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on October 30, 2009
I like this bag a lot and it has become my everyday camera bag. It is well constructed, light weight, strong material and quality zippers, spacious, and in particular the hammock design in the main compartment keeps the camera suspended, providing extra protection if bag is dropped. The bottom itself is thick for additional protection and is very stable. The strap is long so I can wear it either on my shoulder or across my body comfortably. My other bag which is a back-pack design I now primarily use for times that require long hikes. Comparing the two design, I feel this Caselogic bag offers easier access. Whereas the back-pack provides better weight-distribution when carried on both shoulders.
My only caution for interested buyers is to be careful when selecting between the Case Logic SLRC 202 and 203 for proper size. The latter, which is the content of this review, is in my opinion much more spacious after trying both on for size. I actually ordered the 202 (medium) bag first and found the main compartment interior a little snug for my D90 with kit lens and after-market thick strap, while the side pockets too tight for mid or larger sized lenses. For reference, I have a Tokina 11-16 ultrawide and it does NOT fit in the side pockets when the camera is also housed in the main (on the 202). On the other hand, the 203 side pockets are deep & wide and the zippers go all the way down front to back (NoDrop tm), giving great access. The larger bag looks barely bigger than the medium one and yet it still weighs nothing. When loaded with the camera, a flash and 3 lenses, it feels supremely capable for the job. I have not done any measuring, but I doubt a nikon or canon 70-200 2.8 will fit in the side pockets or the main when connected to the body. Finally 203 can carry a tripod.
A strong yet light bag. Highly recommend.
It's now Oct 2010 the bag is in great condition - like new. I use it all the time and now occasionally attach a tripod/monopod to it. Solid bag.
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on May 6, 2010
This bag, the SLRC-203 is well built. Good quality and all. Having owned a previous Caselogic case, the SLRC2, I chose this case because it seemed similar. I was very happy with the old case, but I upgraded from a small Nikon D40x to a larger Canon 7D.

This case fits the larger camera just fine with a large lens on the body and two lenses on either side in the pockets. Space is not really an issue.

The disappointing areas of the SLRC-203 are these (esp. compared to the SLRC2):

1. The side lens pockets have one zipper slider each that runs all the way up and over the case. This allows the pockets to open wide for big lenses, but it means that you have to almost completely unzip it to remove a lens. Compare this to the zipper on the Caselogic SLRC2 or SLRC-202 which is around the top. It is possible to leave the zipper unzipped on the SLRC2 and SLRC-202 and not have to worry about the lens falling out. With this case, unless the zipper is completely zipped down, you run a little risk of losing the lens. Also, if you store a tripod on the front (which is what the front flap is designed for) then the tripod will block your access to the lens pouch zippers... another annoying design flaw. Two zipper sliders per zipper would have been much nicer.

2. The top handle is attached to the top flap, so unless you have the zipper completely zipped you cannot/should not carry the case by the top handle. The SLRC2 case in comparison has two split handles on the top which can be grasped together regardless of whether the top flap is zipped. This comes in handy when you need to frequently access the contents of bag and are moving it around alot. With the SLRC-203, if the top is unzipped and you hold it by the handle, the flap will open and you could lose some stuff.

Those are the two worst parts of an otherwise great bag. Unfortunately, the SLRC2 (my old case) is too small for my Canon 7D and lenses, but there are design features I like more about that case as compared to this item, the SLRC-203.
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on July 14, 2017
I bought one of these years ago for my D7000, and it works well enough for me to dig through my purchase history to find the exact one to buy another for my new D750.

There are a few things to keep in mind as you expand your equipment selection, but are not a reflection on the quality of the case by any means, primarily when it comes to space considerations: some lenses are big; the Nikkor 24-120 f4 fits well if left on the camera but not in the side pouches unless you remove the hood (and the hood, fitted backwards, likes to get caught on the hammock because it sticks out so far on the sides), and the Nikkor 80-200mm f2.8 just barely fits in the side pouch opposite the camera, leaving no room for anything in the slot next to the camera, but is too long to fit in the case while connected to the camera.

I might consider looking for a separate solution for the large lenses, which will allow me to use these cases to still each carry one camera body with lens, battery grip, and wireless flash controller, two additional lenses, a spotlight, a wireless flash receiver, and miscellaneous microfiber cloths, lens pens, filters, gels, etc.
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First off, the reason I chose this Case Logic LARGE SLR Camera Bag, was;
I wanted to replace my tiny, cramped OEM bag that came with my Nikon, with a bigger bag,
without graduating up to a full blown BACK PACK!
Well, this is the biggest Case Logic, "hammock style" bag before the back pack design.

If you read some of the reviews, you get a hint, that this is not as big as some would like.
Now that I have it, count me in on that.
I purchased this larger Case Logic Camera Bag, because the smaller model has complaints of being too cramped.
Yet, I wish this model was larger. It seems as if a famous Italian designer created this bag, so it would stand out as a great looking bag.
I bought it because it has a camera "hammock" or "sling" system. Because of this, I will keep this bag. This hammock is the cat's meow! The hard plasticized bottom is another plus also.

But, there should be yet an even larger size model, before jumping straight into the backpack size.
The new design bag should be slightly taller, with no tapered bottom. Allowing the full, nonrestrictive use of the side pockets.
To be fair, there is enough room in the main compartment, to fit my Nikkor 55-300 next to my camera.
But there are more size issues. The zippered pocket in the front is so small and tight, you can not even fit a single bare CD/DVD.
(Not that I would. This is just for size purposes.) It was a tight fit to push a lens filter into it.
The slightly larger back zippered pocket won't even fit my camera's compact field guide, which fit with room to spare in my comparatively tiny, original camera bag. Other than the disappointing capacity constraints, This bag has well thought out features.
One more positive design aspect is, much of the interior fabric is orange/yellow. This contrasts with the exterior Black, which helps you to see if the pockets have been zippered closed at a glance. Pretty nice touch!
So, on the whole, my smaller bag holds everything this bag holds except my larger strobe.
But this bag can't handle my camera's compact field guide. (Which is made to easily fit into a small front pocket.)
I believe I gave a fair and truthful appraisal of this bag. I really like the main idea behind this bag, but in thinking I was buying a nice
large bag, that would hold much more than my OEM Nikon bag....well this is only a little bigger than my small bag.
I am going to try an post a side by side photo.
Lastly, if this size is perfect for you, I believe the quality and extra features, make this a very desirable choice.
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on September 27, 2014
I enjoy using this case because it is one of the few on the market that will accept a Nikon D800/D800E/D810 with an AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED lens (with the lens hood on backwards). There is plenty of room in this case for a couple of extra lenses, an SB-900/910 flash, batteries, filters, and accessories. Any camera smaller than a Nikon D810 will fit in this case with much room to spare. An FX Nikon, such as the D750, D610, D600, D300, and any of the DX Nikon's will fit. Well worth the money and made to last. I highly recommend this case!
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Enthusiast: Photographyon February 13, 2015
Great bag to compliment my full size camera/laptop backpack. Nice hard bottom which i love and the harness/sling works great. I needed a larger bag to take on long trips where everything comes with me and the Case Logic Kilowatt KSB-102 bag fits ALL my stuff, camera with lens, room for 3-5 more lenses, chargers, cords, spare hard drives, filters, flash, top compartment for accessories and laptop compartment. I use THIS bag the SLRC-203 for short day trips where i can take my camera with lens attached and a couple of additional lenses in the side pockets and a few smaller items like extra battery and cleaning supplies.
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on October 30, 2015
(edit- I bought it here, but it was only $48.95) I've been carrying a Canon T6s with an attached 55-250 lens min the hammock. In the side pockets I have a 10-18, 18-55, an 85mm, and a shoulder sling. In the main compartment divided side I have a mini can of bug spray, a small ball head, 2 Trigmaster remotes, spare battery and charger. In the back zippered pocket are business cards, 2 filters, and a microfiber cloth. In the front velcroed flap I put my monopod and my 3-legged folding stool. I close the velcroed flaps of my 600EX around the carry handle (unless I know I won't be needing a flash), and I have a couple of carabineers hanging off the strap loops where I hang my Contigo beverage thermos and a ball cap. The 3 loose lenses are in soft Ape Cases. Under the hammock lies 2 ea.13-gal plastic trash bags, and a rain poncho (still packed tightly in its pouch).
But I just moved to a 7d MKII as my primary, and it is a little wider. So I had to switch the lenses around and I have to be more careful folding the sling - but it fits. The handle, strap, and zippers are very strong and feel solid. If the side pockets were just a tad bigger, I'd give this 5 stars.
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on March 25, 2015
BEWARE - This bag is smaller than expected! AND, the side pockets are of minimal use due to tight fit. I was expecting a bag that would hold minimal equipment for pro use, but was sadly disappointed! One Nikon with lens attached, one additional lens, and the main compartment is maxed out. The Nikon user manual does NOT even fit in any of the secondary pockets, even though the outside net pouch looks like it might work - but the stitching is so tight that NOTHING goes into it! Put a couple of filters and sync cords into one of the 2 end-pockets, and it is maxed out too. My recorder will not fit in the remaining end-pocket, or anywhere else for that matter. The side pocket is to tight to even get a couple of Model Releases into it - let alone business cards. And, forget about the hope of carrying a tripod - it is a clumsy attempt that just disappoints too.
The write-up implies it is a roomy bag, enough to carry your "stuff" comfortably. Not so! The concept of a rigid bottom, and camera "sling" is VERY interesting - but the actuality is quite disappointing in execution. Close, but disappointing. If you have much more than one alternate lens for your DSLR, you will find this bag cramped and not well suited for quick access. Stick with the hard suitcases with foam cutouts. Serious limits there too, but at least you do have some options.
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on July 30, 2013
I purchased the Case Logic SLRC-203 Large SLR Camera Bag because I also own the SLRC-202 Medium SLR bag that I have also reviewed and like it very much. I use the medium bag with a (small body) Nikon D3100, a couple of lenses, full size flash, charger and various small accessories.

The Case Logic SLRC-203 Large SLR Camera Bag carries my Nikon D5100 w/grip and attached Nikon 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED IF AF-S VR (hood reversed) lens, a Nikon 35mm 1.8 prime and 18-105 zoom lenses, full size flash, charger and numerous small accessories. This camera/lens combo comes in at a serious length of 9" which just fits the large bag.

The lens does rest on the bag bottom which other reviewers have expressed concern about. I feel the hard molded bottom of the Case Logic bag may actually provide better protection for the lens as it is padded on the inside. Some popular bags that would hold this camera/lens combo include the Lowepro Toploader Pro 75 AW, and expandable bags VANGUARD UP-Rise II 16Z and Think Tank Digital Holster 20 V2.0. These bags are ideal when you don't want to carry much more than the camera (you can't - no room) however none of them have a hard bottom. Your lens is protected by just some lightly padded nylon. I think if you banged or dropped you camera in those bags the lens will get damaged.

The Case Logic Large bag (like the medium) is very well made and can hold a bunch of stuff including a larger camera/lens combo. There two things that I would like to see changed on this bag. (1) If you have the bag facing you the way the main compartment opens (to me anyway) the zippers for the side compartments are on the wrong side. You have to reach behind the bag (where you cannot see) to open the zippers. I know, big deal--but I would reverse the zipper direction. (2) The front of the bag has a large Velcro closure said to hold a tripod. This is a waste of a large piece of bag Real Estate. There is a small zippered pouch behind the Velcro closure, however that area should really be a large pouch. How many people are going to carry a tripod there? It would have to be a pretty small one. My 4-section tripod folds to 19" and will not fit there. I would have much preferred a storage area to the Velcro "flap".

In all, you just cannot beat these Case Logic SLR bags for the price. The molded bottom allows you to put the bag down in a moist area with no concerns. It will not tip over and the contents will stay dry. Are Case Logic SLR bags for a pro's kit? No, but they will work very well to carry a consumers' gear from here to there.
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on January 19, 2013
I looked at a lot of camera bags and this one made a lot of sense. First, I have a number of Case Logic products
and the quality of materials and workmanship is always very high. The design has some unique features that are a mixed bag. The camera hammock certainly protects the camera and keeps it positioned for a quick draw. This has a drawback in that all of the volume around the lens is wasted. I expected compartments or dividers to keep small accessories from rattling against the lens or tumbling in when the camera is withdrawn. This makes re-casing the camera difficult if you have extra items crammed into the center section. The tapered end pouches have a web to prevent a lens or other item from falling out when opening. Good thing. The lenses I have that actually fit in in these pouches however are not tapered so again I deal with wasted space. Again no user adjustable dividers or pouches to conveniently and efficiently make use of the available volume. Not such a good thing.

I hope the "logic" part of Case Logic sees this review and others like it that highlight these flaws in what could have been a five-star product. If Case Logic developed and marketed an "accessory pack" to address some of these issues, those of us with this bag would eagerly buy it and keep Case Logic a "first choice" supplier of quality bags. In an updated design, remove the taper of the side pockets, and offer a vertical zipper on each side of each pocket plus one around the top. This would increase the flexibility to the user by an order of magnitude.
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