pocket is located at the inside front flap, this shorter pocket design (2" long) is perfect for memory cards, which won't slide to the bottom and be difficult to fish out.

Weighing in at just 2 ounces, it's surprising how beefy the padding and protection seem to be on this well-made case. Main material appears to be ballistic nylon, and should hold up to years of abuse.

Also included is a long adjustable strap. Back of case has a fixed strap which works well as a handhold, but to use as a belt strap would require the removal of your belt to attach.

This little case will see tons of use, from our Flip video cameras, to our point-and-shoots, to our MP3 players - I think I'm going to need to get a few more of these!

I very rarely give a 5-star review as even the best products have faults, but with this case I find nary a one. A++, 5 Stars, huzzahs all around!
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on August 1, 2012
Perfect fit for my Canon PowerShot SX260 HS with room to insert a small pack of silica desiccant. I sprayed the outside with Scotch Guard. When the day is really wet, everything fits into a zip-lock plastic sandwich bag.

I am sure professional photographers already know this, but I had to learn the hard way that moisture condenses on the lens when you go from an air-conditioned space out into warm, humid air. (Like the drops that form on a cold beer glass.) In a few days, you have mildew in the lens. So it is essential to let the camera warm to the ambient temperature before it is touched by humid air.

This case provides necessary and sufficient padding. Front pocket holds spare batteries, memory cards with room for a cable. Belt loop is sturdy enough to foil a "grab and run" theft. Eyelets for neck cable seem adequate although I haven't used them.
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on June 2, 2010
Color: Gray|Style: Compact Case|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a very nice little camera case. This is definitely for a small, COMPACT digital camera -- my older, bulkier Canon A95 (which takes 4 AA batteries) won't fit, but my new Olympus Stylus Tough will. Your camera should be no more than 2 or maybe 2 1/2 inches high, and no wider than about 3 or 3 1/2 inches. (A camera that takes 4 AA batteries is probably too thick and NOT likely to fit.)

This case is VERY well padded -- something that I appreciate. Even the little front pocket (that can hold an extra memory card or even a couple of small batteries) is padded. And the front pocket has a little pocket-within-a-pocket, for those teeny tiny new memory cards that would get lost otherwise.

The zippers are nice -- they slide smoothly, and there is no annoying "flap" covering them to get caught. Even the zipper pulls are rubbery to make opening and closing the case easier.

The gray color is nice as far as not showing dirt, and also doesn't look too flashy or "come-steal-my-camera" obvious. :-)

You can wear the case on your belt, and also there's a shoulder strap, that conveniently clips on or off (so if, like me, you NEVER want to use it, it can stay at home and not take up room and get tangled with everything else in your purse/bag). The strap is adjustable.

Overall though, the best part of this bag is the padding. I have owned a few digital camera bags, but none that I remember being this well padded. It's padded all around - the front, back, sides AND the bottom and top (often the bottom and top will be unpadded in my experience).

I definitely would recommend this case to a friend!

P.S. My iPod Touch also fits well in this case - not sure if that's helpful to anyone, but I thought I'd mention it!
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on March 5, 2011
I hope this review finds you with ease if you're an owner of a Nikon S8100. You wouldn't believe (or maybe you would, if you experienced what I did) the extremely difficult task of finding a case to fit my Nikon S8100 on Amazon. First off, most the suggestions for "Nikon S8100 Cases" in the search box are bogus. THEY DON'T FIT (per other user reviews for the cases, contradicting the title/headline of the items completely). This case fits PERFECTLY and has room in front compartment for an extra battery or two and memory cards.

Outside of the fit, the case is very durable and does not look or feel cheap at all. All in all, in my opinion, a great investment.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review. I truly hope this was very helpful to you.
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on February 9, 2016
If you are looking for a case that fits the Canon G7X, two spare batteries, and an SD card, then this case is for you. If you plan on carrying your camera everywhere you go like Casey Neistat, this case has a built in belt loop. I really like this case because of its minimal design. When wearing it on your belt, it doesn't look like you have a big fanny pack hanging on your side. Small, black, and discreet is what I was looking for in a case. This case is meant to hold the bare essentials. If you want more space to carry other things, then this case is not for you. Included with this case is a shoulder strap which i doubt I'll ever use. I had a hard time looking for a perfect fitting case for the G7X until I stumbled upon this case so I hope this review helps someone out there. I took a bunch of pics to show how everything fits inside.
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on January 9, 2012
After acquiring my S95 I went looking for the smallest possible case to hold it and a few accessories. What I found were cases with nice designs but limited functionality. As in all things in life, everyone prioritizes and makes compromises...

After starting out with the Olympus Horizontal Neoprene and Nylon Case (Black) I found a very nice, stylish and compact case with 2 small issues, a slight magnetic closure misalignment & somewhat offense odor.
Its a great case for the S95 if you are looking to carry only the bare essentials; camera and 2-spare memory cards (w/out plastic sleeves or cases).
You can read my review here:

I also tried the Case Logic TBC-302 Ultra Compact Camera Case with Storage (Black) and found a similar size case but with a very different look and a slightly expanded capacity. While I view the Olympus case as slightly more stylish, I see the Case Logic as more utilitarian. Not only can it hold my S95 and memory cards, but I can also squeeze in a battery.
See my review here:

In my quest to pack just a little more into the smallest case I discovered the Case Logic DCB-302. Unlike the Olympus which sits on you belt horizontally, this case (similar to the TBC-302), is oriented vertically. Personal preference will dictate which you prefer as each has it's advantages and disadvantages. The horizontal orientation makes it less obtrusive when worn on your belt and facilitates easier insertion and removal of the camera. But it tends to bulge slightly when sitting in your car with a seat belt wrapped around you. Truthfully, none of these really work that well in this scenario.

But what really sets the Case Logic DCB-302 apart from the other 2 cases is its exceptionally compact size and flexible storage capacity. Its made from a "ballistic" fabric similar to soft-sided luggage, very durable. The accessory pouch has a fine "mesh" design with a thin vertical red stripe detail that sets it off nicely. The sturdy zippers have perfectly sized "pulls" that are rubberized making it easy to open and close. The interior has a sewn-in light gray nylon lining, sort of generic but effective.

Granted, it is the widest (thickest) of the three due primarily to it's accessory pouch but it also affords the most capacity. The overall outline is slightly larger (barely) than the Olympus case but with just a little "puffier" padding and more rounded corners. Its an attractive and elegant design that appears well made; securely contains both camera and accessories and provides flexible carrying options.

You can either wear it on your belt (thread it through the stitched, wide loop sewn on back) or over your shoulder using the included adjustable shoulder strap that clips to 2 small plastic hook loops (attached at the top back side).

While there is no question this design bulges slightly when worn on your belt its two zippered compartments will securely carry the following:
- S95 Camera
- (3) SDHC Cards (w/plastic cases) (2 spares + 1 in camera)
- (4) Batteries (3 spares & 1 in camera)

If you are willing to pack only one spare battery you can mange this optional arrangement:
- S95 Camera
- (2-3) SDHC Cards (w/plastic cases) (2 spares + 1 in camera or possibly 3 spares if you omit the plastic cases)
- (2) Batteries (1 in camera + 1 spare inside charger)
Canon CB-2LY Li-Ion Battery Charger for NB-6L Li-Ion Batteries

BTW, I also purchased Wasabi Power Battery and Charger Kit for Canon NB-6L, PowerShot D10, S90, S95, SD770 IS, SD980 IS, SD1200 IS, SD1300 IS, SD3500 IS, SD4000 IS, ELPH 500 HS and unfortunately discovered the battery charger design is very different from the Canon (much thicker) and will definitely NOT fit in the accessory pouch along with the S95.

All this in a profile approximately 1/3 wider than the Olympus case which I consider to be the slimmest! Given all my requirements (size, style, quality, capacity and very reasonable price, I got it for $5.98) its an excellent value. It's not perfect (nothing is) but it does provide the smallest footprint while carrying what I consider the most essential items for an extended photo shoot.
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on October 30, 2011
I actually bought this case over the counter at a store near me. I had seen so many reviews expressing disappointment with Amazon recommended camera cases that I decided to examine some cases first hand for my new Canon PowerShot SX230HS 12 MP Digital Camera with HS SYSTEM and DIGIC 4 Image Processor (Black) before buying. Of all the cases I looked at this one was the best fit and was constructed as well or better than any other case in this size/price range.
My SX230 fits snugly in the case but is by no means "tight". I can easily remove the camera without it feeling awkward. With my SX230 placed in the case with the lens mount forward and in the upper part of the case I can put a spare battery at the very bottom of the small front pocket and have it set against the face of the camera below the lens mount. A small sleeve in the front pocket will hold a spare memory card in a case or several cards without a case. A strong belt loop and a neck lanyard give you carrying options.
The items mentioned above are about all you're going to fit in this case but it should be great for holding all your needs for day or weekend trips out and about.
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Color: Gray|Style: Compact Case|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I own quite a number of Case Logic cases. I find Case Logic cases *exceptionally* durable, well-designed, and functional. The Case Logic DCB-302 Compact Camera Case is no exception!

o Protection
The DCB-302 is generously padded all around to give your camera very good protection against drops. In fact, it has the best padding of any compact camera case I've seen. The case also has a soft nylon interior that won't scratch your camera.

o 2 Compartments
1) The main compartment is big enough to hold most compact cameras. The case is a *perfect* fit for my Sony Cybershot DSCW170, which measures roughly 3.75 x 2.3 x 1.25 inches. My camera fits very snugly in the case with little room to spare.

I reckon the maximum dimensions of a camera that will fit in this case with reasonable ease to be about 4 x 2.5 x 1.25. If you have a camera that exceeds these dimensions, you may want to consider getting a bigger case.

2) The front compartment is big enough for 4 AA batteries. It has a mini pocket with room for a CF card, a couple of SD cards, or several microSD cards.

o Shoulder Strap / Belt Loop
You can carry the case by using the shoulder strap or belt loop. The shoulder strap can be easily attached to or detached from the case.

o Attractive Grey/Black Design
The case is predominantly grey and black with a smidgen of light blue. The rubberized zipper tabs are black with light blue fringes. The trademark black and bright yellow Case Logic logo features prominently in front of the case. The simple color motif and clean-cut design help give the case a hip and sassy appeal.

The Case Logic DCB-302 Compact Camera Case is functional and attractive. Its generous padding will keep your camera very well protected. Recommended.
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on September 14, 2012
This case fits the Sony RX100, which is a little bit chunkier than most compact cameras.
Also, you might be interested in this super-short micro-USB cable, which will fit nicely in the case: CableJive microStubz: Extra short USB to micro USB Charge & Sync Cable along with the battery Sony High Capacity Battery NPBX1. It's a bit tight, but worth it to not have bits and pieces lying around.
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on December 5, 2010
I was looking for good case for my Canon SX130 camera.. I found this case bought together with the camera which made me go and buy it w/o worry about it might not fit the camera..
It can hardly fit the camera but will never close if you tried to place the very basic accessories: couple of AA batteries and memory card.
Unfortunately, I have opened it otherwise, I'd return it and get bigger one that fits my camera, batteries and memory card.
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