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Just wanted to post a few pics to help.
Briefly, a first class bag - stands up on it's own, solid construction makes you feel secure that it can hold lots of weight - because this is a bag meant for some BIG gear. Shown in pictures: Canon 5D Mark IV body with Black Rapid strap attached, and 70-200 f/2.8 II IS USM attached with hood mounted backward fits easily from the side, so is easily accessed without taking off the sling. And with the 70-200 attached, the 24-70 f/2.8 fits easily in another section, accessed from the front.

Vice versa, the 5D IV with 24-70 attached easily fits from the side for quick access, with hood attached backwards. And with that mounted, you have PLENTY of room to pack the 70-200 f/2.8 in another section.

With that body and two lenses, plenty of room for 1 or even two speedlites as shown in the main compartment.
Then the HUGE top compartment. Nicely fits my Canon T5i with attached Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 AND another Flash in it's case. (Pixel X800C). there's still more room there, as well as some side pockets you can see in Youtube videos - to put other odds and ends.

Pics with this on my back as sling and as backpack to give you an idea of it's size. I'm 5'10" 190# - it's perfect size for me - big enough to hold your best gear, but not so big that it looks funny on your back.

Took me weeks of research to find a bag that could take a full frame camera with 70-200 attached, function as a sling to allow access from the side so that you do not have to remove the bag and set it on the ground to get your camera out. I'm happy to say - this is the right bag if that is your goal.

There should be 8 pictures total - I've uploaded several times, but they just won't display...Most important is the photo of the 5DIV loaded from the SIDE ACCESS, with 70-200 attached, and PLENTY of room for easy access in/out, even with my bulky Black Rapid strap attached.
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on November 30, 2015
I checked many bags, and at the end i chose this one. It has become my traveling companion, especially when I fly. I stored many things in it. A 5D, a 70-200, a 24-70 and many other lens and equipment. And also my laptop. and some books. So overall I love this bag very much and i have used it for over two years now. But i have some problems with it.

1) the tripod strap and pocket are pretty much useless. They should be redesigned to make the tripod stay still - and as a photographer that has always his MePhoto tripod with him, I'd suggest to rethink the position for the tripod on the side.

2) there is no storage for a water bottle. There could more places for hooks.

3) If you carry this bag over a long hike, it is likely you are going to sweat a lot. Then be aware that the bag is far from waterproof. Whenever it happens to me, I always find the computer compartment drenched in water. Last weekend i went for a 7km hike, i had with me my camera, two lenses and my tripod (about 7 kilos) and it was 35 degrees. At the end of the hike I had to throw away the little paper notebook i kept in the back compartment (where i usually keep my computer) because it was all wet.

4) The major complaint I have regards the bag's shoulder straps. After many outdoor walks and hikes with this bag, my experience is that if you overload it with too much stuff (computer, camera equipment and tripod) it won't be long before you find out that the shoulder straps are too narrow to sustain that kind of load without causing excruciating pain. If you go around for a few hours with the backpack filled to its maximum capacity, you will experience severe pain in your shoulders. As i love the backpack, I didn't send it back, but to avoid the pain, I added an extra layer of padding (see attached photo) on the whole length of each straps. Now now it works fine and no more pain. Case Logic should update its design and make it more suitable for carrying loads over long distances (without pain).
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on May 4, 2017
Needed something that i can fit my D810 attached to 70-200 vr2 lens, and im glad to say this bag can.

I was looking for a bag to have with me for an upcoming trip, i also have the case logic SLRC-206, but with the 206 i have to take the bag off and open up the entire back side to get my camera/combo out, with this KSB-102 i can use the side function and the bag can stay on my body like a sling.

In this bag the top compartment is roomy as well i was able to fit a Travel Organizer Case Bag (link below) filled tot he brim with cables and power adapters as well as my bluetooth wireless headphones without compromise.

In the main cavity i have my D810 attached toa 70-200, a rokinon 14mm, a nikon 50mm1.8G, a gopro hero 5 and the nikon AC battery charger, i can probably squeeze in a bit more.
As for the 2 compartments on the sides they are a decent size for wallet, keys, memory cards, usb sticks even a small portable harddrive if thats your fancy.

Overall this bag is exactly what i needed without having to switch lenses around and constantly be putting the bag down to do so, the surprisingly good storage on top is also worth mentioning as the Travel Bag is not small.

Travel Bag:
BAGSMART Electronics Travel Organizer Case Bag, Fluorescent Green

-Mr. J
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on May 6, 2017
I have spent literally weeks looking for a good sling bag. I've even ordered several only to send them back for being too small. When I first saw pics of this bag, I was concerned that it would be way too big. I'm 5'6" and this bag fits my body really nicely. This bag has plenty of room for my Nikon D300s with my Sigma 10-20mm lens, 3 extension tubes with my 50mm attached and my Sigma 105mm lens. In the upper compartment I have my remote trigger, reflector and a good book on my camera and a 4" crystal ball (yes you heard me right) I love taking crystal ball pics and there's room in the top compartment for that. That was actually the thing that sealed the deal for me.

I've always had sling bags and like the way you can access your camera while it's still on your back. One problem I've found with every sling bag is that you can only access one side. If your lenses are in the other compartment you have to take the bag off to get to them. The one HUGE advantage to this one has, and the way I like to wear it, is like a backpack. Take the right shoulder out and swing it around to access your camera. To access your lenses, just take your left shoulder out instead. You WILL have to take it off to access the top compartment, which has more room than most other top compartments I've seen.

I like the snug fit in the camera compartment. Easy enough to get it out but won't accommodate a battery pack or remote trigger. Unless I'm on a serious hike I carry my camera most of the time anyway. A remote trigger is a MUST for any serious photographer. The padding has plenty of cushion to protect my valuable lenses, and yours too. There's plenty of zippered compartments to hold filters, extra SD cards and all of your other goodies. The pocket and strap for the tripod looks like it would work well.

Comfortable? OMG yes. I'm not carrying a laptop so I imagine that makes it a little more. Once I get it all loaded with my gear I will post some pics with an update of the bag/pack.

If I were you I wouldn't wait. Buy it now!! You won't regret it.
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Top Contributor: Petson April 25, 2017
Used this bag on a hike for the first time this weekend and it was great! I was able to pack 2 water bottles, some essentials for the dog, a charging pack for my phone, as well as all of our keys, phones, and other accessories into the top of the pack comfortably. The dividers make it easy to separate your camera and lenses/supplies. I really like having the ability to store extra lens covers, memory cards, etc in the different pouches. The chest strap and hip straps are wonderful when you're walking, my pack didn't move one bit. My only complaint was that I was hoping my laptop would fit inside, and it did not. It could not fit with the zipper being closed all the way, but it would fit with the top open. I was afraid I would break the zipper if I forced it. Honestly, my laptop won't be in the bag for the most part, so this was not a deal breaker for me. My laptop is a 17" so I kind of expected this anyway.

Removable organizers- great for different sized lenses
Great size for hiking and traveling
Plenty of room for 4 lenses, a full size camera, accessories, and some essential items for hiking
Love the extra loops on the outside of the bag- great for hanging water bottles and carabiners from your bag

The laptop area is snug, I was really hoping I could get my 17" Envy in there, as I usually can in a 15" bag, but it wasn't working
Seems as if the zippers move sometimes, even when I know I closed them completely
The top strap seems to be really high up, it might be because I'm big chested (female) but it seems as if it's more at neck level than chest level

Overall, I would buy this bag again, I really like the padding and feel like my investments are protected in this bag. It's very durable, I can set it down places and it doesn't seem to tear or rip any of the materials. The camera lenses and camera don't move at all inside the compartments, the separators are very sturdy. I really like having the ability to move things around to my preference, and the easy access from the side zippers makes grabbing my camera in a hurry very simple. Highly recommended.
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on November 30, 2014

I am a professional speaker and author. I have to travel a lot and I hate losing things and not being able to easily access items immediately. I don't have a professional camera, but I do have several pieces of equipment, including professional microphones and a GoPro with several attachments. I also have several other personal items that I like to have easily accessible.

I use it as a backpack. I have never used it as a "sling"

For all practical purposes this bag works better than every bag I was able to find in big box stores like Best Buy, Wal Mart, and Target along with every large or small professional photography store there is in my city (population 500,000). I literally went to multiple locations of each store comparing every bag they had. I also spent a minimum of 10 hours doing research online and reading reviews of at least 2 dozen bags prior to settling on this one. I still get excited about how "almost" perfect it is for every use that I need it for.

I say "Almost" because there are just a few things lacking from the construction. I feel that if these had been included then I would have a luxurious bag instead of just a really great bag. I will outline those briefly and then explain what is in this bag on a daily basis (I take it everywhere). I have provided photos so you can also see for yourself.


THE STRAPS: The top part of the straps is of good quality, but the bottom part where it becomes adjustable transitions into a cheap strap. I find that this is slightly uncomfortable - mainly because I often rest my hands behind the straps while walking. My hands end up on the thin cheap part which is very uncomfortable. They attempted to remedy this with a pad that slides around the adjustable section, but it just doesn't stay in place or do any good. My old JanSport backpack that I bought for attending University in 2002 has higher quality straps that are comfortable for this and I still use it for going to the gym. I also used it for all of my traveling until I recently bought this Case Logic bag.

THE OUTSIDE COMPARTMENTS: There are only two "small outside compartments" that are accessible without opening a main compartment. One of them is filled with the rain cover so that leaves only one compartment. I wish there were one or two more, along with an elastic section on both sides where I could put a water bottle.

THE STRUCTURE: This is not really a negative. Actually, it is the structure of the bag that makes it so useful and safe for all of my gear. BUT when I was visiting a dental college at a university in Monterrey, Mexico last week someone told me I look like a boy scout because of my "gear bag". lol I don't mind though, it is sooo worth it :)

THE LAPTOP COMPARTMENT: This compartment has plenty of room for a standard laptop. I'm guessing you could fit a 15" MacBook Pro comfortably. But that doesn't leave room for anything else like paperwork, folders, etc. This is a downfall for me as that means I won't be able to comfortably upgrade my 11" MacBook Air without losing the ability to carry a folder for taking notes and carrying documents.

***PRAISE & WHAT'S INSIDE (see photos)***

THE TOP COMPARTMENT: This compartment comfortably holds 3 books, an external hard drive, a bottle of powdered tea, a container of pre-workout, and my hard glasses case. It is also a catch-all when I'm traveling for things like receipts and change. When I go to sleep at night I put my phone and wallet in here as well so that I always know where they are when I get up no matter where I am traveling. There is a zipped pocket in the lid of this compartment where I put an extra wall-plug for my USB cords. It doesn't seem to be very practical for much more than that or some papers. I wouldn't mind this compartment being slightly larger, but I don't think it is worth complaining about. I could still probably shove a light sweatshirt in there if I really tried.

THE LAPTOP COMPARTMENT: I keep my macbook air and a thick folder in there. The compartment extends the entire height of the bag so I am also able to throw an iPad Mini on top of them. The iPad Mini is in a case so it is a tight fit, but still works. As mentioned above, I wish the compartment was a bit thicker so I could have a larger laptop along with my folder, but it works for my current needs.

THE SIDE POCKETS: One of them has the rain cover in it so I left that out of the photos. The other one nicely organizes my headphones and a USB cord. I could probably put a little more in there if I wanted, but I prefer to keep it clean and organized so that I don't have to fumble to get my headphones or USB cord out when I want them.

THE MAIN FRONT COMPARTMENT & 3 WAY ACCESS: The cool thing about this compartment is that it is adjustable. For photographers this means that you can fit up to medium sized lenses attached to the camera body along with other lenses and small equipment pieces. For me, I adjusted the dividers to create several separate compartments. One compartment is accessible from the "quick access" side pocket that you can access by swinging the bag around while keeping it strapped on your shoulder. I keep my GoPro, extra batteries, and the waterproof case in here. This makes it easy to grab the GoPro when I'm on the run, wanting to grab a cool photo in an airport, etc. (the same use as professional photographers - it works great and is super handy!). In the larger opening (you have to lay the bag down to open it) I keep extra Go-Pro equipment, connectors, etc. I even have some extra space that I haven't found a use for - in the flap of this compartment I keep my Logitech 8900 Professional Presenter Remote (highly recommended!) along with an extra adapter or two for connecting my laptop to different types of projectors. In the other "quick access" side door I keep my laptop charger, another fitness supplement container, and my professional microphones that I use when speaking at conferences. The cool thing about this is that they are organized. They don't float around in a big bag so I don't have to search for them. I know where they are every time.

THE TRIPOD CARRIER: I don't have a main tripod yet, but I do plan to get a "selfie stick" for my GoPro and I think it will fit there just fine. Based on research that I've done, it is best to have the tripod in the center of the bag (like this one is) so that the weight of the tripod is evenly dispersed. So, if I do transition to more gear in the future, I think this will still work for a long time - as long as it is not a big heavy professional tripod that sticks out from the top of the bag an extra 20 inches.

THE ZIPPERS: They are a good high quality. No issues so far and have been using daily for about a month. I thought there was going to be an issue at first with the top compartment. Because of the shape of the compartment the zipper has to zip in the shape of the curve of a roller coaster (it is not a straight line). It was a bit tight at first, but after using it several times it loosened up and hasn't been a problem.

THE ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: Each strap on the bag is adjustable. They did a nice job of providing Velcro in just the right spots to be able to tie up the extra slack in any of the straps (this is very nice). It prevented me from having to cut off the excess length in any of the straps and makes it look nice and neat.

THE ADJUSTABLE INSIDE DIVIDERS: The inside is a nice yellow color which makes it easy to find things. The contrast is great. I wouldn't want a bag that was all black when I'm searching for small adapters for my GoPro, etc. The dividers are a heavy duty Velcro that stay in place once they are set. There is one main divider that separates the lower compartment from the top compartment. I think that if you wanted to you could probably adjust it lower so the top compartment is larger. I haven't needed to yet.

THE BOTTOM OF THE BAG: This is nice and sturdy. It is flat and formed so the bag will stay upright (as long as it is not top heavy from a filled top compartment and an empty bottom compartment). There is also a small rubber surround around the edges which I'm assuming helps prevent moisture from seeping into the gear compartment.

THE PAD ON THE BACK OF THE BAG: There is a nice comfortable pad that adds extra protection to your laptop while adding extra comfort to your back while carrying the bag. I believe it also helps create small air pockets to minimize sweat build-up.

FITTING IN PLANES: The bag is so sturdy/structured that I was afraid that the die-hard airline staff might not let me keep it as a carry-on and force me to check it at the gate. I have been on 6 or 7 flights since I got this bag and I have been able to keep it with me every time. This has been on at least 3 airlines, including a Mexican airline. The bag fills up all of the space under the seat in front of you, but it fits. The one exception was on the Mexican airline where their under-seat storage was shaped differently than every U.S. airline that I've ever been on. It wasn't a problem because they had ample overhead storage space.
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on October 10, 2016
If you are looking for a reasonably priced bag that is well built & has lots of compartments. This is the bag for you.

I have my main camera canon T5i with the kit lens. (It can definatly hold a bigger camera) my point & shoot Samsung, my rode mic, my small LED light & more. I have a total of 4 batteries & the top compartment has my small mounts, cables & more.

The laptop compartment is well built & has cushion.

The build quality protects your cameras & is sturdy for the price.

Both sides have quick access for my 2 cameras.

I originally purchased a Yagle Oxford bag that was cheaper but when I arrived was FLAT (how would that protect my gear?)

Tripod goes in front but is really Ment for a small, light tripod nothing large, heavy or bulky.

The only thing I would say is if you have several large telephoto lenses this may not be big enough. But if your light & on the go like me & need a couple of cameras. This is the bag for you.
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on July 16, 2014
The bag looked bulky and felt too big for comfort. It was really important for me that its side access fit my Nikon D3300 with 18-200mm zoom lens, hood, and a battery grip all attached. To my dismay the side access compartment made it difficult for me to extract the camera, getting itself snagged at its narrow and tight opening. For a bag of this size that's a terribly inconvenient. At about $140 at the time of purchase, this was a fairly expensive bag too. But fortunately I've had much better luck with Lowepro 250 AW. Not only was it $50 cheaper, it was lighter and offered more space. Its side camera access easily allowed me to take out/store my camera without having to put down and open the whole backpack. The Lowepro 250 AW series of camera bags have been around more several years and I mistakenly thought that the more recent Case Logic bag would be more updated and superior since it was priced much higher too - WRONG! the bag was a major disappointment.
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Top Contributor: Photographyon January 15, 2017
Excellent camera pack with many storage options and well designed pockets. The once thing keeping this from being a 5-star rated bag is the velcro interior dividers. The dividers need to be stronger, lined with hard plastic for example, and there needs to be more of them to offer greater customization. Given the bag is meant to be worn upright as one lays moderately-heavy lenses inside there is limited stability for the shelves that one creates with the dividing material. Other than that it is a great pack.
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Very sloid. Excellent protection for my Nikon D330, samsung 15.6" laptop. The camera comoartment easily holds my camera w/35mm prime lens, speed light, diffusers, and 4 lenses. Only downside is the pockets. The ones that are on the pack are very small and there is not enough of them. So most of your accessories will be going in the top compartment. I was planning on using the top compartment for other hike or outing related items. Im taking one star for this reason.

Overall I like the pack a lot. Just wish it had more pockets but I can make do. The quality and comfort while wearing this pack make it worth it.
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