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on April 9, 2013
This little bag is great!!!

I currently carry my Canon t4i with kit and zoom lens (55-250), attached battery grip, huge goitos bulb, Otpech utility sling, battery charger, and cables in the camera compartment. I still have enough room to add a nifty-fifty or the 40mm pancake whenever I get it. Removing the bulb will allow for a flash, and maybe another stubby lens.

The upper compartment (which was my main point of hesitation) is actually quite large and adjustable. you can move up or down into the camera bay. I found this rather interesting as I am able to expand the lower camera section about an inch or less depending on the configuration.

The front pocket is rather tight and flat, so don't plan in putting lost of things does carry a tablet (Asus TF101) perfectly as well as a notebook, a pen, and cleaning pen as well.

Tripod, or more likely mono-pod configuration is ok at best. It maybe too cumbersome to carry anything given the size of the bag, but I'm chucking this to personal preference....I don't like to lug too many things.

Most importantly it's very easy to carry and non-intrusive. I also have a Vivitar DKS-20, which can fit a 15.4 laptop, and a few more gadgets comfortably, but it is a big can't always get away without hitting things or people as you try to squeeze into tight places with it...the DCB-308 is quite slim for the amount it can carry.

The only negative that I can raise is that the sling can only go over the left shoulder, which is the same shoulder I sling my Optech utility sling. I think it's a matter of getting used to it. My previous bag I could do either shoulder, I would use the bag on the right shoulder and the camera sling on the left, but again this is not a deal breaker.

I will be posting pictures of my configuration soon. Overall very satisfied with the purchase!

I would highly recommend this bag!!!!

05/09/13 UPDATE______________________________________________________________________________

I took the bag on my first trip since I got it and worked like a charm. I did find a flaw with the bag...the top compartment zipper opens from the "bottom" when you have the bag slung in front of you. Basically once you are wearing the bag on your back and you bring it forward to access the camera compartment (which should be facing up right now), the top compartment, which opens in a "c" form, opens from the bottoms side of the bag. This could be a problem if the top compartment is loaded. I was carrying ND filter kit in the mesh pocket on the top compartment, so I felt the need to be extra cautious when getting snacks out of the bag.

This alone is not enough to take a star down, but maybe enough to deduct 1/2.

I was able to carry everything that I needed and more form my trip in the Bahamas, and felt that the gear was well protected at all times while riding a scooter through the city.

7/10/13 UPDATE____________________________________________________________________________
I have to say that I really like the versatility of this bag. I use it several times a week, and still holding strong. I have to say that I am very impressed with the construction and weather proofing. We took our daughter to the zoo, and it rained 4 of the 5 hours we were there. I packed everything in the bag and put the weather cover on it, and during the 4 hour rain, the bag and all of it's contents remained dry.

Recently took it to Disney World for the weekend with 9 lbs worth of gear (Canon T4i, 50mm f1.4, 35mm f2.0, Rokinon 8mm f3.5, and some misc gear in the top compartment) and as a person with lower back issues, I can honestly say this bag did not hurt my shoulders nor back during the two days were there.

Overall you cannot get a better value than this bag!
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on July 24, 2017
Did a lot of research to choose this one for my family's Hawaii trip, and it lived up to every bit of my expectations. Very happy with it. What I really like about it:
1. Great quality material and attention to details workmanship
2. Love the swing around and side open design. I was able to pull out the camera and ready to shoot in 2 seconds after getting use to it.
3. Deep enough for 75-300mm lense. I wasn't sure before the purchase whether it is deep enough (as the camera is held sideway inside). It turned out my Canon T6 with the 300mm lense on has no problem, and fit in just right.
4. Loved the rain cover. On our lava boat tour, we rode through 40 minutes of rough sea and got soaking wet. The rain cover saved the day big time. Without it, I don't know what damage will the sea water do to the camera and lense, and even worse, ruin the rest of the trip if the camera is damaged.

One recommendation: the rain cover can cover 5 sides of the bag, but not the strap side of bag. In a heavy rain (or soaking sea splash in my case), the bag still got some water from the unprotected side. Making the cover a bit bigger to wrap around to the strap side of the bag can help a lot.
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on December 30, 2014
I bought this bag after owning the AmazonBasics backpack for a few months. I didn't like how high on my back the backpack rested (I'm 6'1") and was looking for something a little more comfortable. This seemed to fit the bill so I gave it a shot. Here's my observations:

- The bag is pretty comfortable, even for long periods. I wore it all day for three days walking around Disney World and never had too much of a comfort issue.

- It's pretty sturdy. I loaded it up pretty good - I had my Canon 70D with 18-135 on it, a Sigma Art 30mm, filters, memory cards, extra battery packs, a few other miscellaneous items and a MeFOTO RoadTrip tripod strapped to the outside. The shape of the bag only distorted slightly under all that load.

- The swing around to the front function of this bag is great. It allows reasonably quick access to your gear and a sort of platform to work on while you change lenses or whatever. It was very convenient to not have to remove the bag to do all of this.

- The bag was very easy to travel with. It fit nicely through the airport scanner, and under the seat in front of me on the plane. In other transit situations, it is an okay size to have on your lap or between your legs and your seat if need be.

- Big con for me, and ultimately the reason I decided not to keep it in the end, is that the strap to hold the tripod is not very good. I had one leg of my RoadTrip in the zippered picket and the buckle strap around the top of the same leg - using it as it's designed to be. But, the adjustable strap would not hold well and because the tripod hangs from the bottom of bag while wearing it, it starts to droop. Before you know it, it's hanging at a 30-45 angle from the bottom of the bag leaving it susceptible to hitting things or other people when swinging around.

Although I didn't wind up keeping the bag, it's not bad by any means. If you're not going to tote a tripod around with you, the bag will probably be fine for most users. The shoulder strap is very padded and comfortable, and it only had to be tightened a couple of times since I got it. The materials are all of high quality given the price point and I was never worried about my gear being unprotected. If it weren't for the tripod strap being silly, I would keep this bag without a doubt.
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on February 16, 2016
I would venture to say that this is probably the most perfect case I laid my hands on. That being said, cases are a matter of taste, needs, equipment and preferences. For me, this one is perfect because of:

1) Size: Its perfectly compact while allowing you to carry most of your photo equipment. I generally have my canon t2i (god damn it, why is the mark III so expensive), one 18-70mm lens, one 200mm lens, one 430ex flash and all of this fits perfectly.

2) Very easy access to all that you need. The sling swings around and all your equipment is in easy reach. I love carrying this.

3) Perfect design. Everything is intuitive and where it should be. I cannot imagine changing the design of this bag in any way. It's just exactly what i wanted. Whether I am traveling with family, at a birthday party, or at a client... this thing is always with me.

4) Great compromise in terms of size.... it's not too small or too big. Yes I have other bags, a smaller one for when I need just one lens mounted on a body and a larger one for when I move everything I have.... but this is my go to bag 90% of the time.
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on April 19, 2015
I bought this from Amazon and returned it. I found the material and seams to be weak. I can't see this bag holding up to much use with a heavy pro camera setup. Also, I found the loading / unloading of the bag to not be very convenient as it just has the one small flap on the side to access the main compartment. Yes, I know that is usually the case with 'sling' type bags, but some are better in this regard. Instead of this bag, look for ones that allow opening to the main compartment that either have a secondary opening on the very back of the bag or one where the side flap can open further via secondary latching system (see Promaster Adventure Sling Pack).
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on July 18, 2013
This bag is built to be very sturdy and comfortable. In that regard it was a great purchase. Unfortunately I was surprised to see how small the center compartment is. The bag itself is quite sizable and contains more small pockets and compartments than one could ever need for miscellaneous gear, but the center compartment, where it really counts, is barely large enough to fit my 60D (rather small body), Canon 24-105mm, Tokina 11-16mm (both medium to large) and 50mm (small lens). I literally have the camera with a lens attached to it and two smaller lenses crammed in the bag as tight as possible and most of the small compartments barely utilized since they're too small for anything but filters, batteries, cards, ect. The tripod/monopod holder on the side is useless as well since I've never in my life seen a tripod/monopod small enough that it could fit there. Certainly not one sturdy enough for a DSLR.

All in all I just wish the storage areas were better designed because the bag has the potential to be great.
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on July 7, 2011
The design of the bag is great. I especially like how you can rotate the bag around your shoulder and easily get your DSLR camera out. The bag looks like a regular sling bag and does not scream "nice camera inside."

The quality of my bag has been very disappointing. Within two months of ownership the bag is falling apart. A zipper pull has broken and shoulder strap is coming loose from the bag. I have never seen a bag fall apart as fast as this one. If you think I am just tough on my things, consider this,I have a 25 year old Jansport duffle bag I use every few months. I also have a black nylon briefcase that is over 5 years old and I use it most days.

I don't have a lot of experience with Case Logic, so I don't know if I am just unlucky or if others have had problems.

Update: 9/8/2011 Customer Service has been wonderful and has exchanged bag, with no hassles. The new bag has had no issues. Apparently I just got the one odd bag. Customer service has been great, the promptly sent me out a replacement with a shipping label to return my old bag. Good bag, great service!

Update Aug. 2015.
I love the functionality of this bag. It is relatively easy to remove camera with one hand, without taking bag off. (Rotate sling on body and unzip side compartment.) I have had to re-enforce the stitching twice where the sling strap meets the top of the pack. I also had to re-sew part of the equipment loop on the side, in spite of rarely using it. I love design, just wish it was built more ruggedly.
My bag currently holds a Nikon D7000 with 28-200mm zoom in the camera compartment.
I carry a Nikon SB-700 flash kit, a wind breaker, charger with cord in the top compartment with room to spare.
In the compartments on the back I carry a circular polarizer filter, extra battery, extra memory cards, lens cleaning kit, pen, etc.
Bag is my favorite design by far,
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
The bag is nice but not very durable. The loop that holds the chest strap clip ripped after two months of casual use. I carry a Canon T6s with the 18-135 lens, Yongnou 568EXii flash, Canon 50mm1.8, iPad, some USB cables, Rode LavMic, couple extra batteries and charger. The bag is full but not bulging or difficult to zip up. Also I am an averaged size guy and with the chest strap attached there is plenty of extra slack... This should be an easier repair but not something I should have to worry about after two months.

I amended my rating and increased it by one star because Case Logic's warranty service was so helpful. I filled out the form, sent the pictures and they sent me a new bag free of charge. Hopefully my experience of the first bag was just a fluke. If you are on the fence about purchasing this bag I would take the chance. The customer service at Amazon and Case Logic makes it easy to return if by chance you get a bad bag.
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on March 30, 2017
If you are a bigger guy like me - I'd suggest sizing up to another pack, great design for a sling, but it is REALLY small - makes you feel like your carrying around a little kids backpack - the design, at least to me seems a little more catered to mirrorless cameras or maybe someone looking to carry more with their point and shoot.
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on January 24, 2017
The bag is made well, not too big, just the right size for shoots. I'm a professional photographer, I shoot events for a living. I've tried more bags than I can count. This one is a keeper.
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