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on April 25, 2017
Used this bag on a hike for the first time this weekend and it was great! I was able to pack 2 water bottles, some essentials for the dog, a charging pack for my phone, as well as all of our keys, phones, and other accessories into the top of the pack comfortably. The dividers make it easy to separate your camera and lenses/supplies. I really like having the ability to store extra lens covers, memory cards, etc in the different pouches. The chest strap and hip straps are wonderful when you're walking, my pack didn't move one bit. My only complaint was that I was hoping my laptop would fit inside, and it did not. It could not fit with the zipper being closed all the way, but it would fit with the top open. I was afraid I would break the zipper if I forced it. Honestly, my laptop won't be in the bag for the most part, so this was not a deal breaker for me. My laptop is a 17" so I kind of expected this anyway.

Removable organizers- great for different sized lenses
Great size for hiking and traveling
Plenty of room for 4 lenses, a full size camera, accessories, and some essential items for hiking
Love the extra loops on the outside of the bag- great for hanging water bottles and carabiners from your bag

The laptop area is snug, I was really hoping I could get my 17" Envy in there, as I usually can in a 15" bag, but it wasn't working
Seems as if the zippers move sometimes, even when I know I closed them completely
The top strap seems to be really high up, it might be because I'm big chested (female) but it seems as if it's more at neck level than chest level

Overall, I would buy this bag again, I really like the padding and feel like my investments are protected in this bag. It's very durable, I can set it down places and it doesn't seem to tear or rip any of the materials. The camera lenses and camera don't move at all inside the compartments, the separators are very sturdy. I really like having the ability to move things around to my preference, and the easy access from the side zippers makes grabbing my camera in a hurry very simple. Highly recommended.
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Enthusiast: Photographyon January 15, 2017
Excellent camera pack with many storage options and well designed pockets. The once thing keeping this from being a 5-star rated bag is the velcro interior dividers. The dividers need to be stronger, lined with hard plastic for example, and there needs to be more of them to offer greater customization. Given the bag is meant to be worn upright as one lays moderately-heavy lenses inside there is limited stability for the shelves that one creates with the dividing material. Other than that it is a great pack.
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on May 27, 2014
First off, It's my belief that there is no camera bag out there to cater to every scenario.

What I like about this bag is the various compartment options. I can insert my camera(s) into any of the main compartments located on the side or font. I could even use the top compartment, though, my concern there the top compartment is nylon versus soft fabric. It's also prone with water leaking in as there is no covering of the zipper teeth.

Pros: Holds two DSLRs, a few lenses, and accessories nicely. Customizable compartments. Waist buckle.

Cons: Shoulder straps are stick fabric and don't allow air, zipper not covered, the trip velcro loop is only located 2/3rds of the way up of the bag and is only one. A second loop would have keep your tripod from swinging or bouncing. I sewed another velcro loop on myself

I bought the bag on a lightning deal which was a good deal. Though, I would probably not pay the regular Amazon price knowing what I know now.
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Very sloid. Excellent protection for my Nikon D330, samsung 15.6" laptop. The camera comoartment easily holds my camera w/35mm prime lens, speed light, diffusers, and 4 lenses. Only downside is the pockets. The ones that are on the pack are very small and there is not enough of them. So most of your accessories will be going in the top compartment. I was planning on using the top compartment for other hike or outing related items. Im taking one star for this reason.

Overall I like the pack a lot. Just wish it had more pockets but I can make do. The quality and comfort while wearing this pack make it worth it.
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on February 27, 2015
I have to be honest, this was not my first choice. I really liked the styling of Vanguard 46, but that sleeker styling ended up meaning less space. This pack has lots more room and some very well thought out extras like Velcro on the ends of shoulder straps so that you can roll up and secure the extra webbing. A major for me was the removable sternum strap. I never use them, but I figure if I cut one off, I'd then find some situation where I need it. Case Logic made it removable, so I have the best of both worlds.

With this bag I'm able to hold my Canon 60D, canon 70-300L, canon 24-105L, Canon 10-22 and Canon 18-200. Additionally I carry a Canon 430II, as well as an assortment of filters, blah, blah, blah. This holds it all with room to spare and its only marginally larger than the Vanguard 46. How is that possible? The Vanguard is sleek and sexy looking compared to the boxy (yet extremely roomy) Kilowatt KSB-102. Oh yeah, I also carry my laptop assorted cables and my noise canceling headphones. That's my standard kit for travel.

It isn't ugly, but it isn't a head turner. It just does exactly what its supposed to do, carry a bunch of stuff very well.
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on May 11, 2017
I have a Nikon D7100. That's a fairly sophisticated amateur camera, but it's still solidly in the amateur category. A camera of that size with a few additional lenses, a flash, all the little claptrap (e.g., extra battery, filters, etc.), fit easily in the case and your (very large) tablet goes in the special compartment intended for it.

Once you've got everything is the case, there are three zippered access panels, so it's possible to get what you want without taking out anything else. Also, you can arrange the straps for a sling pack. If you do that, you can get at most of your lenses while still wearing the pack.

The case has dividers that you get to move around. I would like sturdier dividers, more of them, and better attachment of the dividers to the case. That makes this a four star rather than a five star item.
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on July 16, 2014
The bag looked bulky and felt too big for comfort. It was really important for me that its side access fit my Nikon D3300 with 18-200mm zoom lens, hood, and a battery grip all attached. To my dismay the side access compartment made it difficult for me to extract the camera, getting itself snagged at its narrow and tight opening. For a bag of this size that's a terribly inconvenient. At about $140 at the time of purchase, this was a fairly expensive bag too. But fortunately I've had much better luck with Lowepro 250 AW. Not only was it $50 cheaper, it was lighter and offered more space. Its side camera access easily allowed me to take out/store my camera without having to put down and open the whole backpack. The Lowepro 250 AW series of camera bags have been around more several years and I mistakenly thought that the more recent Case Logic bag would be more updated and superior since it was priced much higher too - WRONG! the bag was a major disappointment.
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on January 1, 2016
There are much better bags out there. It is large but the compartments can't be manipulated properly. I cannot for the life of me fit the 24-70 2.8 along with my 70-200 2.8 in a proper way where something isn't possibly compromised. Also the interior quality is poor. Honestly I went back to using a smaller but more expensive bag I had been using previously. I will eventually purchase another larger bag.
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on October 4, 2013
The case logic pack is very nice. The overall build quality is very sturdy and it sits upright very well even when fully loaded with my gear, which to me demonstrates great design. The inside of the bag is very bright orange and makes things easy to find, which is wonderful for me because all of my lenses are black. the side pouches hold my memory cards and the top pouch keeps my cables and such out of the way of the rest of my camera equipment. The laptop slot in the back of the pack is well designed in my opinion. Though i use a 14' inch laptop, it can easily fit a much bigger laptop. Also another great feature is the outside loop that holds a tripod. I used that when i went to take landscape shots and it worked really well. It held my tripod while i was biking uphill, just to give an example of use.

With this back i was able to strap it to my back and adjust it so that it was snug and then go for a long bike ride and have no issues with the backpack on my back. Also walking long distances with it is a breeze. When you load a bunch of lenses and 1-2 cameras in it, it can get heavy, but it distributes the weight well and the comfy shoulder straps don't hurt my shoulders at all.

would recommend this to any photographer who carries 1-4 extra lenses with them, and a laptop. Great for working in urban environment or out in nature. A truely wonderful all purpose camera bag.
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on May 21, 2014
I purchased this for a trip carrying two camera systems, laptop, and plenty of misc stuff. This carried ALL of it very well.

The divider system works very well. I was able to fit my SLR Camera body, and also the underwater housing for my point and shoot (which is much bigger than an SLR with a 50mm lens on it.)
I wouldn't have minded a few more sections in the area for camera, but it was sufficient for the SLR with two SLR lenses, underwater housing, P&S camera and strobe. The side access panels for the different cameras is pretty handy. They also have pockets inside them which I used for the batteries.

The top section has a medium sized area to put in a variety of things, or one large item. I used it for an external HD, phone charger, misc things for the underwater housing (extra o-rings, grease, sync cables, etc.) AA battery charger etc.

I like that there are options to reconfigure the shoulder straps. I played around with them when I got it. It's easy to change them around. Ultimately, I loaded this thing up with a LOT of weight. It came up over 20lbs on my luggage scale. It held up very, very well under all that weight.

The backback holds its shape when empty, which is nice. It is semi-rigid. It's not so rigid that it is uncomfortable to wear. It is rigid enough that it doesn't collapse as you try to pack it. I am very happy with this backpack, I feel it is perfect for my needs.
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