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on November 11, 2015
The ghost of John Candy came to me in a dream and suggested this watch.
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on August 14, 2015
I bought this model for my girlfriend and she loves it. I bought myself an A168W-1 which has a slightly bigger face. I would definitely recommend this. Any questions? Feel free to ask
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on June 3, 2015
I am loving this watch!!! Not only for it's retro design, because let's face it, it looks like something you got out of an arcade claw game (which is awesome). I also love it for it's light weight and comfortable band. You can readjust the length of the band yourself and the clasp stays on tight without popping off (which is a problem I've had with other watches). I'll admit, when I first unboxed it I thought, wow this is small, but after wearing it for an hour I really started liking the size. That's not to say it's a small watch, but in today's world of gigantic watch faces, it's definitely on the smaller end.

Long story short, it's a great watch, if what you're looking for is simple, cool retro look, and BEEPS that immediately take me back to the old school days of when I was a kid. I mean, nothing beeps like that anymore.
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on November 7, 2012
I wanted to adjust the buckle on this watch so I could put it on my motorbike. I couldn't find any instructions, so I gave Casio a call and they emailed me some instructions. So I made a video to show how simple it is. After I have given the watch a try I'll write a review.
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on May 7, 2016
For around ~$17 total including shipping, the Casion A158W-1 Stainless Steel Digital Watch cannot be beat!! I bet your daddy's Rolex doesn't have a stopwatch and an alarm!

In all seriousness, this watch is very comfortable to wear, light, has an easy to read display, and the strap is easily adjustable after watching another reviewer's how-to video. (in a nutshell, you insert a small lever into the hole the arrow is pointing towards on the buckle, pry it open, adjust the buckle to where you want it, then snap it back shut)

Since this watch is basically the Casio F91W-1 Classic Resin Strap Digital Sport Watch with a metal casing, the watch's backlight is just an LED and doesn't illuminate the whole watch face evenly like newer watches with the electroluminescent backlight. The light also only stays on while the button is pressed, so it's not like watches with the electroluminescent backlight where you can press the button once and the watch face stays lit for a few seconds. The watch face is still perfectly legible in the dark though when the light button is pressed.

The watch displays the day (monday-sunday) and the number date, but it doesn't display the month. However, it does ask you for the month when you first set the date, so you won't have to change the number date at the end of each month. The watch also gives you the option to easily switch between normal and military (24 hour) time at the push of a single button.

It's also important to note that the stopwatch feature only goes up to 59:59:99, (just short of an hour) and then the stopwatch will loop back to 0. However, I really never use the stopwatch feature, so this doesn't really bother me. The stopwatch can record two times, but can't save them. For example, if you start the stop watch and press the lap button, the stopwatch will freeze and show you the time. The stopwatch is still going in the background though, and if you press the button that starts the stopwatch again while it is displaying the first lap time, it will display the second lap time, but then you will not be able to view the first lap time again. If you press the lap button again, it will display the current time that was running in the background. I believe this is a pretty typical stopwatch, but I'm not sure because like I said, I really never use stopwatches.

The alarm is reasonably loud, and lasts 20 seconds or until the light button is pressed. I use this as an alarm clock to wake me up in the morning and to wake me up from naps. The watch also gives you the option of having it beep every hour which I use sometimes if I need to be conscious of the time while I'm doing something that is demanding my full attention.

The watch is water resistant, and for everyday wear, it is perfectly fine. The instructions say that not to press any buttons if it's under water though, I assume doing so would let water into the device. I wouldn't wear it swimming, but I started wearing this watch all the time and it is fine in the shower and for brief submersion in water.

Overall, it's a very clean, simple, watch that is a good value and should be very reliable and last a long time. It's not 100% perfect, but for the price, I have to give it 5 stars.
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on October 29, 2015
The watch works great. Loving the vintage look. I have really small wrists and normally have issues with watches but this is easy to adjust. The light is kinda weak but that's not that big of an issue for me.
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on November 8, 2015
The watch was delivered and arrived as expected. I've had the watch for a week now, and the quality is what you would expect from Casio....great! I own several watches ranging from $10 Casios to a Rolex, and it's hard to beat the quality at this price. I bought this particular Casio to wear with dress shirts/suits because of the small size will fit under my cuffs easily. I find myself wearing this more often than some of the more expensive watches because it is very comfortable and easy to read. If you're looking for an "oversized" look, it's probably not the watch for you, but after you get used to the smaller size it's awesome. If you're thinking about purchasing this watch, I'd definitely recommend it.
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on May 10, 2017
My better half had one of these that quit after many, many years. He really liked it. So, he was astounded and happy to find the same style for an amazing price (I think we paid $12 for it here, on sale). The watch works great and is fairly easy to read (except in the dark).

One downside (of both the new and old watches, since they're exactly the same) is that the back-light you can use in the dark is weak, and the button to turn that light on is hard to press.

For him, another downside (of both the new and old watches) is the band. He doesn't like that it has a clasp, so he changes it out to a stretch band. I showed him how to work the clasp (which works just like the clasp on my Skaagen watch), but he doesn't have the patience for it. Personally, I think the included band is very attractive and also quite comfortable, and I find the clasp logical and easy to use.
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on March 27, 2016
It's alright aha, I thought it would be a little bigger. The size is the only problem, other than that great watch. If you're a man I would consider a slightly bigger watch, but I'm still going to wear it until it dies out or if I get enough money to get another type of watch.

You can adjust the band with like a screwdriver, needle, knife, etc.
No need to detach links or anything.
You can see the light in the dark, no clue what people are talking about. (Not that bright but visible)
Pulls hair so I suggest trimming the part of your wrist you're wearing it on.
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on February 4, 2017
You think you know the Eighties - you don't. I have dedicated my life to studying the decade, the peak of Western civilization. I have studied the fashion, music, popular culture, not politics though-they're boring. That being said, in all of my 23 years of studying, I still have yet to know the same amount as somebody who was actually alive throughout the course of the Eighties. Upon realizing that Casio was still producing their digital watches from the Eighties, I jumped on it and purchased it. The conclusion? It goes with everything, tells the time, has the date and day of the week, and a litany of other functions that are all too complex to master. One step in the mastery of 80s fashion. This will go great with my wicker loafers with no socks!
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