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on June 16, 2015
Well made bag ! Good amount of pockets.
Fits my Tab S 8.4 well.
Inner camera pouch/insert is a bit thin, but does the job. It's also designed small enough so that you can still place other items(Flash etc.) next to it inside bag.
I've seen a camera insert on Amazon with slightly larger dimensions than Case Logic insert, and will buy so that I can use entire inside as camera bag when I need to.
Nice size to use as a general walk around too.
See attached photos showing Sony A7R with 28mm lens attached plus 55mm 1.8 lens in insert. Added some padding on bottom so Camera has something to rest on as lens is short.
review image review image
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on December 20, 2014
So far I love everything about this camera bag except the color! I ordered it in Morel, and it has a very obvious green tint to it. My mom even thought it was some kind of olive shade when she first saw it. Other than that, it was a great buy. It fits comfortably as a cross-body bag (not so much just over the shoulder, but that may work better if I changed the strap length). It keeps its flat shape, so you can't really rest it on the side of your hip but it slides into place nicely behind me and I can shift it to my hip if I need to get my camera in or out. I don't have a tablet so I use the inner tablet sleeve for the manual and other accessories, and the two outer mesh pockets on the side are great for the lens cap or other things I need quick access to, while the inner pockets under the front flap are good for the charger and accessories I only need once in a while when I'm not on the go. I love the inner cushioned bag that the camera fits inside of. I was worried it might be a pain, but I definitely feel like it keeps my camera safer without any significant extra effort needed to get the camera in and out, and it gives me more options for when I have more equipment to put on either side of it. I'm very picky about bag styles in general, so I was really pleased with how comfortable I feel carrying this one around to events and such. It's not overly feminine or masculine, which is a huge plus. I'd recommend it, especially for a beginner like me!
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on March 16, 2016
Start with the good- this is a stylish bag with good quality construction. Feels really solid and looks sharp.
Con- I returned mine because the inner case is really too small to fit a DSLR with lens on. I had a Nikon 7200 with 18-55 mm zoom mounted and it didn't fit. I could use the bag with out the inner bag, but the whole point was to be able to keep it separate from the second zoom lens and / or maybe a water bottle. The side pockets were too small to fit a water bottle without squashing it. The strap is too small to be cross-body when my husband carries it, and also fixed. (Meaning you can't unclip either side). Understandably it is a cross-body bag, but sometimes I would like to be able to move the strap to my waist like I do with other bags and give my shoulders a break. I liked the possibility of being ably to carry a small tripod within the flap, but after that it is too heavy to sling over one shoulder. This would be a great set up for a smaller camera plus lens and water or other small items.
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on July 17, 2015
This bag is fantastic. I was worried to buy it as a Warehouse deal, but it came *perfect* condition.

I'm traveling with expensive camera gear, but traveling light-- one lens. This bad EASILY holds a full-sized camera body with a large lens attached and another large lens in the padded columnar pocket if I wanted to. I have the padded part pulled out and inserted into my large backpack. This protects my gear as I go through the airport system. The rest of the messenger bag gets collapsed flat in my carry on luggage. This way, when I arrive at my destination, I leave the bulky backpack and suitcase behind and carry around the camera in its padded pocket inside the messenger bag. The bag has room for the camera, two lenses, batteries, filters, wallet, passport, tablet, and various odds and ends for going about during the day.

This bag is perfect for that traveling light scenario. Collapse the outer bag in your luggage and use the padded part for the airplane/train/bus, whatever. Pull it out to use as your day bag once you arrive. You just transfer the padded part back into the outer bag and leave your luggage behind.
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on April 17, 2014
I LOVE this bag! the color is slightly more purple than the pink I see on my computer screen, but gorgeous color nonetheless. The fabric is fantastic, sortof a heavy duty canvas-y type of thing. Hard to describe, but fantastic. Definitely not waterproof/stainproof though - I'd grab a can of whatever that stuff is that you use to waterproof leather boots and shoes if you are hoping to spend a lot of time out in the elements with it.

The bag itself is really sturdy and doesn't feel cheap in any way. The zipper across the top feels heavy-duty and has ginormous teeth. Honestly, my zipper is a little stiff, I'm considering a small dab of WD-40 just to make it glide easier, but I'd rather have it too stiff than too lose.

The padded insert that comes with this bag is totally ridiculous and worth switching out. It is rather short, and it's only wide enough to fit two items inside (say camera/lens and a flash, or a camera/lens and second lens), but is just bulky enough that you can't easily hold a third item like another lens outside of the insert. To remedy this, I purchased this ApeCase insert - it fits perfectly and makes the bag a hundred times more functional. (I got the 10.25 x 7 x 4 size). With this insert I can fit a D800 and two FX lenses nice and snug.

The mesh pockets on the outside are great for small items, but is a little bit too tight if I try to hold my cell phone and slightly bulky wallet both in one side. It might hold a thin water bottle, though I haven't tried to say for sure.

I love that for such a small bag, it feels like there are a good number of pockets and storage options. Inside the main compartment there is an ipad area and a zippered pocket. On the outside there are the two mesh pockets on the ends, a flat zippered area in the top flap, and a zippered pocket with small organizer under the flap.

The handles are attached at an angle that makes cross-body wear extremely comfortable. The strap is sown directly on the bag instead of using connector rings so it never gets bunched up. it comes off the bag at probably a 45 degree angle, situating it perfectly for cross-body wear. If anything, it's actually a little awkward to hold on one shoulder for that same reason, but because it's so comfortable, I don't find myself messing with it or moving it from shoulder to shoulder or anything like that.

The bottom of the bag is covered in some sort of super-gripy black fabric, so when you set the bag down, it's not sliding anywhere. Unless you tip it over, that sucker will be staying put until you pick it up. On the one hand, it's not as easy for me to store this bag on a top closet shelf since I cat easily reach up and slide it in and out, on the other hand, the fact that it stays put in all conditions is awesome!

Camera bags are such a hard thing to buy and really never ever perfect in all ways, but overall, this bag has made me super happy and feels very high-quality for the price paid. I would buy it again (or the larger size, even), no question.
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on June 15, 2015
Got this bag for a recent trip to Europe and came away very impressed. It's a great size for anyone that doesn't want to lug around a huge bag but still wants to pack more than just your camera.

-The size is almost perfect for day trips around the city or for day-hikes.
-The bag is quite attractive for this space and definitely doesn't scream "camera-bag."
-Tons of storage for the size: The padded camera insert was able to hold our Nikon D5200 with a lens attached and an extra lens (wide-angle or telephoto). Was a little tight, but not an issues. Besides the camera there are tons of pockets for other items and two water bottle holders. Most of these are zippered off and provide nice organization. I really liked that the main compartment was separated from the flap.
-Padded camera insert is removable and, when removed, the bag can be packed relatively easy in another bag. I put the insert in a backpack for the flights and it provides great protection and allows you to easily stow the main bag in your checked luggage.
-Very light--the bag can easily be worn like a small messenger back or as a simple shoulder bag.
-Remarkable solid water resistance. Got unexpectedly caught in a torrential rain and hail storm on the side of a mountain for about 25 minutes. I was soaked but the contents of the bag were almost entirely dry. The camera insert even has a little rain cover to further help this. Would probably be even better if treated, but as the zippers aren't laminated, this should not be considered waterproof.

-May be a bit small for some. The D5200 is not a large camera and with another large-ish lens in the camera insert, it fit well but was quite snug. If you have a big, full-frame shooter, you may have to stick your additional lens off to the side of the insert. If you're looking for a small bag though, you should expect there to be limited space though.
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on June 28, 2014
The size of this bag is perfect for street photographers, or those looking to shed some weight. This is a very well made bag.
If you really want to, you can fit in your SLR camera, 2 lenses (maybe 3), a flash, and aaall off those little accessories you think you may need. There are tons of little pockets for the accessories.
I love the removable bag for the camera. I use it to house my camera in my backpack when I go to school.

I bought this bag because I'm moving to Oakland soon, and not one of the nice areas. I love having a camera bag that DOESN'T look like a camera bag.
My only true complaint is the angled strap. I'm not sure why Case Logic felt the need to angle it so sharply, or at all. You know, we can adjust stuff on our backs all by ourselves.

To the people who are reviewing and saying the bag is designed to keep you from getting that spontaneous shot: why is your camera in your bag? If you're looking, shouldn't you have your camera wrapped around your wrist and ready to go? It only takes a few seconds to slide the bag to your side, zip open the main compartment, and grab your camera out of the removable bag, anyway.
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on December 8, 2014
I have an Olympus E-PM1 with the two kits lenses, a small tripod, extra battery, a charger, and various cables that come along with toting a camera. This fits everything well. If I had an extra lens or a bigger camera, I would either need to adjust what I carry in the bag or get a bigger bag. When the bag is full, it could be a challenge to fit a water bottle in the pouches that are designed for it, but it would work. I do like the fact that this bag is able to be utilized for other things than just a camera bag and something that does not scream, "I have a descent camera in here! Please take this when my attention is disctracted."

This bag appears to be well made, the fabric is strong and feels like it will hold up for a long time. The strap is adjustable and has a pad on it to cushion the weight of the bag. That same pad a a gripper side which helps to keep it on your shoulder. This same gripper is on the bottom of the bag. It really keeps the bag from slipping around on the floor. FYI-The way the shoulder strap is set up, you pretty much have to wear it across your body. You can wear it straight on one shoulder, but this bag seems to be specifically designed for cross body.

I have seen some other reviews that mention the outside pocket being difficult to open when full. This is correct, however I do not feel like this is a deal breaker for this bag. There are several other compartments those items could be stored in.

I would buy this again and/or suggest it to a friend for consideration.
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on January 2, 2017
It was a little smaller than I'd expected, but that's probably because I didn't read the product information very carefully. But now that I have it and am using it, I think it's great, especially for a mirrorless camera. I also like the little insert that can be removed. It's about large enough for a mirrorless camera and a lens or two, and it can help keep your stuff together but not take up too much space and/or make it easy to move those things to another bag.
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on June 21, 2014
Although the insert will easily accommodate my Lumix GF-1 4/3 camera and accessories, I use the bag for EDC without the insert. For that purpose, I store a point and shoot digicam and a small pair of binoculars in the water bottle end pouches. The interior, well padded slip pocket keeps my kindle sized tablet and a small hard drive safe. The flap pocket is ideal for easy access to a pair of gloves, bandana and lens cleaning cloth. It is no trouble to fill the main pouch and the organizer under flap pocket with enough goodies to make Macgyver envious. The interior longitudinal zippered pocket is ideal for my pill box and a high capacity battery for the tablet and my phone.

The whole package rides comfortably in my lumbar area for any length of time I want to carry it. I might wish for a fastex buckle or similar on the strap to avoid swinging the strap over my head, but if it truly bothers me I'll find a luggage seamstress to install one. All in all, I love this bag!
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