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Case Logic SLRC-205 SLR Camera Sling (Black)
Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$42.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on November 19, 2009
After some extensive research and try-ons, Case Logic SLRC-205 Camera Sling Bag is my current favorite bag to carry my small DSLR (Olympus E-620) and two lenses (one attached to the body).

Case Logic must have a great design team that cares. They seem to put a lot of attention on the design that not only looks good, but also very utilitarian. They keep improving the holder for the camera body with a lens attached in their camera back, the latest hammock design exhibits that. It's a very simple design that will suit various camera configuration. Such effort deserve to be praised.

It's a pleasure to carry this bag. Weight distribution of a sling bag is crucial, as the load is stressed on one shoulder (in this case, left, and there's no right shoulder option as noted by another reviewer). However, Case Logic SLRC-205 feels like feather when I put it on me with the bag fully loaded (~5 lbs. of equipment).

In the main compartment, I have put an Olympus E-620 (around the size of Canon XSi/T1i) with Zuiko 14-45mm II (3.5" long, 3" diam.) attached with hood reversed. It still has some room at the bottom to store my 50mm macro lens if desired. However, I squeezed my Giottos large rocket Blower Giottos in. It's a tight fit for that configuration. A larger camera body may have a hard time getting in without removing the neck strap. I had the quick release plate of my tripod attached to the bottom of the camera and it's a tight fit, but no problem. There is no problem in term of horizontal space.

In the extra lens pocket I was able to put a Zuiko 50-200mm in (6 1/4" long, 3.5" diam.) with its gigantic hood reversed and tripod holder attached, which makes it around 5 1/4" wide, and the pocket still has some room to spare. The nice little touch about that pocket is it has an elastic band near the bottom. I forgot to zip the bag up once, after I changed my lens, and that elastic band held the lens closer to the bag, saved my precious lens from an irreversible disaster (though a smaller lens might have felt through, so don't bet your life on it, but it's a nice contingency design).

There is also a spare pocket for small things like memory cards, battery and trinkets (I also put lens cleaning pens inside). It is more accessible than the side pocket, which is blocked by the tripod holder. My other gripe about that side pocket is it's not deep enough for a standard novel-size camera manual. I just wish there is one non-flat type pocket dedicated for larger item such as the rocket blower, and some pen holders for my lens pens. A cellphone/iPod holder on the shoulder strap would be a nice touch.

There is a filter pocket! I love the design team. They were able to squeeze so many features in a compact bag, and all except the side pocket mentioned are readily accessible when you swing the back to the front, without having to take the bag off (which is the shortcoming of a backpack style bag). The two filter nets inside it hold 67mm filters fine, though the smaller one is better suited for a 58mm filter.

The tripod holder is wonderful. I have a full-size aluminum tripod (Dolica 62" Proline with Ballhead) retracted and stored in its dedicated tripod bag. Using the two Velcro closure, the tripod was piggybacked onto the back and doesn't shift around. The tripod is longer than the sling so I won't carry a tripod that way to a crowded place. However it's nice to free your hand if you're hiking.

The shoulder strap is very comfortable and well padded. The length control is a bit weird. Instead of that plastic thing you would loop around twice, you pull the extra strap to the desired length and then roll it up like an omelet, then fasten it with a Velcro strap. I prefer the traditional plastic loop (when done right, the loop is actually more secure).

The interior padding is okay only. It's not super thick, but should be okay for minor impact. The part I'm more worried about is the spare lens pocket, as it's more exposed. Main compartment should endure concoction more. The interior material is made of high quality nylon. It feels smooth and I don't believe it'll scratch the equipment (just don't rub the lens glass with it).

There are handles tactically placed. I don't feel the content will fall out when using them. While the zippers secure the bags well, but the main compartment's zipper could be smoother when zipped around the corner.

Minor gripe. Though Case Logic team deserves the recognition, but I wish the logo can be a little more low profile. It's not gigantic or hideous, but when I see the sunshine logo, I know who made the bag already. The way it is put now, it looks like a camera bag, which is not something I like to flaunt about (i.e., rob me!). I also wish the side pocket and the main compartment have a more joint look, so it looks more like a regular sling bag. As of now, the main compartment looks alarmingly like a camera holster.... A discreet, understated design is the best attention grabber.

Overall, it's a very well-designed bag for a small DSLR with two lenses. Importantly, it is in a compact design with good ergonomics and holds all the crucial items. I just wish Case Logic design team could add one more pocket for lens cleaning supply, or perhaps one pocket for iPod/cellphone on the shoulder strap. Case Logic team deserves the praise.

- Holds many gears in a small package
- Good built material
- Holds weight but doesn't weigh down
- Well thought-out design perks
- Very accessible pockets
- Excellent value

- Needs one more pocket for non-flat items
- Exterior design could be slightly more discreet
- No pocket for camera manual
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on July 31, 2017
This Case Logic Camera case/sling is well built and holds what I expected it to. I am still getting somewhat used to putting it over my shoulder and head properly. You wouldn't think it would be that confusing to me. Haha. Probably just getting old. Well made and easy to use. The only issue I have is the camera cradle that allows the camera to hang suspended in the case so as to eliminate jarring or shock to the camera or lens is a sweet thing. Worth having! But...with my lens hood in the travel position on my lens and the size of it, it will almost always catch the lens and extend it on it's own each time I pull the camera out of the case. This doesn't seem to be doing any harm to the lens, but it just makes me have to twist the lens back in each time I pull it out. Probably part of the reason I noticed the newer bag they make (with the lime green trim) doesn't have the same kind of suspension system. I slight pain but I don't lose sleep over it! I would recommend it to others!
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on June 7, 2014
I searched around for a long time looking for a good bag for my camera and equipment that wasn't very expensive. I came across this and immediately liked the price and the fact that it a was a sling bag. Everything about this bag is awesome the quality, versatility, functionality, comfort. The cradle for the camera is really nice it keeps the camera safe and allows for extra storage space below. the other pockets are conveniently placed so that you can access them by just sliding the bag around to you and slide it back to your back when you're done. I like how the adjustable straps can be wrapped up and held in place with a secondary velcro strap... I had never seen that before. With it I can carry the camera, a 18-55mm lens, a 50mm lens, a 70-300mm lens, and extra battery, the battery charger, pack of sd cards, a number of filters, and a tripod mounting block. and the pocket on the strap I keep the lens cover of what ever lens I am currently using. The large strap on the face of the bag is nice for carrying a tripod as well. I have nothing bad to say about this bag.

I was looking at some of the bad reviews of this bag and just wanted to add that I have put this bag though quite a bit. It has been on many trips it has been in the mud in the woods many times getting snagged on branches pulled on and it still looks the way it did when I bought it. Its an easy bag to keep clean too. I try to take care of the things I have and this is very easy to maintain. Not one thing on this bag has failed since I've had it.
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Top Contributor: Crocheton November 12, 2015
This is a winning camera sling! Upon receiving it, I checked all the compartments for manufacturing flaws or broken zippers to find that it was happily very well-made and featured exceptionally durable stitching. My camera, two lenses, cleaning gear, grey card, memory card wallet, and six filtres all fit in it very nicely with room to spare, and while everything was in that configuration, the pack was still very well balanced and light. The foam on the shoulder strap is dense without being like a rubber tire, wide enough that even my little bony collarbone isn't bothered, and stays snugly in place when I hike. The strap at the bottom is easily adjusted but also stays in place even after a lot of fast-paced movement. The velcro compartment stays shut unless you absolutely want it open, and the zippers don't wiggle open. To top it off (literally and figuratively), I didn't notice the convenient carrying handle across the top of the pack when ordering it...this is a great little surprise, and also well-crafted. For the price, I haven't seen anything nearly this nice. Case Logic has another winner in my book!
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on October 30, 2013
I bought this for my Canon SL1 with the stock lens, a hood, a few extra cards, extra battery and filters.

The bag is well made. The zippers are strong, all the seams seem completely reinforced and it's very well thought out. It has solid padding inside all major pockets and across the sling. The main compartment has a neoprene "patent pending" hammock. My camera lens with the hood attached pushes nicely into the star shaped opening and it holds the camera in place. It is velcro so it can be adjusted or removed if needed. I'm not a huge fan of the hammock as it requires a little force in and out, but it seems to work so I'll try it for a while before removing it. The interior space is ample and would support a much larger camera body than mine. There is plant of depth for my 18-55 lens, Im sure a larger lens would fit, but probably not a huge zoom. It has a large side pocket that I was able to fill with a small bottle of water, multiple protein bars and a small bag of nuts. There's an external set of straps that are designed for a tripod, I've also used it to latch in my jacket or sweatshirt, perfect. I really like that the slings unclip in both places allowing you to easily adjust or put on the pack.

The pack is very comfortable for a sling. Meaning, slings always put additional weight on one shoulder. This one has ample padding, spacious adjustment (for tall or shorter people, I'm 6'0") and a secondary strap to secure it so it doesn't swing. I rarely need this and keep it tucked away with the cord keeper. The padding makes it fairly comfortable. I've worn it for several hours at Disneyland, hiking etc, loaded with camera and food. After a full day I start to feel it, but it takes a few hours. Loaded lightly with just the camera and no water, I don't even feel it. It's incredibly easy to swing under your arm and position to take your camera out. It unzips and the camera is right there. Contrary to bag commercials, I'm not in a position where I need to suddenly draw the camera like a western gunslinger, but it is surprisingly quick and easy to get to.

After a few hours fully loaded you may feel it a little, it's a sling, not a backpack.
If you need to load 5 lenses, a full frame body and a bunch of extras, it may be too small.
When carrying it by the handle, the slings and straps seem all over the place, like octopus arms. With a little creative cord keeping you can reduce this, but it is worth noting.

If you are looking for a small, easy to wear convenient sling, this is a great choice. Well made, well designed and comfortable.
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on February 1, 2013
The Case Logic SLR Camera Sling serves up tons of function and convenience without being bulky, obnoxious or overpriced! This has become the best DSLR-related purchase I've made!

I bought this bag on a whim, last-minute and at a great price on Amazon right before a very active shoot I was hired for, where I needed to switch between 2 professional lenses quickly and I knew I wouldn't be able to store a regular camera bag anywhere easily or safely. It performed great and, over the past few months, has become my #1 "go-to" camera bag. It is surprisingly versatile with very adequate protection from bumps, bruises and the elements. Now I take it everywhere! The design is highly innovative and better than other "slings". Highly recommended to anyone looking for a well thought out, stylish bag to hold a decent amount of gear comfortably and safely!

Feature Highlights:

The large central pocket accepts nearly any SLR/DSLR camera thanks to the adjustable hammock-style support. There's also enough space at the bottom of the main pocket for a user manual or smaller accessories to be stowed when an average sized lens is fitted to the camera body (I usually store my body in the pocket with a Tamron 18-50mm F:2.8 lens attached). The medium-size pocket on the side houses larger lenses and accessories easily (I use it to hold my professional Pentax 50-135mm F:2.8 lens and hood with room to spare). The other, slimmer side pocket holds my 4-card memory card case (see my other reviews), lenspen and microfiber cloth securely in its two small elastic pouches. There's also a small, triangular zippered pocket towards the strap that I use to hold the rear lens cap of the lens I'm shooting with.

Underneath the large velcro sleeves on the outside of the main pocket is another zippered area that can hold small documents and a handful of thinner items (like my 2 spare batteries, extra lens covers and business cards). A carry handle built into the lid of the main pocket makes non-shoulder transport easy and there's even a small nylon loop on one of the straps for hanging the bag up on a hook or coat hanger. The bag is also equipped with adjustable velcro straps that allow a tripod or monopod to be secured to the outside.

The shoulder strap is very adjustable (I'm 6'4" tall) and well padded, though the bag can become a bit heavy on the shoulder if fully loaded or worn all day. One of my favorite "features", however, is that the sling design allows the bag to be swung around, under the arm, putting the main pocket in the perfect position to unzip it and stow or remove the camera safely. When needed, I can go from hands-free to ready-to-shoot in about 5 seconds! Definitely convenient when I need to keep my gear close and carry something or use my hands.

For the price and performance, this bag can't be beat! A+
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on March 6, 2013
I have an old LowePro AW-200 sling and was looking for something a little more compact for travel. This Case Logic sling seem to fit the bill for my newly downsized camera system built around an Olympus OM-D. This sling pack can comfortably fit my OM-D with the kit 12-50mm lens, medium sized flash, and Olympus 17mm f1.8 in a neoprene lens pouch in the main compartment, and the 40-150mm in a lens pouch inside the upper pocket. Batteries and memory cards fit in the bottom pocket, and filters and other bits fit in the front pocket under the tripod flaps. I probably won't be lugging a tripod along, so those flaps are superfluous at this point. The zippered pocket on the lower flap where the straps attach is good for filters and a microfiber lens wipe.

I didn't use the camera hammock as I could fit more and access it more easily without the hammock in place. Without separate padded pockets for the lenses, I use neoprene pouches, although the ones I have were sized for APS-C sized lenses, and so they're rather too bulky. Smaller pouches would save space.

The sling feels nicely built, and I had no trouble adjusting it to my short 5'4" frame, despite what some commentors have said. It's very comfortable to wear. It's easy to slide it forward to access the camera compartment. BTW, some complained of a sticky zipper on the main compartment because of the right angle turn the zipper must make on the corner of the flap. I just lubricated the zipper with some wax and it works easily now.

I can see where a sling bag that has adjustable silos for lenses and flash would be more convenient, especially when you are changing lenses often, like some of Case Logic's other slings. This one is good if you're packing light and it is certainly protective enough.

Nice job, Case Logic.

Update (April 2013) - After using it for a while, I find that I miss having "silos" for lenses. When changing lenses, I put the first lens in the main compartment while attaching the second lens. I don't like that there's nothing to hold the lenses upright during the changeover. Having some adjustable compartments to hold the lenses, like in some of Case Logic's other sling bags, would facilitate that process.

One reason I changed from the LowePro sling was that the compartments for the lenses were horizontal when you slide the sling to your front. Hence, they weren't very accessible and if I opened the side flap fully, the lenses could slide out and fall to the ground. The LowePro could hold a lot, but operationally was difficult to use as a sling.

So, I think this CL sling bag is great for walkaround use where you aren't going to be changing a lot of lenses on the fly. You can change lenses with a little juggling. It's very compact and comfortable. However, I might get one of their other slings, like the DCB-308 or CPL-109 that have dividers in the main compartment. Also, I think the sternum strap design works better than the waist strap on this one.
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on January 27, 2018
I used to carry a very common camera bag, one of the regular models you find everywhere (the one that rests in your hip and look huuuge). My former bag was very uncomfortable and I was very indisposed to use it because it was so bulky and useless to take my camera out at the very moment of the action. At the end, that design helped me to become lazy and avoid taking pictures. On the contrary, this model is very friendly when you need to react and take out your camera in a second, because you just grab the diagonal strap and put your bag at your stomach level. The overall quality is nice, very nice, the straps, texture, bag size, the interior, zippers, velcro for the tripod, and it fits me very well. There are details that make this bag shine: there is velcro at the end of the straps so you can fold the remaming once you have fit it to your complexion; also, there is a horizontal strap to avoid the bag movement when you run, but you can use the bag without this strap just folding it. I'm very happy with this product because I really have not seen any other similar in many stores,and the additional bag in the side allows me to carry another lens, filters, batteries, while in the opposite side, there is a shorter pocket where I put my infrared shooter, eand other staff. In the front there is another pocket where I keep my Kindle. I could say this bag is suitable for many situations, for hiking, urban shooting, etc. Very recomendable!
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on June 23, 2015
Love it!
Bought it hoping it would fit my Canon Rebel EOS T2i.
Unfortunately, it fits, but it doesn't
It fits in the stock configuration for the T2i, but I have the big extended battery grip/bottom, with the two extra batteries, and a big side grip handle/strap, and it does not fit. I tried with a 60mm macro, a 50mm macro, and the kit lens (15-45?) and it won't fit with the extended grip.
With the stock set up, it fits. I love the way the lens pokes through the floating camera holder.
Love the fit of the sling bag.
The two straps are great!
Had trouble at first winding up the extra waist strap, but figured it out after two tries.
Love all the compartments.
Fits on the back, and slides to the front, effortlessly.
Did I say I love it?

Will be ordering the big one, to fit the extended grip of my T2i
Will save this for other cameras.

Gregg Hutchings
Model Cars Magazine
Slot Cars Magazine
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on August 10, 2017
Handy sling for crop sensor D500 with mounted kit lens and Nikon f3.5 70-300 zoom. Well padded provides excellent protection for camera and lenses. I keep the bag ready with extra batteries, cards, cleaning materials and sometimes a small flashlight and SB700 flash. I grab it and Im out the door knowing I have all the essentials in one small package. With just the sling strap on I am able to spin the bag around and get the camera out to shoot or even change lenses very quickly; with the second hidden chest strap I can cinch the bag down tightly to my back to allow biking, climibing....
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