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on July 10, 2011
I was a little worried that my iPad (1) with the cover I bought (Hard Candy Cases Squish Skin iPad Case by Hard Candy Cases) wouldn't fit this size but it is EXACTLY the size of the iPad with that cover on it! Definitely couldn't have fit if it was even the slightest bit smaller since that cover adds about a half inch all the way around.

While the fabric it's made of will keep it safe in that it is covered, I wouldn't just throw it in this case and consider it protected from drops or falls or anything. Just from scratches or from getting dirty, etc... Not sure about protection from liquids but it seems like the type of fabric that wouldn't easily soak up liquid. It is a soft, very flexible fabric, not like a stiff neoprene would be.

Handles are fairly small but works for me. I don't think a person (like a man) with large hands would find it real comfortable to hold though. The case is small, which I like but could imagine not everyone feeling comfortable carrying around such a small case by the handles. It is perfect for me since I really was just looking for something not bulky that would fit the iPad instead of letting it slide around in a bigger bag.

I really like this product and would recommend it to anyone wanting something to make your iPad easy to grab and go.
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on August 19, 2009
A few things to add to what's here already:

- This case has the pocket only on one side, not both. The pocket has a zipper on one end and is sealed closed on the other. So it's actually a useful pocket - I thought it might be open on both ends. Of course, it might be more useful if the pocket was the full size of the case and had some smaller pockets inside.

It's big enough to hold a small netbook-sized power brick / cord, though of course there would be a big bump there.

- The case is big enough to easily fit a Dell Mini 10 with the 6 cell battery. It's not a tight fit, but not too loose either. Just about right in my opinion.

- It's a neoprene (squishy rubber) case, so it's designed to be compact, and to protect the computer from scratches, but not from bumps or drops.
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VINE VOICEon August 27, 2010
For what I needed, this little neoprene case was a perfect fit for my ASUS notebook.

I thought it would be a little bigger when I ordered it but it really is designed for netbook size devices and not much more.

For someone who likes to put more things in their cases like a cell phone, extra papers from the office, etc., this case isn't much help. I put my the power cords and my netbook in the case and it fits snugly. My on-the-go modem is put in its side pocket. There isn't much room for anything else.

But for me, that's exactly what I wanted because I needed it to be a case for those items so that I could slide it into my bag so I don't have to carry one more thing around and it does that. When I need my netbook, I slide the case out of the bag and everything I need for it is right in the case, nice and neat.

So this item is a 5-star item for me in that it looks nice, it has the right amount of cushion, and it fits my on-the-go needs.
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on March 29, 2012
This is a great little bag. It nicely holds my ipad 2 AND the bluetooth wireless keyboard that I use with it. I almost bought a separate keyboard case, but then realized this one fit both items! Just a word of caution, the color "tannin" means purple. Typically I know all the crazy names for colors, but obviously didn't know this one. The picture makes it look like a brownish black color which is a perfect match for my ipad case, but when I opened the box it was purple. I still like it and it's an OK color, but I think I would have just ordered the black case if they would have just called it purple.

There isn't a lot of padding on the inside, so if you travel a lot with your computer/tablet, you might want to look into one that has a little more padding. I consider this to be similar to the brand "incase" that makes a lot of cases for macs and ipads.

All in all, it's a nice little case for a VERY reasonable price. I only gave it 4 of 5 stars because of the color issue.
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on February 12, 2011
I bought this for my hp mini, which I usually carry in a larger bag with a lot of other stuff when I'm traveling. To keep from getting it banged up, scratched, etc. I was wrapping it in a hand towel, which worked fine but I had always planned to buy a case and the towel wrapping and unwrapping got a little tiresome. I have to be careful with what kind of cases I select because I have very little use of my right hand so basically I knew I had to find a case that I could open, take the computer in or out, and close the case one handed. I've been able to do that with this case so that makes me happy to start. Second, the handles are actually folded down via a crease so they don't stick up unless you pull them up to carry the case so it makes it have a nice smooth rectangular outline. Each handle is folded down against the side of the case that it is on. Whether the crease will remain in the material over time and with a lot of use is to be seen since I've only had this about a week. That also means I can't say much about the long term quality but the case seems well made and I see no reason for it not to last a long time at this point. I like the front pocket and plan to use it to carry a dial-up modem, which is necessary at some of the places I travel to. I do fully expect that this will make the case look a little buldgy as other reviews stated when they put their power adapters in the front pocket but I still like having the front pocket there. Also, I ordered the black case but the interior is red, which I kind of like because I don't feel like I'm looking in a black hole when looking in the empty case. I mention this because I remember one review commenting that the red case had stained their pc so even if you get the black case the interior is red or at least mine is. I haven't had any problems with my mini but it is a solid black hp 5101 mini which was sold by hp via their website for businesses. I believe the other reviewer had something other than black and shinny. I'm not too happy that the price has already dropped by 14% and I've only had this a week but those things happen. I know a week is a little early to review something but I really do like this and if anything changes I'll update this review.
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on September 12, 2009
When I bought my Eee PC 10" (1000HE) I wasn't satisfied with the supplied case. Sure, it would do OK protecting the netbook from scratches and such, but it didn't offer any pockets or carrying handles. This case by Case Logic is PERFECT for what I wanted:

1. Soft, tight-fitting neoprene case to protect from minor impact and scratches.
2. Carrying handles.
3. Securable (zip) pocket for all needed AC cables, headphone buds, audio splitters, etc.
4. Small footprint. (exactly the same as the Eee, just a bit thicker with cords in the pouch).
5. Cheap! $14 is nothing these days.

Bottom line: this case is attractive, simple, well-made and does the job well for basic protection and organization of your netbook. I can only vouch for the Eee 1000HE for fitment, but it is a VERY good fit for that model. Would buy one again in a heartbeat. Nice work Case Logic!
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VINE VOICEon March 4, 2009
The CaseLogic neoprene notebook sleeve is well-constructed, attractive, sufficiently padded and ultra lightweight. It's size is a perfect fit for my Samsung NC10 netbook and even enables me to comfortably keep my Lite-On external DVD drive in the main compartment. Further, the case's outside zippered compartment, which can almost go unnoticed due to its sleek design, allows me to store the AC adapter cord, the cord for the DVD drive, a set of ear plugs and a mini-mouse. Not surprisingly, when I have all of these extras with me the outside compartment looks a little lumpy; but the main point I want to make is that this little CaseLogic neoprene sleeve can be trusted to do a big job in satisfying your needs. The only "wish" I'd have for this product is that it included a shoulder strap. Overall, highly recommended!
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on December 13, 2010
Amazon suggested this bag with my Asus 1015PN netbook, but I initially decided not to get it. However, after thinking about it more, and reading the reviews, I decided to go ahead and get it. I'm actually pretty glad I got this netbook case/bag. It's really practical, and holds everything I need for the netbook. I can carry the cords and wireless mouse with a little space to spare, and there's enough space in the main compartment that my low-profile usb adapter for the wireless mouse doesn't need to be removed every time I want to transport the thing. All in all, I'm very satisfied with the product, and there really isn't anything I can complain about. Some leaving reviews have complained about the red color material inside the case transferring onto their accessories, but I haven't had that problem...
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on September 7, 2013
This case is perfect carrying size for my iPad. I use a Trident case with the Otterbox Defender stand. As well as with the original cardboard cutout that came in the carrying case when i got it, they al fit perfectly, not tight at all.
Plus theres a front pocket that is perfect for carrying accessories.
This is much more protective than carrying a tablet alone even with a strong protective case like a Trident or Otterbox. This way if you drop it, the hard protective case doesn't get messed up.
I recommend this carrying case.
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on July 22, 2014
Very high quality sleeve for ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-C1-GR. The tablet and keyboard both fit nicely and there is ample room in the small exterior pouch for the power brick. I love the fact that it has handles on top because these neoprene sleeves are difficult to grip when holding other items in your hands. The zipper functions smoothly. I think it offers a moderate amount of protection. This back slips easily into a carry-on bag for traveling.

I recommend it.
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