Customer Reviews: Case Logic KSW-64 Koskin 72 Capacity CD/DVD Prosleeve Wallet (Black)
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on June 30, 2006
NOTE added 8 Feb 2015

My review of this product is now almost a decade old. I'm not going to delete it, and I stand by what I said about the change made to the product all those years ago. But I would also say that this old review should probably not be considered representative of whatever Case Logic is currently shipping under this UPC code. Anyone considering this product today should probably pay more attention to more recent reviews.

Original, unedited 2006 review follows:

It's true, CL has "improved" this product. In the process they ruined it. For one thing, they removed several features, for instance the new version does not have the removable fast file and lacks the slot for a label on the handle. Also, it is about 30% lighter, and obviously "cheaper" in many respects, e.g the sides are now lightweight nylon. I would be surprised if one of these new models holds up for even 30% as long as the old one. And it's UGLY: brown stitching on black faux leather looks awful!

There is one actual improvement in the new one - it was easier to open flat on a table. And one possible improvement - the attachment of the handle is apparently different, but you can't really tell if it's any better because it is hidden on the new one.

You can't blame Amazon - the new and the old one have the same UPC code (8585405012). But they are different part numbers: old = #60 2233002, new = #63-2400017-A.

I am disgusted with Case Logic for this crass and brazen attempt to squeeze a few pennies out of the production cost at the cost of huge loss of quality. I'm not going to touch any of their products again - IMO they cannot be trusted.
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on July 26, 2006
I will admit that hands down case logic is THE BEST cd wallets you can buy. They are (usually) constructed with great quality and you actually feel that you get your money's worth. Even the protection it provides for the cd's that you put it in it is outstanding. I'm a scratch freak and I've noticed that Case Logic wallets do not put any scratches what-so-ever on your cd's or dvd's. Not even those little really light ones that you only see in bright light. Nothing bad to say about them at all, it was pretty much everything a CD wallet should be, at it's finest. BUT!, new this year is the redesigned version of these wallets and they are TERRIBLE! The previous models were superior to any other cd wallet out there. Now they have BROWN STITCHING put against black koskin leather. The handle looks completely cheap and it comes from inside the wallet. Letting you know that there is no telling what is holding it in place. The mesh screen IN the handle is gone, so no more labels can be placed in it. They are seriously terrible and that's all you can find when you go out shopping for one. I found this out and quickly rushed to my favorite local electronic store and bought the last (previous model 320 koskin) cd wallet that I was lucky to find in the very back of the shelf. The rest were the new UGLY and cheaply made ones at the SAME PRICE. I bought that wallet just in case I needed it within the year and good thing I did, because I needed it, and now need another. I'm now out of space and in desperate need for a new cd wallet, but I refuse to buy one of these new ones. It doesn't matter if you get the koskin leather (which is my favorite) or the fabric ones, they are both repulsive in this years model. So now I sit with old spool casings that used to hold all my blank cd's now holding my real cd's and dvd's until case logic comes back into focus and sells a better quality and improved (this time for real) cd wallet. This is pretty much everything that the previous 2 reviews say. I just COMPLETELY agree with everything they say and I'm hoping that somebody from case logic or word gets out to the people and they notice a huge slump in their sales this year. Please Case Logic, no more brown stitching, poor quality handles and less features in your next model design of these wallets... my fingers are crossed.
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on February 14, 2006
I just received this case in the mail today. This is the second one I have bought off of amazon (this exact item), but this one was not exactly the case described and pictured above. It had a cardboard sleeve/carton wrapped around it that also described and pictured this item as it appears above. The cardboard wrapper didn't match the item in it.

I like the new design better though. It looks nicer, the Koskin material is slightly brown, but just barely (it looks black until you inspect it closely). The Handle is more secure, actually attached inside the material.

THE ONLY BAD DIFFERENCE IS THAT THE 16 SLOTS IN THE FRONT OF THE CASE AREN'T REMOVABLE, LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. I own the other case (the one described and picture above), and the removable 16 CD folder is pretty handy.

Otherwise, I'm happy with the changes and will not return it. In fact, I'm ordering another one!! BUT, AMAZON SHOULD CHANGE THEIR DESCRIPTION.
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on August 29, 2008
Ok, I almost didn't get this because of all the bad reviews, but I'm glad I did. Maybe it's not the same as the old version and maybe it's not as good, I don't know because I've never owned the old version, but this one is great. It feels sturdy, looks nice, and does its job.

One complaint I saw over and over was that it had brown stitching as opposed to black. Personally, I love the brown stitching. It seems to give it a more retro appearance.

Don't worry about the negative reviews. They are all from people who owned the first version. If this is the first time you're buying this one, you won't regret it.
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on February 20, 2007
This is a great case. The negative reviews are valid, but this case works well for me. I only find this new design only slightly uglier than the old one, which I had a few years ago but got rid of because I didn't need it at the time. I have yet to see a large-capacity cd wallet that isn't hideous and a nuisance to keep cds organized in to some degree. I'm partial to keeping cds in their jewel cases with all the inserts, since they are easiest to keep alphabetized that way. But recently I've had to switch to a different storage solution, as I have at least 1000 cds and moved to a tiny apartment. I also expect to move a couple times more, so I needed something portable. I found this case to be one of the best for storing a large collection.

Pros: 1) Movable pages (a must for me); 2) Zippered (very important in my very dusty apartment); 3) Has a nice handle for portability; 4) soft sleeves that don't scratch my cds

Cons: 1) the plastic sleeves, since soft, aren't that sturdy, so probably would tear if slightly abused; 2) Can only hold very thin cd inserts just like all other cd wallets. You have to store each insert sideways so they fit in the sleeve, or store them separately like I do (I have too many thick inserts).
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on January 12, 2016
The reviews seem to be mixed up for all sizes of the Case Logic Prosleeve Wallets, so I'll mention both of the sizes I recently purchased in this one review.

I purchased both the Case Logic KSW-64 Koskin 72 Capacity CD/DVD Prosleeve Wallet and the Case Logic KSW-208 Koskin 224 Capacity CD/DVD Prosleeve Wallet.

I was extremely disappointed with both and will be returning them today, just having received them yesterday.

QUALITY: From far away, the cases look super cute... then you pick them up - instant sadface. The quality of both Prosleeves were terrible, literally just cheap fabric laid over cardboard. Both have obvious ripples in the faux leather from being carelessly sewn together. The covers wiggle back and forth on their spines - there's no stability. The stitching is puckered, loose and uneven in several spots on both cases. The perfect words to describe both are "cheap" and "flimsy". :(

SLEEVES: The sleeves are cheap, thin, rough, fibrous black "fabric" with a slight waffle design. If you were using this fabric to wash your face every day, you'd be raw by the end of a week - not the greatest fabric to have next to CDs or DVDs that you're obviously looking to protect, especially if you're removing them frequently.

SLEEVE BINDING: The sleeves are attached to the 224cd case by 2 thin plastic bands which also have a "release" mechanism - referred to in the description as the Quick-Lock Moveable Page System - basically there's a button snap attached to a strip of plastic down the middle of the binder. Unbuttoning the snap and pushing the strip down releases these 2 plastic bands holding your sleeves, which only stick into the spine about an inch, held by their slightly curved ends. This is so you can add more pages, but the quality of the plastic is so cheap and sharp that just a few bends will cause the plastic to whiten and then break - meaning NOTHING will be holding your sleeves into the binder and there'll be no fix for it.

The 72cd case has sleeves sewn into the spine of the the case, meaning no additional pages can be added. Also, some of the CDs and DVDs I slid into the pockets slid right out when I tipped the case slightly- not a close fit.

HANDLES: The 224cd case has one very wrinkled handle along the spine. This is attached with one rivet on each side and some light decorative stitching to the cardboard underneath. There's no way this will hold up to being carried while even half full more than a handful of times. The 72cd case has no handle.

ZIPPERS: The zippers on both the 72cd and 224cd had the same issue - the ends of the zipper trail away to the sides in a V-formation when it's fully closed - see pictures - meaning they're never actually fully closed. It works itself back and stays open at least an inch. The fabric surrounding the zipper is plastic-y windbreaker material on the 224cd and thin weaved cloth on the 72cd.

ALL IN ALL: Beautiful from a distance (or online), a huge disappointment when actually handled. I'm getting a refund and going to a brick-and-mortar store to buy different ones so I can see and feel the quality. I loved the idea of the antique brown with stitching, but the execution is sadly very poor. :(
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on August 23, 2010
Most of the negative reviews for this Case Logic 336-Disc CD Wallet seem to be coming from people who liked features on the older model that Case Logic either altered or got rid of on the more recent model. I have only ever used the new model, so I can't speak to whether it's better or worse than it used to be, but only to what I encountered when I recently (August 2010) purchased 3 of these units.

Like most people, I'd imagine, I'm buying these because I got sick of CD jewel cases taking up so much space in my house. With their 336 disc capacity and nice sale price on Amazon, these Case Logic CD wallets seemed to be the solution. They arrived last week, and I spent a day interacting with these wallets quite a bit as I organized my CDs and put them into the wallets, so here's what I think:

1) Unlike some other reviewers, I don't find the brown stitching on the black wallets to be a big deal. I think these wallets are a bit better looking than many others on the market, even with the brown stitching, but in any case, let's get real - they're CD wallets, so they were never going to be beautiful. The color of the stitching isn't really what's holding them back from being an aesthetic asset to your home. CD wallets are depressing to look at no matter what. You will be happier if you store them in a cabinet out of sight, whatever color their stitching happens to be.

2) These wallets have an awesome capacity, and they are able to lie impressively flat almost to the last few pages of a wallet that has been filled with liner notes and CDs stored in the same pocket (i.e. making it overstuffed, since they recommend separating them, but I have too many CDs and didn't like to waste the space). I also really like the flat file portion in the front of the wallet, which is great for storing those fat booklets that sometimes come in CDs instead of standard liner notes, or just CDs that you want to be able to access quickly. Being able to remove this flat file wouldn't have added anything to my experience, but I understand why people who enjoyed that feature on the last model might be bitter that it's been removed. I would never have taken it out, though, so it's no biggie to me personally that it's no longer removable.

3) The handle seems really sturdy, and these store really nicely, keeping your CDs neat and dust free. Perhaps it would have been nice to be able to label the handles, as someone suggested you could on a previous model, but I tend to use our P-Touch Label Maker for stuff like this anyway, since it looks neater than handwritten labels, so again, no real biggie to me, and frankly the profile looks neater without the plastic sleeve on the handle that you'd need for a label.

Bottom line: My expectations were pretty basic: I just wanted a functional and durable-seeming CD wallet that held a lot of CDs and didn't cost too much loot. This Case Logic model fit the bill, so I'm happy with my purchase.
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on June 5, 2006
I like accessories that are functional and really work as they were intended and designed. Such is the case with this product. It holds CDs securely and safely. There is also room for accompanying booklets, manuals and the like. This CD Wallet is well thought out, functional and very durable.
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on April 12, 2002
I've owned this binder for about four months, and it is definitely the nicest CaseLogic binder I've come across. First, it's CaseLogic... that speaks for itself; they make the best CD binders period. This one in particular has a heavy soft shell that has the look and feel of leather, and zips up around the outside edge to keep everything safe. This one also has a kind of retractable handle that you can't see in this picture, also made of the leather-like stuff, and the handle has a little screen embedded in it that you can put your contact information in just in case you lose it.
I may be biased since I won't buy anything of this type unless it's made by CaseLogic, but hey, you go with the best unless you want your CDs all scratched up from lousy CD sleeves. If you like CaseLogic, go with this one.
Only one downside: So far they don't have this type with a capacity higher than 90-something. I'd have preferred to have one that holds about 200. Oh well. I don't mind owning two!
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on November 23, 2007
This is a quality, easy to insert/remove DVD, zip closed, and store unit. Well made and looks good too. I trashed all my other cheap unusable wallets, and replaced them with this unit. My search is over..
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