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on February 7, 2015
This sleeve fits perfectly with my Toshiba Chromebook 2. It comes with a foam pad, and at first I took it out because I thought it was just filler, and the sleeve felt super loose with my laptop in it. But then I took a look at the foam pad again, and I found that you could cleanly pull it apart into 2 flat pieces. Now with the two pieces in the sleeve, my laptop fits perfectly between the foam, and it provides a ton more protection. Not sure if you're supposed to do that, but in the end, it worked out great.

Update: Everything is still great, but multiple people have said that they didn't get a foam pad with their case. If you don't get one, the case is just a little bit too big for a Toshiba Chromebook 2, but it still is a good sleeve regardless. As long as you're taking good care of you're laptop, you'll be fine!
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on January 29, 2015
I bought this for my Macbook Pro Retina 13 inch and the sleeve is a bit too roomy for my liking (like everyone else is saying). What someone else said about the Macbook being able to fit inside the sleeve along with the foam that originally comes inside the sleeve was true for me as well. I could probably fit the foam and maybe even another notebook or small novel. I don't have a hardshell case or anything, though, so maybe if you do have a shell on your Macbook, it'll fit better.

It's my fault for not checking, but I actually thought I was buying a neoprene sleeve, which I don't think it is. It looks like neoprene, but the material feels rather stiff and foamy and less pliable and soft. Also, because the material is rather stiff and the sleeve is big, I could stick my Macbook in the sleeve and shake the laptop around, if that makes sense. It is thicker than neoprene, but decently so without being too bulky and seems like it would provide a good amount of cushioning for toting around in my book bag. I was actually considering returning it to buy an Incase sleeve, but the return cost of shipping would have been pretty much the cost of the entire purchase. It's actually not bad, but I definitely would not buy again and if/when this case gets worn out or damaged I'll probably go for an Incase sleeve.
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on May 13, 2016
Perfect for slipping my HP Spectre x360 13" into my briefcase -- I just leave the sleeve in the briefcase, and can access the laptop through the zippered top. It's a good fit for the x360 with about 1" extra space at the zipper, comfortably snug fit the other (long) dimension.

The foam is thick enough to provide real protection despite the slim profile, and it wraps under the bottom of the laptop. The construction feels solid. The foam is sturdy, not flimsy at all. The surface is resistant to getting scratched or torn. It has a good medium-weight zipper; mine slides smoothly. I appreciate that there's a foam rim just inside the sleeve along the zipper, making the laptop less likely to rub against the zipper and get scuffed. That rim does catch on the laptop when I'm pulling it out of the sleeve, so it takes two hands to get it out. That's the only downside I've encountered.
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on December 30, 2012
This "sleeve" appears and feels more substantial than it's price suggests. It is light weight yet seemingly sufficiently "padded" to offer some degree of protection for a laptop, however it is not, nor intended to be one of those full-blown, indestructible cases providing full-on protection. I bought an ultrabook laptop for its light weight and overall thin and compact size and did not want a heavy case to defeat those features. My computer (an Acer Aspire 13.3") fits snugly into the case's zippered padded top opening with no "wiggle" room whatsoever. Nice tight fit. The case is nicely finished, zippers appear sturdy, both of the case's edges are reinforced with a sturdier material then the softer covered neoprene cushioned sides. I had previously tried 2 other cases. First I got the "Hard Candy Bubble Sleeve Macbook Air 13 Inch". Nice product, adjustable fit, worked with my Acer. Full range of protection, but for me, it was both to heavy and bulky for my purpose, so I sent it back. Next, I tried the 13" "iPearl Soft Neoprene Sleeve Case" which was both too flimsy and too large, and as other reviewers have noted, did have a rather chemical odor and I returned it. So, I think this is the one I want. I will let you know as time goes by.

UPDATE (August 2013): In event that anyone is still interested and looking for a good case. As promised and since time has now gone by from when I wrote my original review (7+ Months and several trips) I can report that the case has been very serviceable and has help up very well, in fact still looks like new, zippers intact, Ultrabook safe and undamaged. Let me reveal that when I have traveled, numerous times since, by planes, trains and automobiles, my laptop is in this case and is transported in my "carry on" bag and stays with me, so it has not received any "hard knocks" from baggage handlers. But both my laptop and the case been subjected to normal wear and tear during local and long-distance travel and so far is a "keeper."
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on December 15, 2013
I bought a similar Case Logic neoprene sleeve three years ago for my previous macbook pro and it fit like a glove. I bought this case thinking I would get the same thing for my new 13" retina macbook pro, but unfortunately can't recommend this new version. The material seems lower quality and less protective, but my main complaint is the fact that the sleeve doesn't fit well. It is loose around the perimeter and for some reason has a lot of extra width making it so the computer slides around considerably inside.

I guess this might be useful to someone who wants to throw in other items with the laptop (perhaps external drive or charger?) but i was looking for the glove like fit I previously had and am thus very disappointed. Unfortunately I immediately threw away the packaging because I thought I knew exactly what I was getting so I can't return it, but I would if I could.

I can't imagine using this sleeve for a MacBook Air, it looks to me like you could fit three Macbook Airs stacked on top of each other inside this case.
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on August 23, 2016
This 13" case logic case is a perfect fit for my new 13" MacBook Air. It's a no frills case that does the job and protects the computer. It is well made, has a good zipper and some padding. I highly recommend this case and it's an exceptional value for the price I paid which was less than $10.
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I purchased this product for my 2015 Macbook Pro retina. The case does not feel protective or sturdy. My Macbook loosely flops around inside and this does not provide a snug fit. I went to the apple store and purchase a slightly more expensive case and its a day and night difference. The other case has a soft microfiber interior lining and a gel cushioning on the outside. This case feels hard inside and outside.
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on September 9, 2013
I purchased a 2013 13" MacBook Air. I spent a good chunk of money on this laptop and and would like to keep it for five years. I did not have any sleeve for the macbook that work provided me. It got kind of beat up. It would fly off the seat of my car if I stopped in a hurry. And I dented the corner when a cheap messenger bag strap broke and it hit the ground from waist high. So I decided I really should have a sleeve that would serve multiple purposes: cushiony in case I drop it, and non-metal and grippy to prevent sliding and/or slipping out of my hands. The zipper feels like it is metal but it is doesn't have sharp edges; it is dipped in paint. And there is a foam bead on the inside of the top to keep the zipper from touching the laptop. All in all I am very happy with this sleeve. No frills and priced right. It deserves to be a #1 seller.
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on August 22, 2012
I recently purchased a MacBook Air 13 (MBA) and added an iPearl mCover shell onto it . However, I wanted a tad more protection for it while in my messenger bag. After reviewing quite a few sleeves, I decided on the Case Logic LAPS-113. Although the description says it is for 13.3 inch MacBook and MacBook Pro, it fits the MBA nicely even with the shell on it. There is a little give at the tapered end of the MBA but I do not see it as a problem. Also,the zipper does not snag on the top of the MBA when I use it to open or close the sleeve. The sleeve is relatively thin and does not add too much bulk or weight.

This Case Logic sleeve has some cushioning for the MBA and should suffice when used in a backpack or messenger bag. At the airport, I appreciate the fact that I can leave the MBA in the sleeve when it goes through the security check process. So far, I am very happy with the quality and utility of the sleeve. Combined with a reasonable price, this sleeve is a great choice for the MBA.
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on May 6, 2015
It's a great sleeve & so far protects my son's mac book pro. But he hasn't dropped it & i hope he never does. I think it needs more padding in it. We thought it was way more padded then it is.
So i think for a college kid that takes it to school everyday we may have to get one that has way more protective padding in it.
other then that it's good if you just want to put your mac book pro in it to keep dust out & just be able to put it in something that looks nice.
I will say if people buy it, don't drop your computer thinking it will protect it.! Because it's not ment for that it's just a nice looking thing to put your mac book pro into.
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