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VINE VOICEon August 26, 2009
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )|Verified Purchase
I own a number of cases and here's what I can tell you. Stay away from the backpack style unless you have a specific need for them. It's easier to carry cases with a single shoulder strap and a handle (for when you want to carry it suitcase-style). With backpacks, getting things in an out will require you to place it on a flat surface or balance it precariously on your hand or knee. You more or less have to open the whole thing and if you are doing the balancing act, your stuff can take a spill.

The ones that are shaped like typical gadget bags (kind of boxy) are better. It's easier to get to your stuff than with a backpack, yet they can hold quite a bit depending on the size you get. I personally like Ape Case bags when I want to carry "all my stuff". The one drawback is that sometimes you want to travel as lean as you can, yet still carry the essentials. For me, that means my camera body and three lenses - an 18-55, a 55-200, and a 50 mm prime. I had an 18-200 lens, but I gave it to my wife so I have to carry these three lenses with me. Of course, I would not feel complete without my flash. To be specific, I have a Nikon SB-800. The body with either non-prime lens attached, fits well in the center compartment. On either side of the center compartment, there are somewhat tubular-shaped side compartments. The two extra lenses fit perfectly together in one of the compartments. Their rear caps touch, but they are not in any peril. The SB-800 fits perfectly in the other side compartment. The extra lenses and the flash fit perfectly, but that means "in the raw" - not inside a lens pouch or the flash case. That's just fine, because I don't want to remove the flash from the compartment and then have to remove it from another container, which I would then have to worry about losing. Same with the lenses. I like to be quick on the draw.

That leaves me with a front and rear pocket to put lens cleaning stuff (essential), extra memory, etc..

By the way, the center compartment has a sling, or "hammock" as Caselogic calls it. The lens goes through the hole in the center of the sling. The sling is designed to cradle and support the camera body, suspending it and acting like a shock absorber. The truth is that the sling will only work that way if you have a short lens attached. If you have a zoom attached, then the camera's weight will be supported by the lens resting on the bottom of the case. If you have your filters and your lens cap snug, this shouldn't be a problem. The good thing about the sling is the hole. It has ample give so that it doesn't remove your lens cap when you pull the camera out. That is not true of the Caselogic SLRC-201, which I also own. The 201 by the way, is for when you want to carry ONLY your camera with lens, and maybe a few tiny knick knacks.

The outside bottom of this case is like a solid rubber boot. It acts as a good barrier against rough terrain. It will also keep your stuff dry if you set the bag down on wet grass, etc.. It absorbs shock by distributing an impact.

The pleasant surprise is the shape of this case. It is shaped like a binocular case, which makes it less bulky than a rectangular case. It is also easier to carry at your side because it doesn't protrude as much. If you expect to be shooting on the go, say at an amusement park or while hiking, this case is much easier to tote and stow than a backpack or box-style case. You'll be mobile and quick on the draw.

The case material(s) are sturdy in places that need to be rugged, and softer where a gentle touch is required. Two places where the material is soft are under the lid of the main compartment (doesn't scratch your display screen), and on the side that touches your body when you carry it with the strap.
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on January 13, 2015
Good case, maybe it feels a bit bulky. Nice stitches, great zippers and proper protection.

Now the problems I had because I feel the presentation movie is a bit deceptive:
The first problem is that the side pockets can't really accommodate medium to large lenses. Even a kit lens with the hood reversed wouldn't fit comfortably. It is the access inside the side pockets that is tight and the pockets are not really cylindrical. Don't even try to get inside a wide angle lens like Tokina 11-16 or Sigma 10-20, or the medium zooms like Nikon 18-140mm. The kit lens or a small prime lens would fit.

The second problem - the main compartment is fine and the support for the camera with lens attached is great, only if you don't have the hood attached (reversed of course) - the hood gets caught in the hammock.

The third problem - now, let's say you have 2 lenses that would fit into the side pockets and the camera with one lens attached in the main compartment. You don't really have too much space left to fit a charger or a blower or some filters without getting really crowded and impractical. The front and rear pockets aren't really too wide for that. You can use the space under the camera if the lens is not too long though.

I would recommend this case only if you have 2 lenses with the condition that the bulkier lens to stay attached to the camera, the second one in one of the side pockets. And you can use the rest of the available space for some accessories.
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VINE VOICEon April 18, 2017
I was looking for a small bag for my MFT camera that offered strong protection. The Case Logic SLRC-202 was exactly what I wanted. It's big enough to hold my camera and medium-length lens comfortably. The suspension system adds an extra level or protection beyond the padding. The camera is easily accessible for quick shots. There are enough side pockets for an extra lens, lens covers, an extra battery, and a battery charger. For what I was looking for, it's perfect. While it's find for MFT, I can see it being too small for people with full-frame cameras and larger lenses.
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on June 21, 2011
The SLRC-202 camera bag is a nice, compact bag to store equipment and travel lean. It holds my D5100 with 55-200mm attached, 18-55mm lens, battery charger, shoulder strap, Giottos AA1920 Rocket Air Blaster Small (Black), LensPen, and a few other small accessories. I should be able to fit my 35mm f/1.8G AF-S lens as well, once received. However, if I had one of the small lens attached to camera and 55-200mm stored, I don't know where I'd put the 3rd lens.

The hammock system works great, as the D5100 w/ 55-200mm lens attached measures roughly 6 1/2 inches in length. It leaves about 3/4 inch below lens to inside bottom of bag and about 1/2 inch from back of D5100 body to top of bag...meaning, you could probably fit a larger camera body with ease. You may also be able to fit it with a longer lens (such as 55-300mm), but it would probably be a tight fit with the 55-300mm lens touching the bottom of the bag, defeating the primary purpose of the hammock system.

This bag was hanging on wall while doing review and I accidentally knocked it off the wall hook when measuring for this review! With the top flap open (camera exposed), the bag landed on its base and camera stayed contained in hammock system. What great protection!
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on July 30, 2017
This is a fine camera bag. The medium size is a perfect fit for our Nikon D5600 Kit. Holds/suspends the camera with either lens attached facing down. The other lens goes in either of the side pockets. That leaves the other side pocket available for another lens or a 2X extender. Battery charger goes in the front pocket. The bottom is well padded. This seems like a well thought out, quality manufactured bag. My wife had previous experience with Case Logic bags and is happy with their products.
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on December 26, 2013
I have bought Case Logic product before for a small point and shoot camera and was very satisfied. This time I needed a bag for NIKON D7100 and 70-200 F4 lens. This bag's pocket sizes are just a tad smaller than the lens but I still wanted to try. I found that the 70-200 lens fits just fine into the side pocket and its hood and the charger go into the pocket on the opposite side. The front pocket is OK for some cleaning supplies, remote and extra memory. Overall this is a tight fit but every piece has its place and does not interfere with others. I love this bag because I can simply put it inside my backpack along with other staff such as monopod, binoculars, books, water bottle, etc. and I do not need to carry this as a separate item at the airplane boarding. Once I arrive at the destination I can pull it out and carry outside if I choose to do so, or still keep it inside my backpack if I prefer not to attract attention to expensive photo equipment.
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on February 15, 2014
Like the title says it's a little narrower than I thought it would because my Sony a77 barely fits in it but my canon t3i fits perfectly. So if you have a camera that's not consumer size like the smaller Nikon's or Canon you might have trouble fitting your camera in here and might want to get the Case Logic SLRC-203 which is the one I wish I had bought in the first place. My external flash fits in the side pocket and and narrow kit lens will also just don't expect to fit anything that has a front glass element bigger then 58mm. The hammocks middle slot wont fit anything bigger then a kit or prime lens so don't expect to be putting anything bigger then 58mm also. The build quality is awesome and I own the Case Logic SLRC-206 so I didn't see the need for the larger SLRC-203 little did I know. You're probably wondering why the 5 stars? It's built very well, there's sufficient pocket space and even a sly pocket below the padded part that faces you. The water proof bottom is really sturdy just a little narrow so be careful when placing it down. I personally think the bottom should be wider so it doesn't fall over as easy, then again that goes for my original complaint that the top isn't wide enough for my gear so I just hope the SLRC-203 is and that it's not so top heavy also. All in all I'd give it 4.5 stars so I just rounded up.
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on July 2, 2016
I would have given this bag a higher rating except that I was a little surprised by how small it is. My Nikon D7000 barely fits in it, but only if I remove the camera's neck strap, and the side pockets are a snug fit for my smaller zoom lenses without their shades. It is, however, well-constructed, sturdy and light; the design is very attractive; and there's room enough for such things as extra memory cards and batteries. I am keeping it as I am considering a mirrorless system that should fit nicely in this bag.

9/05/16. I have been using this bag with my D3200 and Sigma 18-250mm f:3.5 - 6.3 and a wrist strap rather than a neck strap. It has worked out well. After a month of use a defect became apparent - the stitching that secured one to the shoulder strap loops came partially undone. I contacted Case Logic and, after providing proof of purchase and a couple of images of the defect, I had a replacement bag in less than a week. Their customer service is first rate.
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on May 25, 2013
Initially I was surprised how big this bag was (it doesn't look as wide in the picture), so if you only want room for your camera then I would advise against it. However, if you have any accessories (lens cleaners, filters, lens hoods, or extra lenses) or a longer lens on you camera, then this bag is perfect. There's plenty of space to put everything, thought the back zipper seems rather pointless as it's so flat and tight that I couldn't even fit a lens cloth in it. I haven't figured out yet why they put it there, and if they seriously think that anyone can fit anything in it.

The suspension system inside is great for preventing your camera and especially your lens from getting bumped around, and the waterproof bottom is a plus, though I think it would only help in really rare situations.

The shoulder strap is slippery and awful if you want to carry it like a purse, but I sling it around the side of my neck and have no problem with it that way. Generally that's a more comfortable and stable position, giving you easy access to all of your gear without having to set the bag down.

EDIT: After 3 years of use, I can say that this bag is VERY sturdy and of high quality. I have taken this thing up mountains, down into canyons, through snow, hiking over waterfalls, etc. There is not a single tear or blemish on the bag yet, even after scraping it against rocks in slot canyons. The waterproof bottom is great. It has superior protection for your lenses and DSLR body.

It only has room for 2 lenses (non-telephoto, non-super wide) in the sides, which is the only disadvantage.
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on January 14, 2014
After reading many positive reviews, I decided to purchase this item. I had my doubts about those unfortunate customers who warned of a defect relative to the shoulder strap that broke after a short time of use ... I regret not having listened! My strap just broke the third time of use with my valuable Canon 60D inside! I was at a photo shoot on the streets and the strap loose from my shoulder making the bag to crash directly on the concrete (I'll post some pictures with details about the area that became loose). I think if it were not for the EVA base, my nearly $600 lens had broken. I though perhaps this bunch of people just had bad luck but it seems that this is a design problem more than a batch of lemons.
Hey, still I think overall this bag has many good points related to the materials, the hammock system (the main reason why I decided to buy this product), the side, front and back compartments, the EVA base... but this small defect completely destroys the purpose of this product.
I own the Case Logic SLRC -206 SLR Camera and 15.4 -Inch Laptop Backpack (Black ) from a year ago and I am absolutely satisfied with this backpack but now I fear that something similar happens with it.
I am a loyal Case Logic customer for more than 10 years ago, so I just hope they have not lowered their quality standards that made me trust them in the beginning, nevertheless, with this specific item, I think they totally dropped the ball.
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